Bernese News 21st April 2017 

Janet Riseborough emailed;
"The Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club 16 Class Open Show on Sunday May 21st
at Woodville Rd. Overseal. Derbyshire DE12 6LU. This is our very special Silver Anniversary 
with gorgeous rosettes and sashes plus prize money for five main placings which include       
£50 for Best in Show,  £25 for Special Champion Award Class.
Every 1st placing will be given a anniversary gift.
We are also holding a 10 [class] Companion Show in aid of The British Heart Foundation
Postal entries close April 29th.
Online entries close May 7th (these to"



Thanks to the Committee for inviting me to judge the breed with CCs for the first time. Many
thanks too for the excellent entry and supporting exhibitors on my first appointment for CCs
in this lovely breed.

There were some excellent breed examples. I had the pleasure to watch my Best of Breed
take a Group 2 where he showed his socks off only to be beaten by the ultimate Best in Show,
the superb Bullmastiff. So well done. I also note the sire of Best of Breed was also sire of both
Puppy Bitch and Puppy Dog, he in turn is siring quality as well and also the Reserve Dog CC
and Bitch CC were littermates. Really pleased with bitch line up for size and uniformity too.
Thoroughly enjoyed my day, thank you.

Veteran Dog or Bitch  (2 entries)
1st Davenport-Willis' Wardleyhill Regal Romance For Nellsbern.
 9 year old lady. Good
bone, size and shape. Head has a flat skull and furrow with good stop, straight muzzle with
good bite. Dark almond eye and alert ear usage. Good in angles and shoulders, firm topline
into rounded rump and tail set.  Well bent stifles and good muscle tone and compact feet.
Moves well from all angles and moved at correct speed.  Best Veteran.
2nd Richards Ch Tickbern Naughty but Nice Von Richenbern  7 year bitch. Another quality
bitch. Balance for head ratios and eye placement and good bite. Good bone, not quite the depth
of brisket as 1st. Moved well but hind action not quite as positive as 1st today for fluidity.

Puppy Dog  (9 entries, 2 absentees)
1st Miles' Jaybiem Stan Innovation.
10 months. Half-brother to Best of Breed. Superb bone
for size and of good shape. Head developing well with balance. Good in skull and muzzle is
strong and well defined in stop. Eye set correct and lovely shape and dark eye.  Nice length of
neck into well laid shoulders. Chest is broad and depth to brisket. Firm in top line and sound
neat hocks which showed in positive hind action and reach in front pleased to award him Best
Puppy.  Must have a good future.
2nd King & Bramble's Shirdees Leathal Weapon. 10 months, sired by Best of Breed, another
well boned lad for size shape and balance. Head developing well with good bite. Neck flowed
into well placed shoulders and well boned legs, firm in loin and broad rear. Moved well when
3rd Hartley Mair & Dyball's Meadowpark Just Class. 6 ½ months,  another half-brother to
Best of Breed starting out on his show career which too must be bright. Has massive potential
as he has good bone for size, age and shape. Shares many of the above qualities. Moved at
correct speed and showed and handle himself well.

Junior Dog 2
1st Wheeler's Bernarks Big Hunk Of Love.
 16 months. Head ratios OK at this stage and
dentition. Ample bone for size and shape. Good compact feet and hocks.  Tail set good. Moving
just a little erratic, needs a little more ring training to get the best out of him.
2nd Akehurst's Jesterbrock Alpine Storm.  Rangier than 1st and higher in hock. Head needs
to balance out as still on the raw side. Loins could be firmer to give more muscle tone and drive
for me.

Post Graduate Dog  (5)
1st Phillips' Monalou Norwegian Star.
 Maturing well for bone, size and shape. Head is balanced
and has good stop and flat skull and correct ear set.  Muzzle strong with good bite. Straight, well
boned front legs on compact feet. Width to chest and depth to brisket. Nice bend to stifles and
muscled rear with good tail set. Moved out well fore and aft.
2nd Davenport-Wills' Apriori Usain Bolt Among Nellsbern (Imp Russia). Not as large boned 
as 1st but is balanced in all his proportions. Lovely in front angles and straight front legs on good
feet. Firm in body tone and good tail set.  Preferred his movement from sound hocks. Just needs
to mature on.
3rd Barsby & Bonham's Halesbern Naughty But Nice. Balanced in head. Longer in couplings
than 1st and 2nd and higher in hocks. Needs to tighten in front and pasterns for me.

Limit Dog  (7) 
1st Bird & Bridges' Kernow Something.
 Super bone and overall balance to shape. Skull has
width and good in stop with furrow. Lovely eye shape and colour complimented by head markings. 
Good lay to shoulders onto well boned straight front legs Width and depth to chest and firm loins
with good tail set and carriage. Hocks gave sound drive balance by reach in front. Pleased to
award Reserve CC, unlucky to meet CC winner today.
2nd Miles & Sampson's Jaybiem Mi Lord.  Another quality lad, well boned for size and balance.
Strong flat skull and good stop and eye placements with lovely markings. Good straight front legs
and compact feet. Good width of chest and depth to brisket. Nice bend to stifles, tail set just a tad
higher than 1st. Moved well with purpose and ground cover.
3rd Richards' Marrack Van’t Pachthof Von
Richenbern (Imp Bel) Another well boned lad for size and balance. Has many good
qualities pasterns need to strengthen for me coming towards.

