Bernese News 7th April 2015

Update 9pm 7th April.  Amended critique received and uploaded.


Thank you to the club for the invitation to judge their championship show and to the kindness
and hospitality shown by the officers and committee. Also to the exhibitors for their good spirit
of sportsmanship.   It was my first time judging Bernese in the UK and I had a very pleasant day.
Heartfelt thanks to my ring stewards who helped me in such an efficient way.   Almost all the dogs
showed off a nice and typical temperament, with correct lateral movement and many had good
bone and substance.  Thank you to all.    
Veteran Dog  (2 entries)
1st Fairclough's Ch Monalou What's It All About ShCM.
 7 years, very good proportions. Good
head type which is broad enough, good bite.  Lovely topline, good going in rear, good shoulder
and upper arm, wide but stable in front.  Powerful in rear, good side movement.  Good colour
and nature.
2nd Grimes' Fortonpark Secret Gift.  Over 7 years, small male, good proportions, needs longer
legs.  Good head and neck, good level back, normal angulation.  Good movement for age and
good colour.  

Minor Puppy Dog  (3) 
1st Dickson's Monalou Vino Verde At Geruth.   6 months, very striking puppy, lovely bone and
substance.  Strong planes to the head, good topline, needs to be stronger in movement.  Good
angulation in front and rear, chest development, bone and feet  very good.  Correct colours.
2nd Harrison & Ratcliffe's Monalou Axelmeister Of Alachard.   6 months, good proportions.
Good head type with nice expression, good neck, just falling a little over the croup today, good
going in rear.  Enough forechest and chest development for age, good colours.
3rd Atkinson & Reynolds' Meadowpark Secret Blend.   7 months, nice puppy, a little leggy
today.  Good head, enough bone and substance, level topline.  Very good movement from side,
good chest development, good colours.

Puppy Dog  (4) 
1st and Best Puppy Dog - Miles' Orlando Bloom At Jaybiem.  11 months, very good proportions,
strong puppy, lovely silhouette.  Good shoulders and good angles in front and rear, strong movement.
A little narrow today, good side movement, strong bone, good colours.
2nd Green's Bernsego Jack Vorobey at Pasturegreen (imp Russia).  9 months, good
proportions although a little leggy today. Strong masculine head with good expression. Nice topline, 
quite good bone and substance, needs to be stronger in pasterns.  Good body shape for age, well
3rd Green's Waldershelf Here Comes Erik.   11 months, good proportions, today a little leggy.
Substance needs to settle, good head and expression.  Strong topline, good angulation in rear and
enough in front, needs to grow a little more in chest.  Good side gait, little narrow in rear.  Good
temperament and colours.

Junior Dog (5)
1st Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark Dream On.
  15 months, good proportions, good
head, nice silhouette, good neck.  Loin should be a little shorter.  Good angulation in front and in
rear, good chest.  Could be a little more smooth coming towards but good from the side and rear.
Nice temperament, good markings.
2nd Gurney's Monalou Russian Ambassador.   17 months, very strong male, masculine head
which could be a little drier.  Good topline and very good hind angulation, needs a little more
forechest.  Very good bone and substance, a little narrow in rear but ok in front movement.  Needs
to be a little stronger in back and is a little too heavy for age. Good colour and temperament.
3rd Hughes' Waldershelf Causing Kaos.  11 months, a little leggy at present.  Head masculine
enough with good bite. Good topline, short in croup, enough angulation in front and rear.  Needs to
be wider in rib, could be cleaner in front, enough stepping from the side. Good temperament and

Yearling Dog  (7 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Baldwin's Guinness Record From Christofland To Fortonpark (imp Czech ).
  15 months,
good proportions, masculine head, strong bone.  Neck is in a  very good angle to the body, a little
long in loin. Good angulations in front and rear, good feet, could be cleaner in front.  Nice side
mover, good temperament.
2nd Martin's Moondance Fasination.   16 months, good proportions, good head type, enough
neck.  Little long in loin, good angles in rear and enough in front, well ribbed up.  Good stepping
from the side but needs more drive from the rear, clean enough in front, good colour and markings.
3rd Hardy's Trudaleaze He's Adorable.  23 months, very strong male, typical for the breed, lovely
head and good bite, good neck. Croup could be a little better, good bone and substance, well
ribbed up.  Good mover from the side, quite clean in front but could be cleaner in rear movement.
Nice breeding type with good colours and temperament.

