Bernese News 22nd August 2015


Firstly I would like to thank the committee for my appointment and also the exhibitors for their
entries giving me the opportunity to judge our beautiful breed.  My steward Alan Roberts worked
expertly to keep things flowing. Thank you for your excellent company.

Puppy Dog  (4 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Dickson's Monalou Vino Verde At Geruth.
 10 month old who had lovely breed type. Sturdy 
puppy with correct head shape and markings.  Broad chest. Well boned front legs with cat-like feet. 
Correct angulation all through.  Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy.  Could not stop for Puppy Group.
2nd Bridges' Kernow Something.  9 months puppy, dark markings.  Mature looking for age.
Good bone.  Not the eye and expression of winner but sturdily built.  Good topline and spring of
rib.  Muscular broad quarters, good angulation and movement.
3rd Mead's Deberni Lucky.

Junior Dog  (3)
1st Martin & Miles' Kernow Clapton's Greatest For Jaybiem.
 Lovely young dog of good breed
type.  Well boned and angulated throughout which showed in his movement.  Good strong head
with correct ear set in a good coat. Moved smoothly round the ring holding a good topline.
2nd Miles' Orlando Bloom At Jaybiem JW.  Smaller in size than 1st but with his own qualities.
Strong head with good stop and nice ear set.  broad in chest.  Well angulated rear.  Moved well
holding a strong topline with correct tail carriage.
3rd Green's Bernsego Jack Vorobey At Pasturegreen.

Post Graduate Dog  (6, 1)
1st Dickson's Monalou Maserati At Geruth.  
Strongly built male of excellent construction. Nice
head with good dark eyes.  deep in cheat.  Strong legs, nice cat-like feet.  Straight in topline.  Good             tail set.  Moved with plenty of reach and drive around the ring.  Stood four square in stance.
2nd Gopal's Collansues Secret Bridges.  Strongly built male of excellent construction. Nice broad
head.  Good deep chest.  Thick strong legs with big cat-like feet.  Straight in topline with good tail
set.  Moved with plenty of reach and drive around the ring. Good temperament.
3rd Blenkinsopp's Mountain Crystal Don't Forget Me At Thiesbern.

Limit Dog  (6)
1st Griffiths, Orme & Miles' Jaybiem Yeuben Chozen.
  Very masculine male.  Excellent well made
dog of correct proportions.  Lovely head with nice eyes.  Correct ear set. level topline at all times
with strong, well muscled legs, nice big feet.  In a lovely thick, dense, black coat. In excellent
condition.  Dog CC.
2nd King & Bramble's Shirdees Continental JW ShCM. Very masculine dog of correct proportions.
Lovely head with nice dark eyes.  Good ear set.  Strong neck and topline leading to a well rounded
rump with correct tail set. Coat in mint condition. Moved well holding a nice topline. Reserve CC.
3rd Round's Collansues Black Magic.

Open Dog  (3, 1)

1st Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Ch Meadowpark Vertigo JW. Beautiful head and overall
shape.  Good neck of medium length flowing smoothly into withers. Enough depth and spring of 
rib, well bent hocks.  Keeps his profile on the move with correct tail carriage.  Just felt he had
started to lose his coat which made him look a little immature against my winning boys.
2nd Bridges' Ch Kernow Rock Star.  Strongly built male, excellent construction.  Nice head with
good ear set.  Deep in chest.  Nice thick, strong legs, cat-like feet.  Straight topline, good tail set.             Moved with reach and drive around the ring.  Temperament first class.

Veteran Dog or Bitch  (9, 4)
1st Miles' Ch Jaybiem Utwo JW ShCM. 
Just into Veteran at 7 years.  Very strong male with
excellent bone and substance throughout. Standing nicely four square he has good front and
rear angulation presenting a balanced picture.  Strong head with flat skull, nice dark eyes. Moved
well with excellent reach and drive,
2nd Fairclough's Ch Monalou What's It All About ShCM. At 8 years a long time favourite of
mine, it was good to see him enjoying his day out.  Beautiful masculine head with the kindest of
expressions.  Lovely outline and angulation.  Moved very clean with nice drive from the rear. Good
to see an old boy enjoying himself.  Well done.
3rd Harris' Vellbern Geisha Girl.

Puppy Bitch  (7, 2)
1st Bridges' Kernow All My Loving.
  At 11 months, very nice type bitch.  Good length to height
ratio.  Strong in head, nice dark eyes. Straight front.  Well boned legs, nice round feet.  very
muscular, broad quarters.  Good angulation and movement.
2nd Smith's Esslinbern Bulgari Astrale At Camlais.  Just 9 months old, youngster who at present
looks rather long cast.  Just needs time to mature.  Nice head with correct ear set, dark eyes.
Straight legs all round.  Well muscled for one so young.  Moved accordingly with a nice easy stride.
Happy and outgoing temperament.
3rd Bird's Kernow Let It Be At Cullumbern.

