Bernese News 14th April 2016


Veteran Dog  (3 entries, 1 absentee) )
1st Rumble's Monalou Touch of Dutch To Glenbrienz ShCM.
   Well balanced. Moved well
in both front and hind action. Nicely balanced strong outline. In lovely condition. Excellent 
bone and substance and has a lovely gentle temperament. Best Veteran.
2nd Rumble's  Ch Glamrock Ballroom Blitz By Glenbrienz ShCM  Nicely balanced head
with soft gentle expression. Body nicely balanced with correct height of leg and length of
back. Correct bone and body well developed.

Puppy Dog  (5)
1st Wakeland's Shirdees Joe Dimaggio At Bramikdel.
This young boy carries himself well
on the move. Nice overall shape and size. Good bone and well marked. Just needs to settle
into his topline. Correct head and typical expression. Happy to award him Best Puppy.
2nd Mair & Hartley-Mair's Meadowpark Perfect Record.  Another nice young male needing
to settle into his topline. Very nicely marked with good bone and substance but still very much 
the baby and needs time to mature and develop and grow into his body.

Junior Dog  (5, 1) 
1st Green's Bernsego Jack Vorobey At Pasturegreen (Imp)
. Well marked and well 
contructed. Shoulder blades long, strong and well laid back. Nice free movement and holding 
his outline very well on the move. Excellent outgoing temperament. For me the eyes could be
slightly darker.
2nd Bridges' Kernow Something. Very nicely balanced head of correct shape and size.
Strong with typical expression. Correct bone and body well developed. Broad deep chest
reaching to the elbow. Not quite the movement of the winner of this class.

Yearling Dog  No entries

Post Graduate Dog  (9)
1st Hyland's Charmsway Adventurer.
Lovely head and expression. Good overall balance.
Sound in movement in both front and hind action. In top form and showed himself off to full
advantage. Strong shoulders and excellent rear angulation. Coat of excellent quality and
texture and very well presented. Self confident and good natured. Happy to award him the
Reserve CC.
2nd Green's Alpenspirit Pure Pleasure For Arvella (Imp).
Well moving in profile. Strong
head, nicely balanced with lovely dark brown almond shaped eyes. Correct bite. Body nicely
balanced with correct height of leg and length of back. Would like a little more drive in hind

Limit Dog  (8, 2)
1st Griffiths, Orme & Miles' Jaybiem Y'euben Chozen JW.
Strong male with a very strong
topline. Excellent outline standing. Good bone and well marked.  Excellent temperament and
in top condition. Shoulders could be slightly more laid back.
2nd Cooke & Stevens'  Tickbern Ridin' High. Strong built. Correct shaped head. Nice
expression. Well marked. Good overall size. Strong in movement in both front and hind action.
Topline could be stronger.

Open Dog  (5, 1) 
1st Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Ch Meadowpark Vertigo JW.
Lovely strong male with good
bone and substance. Head of correct shape and size. Strong with a muzzle of medium length
and beautiful soft and gentle expression. Correct shoulders. Back firm straight and level with a
broad and deep chest. Strong loin with correct real angulation. Good reach of neck. In top
condition and moved very soundly. Excellent breed type. Happy to award him CC Dog and
Best of Breed.
2nd Bridges' Ch Kernow Rock Star.
Handsome male with good bone.  Body well developed
and in beautiful condition. Strong in movement, reaching well in front with good drive from
behind. Correct shaped head. In beautiful condition and showed himself off very well.  A very
strong class.

Veteran Bitch  (3, 1)
1st Sutton's Ch Bernsteph J'adore Dior JW ShCM.
A well handled female with beautiful dark 
eyes. In lovely condition for her age. Held her outline well on the move. Great drive in the hind 
action. Very happy to be in the ring.
2nd Rothery's Glamrock Future Legend. Well balanced female with a very outgoing personality
and excellent temperament. Not quite the front of the 1st.

Puppy Bitch  (7, 1) 
1st King's Ecalpharas Moonshine Over Leapingwell.
Well marked and well balanced female.
Need time to mature and develop and grow into her body. Nice dark eyes and correct shaped
head which needs time. Correct shoulders. Looked well standing and on the move.
2nd Cooke & Stevens' Vellbern Dance For Me At Tickbern. This female holds herself very 
well on the move. Lacking a little in expression at this stage. Lovely temperament and in good

Junior Bitch  (8, 3) 
1st Green's Kibou De Neboa De Meigas At Pasturegreen (Imp).
A good strong female with 
good bone and very good body for her age. Correct shoulders and strong in hock.  Nicely 
matured head and gentle expression. Coat of excellent quality and texture. Moved well.
2nd Widdicombe's Jesterbrock Secret Affair At Dumara. Very feminine head with a nice
expression. Strong and well balanced outline. Needs a little more strength in real action.

Yearling Bitch  (12, 3)
1st Stannard's Kohbern Swans Of Samui. 
A well balanced female with dark brown eyes.
Strong head, nice expression. Body well constructed. Good strong loin. Topline running
straight and level and kept very strong on the move. Sound and balanced movement.
2nd Green's Millenium Star J'Adore Dior At Pasturegreen (Imp). Well marked female. Still
need time to mature and develop and grow into her body. Strong topline. Good front action
reaching well out in front. I would prefer a darker eye.

Post Graduate Bitch  (9, 4)
1st Green's Alpenspirit Que Sera Sera (Imp).
In lovely condition. Coat of excellent quality
and texture. Body well developed. Correct shape head. Nice expression. Outgoing temperament.
She carries herself well around the ring and hold a balanced outline on the move. Chest broad
and deep. Strong ribcage. Moving freely.
2nd Westlake's Alpine Joy Page Story At Jesterbrock (Imp). Strong, well balanced female.
Well marked and good construction. Dark eye. Correct shaped head. Strong muzzle.
Excellent temperament. Topline could be stronger.

Limit Bitch  (7, 3)
1st Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark Just A Dream.
A lovely female. Body nicely
balanced with correct height of leg and length of back. Deep chest and excellent body. Good
spring of rib and strong shoulders. Lovely rich tan. Strong topline holding very well on the move.
Pushed hard  for the CC and was strongly considered. Happy to award her the Reserve CC.
2nd Allison's Tickbern Quick Step For Alisnobern. A female that comes into her own on the
move. Powerful hind action. Strong shoulders and strong well angulated hock. Correct shaped
head with good eye colour and keen expression. Well balanced all over. This was a strong

Open Bitch  (9, 2) 
1st Mair & Hartley-Mair's Meadowpark Perfect Blend.
A lovely example of the breed with
excellent breed type. In top condition. Feminine head with excellent balance and correct
expression. Correct bone and moved freely in both front and hind action. Nicely balanced body.  
Self-confident and good natured in temperament. Beautifully handled. Well deserved CC.
2nd Pawlyszyn's Ch Materabern Disco Diva. Another beautiful female with breed type and
excellent strength’s throughout. Moved with good reach in front and strong drive in rear action.
Nicely balanced head of correct shape and lovely expression. Well presented with coat of
excellent texture. 
Judge - Michael Forte (Leonfort - Ireland)   

Jude Simonds



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