Bernese News 13th August 2015


(No CCs on offer for Bernese)

Puppy Dog  (3 entries)
1st Mead's Deberni Lucky.
Baby pup, lovely angulation.  Good neck, strong bone. A little high
over rump but to be expected in young pup. Attractive head of good width, lovely eye. Ears
correctly set high and well furnished with puppy fur. Good depth of chest, well set. Moved soundly
and freely.
2nd Boreham's Deberni Viscount For Broels. Big male, very strong bone, carrying a little
extra weight. Not quite the hind angulation of winner. Head still to broaden, eyes could be less
round. Erratic on the move and topline affected by weight.
3rd Walton's Enchambray Waterloo. 

Junior Dog  (2)
1st Miles' Orlando Bloom At Jaybiem JW.
 Heading class of two very nice youngsters. Lovely
outline - just a shade longer than tall.  Excellent angulation, well boned and in good coat with rich
tan. Lovely head, broad strong skull, good stop and dark almond eyes.  Tight flews.  Good broad,
deep chest reaching to elbows. Tight round cat-like feet. Firm back, well angulated, tail carried low
and very sound on the move. Reserve Best Dog.
2nd Green's Waldershelf Here Comes Erik. Another impressive dog in profile, though not quite
the coat of the winner. Would prefer little more angulation, especially at rear. Attractive head, broad
flat skull, high set ears. Well boned legs, feet could just be a little tighter.  Moved very soundly. Well

Post Graduation Dog  (6 entries, 4 absentees)
1st Blenkinsopp's Mountain Crystal Don't Forget Me At Thiesbern.
Lovely sized male who looks
like could do draught work.  Excellent boned legs to tight, round feet.  Well muscled and excellently
presented. Very impressive dog standing.  Attractive broad flat skull, strong muzzle, lovely eye
colour.  High set ears, neat ears. Deep broad chest, good neck and angulation. Firm back, low set tail
carried well. Very impressive on the move, good length of stride and shows drive behind.  Best Dog &
Best of Breed.
2nd Vaychkus' Flintas Kalnu Suo. Attractive in profile, just off square. Good angulation and strong
boned, tight feet. Not quite maturity of winner. Skull could be shade broader, just looks long through
muzzle. Moves well in profile but little loose in front. 

Limit Dog  (2, 1)
1st Wright & Kirk's Materabern Good Friday.
Lovely in profile, good height to length ratio. Well
angulated front and rear, good bone to tight cat feet. Strong head, broad flat skull with strong muzzle,
good eye and well placed ear. Tends to stand front feet turned out and this emphasised on move.
Good behind. 

Open Dog  (2)
1st Westlake's Glanzberg Day Ryder For Jesterbrock.
Strong male, shade long in body, excellent
bone. Stands on tight cat feet, lovely angulation. Deep broad chest. Attractive head, broad flat skull,
dark almond eye, well set ears. Moved well in profile, just a shade wide in front.
2nd Mead's Carabaz New Blues. Good outline and body proportions, would prefer more angulation.
and length of neck. Head is masculine and skull of good width and balance to muzzle, eyes little
loose. Stands on tight feet. On move doesn't have the reach of the winner. 

Puppy Bitch (2)
1st Westlake's Jesterbrock Secret Romance.
 Good body proportions.  Good coat and bone to
tight feet and has correct angulation though tends to stand over herself in front.   Still needs to
develop in chest. Head still to develop as at moment muzzle is a shade long, lovely dark almond
and correct ear placement. Moved little weak behind but good in front and in profile.
2nd Fison-Bates' Panda Riomadea Grande.  Less mature pup, very feminine.  Would prefer more
angulation front and rear. Needs to broaden throughout head and muzzle and body. Eyes little
round. Moves OK though not reach of winner. 

Junior Bitch  (4)
1st Miles' Save Dallas Kiss For Jaybiem.
Lovely shape, strong yet feminine, lovely proportions
and good angulation.  Well coated and good bone to tight cat feet. Firm back. Lovely head strong
head, high ears, strong muzzle, almond eye. Very sound mover.
2nd Spencer's Waldershelf Ethel's Way At Padiky. Slightly longer cast in body and tends to
stand over self.  Would like little more developed chest. Good neck and angulation.  Attractive
head, broad skull and muzzle, eyes shade round. Moves well.
3rd Green's Waldershelf All About Edna. 

Post Graduate Bitch  (7, 3)
1st Richards' Harvestbank Flashdance.
Nice young bitch, good angulation and strong neck. Well
boned.  Attractive strong head would prefer slightly shorter muzzle, feminine, with correct dark 
almond eye.  Good depth and breadth of chest.  Good topline and moves soundly.
2nd Handley's Graburlynn Parisienne. Close decision, strong bitch with lovely bone and good
angulation with good length of neck. Attractive head, almond dark eye, broad skull, high ears.
Tends to stand with front legs well under body. One feeling the heat so not so free on move, but
3rd Biggins' Harvestbank Fantastic Day At Greybern. 