Novice Dog  (2)
1st Brennands' Malindi Beach Of Bonningate.
 4 years, good proportions, everything is good
within the frame but needs needs a stronger head.  Body and bone to pronounce the masculinity more,
good side mover, quite clean in front.  Good colour, nice temperament but needs more expression.
2nd Robson's Trudaleaze Majik Spell.   1 year, leggy in proportion today.  Head needs to be
stronger in the muzzle.  Good topline, a lot of angulation in the rear with enough in front.  Needs to
develop in body, movement needs to be more harmonious in front and rear.  Good colour and nice

Graduate Dog  (3, 1)
1st Miles' Athersbern Dashingly Dark At Sennenstorm.  
3 years, strong male in body, typical head.
Good bone and substance, enough neck.  Croup could be a little better angled, well ribbed up.  Legs
could be a little longer, needs to be stronger in front pasterns, moving with a long step but
needs to do so more efficiently.  Good colour and temperament.
2nd Brennands' Malindi Beach Of Bonningate.

Post Graduate Dog  (8, 1)
1st Round's Collansues Black Magic.
  23 months, very nice breed type, lovely head and
expression. Needs to be stronger in front pasterns, strong in topline, very good rear angles.  Good
front and forechest, well ribbed, moves very breed typical with nice action all around.  Good colour
and temperament.
2nd Green's Alpenspirit Pure Pleasure For Arvella (imp Canada). 26 months, good head, nice
coming in nicely to the body, loin should be a little shorter, very good angulation in rear and in front.
Topline could be straighter in movement, very good working ability.  Good temperament and good
3rd Johnson's Monalou It's Baloo.   2 years, strong male with good proportions. Masculine head,
short, strong muzzle, enough neck.  Good topline needs a little more in rear angulation, good front
angles and well ribbed up, could use a little more animation (a little lazy!).  Good colour and

Limit Dog  (10, 2)
1st CC and Best in Show – Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark Vertigo.
 20 months,
very promising, well balanced, distinctive breed type.  Correct proportion in head with soft
expression, long neck.  Loin should be shorter.  Very good bone and feet, good in front and rear,
easy mover all around. Good coat and temperament.
2nd King & Brambles' Shirdees Continental JW.   3 years, very good proportions, just a little
heavy in body.  Breed typical head, enough neck, good back and good angulation in front and
rear, stands a little narrow in front, strong mover but could be cleaner in front. Shows his
masculinity, good colours and temperament.
3rd Scott's Welshbern One Vision At Scobern ShCM.  2 ½ years, very good proportions,
enough bone and head, everything is nice and harmonious, good breed type.  Good topline,
front and rear angulation, well ribbed up. Moving in balance but needs more training to move
more freely. Good markings and temperament but not in the best of coats today.

Open Dog  (7, 3)
1st and Reserve CC – Dickson's Ch Monalou Dutch Connexion To Geruth.
  5 years, very
strong in body.  Typical head, short muzzle, good stop. Good neck and level topline. Good
angulation in front and rear, enough length of leg. Well ribbed up, very strong and balanced in
movement, clean in front. Well looked after, good markings.
2nd Granger's Jaybiem I Tri For Shadybower.  4 ½ years, good proportions, good head but
needs a little more stop. Good topline and good muscle, enough rear angulation, good forechest
and front angles, clean in front and good side movement. Enough coat today, good colour and
3rd Jefferson's Meadowpark Boysown.   5 years, good proportions, good head type but could
be a little drier.  Enough neck, good topline, enough angulation in rear. Good front and well ribbed
up, lovely bone and feet, clean coming with a good step but drops on the forehand. Lovely coat
and colour with correct temperament.

