Bernese News 12th April 2018


The Bernese entry for Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales Championship show has been announced as 50 exhibits giving 67 entries for all-rounder judge Paul Lawless.

For comparison the entry at the 2017 show was 57 entries with 8 absentees for all-rounder Allyson King.


On Easter Monday the social media group "Scottish Highland Bernese" hosted the first ever "UK Berner Nation Dog House Pawty" at Balloch Country Park. Pre-event publicity invited people to attend with the lure of a massed walk, treats and prizes up for grabs and a room to relax and socialise in being made available afterwards at the Balloch Hotel.

Margaret Smith,who owns two Bernese and was one of the organisers of the event wrote;

"Balloch Pawarty at Loch Lomond, Scotland was held on 2nd April on the bonny, bonny banks of Loch Lomond; a walk for about an hour to the loch and back. We started at 12 with the Piper playing for us to start the walk my husband Alan and I lead the walk, we were followed by 28 Bernese, a Leonberger, a Collie and a Poppy who could not join us or we would have had little Poppy's. We walked down to the Loch where many of the dogs went in for a splash and a drink while the adults have a coffee.

"Our American friend Curt gave many of us beautiful bandanas with the Berner Nation logo on it. We did a group photo and then walked back to the sound of the pipes which welcomed us back to the hotel car park and piped us into the Balloch House Hotel where we had a room to meet and eat and an odd drink with our beautiful fur babies.

"One of the members made cup cakes for the dogs and special doggy biscuits in the shape of Berners. Some people had to leave at that point but a lot stayed on to enjoy the raffle towards expenses; whisky, wine, gin, cuddly toy and some sweets and Scottish produce. We were going to do some silly comps but it got too cold. Each dog got a goody bag which had doggy biscuits in .We had visitors from America, Australia, England and all over Scotland, we were very lucky with our day which was dry and getting cool on the return."

A short video of the event is available to view;


Jeannette Green emailed an announcement from the BMD Club of Great Britain;

"Spring Garden Party 2018
Dear Members,
As you know the massive club event that is the Spring Garden Party approaches and is due to be held at the end of the month on Sunday 29th. All is looking good for the event, apart from the weather. As we write there is another week of showers forecast and, like most places in the UK, the ground at Priors Marston is already saturated. We hope things will improve before the 29th but we have to be realistic and admit there is a small chance that the ground just might not be fit enough for our large event. We have a lot of vehicles and caravans accessing the site and we do not want to turn it into a mud bath where people get stuck and we ruin the ground, we don’t have a lot of scope not to use large areas of the site for camping, parking or rings so to cope with our event it has to be in fairly good condition all over.

"Therefore we are being precautionary in saying to everyone that is thinking of travelling to the Garden Party PLEASE just check the club’s Facebook page or Web site before travelling. If you cannot do this please ring Lianne on ‭07977 686455. As people travel, or prepare to travel to the event from Thursday onwards a decision will probably have to be made on the evening of Wednesday 25th April, so if there might be any doubt at all please check after this time.

"Please do not let this put you off booking as normal, things will probably be fine and the ground will dry out, drain and be perfect like it usually is. We are just trying to get the thought to just 'check before travelling into people's heads'. In the event of cancelling any monies paid will be refunded or held over to the next event in line with people’s wishes and we need people to book if they are coming so we can plan properly.
Thank you
The Committee"


There has been a lot of interest (and a lot of confusion!) regarding the Kennel Club Judges Competency Framework. Helen Davenport-Willis forwarded the latest press announcement about it;

and the latest edition of the information booklet can be found here;



Puppy  No entries

Junior  (3 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Green's Matthias Vom Durrbachler Wald At Waldershelf.
Dog, just 12 months of good size and calm disposition. Super head with a beautiful yet masculine melting expression, deep dark almond shaped eyes, correct ear set and used at all times. Chest developing well, strong bone throughout, well-held strong level topline on the stand and when moving. Good lay of shoulder, just a tad short in upper arm but stands on excellent straight front, good turn of stifle and tight cat like feet. Moved with good drive, very collected despite his young age and sound profile. A bright future ahead. Reserve Best of Breed.
2nd Watson's Stepdasher Winters Wish. Bitch, 13 month old of smaller size and fun temperament. Sweet feminine head and expression with dark eyes, shapely girl and looking fairly mature for her age. Good bone for size with tight cat like feet. Topline a tad weak today due to being a little long in loin. Sound profile mover.

