Bernese News 26th August 2016



Thank you to the officers and committee for the opportunity to judge at this enjoyable show.
The showground is situated in the lovely town of Kelso. The river runs alongside the show
ground and the weather was just right for the Bernese.

Even if you don't show, try and include this show with a weekend break as the hospitality is
outstanding, the food is scrummy and the dogs and people are sublime. The piper, both days,
led the carters into the ring and what a wonderful sight they were. Happy, wagging tails (the
dogs!), people smiling and the usual jokes about what the piper was wearing under his kilt!

I was looking for dogs that fulfilled the requirements of a working draft dog and with a
temperament of a family dog. There were only a couple of youngsters that were a bit unsure.
Dentition on the whole was correct with just one undershot bite and one missing premolar.
Although the standard states complete scissor bite ie., top teeth slightly overlapping bottom 
teeth, I felt that in 2 of the exhibits the quality of the dog surpassed this small fault.

Veteran Dog  (3 entries, 2 absentees)
1st Dickson's Ch Monalou Dutch Connexton To Geruth.
  7 1/2 years and in superb condition. 
Still moving good. Nice head properties .Full dentition. Lovely shoulder placement leading to
strong boned legs and neat feet. Short coupled with rounded rump and well carried tail.  An
absolute pleasure to judge him.

Minor Puppy Dog  (4, 1)
1st Watson's Jesterbrock Alpine Glory At Stepdashar.
  6 months. Very raw as one would
expect at this age. Still in his puppy coat. This should clear as that his true colours will shine 
through. A nice size pup who stood still long enough for me to go over him.  His exuberance on
the move lends to him flying his tail but I am of the opinion that one can channel this and rather 
this than a pup that is shy. His head is nice with good ear set, dark eye and good mouth.
2nd O'Neil's Esslinbern Dacapo Donatus. Another 6 month old who I thought was delightful.
Lovely temperament but unfortunately very slight[ly] lame.
3rd Abbott Brown & Abbott's Kingstonka Iron Lion Zion. Nice enough pup and a good size
for his age. Movement was typical of puppies being a bit uncontrolled but like 2nd, I would rather 
this than a shy pup.  Unfortunately his expression was spoilt by round, light eye.

Puppy Dog  (3) 
1st Baldwin's Meadowpark First Class For Fortonpark. Very mature 11 month pup. Very well 
schooled and knows his game. Good head developing. Dark eye and ear set was just right giving 
desired expression. Strong neck leading to good shoulders and following on to straight front legs 
and tight feet. Body was short coupled with rounded rump and good set on of tail which was long 
and carried correctly. He strode out well and came to natural stance on his return. A very nice 
prospect. Well deserving of his win which concluded in Best Puppy in Show.
2nd Biggins' Tangyachates Echo Beach At Greybern.  10 months with a lovely head.  More 
compact than 1st which leads to him looking a trifle stuffy. On hands on he is a nicely put together 
young man . Another whose exuberance tends to him flying his tail. Happy dog with delightful 
3rd Hay's Lady Xera's Spitfire (TAF).

Junior Dog  (9)
1st Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark Perfect Record.
16 months with superb
muscling for age, therefore was able to move to advantage. Well presented and shown. Good 
shoulder placement, strong legs and tight, cat-like feet. Rounded rump and good tail set.
2nd Scobie's Monalou Northern Knight.  13 months, again a very nice youngster. Lovely 
headed dog (and this coming from a judge who is known not to be a head case!). Not too 
dissimilar to winner and another day could change places.
3rd Heslam's Monalou Ferguson.  Was informed later that this was litter brother to 2nd. what
a pity he decided to play up today. Please persevere as in my opinion this pup was very typy.
Res King's Elnside The Grandmaster.
VHC Webster's Esslinbern The Charmed One At Tootega.

Yearling Dog  (6, 2)
1st Mair, Hartley Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark High Class. 
Well his name says it all! I am
very impressed by all that the breeders of this Kennel have achieved over the years and this one 
seems to top the lot (that's until they bring out another high class youngster!). Beautiful bone.
Good neck, shoulders, legs and feet. Just a tad long in loin but his other attributes make him a
force to be reckoned with. I thought he would be my ticket winner today but in the challenge the
Limit winner just pulled out all the stops on the go round. Thank you for giving me the opportunity 
to assess him.  Reserve CC.
2nd Bridges' Kernow Something. Spoilt for choice here. Very similar to 1st. With his new handler
(who you can see loves showing him) he is animated and flowed around the ring. A difficult choice
and it was just length of neck that clinched it!  Another who was presented excellently.
3rd Walton's Emchambray Waterloo. Nearly 2 years and a good upstanding dog. Has a tendency
to stand straight behind. Nice coat and good temperament.
Res Boreham's Deberni Viscount At Broels.

