Bernese News 26th April 2017 

Jayne Richards forwarded this message from Tracey Morgan;

"It is with great sadness that my brother Chris Morgan and ,I have to announce that my mother
Jean Morgan passed away on 24th April 2017 in hospital. She was sleeping peacefully, holding
my hand and listening to Moonlight Sonata playing in the background.

"If you wish any further information please contact Chris Morgan 
Donations instead of flowers please to Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary, The Dogs Trust or Motor
Neurone Disease."

Margaret Nelson emailed;
"I have just caught up with some very sad news via Facebook about the passing of a long
standing Bernese enthusiast Jean Morgan. She had messaged me only a week ago so I'm
in shock to learn of this loss to our breed.

"When I first sent her a friends request, she sent me the following message which I have cut
and pasted below ... it's so touching to re read this and it enlightened me about her long term
love affair with our breed.  Jean so sweetly sent to me at the beginning of our friendship. I feel
sure that certain of our membership will remember her.

"Jean wrote the following ... "Hi Margaret, I vaguely remember your name from way back, may
have been in the '80's when I had my 1st Bern from Diana Cochrane, Duntiblae Midnight Affair.
Since then a couple of litters, a rescue, two others and the last was a Champion bitch given to
me by Shandy Bridges. Now I am an old girl of 87, too old to care for my beloved dogs. I've left
my thatched cottage in Devon and am living with my son in the Highlands plus their 3 cats!!  But
I so enjoy reading all the news of the Bernese.perhaps we'll talk again soon. Kind regards." 

Sincere condolences to all family and friends.


Jude Simonds


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