Post Graduate  (3, 1)
1st Wright & Kirk's Arvella Mark of Respect For Roesilbern.
Dog, 2 years old, has masculinity in abundance without being coarse. The most beautiful yet totally masculine head and expression, deep dark almond shaped eyes, Correct ear set. Deep chest with good breadth to body throughout. Tight feet, excellent bone for size, sound enough in profile but felt he could be better going away. High tail set which does unfortunately spoil his outline.
2nd Watson's Jesterbrock Alphine Glory At Stepdasher. Dog, 2 years old and smaller in frame than 1st. For me he just lacks a bit of masculinity in his head, enough bone for size. Sound front angles but needs to drop in chest, which should happen with maturity. Strong level topline, good turn of stifle and sound enough on the move.

Open ( 1)
1st Granger's Orlando Bloom At Jaybiem JW ShCM.
Dog, 3 years old and really coming into his own now. Mature, shapely male with honest, typical head and expression, dark almond shaped eyes that instantly melt your heart. Not the biggest of boys but well off for bone, he is balanced throughout. Excellent front and hind angles, deep and broad chest, stood on straight front legs and strong hind with tight cat like feet. Correct tailset and used correctly when moving. Shown in peak condition, full coat and moved with ease around the ring being sound in all actions. True classic markings are the icing on the cake. Best of Breed and Group 3 in a well-attended group.
Judge - Leena Pawlyszyn (Matera)



My first time awarding CCs in this lovely breed but having spent years watching them being judged both in the UK and on approximately 10 other occasions at overseas Specialty shows, I had a personal view of what Breed Standard qualities I prioritised.

I was extremely lucky to have such a super entry where nit picking was needed to establish a final class winner. The challenge line-ups were a delight with several worthy of their titles in my opinion. Movement was generally good although several moved too wide in front. It is also true to say that some dogs are not moved at the optimum speed and this can give an illusion of un-level movement, particularly on the corners where the nearside leg has to bear too much of the percentage of the body weight to create a balanced gait. One lovely girl hurt her paw while in the ring and was withdrawn by her caring handler – I hope she has recovered now.
I noticed a number of dogs with a more ‘domed’ skull (presumably from FCI countries’ lines) which detracted slightly from the typical expression and gave an impression of a lower earset than ideal.

Temperaments were excellent overall with only one class where female hormones were flying high and I was given the ‘don’t touch me there’ look! Very typical of that age and not too concerning.

Presentation was a credit to the breed and made the most of the Bernese’s crowning glory – that wonderful colour.

Many results were close and are very likely to be reversed at the next show.
BEST IN SHOW - Hartley-Mair & Dybdall’s Ch Meadowpark High Class
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW - Sutton’s Ch Bernsteph Dior Remember Me JW ShCM
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - Hartley-Mair & Dybdall’s Meadowpark Touch Of Class
BEST VETERAN IN SHOW - Griffiths, Slade & Orme’s Ch Jaybiem Voo Doo At Potterspride JW

Veteran Dog  No entries

Minor Puppy Dog  (2)
1st Miles’ Littlehidden Jyme Spicez At Jaybiem. 
8 months,well grown with good body proportions and sufficient depth of chest even now. Strong skull (which is yet to break) and ear set being typical at this stage of development. Lack of chest development gives him a little untidy gait in front as can be expected. Nice strength of hindquarters on the move. Markings as required.
2nd Kenny &Yates’ Fortonpark Classy Clifford. Slightly more raw and a shade narrower throughout but such a good mover when settled. Head has correct proportions and hints at a very nice adult in the future. Well set tail of correct length. A touch more white than ideal on front leg but I suspect that movement will always be his forte.