Maiden Dog  (5, 2)
1st Biggins' Tangyachates Echo Beach At Greybern.
 Previous placed 2nd in Puppy Dog.
2nd Hay's Lady Xera's Spitfire (TAF). Previously place 3rd in Puppy Dog.
3rd Heslam's Monalou Ferguson. Previously placed 3rd in Junior Dog.

Novice Dog  (4, 3)
1st Walton's Enchambray Waterloo.
 Previously placed 3rd in Yearling Dog.

Graduate Dog  (3, 1)
1st Brown's Essinbern Benrus Sky Chief.
  24 months. I can imagine this dog would be more 
than at home in the shafts of a cart with his very good shoulders.  Could use his ears more to
advantage as his expression was spoilt somewhat by this minor problem.
2nd Wakeland's Shirdees Joe Dimaggio At Brimakdel. 19 months, very exhuberant young
man. He has the most delightful temperament and moved well in spite of his "I'm going to have
fun" attitude, and because of this he tends to stick his tail up in the air as if to say "and I don't
care". Lovely youngster.

Post Graduate Dog  (3)
1st Atkinson & Reynolds' Meadowpark Secret Blend.
 Yet another bred in the purple by the 
very clever breeders. This medium sized 2 year old is very well schooled and presented. Although
not the biggest (and don't let us forget that the Breed Standard states 27 1/2 inches at the shoulder)
so was within standard, he needs another year to bulk out his frame. Again nice head quality with 
dark eye and good earset which he used to advantage. He sailed round the ring and had the best 
tail carriage here.
2nd Grimes' Stormberne Let It Snow. Again looking at my catalogue later found out he is a mix of
the Meadowpark/Fortonpark combination which seems to work so well. Masculine strength but felt 
maybe a bit too much I Again a clean headed exhibit with dark eyes. Little bit stuffy in neck,
shoulders OK and body under that coat just rolled a bit.
3rd Boreham 's Deberni Viscount At Broels.

Mid Limit Dog  (4, 1)
1st Ratcliffe's Welshbern Seven Seas Of Rye At Tribern.
 I have watched this 3 1/2 [year old]
from the ringside and have been impressed by his unassuming attitude. Good strength of head,
length of neck and shoulders. Again one that would be able to carry out the function of what the 
breed is all about.  Rounded rump and good tail carriage. Moved with purpose.
2nd Scott's Welshbern One Vision At Scobern ShCM. Litter brother to the above. A few of the
above comments apply here although this one seems to have a mind of his own and it took all the
handler's experience to rein him in! Both these boys were a delight to assess.
3rd Robson's Trudaleaze Majik Spell. Lovely 2 year old who again could do with a year on his
back. Good all round with kind expression. Typical movement of the breed but again carried his 
tail a bit high. It must have been the Scottish breeze!

Limit Dog  (8)
1st Baldwin's Guiness Record From Christofland To Fortonpark (imp).
2 1/2 [year old] who 
appeared a little long cast. Not in full coat so you really need hands on to appreciate his qualities.
Not of my usual type that I go for BUT everything fitted in the right place (and as judges we should
not go for preferences but what the Standard says). Lovely bend of stifle enabling him to power 
round the ring in the challenge to take the Dog CC then with my co-judge's input went on to be  
declared Best in Show. Well done.
2nd MacDonald's Torralbaz Clan Chieftain. Nearly 6 years old and in his prime. Masculine.
Slightly sloping shoulders leading to strong legs, very good bone, nice tight feet.Movement was
typical of the breed. Very nice all round dog.
3rd MacLeod's Torralbaz Lord Of The Isles. Whoops I did it again. Another set of litter brothers, 
2 and 4!  Very similar to his brother and in superb condition. Same remarks apply and difficult to
separate these two.
Res Addison's Torralbaz Lord Of The Manor.
VHC Ratcliffe's Welshbern Seven Seas Of Rhye At Tribern.

Open Dog (6, 2)
1st Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Ch Meadowpark Vertigo JW.
 3 year male on top form.
Wonderful head with benign expression. Dark eyes, correct ear set, lovely mouth, strong neck
leading to text book shoulders. Very good ribbing just a tad long through the loin but this does not 
impede his movement in anyway as he is steady and purposeful. In wonderful coat that gleamed
in the sunshine.  It is said that breeding will out and he has passed on his wonderful temperament
and stance to his offspring.
2nd Atkinson & Reynolds' Meadowpark Secret Blend. Previous placed 1st in Post Graduate 
3rd Gopal's Collansues Secret Bridges.  At the top end for size and needs to fill his frame. A
nice dog with a delightful temperament.  Has a tendency to fly his tail on the run round which 
spoils his outline.
Res Carty's Floskirk Berneray. 
Judge - June Miles (Jaybiem) 


I would like to thank the BMD Club of Scotland for inviting me to judge at their very prestigious
show. