Bernese News 11th August 2015

Jackie Green emailed;

"Due to a delay at the printers, the BMDC of GB magazine should be received by members
from Wednesday 19th August onwards. Included in the mailing is a hard copy of the Club's
Championship Show schedule which is to take place at The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh
Park, near Coventry, Warwickshire CV8 2LZ on Saturday 26th September 2015.  The closing 
date for postal entries is being extended to Friday 28th August (postmark) and the closing
date for on-line entries is Monday 31st August 2015.

"The schedule and entry forms are available to print on-line from Fosse Data or alternatively
you can contact Karen Bird, Lianne Marsden or Jackie Green should you require a hard copy
of the schedule before the magazine arrives.  Online entries can be made any time up to the
the closing date.  Jackie Green who has edited the magazine sends apologies to all Club
Members for this delay."


Some HD data of UK Bernese Hip Scores has now been published online;

Breed Specific Statistics – Data collected 1st November 1999 to 31st October 2014


Bernese owner Angie Hensley is hosting 'Harley's First Annual Charity Walk' in aid of
Bernese Welfare UK rescue and rehoming.  Meeting up at midday on Sunday 6th September
2015 at the famous Big Beach Cafe, Hove Lagoon, Kindsway, Hove BN3 4LX, all dogs of any
breed are welcome and a private area has been reserved in case of wet weather.  there will be  
doggy bags for all, fun rosettes and a monster raffle - Angie tells me she has already had over
30 raffle prizes so generously donated ranging from dog beds, baskets of treat (for dogs and
humans!), dog toys, vouchers and all sorts of lovely goodies! 
See the poster  HERE         

Those unable to attend can buy raffle tickets from Angie and prizes will be posted to the lucky
winners.  You can contact  Angie on 07551 263964, via email 


Tom and Wendy Murray emailed; 

"The Chillout Weekend is nearly upon us, there is a rough agenda on our website   Please check out the flyer below.

"If you are coming for the day there are toilets on site but don’t forget to bring your own packed
lunch and drinks. If you intend to camp could you please let us know and also if you want to
attend the buffet in the evening. Camping is from Thursday to midday Tuesday.  Camping is
£10 per night or £35 for 5 nights.

"Thank you to everyone for joining in the carting parades at Kelso we have just received a big
Thank You card from Agnes and George, and asked us to pass on their thanks.  Hoping to see
you all at the Chill Out."


At Bournemouth Championship Show on Monday breed specialist judge Sandra Gatward
(Timberlog) had 58 entries with 8 absentees. 

Winning his first CC was Shirley King & Julie Bramble's homebred Shirdees Continental JW
ShCM.  He is a 3 year old sired by Ch Jaybiem Innu Endo JW ShCM x Shirdees Bobbies Girl. 

Shirley and Julie also bred the Best Puppy winner, Mark & Julie Wakeland's Shirdees Joe 
Dimaggio At Bramikdel who is 7 months old and a son of Ch Jaybiem Utwo JW ShCM x the Dog
CC winner's litter sister, Shirdees Chevrolet. He was later shortlisted in the Puppy Group.

The Reserve Dog CC was awarded to Tony and Pam Granger's 5 year old Jaybiem Itri For
Shadybower JW who is a 5 year old bred by June Miles and is another sired by Ch Utwo
x Jaybiem Indi Kate. 

Ron and Aileen Trevett collected both the Bitch CC (with Best of Breed) and the Reserve CC with
homebred mother and daughter.   

It was a 5th CC for Ch Vellbern You Japanese Gem who is also a 5 year old daughter of
Ch Utwo x Ch Vellbern Japanese Queen.  

Her daughter Vellbern The Raindancer is 2 1/2 years old and sired by Terre Van De Weyenberg.

Elsewhere at the show Chris Wood's Tamarbern Dusky Maiden was placed VHC in an entry of
42 in the Good Citizen Dog Scheme Stakes judged by Mr N Bryce Smith, and Steve, Jeannette 
and Emily Green's Waldershelf Happy Hattie was 2nd out of an entry of 27 with 12 absentees
in the Veteran Stakes judged by Jeff Luscott. Congratulations.

After the show Chris Wood and Aileen Trevett sent emails;

Chris Wood wrote;
"How proud I am of Layla aka Tamarbern Dusky Maiden. despite her getting soaking wet at 
Bournemouth Championship show Layla was placed VHC in GCDS Stakes out of a large entry
of 42 dogs most of whom were bone dry and looked immaculate but Layla flew the Bernese flag
for us again and showed her socks off."

Aileen Trevett wrote;

"The Vellbern Girls had a great trip to Bournemouth on what was a very wet day yesterday. 
Ch Vellbern You Japanese Gem, 'Vino', took the BCC her 5th  and BOB with her daughter 
Vellbern The Raindancer (well named for yesterday !) 'Rioja' winning the RBCC.  We are 
delighted with the double act. Our thanks to breed specialist judge Sandra Gatward (Timberlog) 
for her appreciation of the girls' qualities.


"Congratulation to to The Shirdees team with Bentley's (Shirdees Continental) CC and also to 
Mark Wakeland with Shirdees Joe Dimaggio at Bramikdel taking Best Puppy and shortlisted 
in the WPG.  It was a show that challenged everyone to the task of putting dry dogs into the 
rings but most managed to do it somehow. We were pleased to see Judy Harris's Holly (Vellbern  
Geisha Girl) taking 2nd in Veteran at just short of her 9th birthday.  She has given Judy so much 
fun .. and strife!!!Just as an aside I positioned myself close to the Group rings to let the girls chill
for an hour before the group judging and overheard a couple of women with a huge cage on 
wheels covered completely but full of quarreling dogs, discussing sending dogs all over the world 
on loans or lending dogs to people on breeding terms.  Never once did I hear a call name used or 
even He or She but just "IT".   The poor dogs they were talking about had been shipped from 
pillar to post and are obviously just used as a means to an end.  One even had said she "loaned" 
IT to someone in Russia and after 4 litters the woman decided to have a puppy back "Because 
even though it was not by a good dog.. she could still sell it on for £1000 and make a few bob"! 
How sad that these dogs don't even have the privilege to own a name, they are just machines to 
further people's showing or to take puppies from.  Pray that this is not something done often in 
Bernese and never will be.  Every dog deserves a home and stability and, more to the point, a 




The Kennel Club General Committee has announced a change to the regulations
concerning the length of time between CC appointments.

With effect for all nominations received at the Kennel Club on or after 1st January 2018, the
minimum period of time between Challenge Certificate appointments to the same sex of the
same breed, will increase from 12 to 18 months.

As a result of this announcement, all breed clubs, in particular those of numerically small breeds,
will need to ensure that their judges lists are adequate to support the additional length of time
between appointments.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said ‘The Kennel Club believes that the change to the
regulation will allow a greater rotation of judges and create increased opportunities for judges
to be appointed for their desired breed or breeds.

“In order to ensure that there is a sufficient pool of judges to facilitate this change, breed clubs
must, as a matter of priority, review their judges lists and consider how best to educate, promote
and train judges to progress through their lists.

“We would take this opportunity to remind breed clubs of the importance of updating and 
circulating their judges lists. In particular, it would be helpful if clubs could ensure that up-to-date
judges lists are available on their websites.”

For further advice on publishing judges lists online, please contact

All show societies will need to review the wording of their judges’ contracts and update as
appropriate, and should note that any nominations they intend to submit to the Kennel Club on
or after 1st January 2018 must comply with the 18 month time period.




Re: Judges and Judging

This is the fourth of what has become an annual communication to all Challenge Certificate
Judges to provide you an update on new initiatives and a reminder of the various
resources which are available to KC approved judges.

The Kennel Club, Breed Clubs, Breeders, Exhibitors and Judges are all working hard to
improve and maintain the health of pedigree dogs. It is important to recognise that as a
Championship Show judge you strongly influence the future development of the breed(s) you
judge. Given the fact that one of the most significant functions of a dog show is to identify
stock from which to breed, it is essential that you take into account the health and welfare of
the dogs you judge and by implication the stock that will be bred from these dogs.