Puppy Dog  (4)
1st Dickson’s Monalou Raffael At Geruth. (Best Puppy Dog and Reserve Best Puppy in Show).
11 month old and very impressive with his well-proportioned body/loin, good bone and particularly pleasing front movement. Topline still changing according to growth but is far more level than it appears as he has a thickness of hair over his loin and rump which gives a false impression. Possibly could do with a touch less slope of front pastern but nothing that maturity won’t put right.
2nd Gurney’s Monalou Italian Issue. Litter brothers I see and a case of swings and roundabouts. Strong in head with good ratio of skull to muzzle. Well boned with good feet. Better angle of front pastern than 1st. Excellent width of thigh and great strength of hindquarters. Carrying a little more body than he needs which in turn gave him a slightly less clean gait behind.
3rd Roberts & Seaman’s Esslinbern Saruman. 11 months with good overall body shape, strong in skull although a tad too much up-tilted muzzle took away the desired straightness. Good depth of chest to leg length ratio. Good size. A little untidy on the move today.
Res Kenny & Yates’ Fortonpark Classy Clifford

Junior Dog  (4, 1)
1st Green’s Matthias Vom Durrbachler Wald At Waldershelf (Imp Nld).
Very well balanced boy of nearly 12 months. Good ratio of chest depth to leg length. Free moving from sensible angulation. Head is good with flat skull and well set ears. Just needs to broaden slightly in rib and maybe a tad less white on chest would be ideal.
2nd Gurney’s Monalou Italian Secret. Such a handsome boy but a fraction too short in leg for ideal balance. Added to this, a slight roll on the move can give an impression of too much weight. Beautifully marked. Well ribbed with short loin. Would have been interesting to have seen him in the previous class.
3rd Scott's Szarhegyaljai Elyjah At Scobern (Imp Hun). At that teenage stage where so many things are changing. Excellent forechest and ideal slope of pastern. A slightly loose eye rim and not concentrating at all in movement. Looking forward to seeing the transformation as he matures.

Yearling Dog  (6)
1st Bridges' Kernow Troubadour JW.
18 months and generally well balanced despite an impression of being fractionally shorter in neck than ideal – an impression which is corrected when going over his well placed shoulders. Strong in skull with good proportions to muzzle, ears well set (if a tad large!) and head in perfect balance to body size. Such an easy mover at a correct pace. Impressive natural stance and footfalls gave him the edge here. Well marked was a bonus.
2nd Hartley-Mair & Dybdalls Meadowpark Just Class. A superbly presented18 month and on potential alone, I suspect this one will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. However, on the day his remarkable maturity of head and body was a slight disadvantage to him as his front needs to ‘catch up’ slightly with the rest of him. That said, his balance and ratio of leg length to chest depth, length to height, were all as they should be. Head was excellent with correct flat skull and typical expression. Super topline was a pleasure to see. Sturdy overall and once he gets all his maturity done, will be hard to overlook.
3rd Miles & Ishaque’s Jaybiem Stan Innovation JW. Very typy 21 months and slightly more immature and longer cast than 1st and 2nd but what he gave away in body/length ratio he more than made up for in soundness and conformation of quarters – he stood naturally correct at every halt with legs under the body and parallel. Pleasing head properties. Perhaps a shade less slope of pastern would have been ideal.
Res King & Green’s Joseph Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella (Imp Nld)
VHC Horn's Husheen Let Me Love You

Novice Dog  (1) 
1st Gurney’s Monalou Italian Secret.

Graduate Dog  (2, 1)
1st Wright & Kirk’s Arvella Mark Of Respect For Roesilbern.
28 months. What a beautiful headpiece with correct flat and broad skull. Well-proportioned for height to length and with good length of equal strides front and rear. Perhaps a shade more bone would have been a better match for his other qualities. Topline was spot on. On the move he was rather proud of his tail and this tended to detract from his movement today. Beautiful markings and coat in great condition.