Limit Bitch  (6, 1) 
1st Edis & Boot's Fairy Court Sparkles Of Kaycibern.
Close decision. Just a shade longer in body
than 9:10. Well boned, and stands on tight feet. Excellent angulation. Well coated. Attractive head
of good width and strong muzzle. Tight dark brown almond eye. Little narrow in chest.  Moved OK,
just a little loose in front.
2nd Blenkinsopp's Northmeadow Porsche At Thiesbern. Lovely profile, excellent bone and coat.
Very good angulation and neck, thought was my winner in profile but expression spoilt by loose,
round eye. Good chest. Sound mover.
3rd Handley's Graburlynn Parisienne. 

Open Bitch  (5, 1)
1st Goodyear's Harvestbank Fields Of Gold JW ShCM.
Strongly built bitch, well boned. Lovely 
coat and excellent presentation. Well angulated and correct reach of neck and well developed
chest. Firm back with well set tail. Sound easy mover from all angles, Attractive head of broad skull,
dark almond eye, strong muzzle. Feminine, but strong throughout. Best Bitch.
2nd Green's Waldershelf Happy Hattie. Another good size bitch who is well angulated, and OK
for neck. Lovely bone and feet. Another who is very good on move, straight front legs to tight feet.
Head is broad and with good dark eye. Topline strong.
3rd Stelmach & Davis' Chippis Black Diamond.
Judge - Toni Jackson


18th April 2015

Thank you to the exhibitors for a great entry with lots of quality dogs present. There were some
very competitive classes with always the thought of more awards, even grading would be good to
let people know, in my opinion, what I thought of their dogs in a really strong, well-represented
entry of this lovely breed. I enjoyed the sporting atmosphere and wish more success with your 
dogs. The breed is being well looked after by the breeders and I congratulate them. I had some
hard decisions for the top honours in both dog and bitch challenges, with strong junior classes
looking good for the future. Congratulations to all. 

Veteran Dog or Bitch  (5 entries)
1st Green's Waldershelf Happy Hattie.
What a great outline and shape on this quality girl. 
Built with substance and power she attracts in head, skull and muzzle. She has the front, chest,
topline and strong loin, she moved well over the ground with a good stride driven from solid rear
quarters. She carries the coat and the colour. Loved her attitude. On form to take the Bitch CC.
2nd McCormick's Torralbaz Diamond Princess. Smart type with the head, topline and shape.
Good mover with the compact shape and powerful build, she's alert and moved well to take
this place in a good class.
3rd Fairclough's Ch Monalou What's It All About ShCM. 

Puppy Dog  (3)
1st Green's Waldershelf Here Comes Erik.
Impressive boy, more finished in body and shape
than 2nd.  He has the head qualities, neck, front and body, good chest, front and quarters.
Moving well with the power and style. Best Puppy Dog.
2nd Bridges' Kernow Something. 8 months old with lots of promise. Has the outline and shape,
is good over the body, topline and rear end. Attracts in head and bone. Moves really easily,
balanced and with the stride. Promising lad.
3rd Dickson's Monalou Vino Verde At Geruth. 

Junior Dog  (4 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Miles' Orlando Bloom At Jaybiem. 
Superb 12 month old with the classic head and overall
type.  Loved the balance and top line, he's good through his muscled rear quarters, he's growing
in body and chest. He was working well with his handler on the move showing his reach and
drive in action to take the class.
2nd Baldwin's Guiness Record From Christofland To Fortonpark (Imp Cze). Loved the
headpiece on this lad, he has the strength and power developing with the right  proportions in
chest and leg. He has great bone and compact feet. Carries the coat. Topline to settle but moving
with purpose to go close in the class.
3rd Galen-Bisping's Pistylluchaf Mabinogion At Celticberns. 

Novice Dog  (1)
1st Miles' Orlando Bloom At Jaybiem. 

Post Graduate Dog  (10, 3)
1st Round's Collansues Black Magic
. Sturdy impressive dog with good overall shape. Attracts
through the alert head. Strong neck, well filled body and chest, he has a solid, muscled rear end
and width of thigh. He moved with the action to win this competitive class.
2nd Cotton's Collansues Krusty The Clown. Another quality dog from these breeders, this
young lad is well built in head, with the eye and ear set. Straight front, bone and substance, his
body is developing well, just needs a little more work on the move to challenge for higher honours.
3rd Ratcliffe's Welshbern Seven Seas Of Rhye At Tribern ShCM. 