At the beginning of last year the Kennel Club introduced compulsory health monitoring for all
those breeds featured on Breed Watch with points of concern. You may already be familiar
with the optional health monitoring form which is now routinely printed as the last page of 
the judges' book and you may have received, direct from the Kennel Club a yellow health
monitoring form for those breeds featured on Breed Watch. Samples of the forms and advice 
how best to fill them in can be found on the KC website at

As part of your preparation of a judging appointment we strongly advise that you not only review 
the relevant breed’s Breed Standard but also check to see whether the breed is featured on
Breed Watch and whether there are any health concerns to look out for. Points of concern can
change and therefore it is important you are as up to date as you can be prior to an appointment.

Judges Education

Each year the Kennel Club along with many other registered clubs and societies organise seminars
relevant to breed specific subjects and/or particular health or welfare concerns associated with a
breed or range of breeds. These are over and above the mandatory judges' education seminars
presented by Accredited Trainers. It is strongly recommended to keep up to date with the breed
or breeds in which you are interested. Whilst you may have attended the mandatory seminars
in order to be approved to award CCs for the first time you must keep yourself up to date by
attending breed specific seminars as well as refreshing your knowledge on the Kennel Club 
seminars for Conformation and Movement and Regulations and Judging Procedures.  there are
likely to have been changes made to these seminars since you last attended and you should
keep yourself up to date with current issues and show regulations. The Kennel Club’s Judges
Sub-Committee recognises the importance of judges keeping themselves up to date so much so
that it has recently been announced that it will become mandatory to attend and pass at a breed
specific seminar for each of the second and third breeds for which you are nominated to award
Challenge Certificates. This will apply to all questionnaires received on or after 1st January 2016.

So you can see that the Kennel Club and Breed Clubs are working hard on your behalf to provide
you with opportunities to keeping yourself up to date and when you avail yourself of these
opportunities this can only enhance your position as a Kennel Club approved judge. The
following Kennel Club Publications are recommended reading for new and established judges;

* Breed Standards

All Breed Standards now carry a uniform introductory paragraph pointing out the importance of 
avoiding obvious conditions or exaggerations which would be detrimental in any way to the 
health, welfare or soundness of each breed.

* Code of Best Practice for Judges

Your attention is drawn to the chapter on Canine Health and Welfare which explains in more
detail the principal responsibilities of the judge in the show ring including the fact that judges
should never award prizes to dogs which are visibly suffering from any condition which would
adversely affect their health or welfare. The Code goes on to explain what, in particular, judges
should look out for whilst judging.

* Show Regulations

There are quite a number of new show regulations which have been introduced to give judges
the confidence and authority to make decisions in the show ring when presented with exhibits 
which they consider to have a visible condition which adversely affects its health or welfare.

The Code of Best Practice for Judges clearly states that judges must not award prizes to dogs 
which are visibly suffering - several examples of conditions which would adversely affect a dog's
health or welfare are given in the Code.

The Show Regulations also confirm that;

* Awarding a Best of Breed is no longer mandatory, as a judge you have discretion as to
whether you make this award, this change is relevant to all types of licensed show.

* As a judge you may request or suggest to a handler that an exhibit be withdrawn from
competition. This is particularly useful when a dog may not be going well or may have another
visible problem and where you would prefer not to have to withhold an award. Remember, a
judge must not award prizes to dogs which are visibly suffering. Any withdrawal must be
reported to the Show Secretary who will then forward the details to the Kennel Club after the

* Awards may be withheld due to lack of sufficient merit associated to either breed type or a
visible health or welfare problem. You should mark your judging slips accordingly. Remember,
if you withhold third in a class, you must withhold all subsequent awards in that class.

* A dog may be excluded from competition due to temperament, soundness or health and
welfare issues. Any exclusion must be reported as soon as possible to the Show Secretary who
will forward the details to the Kennel Club after the show. This is obviously the most extreme
of the actions available to a judge and it is not anticipated that exclusions will happen on a
regular basis. However this option is available to you as a judge should you so wish.