Post Graduate Dog  (9, 1)
1st Griffiths, Orme & Miles’ Jaybiem With N’WithoutY’Zeus.
Lovely type with just the right amount of depth, strong in bone and sturdy in body without losing anything in flexibility of movement. Very pleasing head and in balance with size of body. Impressed in spring of rib and was also well ribbed up with good short loin. Moved soundly with a free side gait and coming to with true strides and a natural straight front when halted. Could have been a fraction neater from behind but nothing that detracted from his soundness.
2nd Gurney’s Monalou Just Call Me Oleg. At first glance thought this would have been my winner. A real sturdy type who would be ideal in his role as a multi-purpose farm dog as well as having such beautiful markings and type that serve him well in the showring. Good strength and depth of chest without being overdone, well ribbed up with correctly muscled loin. Topline firm and running into the ideal rounded croup which is so representative of the breed. Good strength of neck which was certainly not short when I had my hands on him although the dense coat can give that impression. Pastern angle could have been a tad less, but on the move they were not over bent and gave him correct support. Moved well enough but persisted in trying to canter which gave him a slightly untidy gait behind today.
3rd Hogg & Newton’s Kumo Van’t Maroyke (Imp Bel). Almost 7 years and displayed the maturity that I would expect with depth and width of chest, good bone in relation to size and well balanced ratios throughout. Slightly rounded eye took away a little from his otherwise good head. A sound mover but a fraction more hind angulation than necessary resulted in the front quarters not working as cleanly and being pushed by the rear as the power was transferred from rear to front.
Res Fairclough’s Monalou Spirit Of Discovery
VHC Abbott-Brown & Abbott's Kingstonska Iron Lion Zion

Limit Dog  (9, 1)
1st King’s Elnside The Grandmaster ShCM.
2.5 years. A real honest type with so much to like about him. Everything fits so well together and creates the non-exaggerated final result. Good head with flat skull, very good earset and straight line of muzzle from correct stop. Just right for depth of chest to length of leg ratio. Excellent feet, being well shaped and compact. Such a free-moving boy. Pushed hard in the challenge and it was only nit-picking on length of neck that cost him the Reserve CC.
2nd Baldwin’s Meadowpark First Class For Fortonpark JW. 2 years beautifully headed, slightly longer cast than 1st. Excellent depth to just the elbow, well ribbed and great muscle on his short loin. Good bone that matched his overall size. Topline appeared to rise a little over the pelvis but he has an abundance of coat on this part of his body which causes a slight optical illusion. Another good mover though perhaps not quite the easy swing-along gait of 1st today.
3rd Miles & Sampson’s Jaybiem Mi Lord. 5 years. A shade narrower in skull but well-proportioned balance of skull to muzzle. The best pasterns so far with just the right angle and strength. Excellent feet. A slightly higher tailset than ideal which detracts a little from that smoothly rounded rump that I prefer. Moved easily though not quite as neatly in front as 1st and 2nd.
Res  Law’s Ecalpharas Gold
VHC Hastings' Bernemcourt Liv’n On A Prayer

Open Dog  (4)
1st Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall’s Ch Meadowpark High Class. (Dog CC and Best in Show).
3 year upstanding boy of super type. Beautiful head type with broad skull, evident stop and straight line of muzzle. A super example combining balance, breed type and physical capability (should he ever have to fulfil the breed’s original role.) Great bone, excellent topline, best of feet and ideal width of hindquarters. Moved freely in all directions and at a sensible speed. If I were to change anything about him, it would be to have the tail set a smidgeon lower but this is being really picky. And at this relatively young age, I suspect his best is yet to come. CC and Best of Breed in excellent company.
2nd Bird & Bridges’ Ch Kernow Something ShCM. (Reserve CC). 3 years. Another worthy Champion I see. And easy to see why! Great type with attractive head with ideal balance of skull to muzzle, strong neck (which gives the impression of being shorter than it really is), depth of chest with corresponding ribbing to short loin. Topline is bang on with lovely croup/rump and slightly better tailset than 1st. Free moving at a pace appropriate to the breed. A close up 2nd. Reserve CC.
3rd Scotts Welshbern One Vision At Scobern ShCM. Slighter build than 1st and 2nd but just so beautifully balanced with height to length, depth to leg length, and skull to muzzle all giving him a super outline. Really not settled on the move although undoubtedly sound, just not co-operating. With his showing head on this would be a different dog.
Res Greens Ch Alpenspirit Pure Pleasure For Arvella

Veteran Bitch  (6, 2)
1st Griffiths, Slade & Orme’s Ch Jaybiem Voo Doo At Potterspride JW (Best Veteran in Show).
7years and what a cracker! In super muscular condition and not showing her age in her sound free movement. Head is correct with flat skull, good shoulders and just perfect for angle of pastern. Good topline with well-shaped rump. Well marked to advantage. Looked well in the challenge.
2nd McCormick’s Monalou Artic Queen. 7 years. Best for type with lovely head, good bone and has a sturdy appearance. Well angulated and moved well. Topline just rising a tad but she was a little uncooperative with her handler.
3rd Rossall’s Fortonpark Molly Malone. 8 years. Another beautifully headed girl with super depth and quality of ribbing. Rising slightly on topline. Moved well in profile and coming to but not quite as tidy as 1st and 2nd from the rear.
Res Hoggs Ischka Van’t Maroyke To Buganeezee (Imp Bel)