Open Dog  (3, 1)
1st Hartley-Mair & Dyball’s Ch Meadowpark High Class TAF.
Excellent picture on the stand,
so masculine. Superb bone. Quality head piece for skull to muzzle ratios and defined stop and
eye placement for shape and colour. Strong neck into well laid shoulders with broad chest and
excellent ribbing, firm loins and broad, smooth rump with good tail set and carriage. Moves with
drive of his sound hocks complimented by balanced forward reach with fluidity and ground
coverage. Dog CC and Best of Breed.  Pleased to see him Group 2 where he gave his all. Well
done. He too has some quality youngsters coming on.
2nd Round’s Ch Collansues Black Magic.  5 years. Good head properties for balance and bone
and bite, I would prefer tighter jowls.  Slightly longer in couplings and loins than 1st. Moved well
but pasterns could be firmer which showed coming to a free stand.

Puppy Bitch  (7)
1st Miles' Jaybiem My My My
.  half-sister to Best of Breed, littermate to Best Puppy.
Another quality puppy. Head is balanced at this stage with skull to muzzle ratios and good
dentition and well fitting lips. Almond eye of good colour and used ears well showing alertness.
Body is firm and chest developing well for depth and width.  Correct in rump and tail set and
carriage. Moved out well here to take class. Just not quite as fluid in the challenge for Best Puppy
to her littermate.
2nd King & Bramble's Shirdees Miss Congeniality. Sired by Best of Breed. 10 months. Good 
silhouette on the stand and well boned. Head is balanced at this stage and good dentition. Brisket
coming on well and ribbing. Nice bend to stifles and sound hocks Moved well.  Has potential.
3rd Bird & Head’s Cullumbern Roman Toga With Millermead.  Lovely happy baby, everything
coming on well for age but had to give way to mature girls today. Moved freely and unfazed.
Shows good promise.

Junior Bitch  (1)
1st Sutton & Davenport-Willis' Perfect Proposal From Orsina's Land (Imp Slov).
16 months.
Good in bone for size and shape, still needs to develop on. Head is OK for balance with good bite
and eye set. Chest developing for width and depth, needs to tighten in elbow for me coming
towards but this will come as still very young but stands on compact feet.

Post Graduate Bitch  (5, 1)
1st Bird’s Kernow Let it Be At Cullumbern JW.  Bitch CC.
  2 1/2 year bitch. Lovely shape on
the stand. Good bone all through. Head has balance with flat skull and furrow and good stop and
eye shape and placement. Darker in markings,not the blaze of some bit I don't mind this. Lovely
neck into well laid shoulders and good fitting elbows, her chest is broad and brisket and ribbing
good. Firm in loins and smooth rump and tail set and rear thighs on sound hocks. Moves with
effortless drive and reach and ground cover, back in the ring after maternal duties. Pleased to
award her Bitch CC. Well done. Littermate to Reserve Dog CC.
2nd Sayers' Tickbern Takin Liberties At Takodabern. Head is balanced for ratios and good
bite and tidy lips. Good in stop and eye placement. Not the width of chest as 1st. Nice bend of
stifle and hocks. Moved OK.
3rd Jones' Lujento Gloria Swan Song With Welshbern.  Head properties good for balance.
Not reach of neck of 1st and 2nd and this showed in shoulder placements. Like a bit more reach
in front for me.

Limit Bitch  (8, 1)  
1st Williams' Tickbern Oaklahoma In Tinland ShCM.
 Skull is flat and muzzle has strength
with good bite.  Nice eye set and shape and colour. Lovely reach of neck into good shoulders
and straight front legs on compact feet. Good width of chest and depth of brisket, firm in loins
and rounded rump with good tail set and carriage. Moved out well fore and aft and covers ground
2nd Hartley-Mair's Meadowpark Special Blend TAF.  2 years. Another quality bitch, well boned
and balanced' Lovely expressive dark eye. Chest has good width and depth of brisket, firm in loins
and sound hocks. Just lost out on front action today as not as controlled coming toward, another
day a different story.
3rd Granger’s Shirdees Harlow Jean Of Shadybower.  Nice size and shape Good shape to
skull, just like a tad more width in muzzle to balance. Good in front angles and such a firm muscled
body and thighs. Soundest of movers, could work all day.

Open Bitch  (8, 2)
1st Sutton’s Ch Bernstephs Dior Remember Me JW ShCM.  Reserve Bitch CC.
not surprised she has her title. Lovely bone size and balance. Good Stop and skull flat and slight
furrow. Eye set and shape give lovely expression. Good in dentition and jowls. Nice reach of neck
into well laid shoulders. Chest has width and depth and good fitting elbows, straight front legs and
sound feet. Rear is sound in hock and muscle and has a positive side gait with reach and good tail
2nd Hartley-Mair & Dyball’s Ch Meadowpark Just A Dream TAF. 2 1/2 years. Quality bitch,
excellent bone for size and shape.  Lovely straight front legs on correct feet. Good bend of stifles
and sound hocks and thighs. Tail set good and carriage.  Moved well of rear and side gait.
3rd Griffiths Slade & Orme’s Jaybiem Vou Doo At Potterspride JW. Another well boned bitch
and many qualities of above Lovely dark eye and shape and good dentition. Moved out well fore
and aft.
Judge - Allyson King.


Jude Simonds



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