* Please keep any explanation to the exhibitor to the minimum and you should not offer an
opinion on what might be the cause of the dog’s problem, in other words no veterinary

Judges Briefing Note

It is appreciated that the responsibilities of judges at Kennel Club dog shows has, over recent 
years, increased and that it is not always easy to keep up to date with regulation changes and
other news. Therefore all of the information included above has been summarised in a document
called the Briefing Note for Judges at Kennel Club Dog Shows.


The importance of providing critiques cannot be stressed enough. Exhibitors are very keen to 
read critiques on their dogs. Judges at Championship and Open Breed Club shows are required 
to produce written critiques on the first two placings in each class. Some judges like to include an
introduction giving their thoughts on the state of the breed, provided there is a large representative
entry. If one virtue or fault is common then the introduction is a useful way to bringing it to the
attention of breeders, exhibitors and fellow judges. A comprehensive guide to writing a critique
is included in the Code of Best Practice for Judges.

Breed Health Monitoring Forms

When expected to do so, judges must submit a completed breed health monitoring form and
critique to the Kennel Club within 21 days of the show. These forms are essential in gathering
up to date information on the health status of a breed. Compulsory health monitoring forms for
Breed Watch Category Two & Three breeds will be sent by the Kennel Club to judges two months
prior to their appointment. The Optional Health Monitoring Form, should you wish to raise a health
concern on Category One breeds will be the last page of your Judges book.

Directory of Championship Show Judges 

The Directory is available on the Kennel Club website and it has proved to be an extremely useful
tool for championship show secretaries in helping them locate available judges. The Directory 
provides an alphabetical listing of all judges, by surname together with their contact details and
confirms the breed/s each judge has previously been approved to judge with Challenge 
Certificates, Groups and Best in Show. It is therefore important that we have a valid email address
for you and your contact details are correct and up to date. If you wish your Kennel Club record 
to be updated please contact the Judges Section preferably by email at or telephone 01296 318540 ext. 210.

As a judge, you are eligible to receive exclusive offers on some of the Kennel Club publications
including a discount on ‘The Code of Best Practice for Judging’, offered at just £1.50.

Fit for Function: Fit for Life - Briefing Note for Judges at Kennel Club Dog Shows
February 2015


Without doubt, judges at Kennel Club licensed Shows and particularly at Championship Dog Shows,
strongly influence the future development of the breeds that they judge. It is essential that judges
take into account the well-being of those exhibits that they judge and by implication the stock that 
will be bred from these dogs. One of the most significant functions of a dog show is to identify stock
from which to breed.

Introductory Paragraph to All Breed Standards

“A Breed Standard is the guideline which describes the ideal characteristics, temperament and 
appearance of a breed and ensures that the breed is fit for function. Absolute soundness is 
essential. Breeders and judges should at all times be careful to avoid obvious conditions or
exaggerations which would be detrimental in any way to the health, welfare or soundness of this 
breed. From time to time certain conditions or exaggerations may be considered to have the 
potential to affect dogs in some breeds adversely, and judges and breeders are requested to refer 
to the Breed Watch section of the Kennel Club website here;
for details of any such current issues. If a feature or quality is desirable it should only be present in 
the right measure."

However if a dog possesses a feature, characteristic or colour described as undesirable or highly 
undesirable it is strongly recommended that it should not be rewarded in the show ring.  Breed 
Watch serves as an 'early warning system' to identify points of concern for individual breeds. Its  
primary purpose is to enable anyone involved in the world of dogs, but in particular dog show 
Judges, to find out about any breed specific conformational issues which may lead to health 
problems. These conditions are known as a 'point(s) of concern' from 2014 the way in which the
Kennel Club monitors the health of pedigree dogs will be enhanced through the expansion of the
role of Breed Watch. As part of this work, all Judges at Championship Shows will have the 
opportunity to report on any visible conditions or exaggerations that they consider to be detrimental
to the health and welfare of dogs. The Kennel Club considers that Judges, Exhibitors and 
Breeders all need to support breed health improvements with the aim of creating a happy healthy 
future for dogs.

