Bernese News 20th August 2016


Lacey Brown emailed;

"At Sedgefield Agricultural Society Open Show on Saturday 13th August Meadowpark Dream 
Come True With Kingstonska aka 'Bunny' gained Best of Breed under judge Doug Bedford, 
Working Group 1 under judge Penny Sands and then went BEST IN SHOW under judge Penny

"Bunny loved every minute and was her usual cheeky self in the ring."


Last week I received calls from three new Bernese puppy owners who were all experiencing  
the same problem - their puppies (who were all from the same litter) were all trying to suckle from
other pets in their new homes.  One pup had been harshly reprimanded by an indignant, elderly, 
spayed, small-breed bitch and another pup received the sharp end of a cat's reactive punishment 
resulting in two deep scratches across the baby's muzzle. 

Whilst novices might theorise it a good idea to allow pups to suckle from their dam right up to the
day the pups will leave for their new homes (as was the case with these three puppies), I think it 
is very unfair on the litter and the dam. To find themselves suddenly removed from everything they  
know and transported to a new, strange environment is a lot for any baby puppy to cope with but 
to also be forced to endure "cold turkey" from suckling, which is not only a food source but also a 
comforting activity, is an added stress for them.  For babies to focus their desperate search for milk 
on any unsuspecting dog or cat within range is obviously a hazard for both newly-acquainted parties 
involved.  A breeder's "job" includes preparing puppies to cope as best they can when they set off 
for their new lives and breeders can easily avoid the problem described by weaning the pups away 
from their dam a week or so before they leave so resulting in the babies no longer seeking to suckle 
when changing homes and introduced to other pets.

There is a large breed seminar being held on 27th August 2016 and it will address the topics of 
behaviour and socialisation, cardiology and elbows. Organised by the Northern Newfoundland  
Club, it will be held at the Billing Aquadrome, Northampton, NN3 9DA. 

Admission is by ticket only which costs £20 and includes refreshments.

For more information call or text 07905 448610 or visit the Club website;

Jude Simonds


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