Veteran Bitch  (5, 1)
1st and Best Veteran in Show – Green's Waldershelf Happy Hattie.
 7 ½ years, lovely
proportions, strong and still feminine. Typical breed head, strong topline, good angulation in front
and in rear. Well ribbed, moving easily, clean front, Good colour and temperament.  
2nd Sutton's Ch Bernsteph J'Adore Dior JW ShCM.   9.1/2 years, good proportions, good head
shape. A little too strong in body for bone and substance, well ribbed. A lot of angulation in the rear,
very good front angulation. Enough bone and substance, good mover. In fine condition, nice
temperament and colouring.  
3rd McCormick's Torralbaz Diamond Princess.   Almost 8 years, good proportions, muzzle
could be stronger, needs a little more self confidence in expression.  Good fore and hind
angulation, good topline and body.  Good movement, colour. Could be a little more outgoing.

Minor Puppy Bitch  (6, 3)
1st and Best Puppy in Show -  Johnson's Monalou Bay Breeze.
  6 months, lovely puppy
all through.  Typical head, perfect bone substance, all through very promising. Good colour and
coat, moving excellently for breed at that age.
2nd Mair, Hartley-Mair and Dybdall's  Meadowpark Special Blend.  6 months, good proportions,
enough broad head.  Good neck, long in loin, plenty of angulation in the rear, good front angulation,
good body. Good mover from side but needs to come in right balance. Good colour and temperament.
3rd Green's Kibou De Neboa De Meigas At Pasturegreen.  6 months, just a little leggy for the
moment. Good head type but needs a little more self confident expression. Good topline and
angulation in the rear, front pasterns could be firmer, just crabbing a little when moving. Nice
temperament and colour.

Puppy Bitch  (4)
1st Miles' Save Dallas Kiss For Jaybiem.
 10 months, strong puppy, good head in profile with
good muzzle but skull needs to be broader with more self confidence in expression. Strong topline,
good angles in rear and in front. Good bone and substance, well ribbed. Turns feet in slight in front,
good side mover, good coat and colour. 
2nd Spencer's Waldershelf Ethel's Way At Padiky.   11 months, should be shorter in proportions.
Good head and nice expression, good neck. Long back and loin, good angulation in rear, needs
more angulation in front, enough steps from side, little movement over the back when moving. Good
coat and temperament.  
3rd Green's Millenium Star J'Adore Dior At Pasturegreen.   9 months, quite good proportions,
little leggy today. Good head type but it needs to be a little drier. Enough neck, good topline, long in
loin, good angulation in rear enough in front. Could use more bone to advantage, needs more
balance in movement.  Good coat and colour.

Junior Bitch (8, 3)
1st and CC  - Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark Just A Dream.
 15 months, lovely
proportions. Strong head type, enough expression, could use a little more stronger topline.
Excellent angulation in front and rear, clean front with good bone and feet. Correct mover for
breed.  Good colour and temperament.  
2nd Gurney's Monalou To Russia With Love.  17 months, lovely proportions, very compact.
Good head type with nice expression. Strong topline, good angulation in rear and in front, could
be a little more relaxed in tail and a little happier. Very good bone and feet, moving ok in front
and all very typical in side, very promising.
3rd Wilson's Monalou Maid In Russia At Blumental.  17 months, quite good proportions,
could be a little bit shorter. Head needs to grow on a little bit, good neck. Long in loin and good
angulation in the rear, needs a little more angulation in front. Chest deep enough, moving narrow
in rear, good step in side gait but needs to be more balanced. Good coat, colour and temperament.