Minor Puppy Bitch  (3)
1st Baldwin’s Fortonpark sez I’m Classy.
6 months of lovely type. Chunky pup with good bone, sturdy outline and slightly stronger in topline than 2. Powerful thigh, being wide and firm. Illusion of shorter leg is created by a profuse coat on her underline.
2nd Hartley-Mair’s Meadowpark Northern Angel. 6 months. Attractive head with good proportions evident already. Very impressive angulation especially in front, which gave her a good forechest. Good bone to balance size. Better ratio of leg length than 1st. Moved well in profile and from behind but a little age-related untidiness coming to.
3rd Bridges’ Kernow Follow This. 6 months and giving away a little in development at this stage compared to 1st and 2nd but still has excellent forechest and moved really well. Slightly longer in foot than her rivals but a lot is going to change as she develops. Nothing amiss here that maturity won’t put right.

Puppy Bitch  (10)
1st Hartley-Mair’s Meadowpark Touch Of Class. (Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show).
Well-made puppy with correct skull/muzzle ratio, level topline and good forechest for age. Sensible angulation gave her a free and easy gait. Overall, would prefer slightly less white but it was only a minor cosmetic issue.
2nd Gurney’s Monalou Cara Mia. Great strength and build with impressive depth and good bone giving the desired sturdy outline. Maybe a tad less flat in skull than 1st but with an attractive head, defined stop and straight line of muzzle. Adequate angulation gave her enough reach and drive although just a fraction more weight than she needs which detracted a little from her movement today.
3rd Baldwins Fortonpark Sez I’m Classy. 
Res  Goodyear's Harvestbank Indian Summer
VHC Gerrard's Monalou Contessa At Torralbaz

Junior Bitch  (4, 1 withdrawn)
1st Spencer’s Padiky Starr Studded Skye.
16 month and at the slightly teenage, rangy stage but with great bone, super topline and good strength of neck. Very nice head of correct proportions with defined stop. Moved very well in general although handler needs to slow the pace slightly as it can make her ‘rock’ on her front as she attempts to maintain balance.
2nd Watson's Stepdashar Winter Wish. Such a pretty 13 month with super markings, level topline and lovely outline especially in profile movement. Just a touch more lip than ideal although her head has not yet finished. Once she has bulked up in bone and overall, this one will look much different.

Yearling Bitch  (5)
1st Miles’ Jaybiem My My My.
This one really hit the spot for me, although in the challenge I had to concede that I was dwelling too much on ‘potential’ rather than ‘on the day’. 22 months of such nice type and well put together creating a lovely finish. Attractive head with the most lovely dark eye. Moved so easily with efficient strides that followed through perfectly from hind quarters to front. Everything in the right place just now. Just needs to get her showing head on and I think she will go far.
2nd King & Bramble’s Shirdees Miss Congeniality. 22 months and a real eye-catching, sound mover with super headpiece and obvious fireproof temperament. A little excess body length tended to have a knock on effect on topline especially on the move, but if further development is kind, she could expect some great results in the showring.
3rd Bird & Head’s Cullumbern Roman Toga JW. 18 months and such obvious quality. Attractive head and markings as well as good construction. Well balanced for depth of chest to leg length ratio, sensible angulation that created a gait that was not exaggerated in any way. Slight rise of coat over the pelvis occasionally detracted from topline. Another who really needs to get her showing head on as she was a little uncooperative today.
Res Kelly’s Everlasting Love Iz Bolshogo Doma
VHC Jeffries’s Esslinbern Eternal Joy

Novice Bitch  (4)
1st Atherton’s Arvella Penny Lane.
19 month honest type of ‘what you see is almost what you get’ but to go over she has more qualities than are obvious. Appealing outline, perfectly balanced and with more bone than it appears. Excellent topline which was kept on the move. In profile and going away, she moved true and in no-nonsense fashion but a fraction wide coming to at times. Darker markings were very pleasing.
2nd Gurney’s Monalou Cara Mia. Repeat.
3rd Spencer’s Padiky Starr Studded Skye
Res Marsden/Robertson’s Tickbern Valencia Avec Vellbern