Junior Bitch  (4, 1)
1st Hindley's Bernfawr Imagination At Calizley. 
Just 16 months, this young girl presents a lovely
balanced picture for her age.  In good coat with a feminine head, dark eyes and a kind expression. 
Good bone and depth of chest. Correct angulation front and rear with well let down hocks leading to
good, free movement.
2nd Weston's Bernfawr In Vogue.  Litter sister to winner, very similar. Feminine head, nice eyes. 
Beautiful proportions, good construction front and rear, well let down hocks leading to a good free,
easy movement.
3rd Green's Millenium Star J'adore Dior At Pasturegreen.

Post Graduate Bitch  (8, 1)
1st Shopland-Reed's Fleur De Neboa De Meigas (imp).
Very eye-catching young girl with a
beautiful head, sweetest of expressions. Compact in body, enough depth and breadth all through
ensured she moved freely.  Very attentive to her handler, beautifully presented.  Super happy
showgirl.  Well done. Reserve CC.
2nd Wilson's Monalou Maid In Russia At Blumental.
 Feminine head and expression, nice dark
eyes. Good in neck.  Correct front and rear angulation.  Deep in chest.  Nice topline held well on the       move.  In a lovely thick black coat in excellent condition.  Moved well.
3rd Flanagan's Collansues Mountain Angel.

Limit Bitch  (16, 2)
1st  Abbot-Brown & Abbot's Meadowpark One Love With Kingstonka.
  A lovely young girl with
the sweetest of expressions.  Calm and confident temperament, very attentive to handler. So
mature. Nice head with lovely dark eyes. Compact and broad with a good level topline both standing
and on the move.  Shown in excellent condition, very well presented.
2nd McCormick's Monalou Artic Queen.  Lovely for type and size.  Good in head and expression,
nice eyes.  Correct markings.  Good topline and shoulders.  Well off for bone on legs and feet.She is               in a good coat, beautiful condition.  Moved soundly, gaited well.  Presented a nice picture of balance
and quality.
3rd King & Bramble's Shirdees Chevrolet.

Open Bitch  (8, 4)
1st Pawlyszyn's Ch Materabern Disco Diva.  V
ery showy bitch both standing and moving.  Easy
long-striding bitch of quality and balance.  Lovely head, dark eyes. Level topline which just flowed  
to the tip of her tail.  In a lovely thick black coat of excellent condition.  Very attentive to handler. Well
done.  Bitch CC and Best of Breed.
2nd Gerrard's Monalou Dutch By Design At Torralbaz.  Extremely well built bitch, very feminine.
Extremely well built bitch, very feminine.  Lovely head, nice dark eyes.  Good front with a deep chest. Compact and well bodied. Nice bend of stifles and short hocks.  Correct tail set.  Good in movement
with nice rear drive. Presented and handled well.
3rd Trevett's Ch Vellbern You Japanese Gem.
Judge - Tony Granger (Shadybower)



Dog Classes

On behalf of my family and friends I would like to thank all the committee for a fabulous 
weekend. All the hard work, time and effort from everyone involved in making this event
such a well organised, smoothly run show. We loved every bit of the show, stayed until
the show closed. Will definitely be back for next years weekend. Once again many thanks.

The dogs on whole I found were of good quality (ie my principle winners) but in-between I 
found lack of bone, substance and height, also some erratic movement. Lastly, but by no
means least - handling; for some, maybe, it's time to go back to the basics to learn how to
present your dog to show it off to its best ability.

Veteran Dog  (5 entries)
1st Wakeland's Jaybiem  Cedar Trees At Bramikdel.  
Over 8 years old, quality dog. Fabulous
head, dark eye and correct almond shaped eye, good bite, nice markings. Level topline, good
bone moved really well, nice coat.
2nd Biggins' Greybern Young Dude.  Nice dog, med size, good head, eye and bite. Didn't
move as well as the winner.

Minor Puppy Dog  (4)
1st Wakeland's Shirdees Joe Dimaggio At Bramikdel.  
Just over 7 months old.  Happy
puppy, tail never stopped wagging. Beautiful head, dark eye, correct bite, pleasing expression. 
Correctly laid shoulders, level topline, great bone.  Nice tight feet, best mover.  Was happy for
him to eventually be Best Puppy in Show.
2nd Boreham's Deberni Viscount For Broels.  
Nice puppy, pleasant markings.  Correct bite.
Nice angulation. Didn't move today to the best of his ability.