Limit Dog  (6, 1)
1st Baldwin's Tjofselinas Z Daimuz At Fortonpark JW (Imp Swe).
Solid, powerful, substantial
boy with the outline and shape, he's alert and enthusiastic. Typical in head and strong neck, he is
built well through chest, rib, topline and rear quarters. Good in action, true in front and rear with
the reach of stride and drive behind. Considered in the challenge and going well to take the
Reserve CC today.
2nd Cotton's Collansues Mexican Cream. Strong with the body shape. He carries a typical head,
neck, good front, bone and substance. Lots of power about this lad, I liked the strength. Just needs
to tidy on the move to challenge for higher honours. 
3rd Fairclough's Monalou Shaken Not Stirred ShCM. 

Open Dog  (5)
1st Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark Vertigo JW.
Wow, stunning dog with an
impressive outline, I liked the head balance, skull to muzzle, eye, ear and jaw. He is strong through
front, topline and muscular rear quarters. Will fill and mature in body as he progresses but already
a quality specimen of the breed, He carries coat and condition and was going with accuracy and
a balanced side gait to take a very competitive class. Handled with style to take the Dog CC and
in a good challenge Best of Breed.
2nd Bridges' Ch Kernow Rock Star. Strong, powerful lad with head type front bone and solid
outline.  he has good proportions, a well built body, good width of rear quarters and the right action
on the move. He has a good coat cover and worked well with his handler, just wanted a little more
enthusiasm in the final challenge.
3rd Cotton's Ch Collansues Snow Patrol. 

Puppy Bitch  (5, 1)

Great class of promising youngsters.
1st Bridges' Kernow All My Loving. Loved the outline, balance and strength on this lovely
puppy. She has the shape, is strong in her build so far. She attracts in head, neck, front and rear
end, quality action on the move. More finished at this stage, should have a great career ahead.
Best Puppy in Breed.
2nd Bird's Kernow Let It Be At Cullumbern.
Super for type with the head developing well. 
Build is coming as she grows with good proportions and overall balance. She is good on the move
with more work to be done when standing. These four will have some good times in the ring.
3rd Oakaby's Tickbern Teasle At Iscabern. 

Junior Bitch  (10, 2)

Exciting class with lots of quality girls to choose from.
1st Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark Just A Dream. A stunning young bitch with
the attraction in a typical head, outline, balance and shape. She carries strong bone, is good through
neck, front, topline and width of rear quarters, going with an easy stride on the move to take this
competitive class and was also closely considered in the challenge.
2nd Coombes' Halesbern Calendar Girl. Lovely girl who has the head to body proportions, she
attracts in body strength,  chest, shoulders and front. She's good over the topline and rear end with
her muscled quarters, going well on the move to take this spot.
3rd Baldwin's Meadowpark Living My Dream At Fortonpark. 

Novice Bitch (6, 1)
1st Edis & Boot's Fairy Court Sparkles Of Kaycibern.
Solid in power and balance with the
outline and strength. Would like the front to tighten but she holds the shape well on the move with
good reach and drive.
2nd Grayling's Lujento L'wren Bacall. From the Junior class and looking good here in head and
body.  Loved the outline. Has to work a little on her enthusiasm but has the action of reach and
3rd Edge's Monalou Maid To Measure. 

Post Graduate Bitch (14, 2)

1st Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark Breezing On. Winning a superb class. This
strong, sturdy girl has the right proportions of power to balance and build, she attracts in head, 
skull, strong jaw and a moderate length muscular neck. She has the front with bone and body
with substance, strong topline and purpose on the move give her the required stride. She's in
great condition and good colour to take the Reserve CC today.
2nd Edis & Boot's Fairy Court Sparkles Of Kaycibern. Still attracting in head and outline to 
take this spot in the class.
3rd Abbott-Brown & Abbott's Meadowpark One Love With Kingstonska. 

Limit Bitch  (7, 1) 1 McCormick's Monalou Artic Queen.
Strong and powerful girl with the size,
bone and strength. Attracts in head and jaw. She has the compact body, is well ribbed with strong
loin. She has the back end and moved to take this class win. Shown in good condition of muscle
and power.
2nd Edge's Monalou Dutch Affair JW.  Solid, honest lady with strength in bone, she has the
build through neck, chest, body and rear quarters, I liked her overall shape.  Attractive head and
good markings.  She moves easily, pushing first all the way.
3rd Williams' Tickbern Oaklahoma In Tinland ShCM. 

Open Bitch (6, 2)
1st Richards' Tickbern Naughty But Nice Von Richenbern.
Strong, compact girl, not the
biggest but all there with good overall build in body, bone and outline. She has the power in the
rear end with muscled quarters and strong hocks, good feet and she is an accurate mover.  I liked
her alert attitude, she pushed hard in the challenge but not quite up to the CC and Reserve CC
winners today.
2nd Gurney's Monalou Fanny Craddock JW. Active and lively, this smart girl has the strength in
bone and structure with good substance and muscle tone. She appeals in head and markings. Not
quite the flow through neck to top line but going well on side action with the coat and condition to
3rd Baldwin's Ch Fortonpark Dutch Delight.
Judge - Jeff Luscott          

Jude Simonds 


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