Graduate Bitch  (2)
1st Flaxman’s Glanzberg See The Sun.
2 years and slightly out of coat today – a condition that left a rather wavy topcoat that did its best to cause optical illusions re her topline (which was actually strong and level). Effective angulation, evident forechest with ideal width between forelimbs. Such a scopey mover, especially in profile where her reach and drive were impressive without being exaggerated.
2nd Grimes’ Fortonpark Future Dreams. Great for type with pleasing head and well built. Excellent bone and well-shaped feet. Carrying a fraction more weight than ideal which gave her a slightly more cumbersome gait although true and parallel from behind and with balanced strides in profile. Coming to a little wider due to her current build, but a temporary condition, I’m sure.

Post Graduate Bitch  (8)
1st Miles’ Jaybiem Burli Shassi (Reserve CC).
2 year extremely nice type who took this class with a bit to spare. Super headpiece, lovely front which was straight and well-muscled. Well shaped feet, strong back with muscled loin. Ideal markings just added to the overall picture. Moved so well and featured strongly in the challenge. A tendency for her coat to rise on the loin occasionally during movement (and temporarily detract from outline) was the only reason for her Reserve CC today.
2nd Flaxman’s Glanzberg See The Sun.
3rd Davidson’s Meadowpark Pure Breeze.
One who will always merit a second look as her type is very appealing with a pleasing outline. In addition she is strong in topline with a firm loin, very well shaped feet and feminine head. A little untidy on the move today.
Res McCormick’s Monalou Star Princess
VHC Jones’ Tremywyddfa Forget Me Not

Limit Bitch  (10, 4)
1st Bird’s Kernow Let It Be At Cullumbern JW
. Typy, sound and balanced with good forechest, well-shaped feet and moved with great follow through of hind to forequarters. A slightly higher than ideal tailset can occasionally detract from her outline but her overall alertness and strength gave her the edge here.
2nd Baldwin’s Fortonpark Chasing Dreams. Much to like here in particular her excellent topline and ribbing, strength of neck and better shaped rump than 1st. Moved well in profile and away but could have been a tad neater coming to.
3rd Abbott-Brown & Abbott’s Kingstonska Sun Is Shining. Good depth and width of brisket, well-shaped feet and sturdy bone to match her size. Moved well although a slight rising of her topline (as well as profuse hair) distorted the overall picture a little.
Res Granger’s Shirdees Harlow Jean Of Shadybower JW
VHC Shopland-Reed’s Fleur De Neboa De Meigas

Open Bitch  (11)
1st Sutton’s Ch Bernsteph Dior Remember Me JW ShCM (Bitch CC and Reserve Best in Show).
5 year top quality girl who is at her peak and has everything in the right place. Attractive head with flat skull, correct earset and super eye. Perfect balance of bone/sturdiness to size. Excellent tail carriage. Moved so well in all directions but really excelled in forward reach with front feet extending beyond an imaginary line drawn from nose to floor. Beautiful markings were the icing on the cake. Pushed the young male for Best of Breed but his broad hindquarters tipped the balance. CC.
2nd Abbott-Brown & Abbott’s Meadowpark Dream Come True With Kingstonska. 4 year slightly unruly girl who could have thrown this away with her ‘free spirit’ attitude to the showring! Such an honest type with attractive head with correct strength and straightness of muzzle, well balanced, sensible angulation, strong loin and moved soundly. A touch less white on the chest would have been my preference but one who needs to persevere and get her showing head on if she is to achieve what her quality dictates.
3rd Baldwin’s Ch Fortonpark Dutch Delight. Looking every inch the champion with her beautiful outline and perfectly shaped rump. Well balanced with the bone to match her size and retains an impression of sturdiness. Sensible angulation gave her good equal strides fore and aft. Soundness was unquestionable but in profile did not have quite the super reach of 1st and 2nd today.
Res Atherton’s Athersbern Peronelle Blush.
VHC Hartley-Mair’s Meadowpark Special Blend.
Judge – Del Richards (Sheridel)  

Jude Simonds


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