Puppy Dog  (4)
1st Brown's Esslinbern Benrus Sky Chief.  
9 month old quality puppy.  Pleasing eye, head
and expression, correct bite. Good bone, level topline, good angulation.  Moved really well, will   
watch out for his career.  When presented he stands four square but tends top lean on owner
for support which hopefully the owner will correct. Nice dog.
2nd Dickson's Monalou Vino Verde At Geruth.  10 month old puppy of good size.  Nice head,
dark eye, correct bite. Even all the way through but very loose all over at the moment, has a big 
frame to fill.
3rd Harrison & Ratcliffe's Monalou Axelmeister Of Alachard.

Junior Dog  (5)
1st Hastings' Bernemcourt Liv'n On A Prayer.  
17 months old, medium size.  Loads of  ring
presence.  Good head, dark eye, correct bite.  Good shoulders, level topline, good mover and
handled really well.
2nd Robson's Trudaleaze Majik Spell.  16 months, medium size.  Nice head, dark eye, good
bite. Moved well. Finer in bone than the winner.
3rd Hughes' Waldershelf Causing Kaos

Yearling Dog  (5)
1st Baldwin's Guiness Record From Christofland To Fortonpark (Imp).
22 months,
maturing nicely. Darker marked, medium size dog. Nice head and expression, correct bite. 
Level topline on correctly laid shoulders, nice turn of stifle. Moved really well and presented in
excellent condition. One for the future, quality dog.
2nd Murphy's Kinelarty Benvenuto Bjorn Jun Ch.  20 months, medium size dog not as mature
as winner. Nice head and eye, correct bite. Bone OK.  Good shoulders and topline, moved well.
3rd Murray's Halesbern Pal Joey

Maiden Dog  (1)
1st Soame's Bernemcourt Don't Look Back. 
Nice head, dark eye, correct bite. Small/medium 
size dog in height. Fabulous coat.  M
oved OK. Stood alone. 

Novice Dog  (1)
1st Robson's Trudaleaze Majik Spell. 
I've seen this dog previously, see notes under 2nd in Junior.
2nd Soame's Bernemcourt Don't Look Back. I've seen this dog previously, see notes under
Maiden Dog winner.

Graduate Dog  (1)
1st Wilson's Deheubarth Rhodri Mawr At Gelbackler.  
Over 2 years, medium size dog.  Nice
head and expression, almond shaped dark eye and good bite. Nice rich tan, moved OK.                    

Post Graduate Dog  (8)
1st Dickson's Monalou Maserati At Geruth.
Beautifully turned out 3 year old. Nice shape and
outline. Good head, eye and bite. Nice markings. Good shoulders and topline and nice hind 
angulation. Great bone and coat in good condition. Moved well.
2nd Carty's Floskirk Berneray. 4 year old medium size dog. Fabulous head, good markings.
Great bone, nice tight feet. Good turn of stifle moved well.
3rd Addison's Torralbaz Lord Of The Manor

Mid Limit Dog  (5)
1st Scott's Welshbern One Vision At Scobern ShCM.
Over 2 years old, medium size dog of
good quality. Nice outline. Great head and reach of neck, dark eye and correct bite. Nice markings
with nice rich tan.  Loved this dog but would have benefited from a different handler. Shall watch 
his future with interest.
2nd Wright & Kirk's Materabern Good Friday.  4 year old medium size dog.  Good head but
lightish eye. Finer made all round than winner but beautifully presented and handled.  Winner
could have done with this handler.

Limit Dog  (8)
1st Webster's Esslinbern Saliman Tootega. 
3 year old medium size dog. Pleasing head, dark
eye and expression. Correctly laid shoulder, level topline, good angulation.  Best mover and well 
2nd Scott's Welshbern One Vision At Scobern ShCM. Winner of Mid Limit Dog - see previous
3rd Green's Pasturegreen Irish Cream

Open Dog  (8)
1st Baldwin's Tjofselinas Z Diamuz At Fortonpark JW (Imp).
Quality dog over 2 years now
and maturing nicely. Fabulous head, dark eye, correct bite, uses his ears well to create a 
fabulous expression. Great shape and outline. Presented in immaculate condition, best mover of
the day. Beautifully handled, out-shown everyone today.  Happy to award, I believe,his 3rd CC
and Best in Show. A very worthy Champion.
2nd Dickson's Ch Monalou Dutch Connexion To Geruth.  Another quality dog, 6 years now
and very much into his own. Medium size dog. Great head and expression,correct bite, nice dark  
eye. Good shoulder and nice angulation. Presented and handled well. Happy to award him
Reserve CC.
3rd Granger's Jaybiem Itri For Shadybower JW       

Jude Simonds



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