More information - See more at:

No matter how outstanding an exhibit appears in relation to the breed standard in other ways, care 
must always be taken to consider it in more general terms prizes should never be awarded to dogs 
which are visibly suffering from any condition which would adversely affect their health or welfare eg: 

* Lameness - including ‘hopping’

* Inappropriate temperament - refusal to be handled, timidity or aggression

* A discharge from one or both eyes or any signs of discomfort in either eye

* Obvious breathing difficulty

* Obvious skin disorder or ear irritation

* Exaggerations that would make the dog unsuited to the breed’s original purpose

* Significantly over or under weight

(Extract from Code of best practice for Judges paragraph 2.6)

1. Regulation F.10. In assessing dogs, judges must penalise any features or exaggerations which 
they consider would be detrimental to the soundness, health or well-being of the dog.  All dogs
must be able to see, breathe, walk and be free from pain, irritation or discomfort.

SH82/CAT Version 11 July 2015

2.2. Regulation F (1)7.b. Best of Breed. Where a breed is separately classified a Best of Breed 
may be declared but only from those dogs which have received a first prize in a breed class at 
the show. Where separate classes are provided for each sex of a breed a Best of Sex must be

NOTE: The Best of Breed/Best Any Variety Not Separately Classified award relevant to a 
Category 3 Breed will not be confirmed until the dog has passed an examination by the General 
and Group Championship Show Veterinary Surgeon.

3. Regulation F(1)15b. Exclusion of Dogs (Applicable to General and Group Championship Shows) 
If the show executive receives a report from a show official or Kennel Club official of an 
apparently visibly unhealthy and/or unsound dog, the dog will be referred to the show veterinary 
surgeon and if the allegation is upheld the dog will be excluded from subsequent competition at
the show. For example if the dog in question had been awarded Best of Breed, it would be 
excluded from the Group competition.

4. Regulation F(1)21n. Judges and Judging. Judges may exclude any dog from the ring if it is 
considered not in a fit state for exhibition owing to savage disposition or suffering from any visible 
condition which adversely affects its health or welfare - and the exclusion must be reported 
immediately by the judge/steward to the Show Secretary. The judge’s decision is final and the dog 
shall be excluded from all subsequent competition at the Show. The judge must make a report to 
the Show Secretary at the first opportunity after he/she has finished judging.

5. Regulation F(1)21o Withdrawal (Health and Welfare). Where a dog has been withdrawn at the 
request or suggestion of the judge, the judge must make a report to the Show Secretary at the first  
opportunity at the Show. The Secretary must forward these details to the Kennel Club within 7 days 
of the close of the show.

6. Withholding of awards Regulation F(1) 21.m.  You may withhold awards if in your opinion an 
exhibit lacks sufficient merit. Remember; if you withhold third in a class, you must withhold all
subsequent awards in that class.

7. Regulation F(1) 22e. When requested to do so, judges must submit a completed breed health 
monitoring report form and a copy of their critique to the Kennel Club within 21 days of the close
of the show.

8. Judge’s Declaration on Challenge Certificate (Applicable to Championship Shows), Having
assessed the dogs and penalised any features or exaggerations which I consider detrimental 
to their soundness, health or welfare, I am clearly of the opinion that... is of such outstanding 
merit as to be worthy of the title of Champion

9. Universal Fault Clause in every Breed Standard.  The seriousness with which the fault should 
be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare 
of the dog.

10. Summary - Judges have a number of regulations at their disposal to support their decisions;

* Penalising (not award prizes) to dogs which are visibly suffering

* Best of Breed - declared at the judge’s discretion

* Withdrawal - at a judge’s request or suggestion to be reported to show secretary

* Withholding awards due to lack of sufficient merit - mark judging slips and include on the health
report form.