Yearing Bitch (6, 1)
1st Baldwin's Meadowpark Living My Dream At Fortonpark.
  14 months, good in proportions,
good head type but needs to be larger for body. Very good topline and angulation in rear, needs a
little more upper arm angle and more forechest but good depth in chest. Good side movement,
clean in front with  good colour and temperament.
2nd Edis & Boots' Fairy Court Sparkles.   18 months, strong in body, good head type. Good
neck, topline needs to be stronger, good angulation in rear, turns front feet out. Good bone and
substance, well ribbed up. Good side movement, clean in front, good coat, colours and temperament.
3rd Watson's Stepdashar Sommer Girl.  20 months, quite good proportions, needs a little more
stop but otherwise good skull.  Good topline, long in loin, enough angulation in front and rear. Quite
good in bone, strong enough in front pasterns. Good side steps but needs more hind drive. Good
temperament,  a little too much in  white markings.

Novice Bitch  (1)
1st Marsden & Robertson's Trudaleaze Majik Potion.
 12 months, quite good in proportions but
could be a little shorter. Enough head, skull and neck. Little long in loin, very good angulation in rear,
enough in front, turns front feet out. Chest is deep enough, good side movement but lifts front legs
a little high. Good colour and temperament. 

Graduate Bitch  (1)
1st Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark Breezing On.
  17 months, could be a little shorter
in proportions. Good head in profile. Long in loin, good angulation in rear, enough in front. Deep chest,
needs to develop in brisket. Strong in bone, good feet, moves wide in front, very good side movement.
Good colour and temperament.

Post Graduate Bitch  (10, 3)
1st Edis & Boots' Fairy Court Sparkles.  
2nd Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark One Lover.
  2 years, correct proportions,
compact, strong body, broad enough head, good in silhoutte. Very good topline, good angles in rear,
front pasterns could be stronger, very good mover from side although topline could be straighter.
Very good colour, correct coat and very nice temperament.  
3rd Martin's Snoanda Moonshine Sally.   3 years, compact, good body, typical head which could
be a bit bigger. Enough neck, strong topline, enough angles in the rear, good front angulation. Good
body, needs more rear drive. Good colour and coat with nice temperament.

Limit Bitch  (14, 4)
1st Blenkinsopp's Northmeadow Porsche At Thiesbern.  
2 ½ years, quite compact, good head
type, little big in ears, good stop. Good topline, could be short in loin, good angles in front and rear,
narrow in front. Well ribbed up. Quite good mover all around. Good colour and temperament.
2nd Atherton's Athersbern Peronelle Blush.   Almost 3 years, compact body, very good head
type with alert ears, good muzzle.  Loses topline slightly, good angles in front and a lot in the rear.
Good forechest and well ribbed up. Loses topline on the move, good step moving all around.
Good coat and colour.  
3rd Baldwin's Fortonpark Dutch Design.  3 years, could be broader in head. Very good topline,
good angulation in rear, could have more angle to upper arm. Could be higher on legs. Good bone
and steps well enough, good colour and temperament.

Open Bitch  (5, 2)
1st and Reserve CC -  Grayling's Lujento Genoa Name.
 4 years, good proportions, well balanced.
Good head type, enough width through the muzzle. Good topline, feet, front and rear angulation.
Well ribbed up, enough drive from side with good front steps. Tan could be a little darker, good
2nd Baldwin's Ch Fortonpark Dutch Delight.  3 years, good proportions standing, needs to be
broader in skull. Good topline and angulation in rear, good front angulation and well ribbed up.
Drops her head slightly on the move, clean enough front movement, very good coat and colour.  
3rd Sutton's Ch Bernsteph Dior Remember Me JW.   2 years, compact with a nice body. Very
good head shape but needs more self confidence in expression. Strong in topline, angulation
looks good, good movement around but today she would not be handled.
Judge - Svante Friske    

Jude Simonds

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