* Excluding due to temperament, soundness, health and welfare issue - report to the show secretary 
secretary and include on the health report form.
Having said all of that, the duty of care that the Kennel Club expects of judges is that of the 
experienced dog breeder who would be aware of deviation from normal conditions in their own stock. 
We do not expect judges to make a veterinary diagnosis but rather to exercise their informed 
common-sense, based on their extensive experience. 



A big thank you to George, Agnes and the committee for the invite to judge the Companion show
this year. Thank you to my steward who kept me in order all day.  I had a super entry and enjoyed
meeting all your lovely dogs.


1st Sue & Harper.  
Well put together, chunky, 15 week old Bernese puppy.  Has a super
expression, should have a very promising future. Best Puppy in Show.
2nd Ruth & Darcy
3rd Sheila & Niko
4th Mark & Hugo
5th Neil & Bella Rose

1st Chloe & George.
 1 year old male Bernese, head maturing nicely. Good bone throughout,
handled well.
2nd David & Tango
3rd Stephanie & Heath
4th Brenda & Leo
5th Malcolm & Tali

1st Kirsty & Jostal.
 19 month old with nice head and expression, correct bite. Well balanced
throughout with good front and rear angulation.  Stood foursquare and held topline on the
move. Well groomed and handled.
2nd Chris & Binda
3rd Reg & Gracie
4th Linda & Cassie
5th Carol & Skye

1st Sandra & Yogi
.  A very impressive 2 1/2 year old male with correct markings, excels in head
and expression. Correct proportions and well angulated throughout, good bone. Presented well in
a super jacket. Moved well. Best in Show.
2nd Cathy & Wengen
3rd David & Bentley
4th Debbie & Cindy
5th Pauline & Cato

1st Angela & Geno.
  4 year old male Flat Coat Retriever, correct head with super expression.
Nicely angulated and well muscled, free flowing gait. Coat in good condition, showed well and
very attentive to handler.
2nd Lynsay & Taffy

1st Fiona & Rosie.
 19 month Bichon, happy little dog with a sweet alert expression, head 
carriage high and in balance with body. Well muscled, correct tail set. Moved well. Nicely
presented.  Reserve Best in Show.
2nd Sheila & Niko
3rd Abbie & Lilly
4th Cathy & Wengen
5th Jackie & Inca

1st Sandra & Yogi.  3
 year old Swissy, strong head with moderate stop, lovely expression.
Strong neck of correct length, well muscled, balanced stride with good drive. Nicely groomed,
presented well.
2nd Graham & Odin
3rd Cathy & Wengen
4th Marion & Tegan
5th Chloe & Amy

1st Bernard & Merlin.
 4 year old male Bernese, lovely head and correct bite. Adequate bone,
correct angulation. Coat in good condition, moved well.
2nd Megan & Sarah
3rd Abbie & Lilly
4th Lindsay & Taffy
5th Amy, Jake & Bella

1st Leanne & Tiga Lilli.
  9 1/2 year old Bernese Bitch, good head with sweet expression. Stood
foursquare, balanced throughout. Well groomed. Nice to see a Bernese moving so well and still
in the ring at this age. Best Veteran in Show.
2nd Elaine & Cinders
3rd Samuel & Henry
4th Jackie & Jed
5th Carol & Jet

1st Sadie & Alfie
2nd Cameron & Harley
3rd No name – black Labrador
4th Caroline & George
5th Emma & Barney

1st Neil & Bella Rose
2nd Derek & Binda
3rd Debbie & Cindy
4th Ben & Happy
5th Jack & Hunny

1st Lynsay & Taffy
2nd Isla & Skye
3rd Esta & Darcey
4th Glenice & Peggy
5th Liz & Duggie

1st Sarah Jane & Rocky
2nd Sheila & Tobi
3rd Kirsten & Bailey
4th Caroline & George
5th Liz & Duggie

1st Amy, Layla & Bella
2nd Sam & Happy
3rd Debbie & Cindy
4th Liz & Luna
5th Keith & Zoe

1st Marion & Austin
2nd John & Tobi
3rd Megan & Tina
4th Aby & Lilly
5th Sheila & Teddi
Judge – Julie Ann Wright    

Jude Simonds

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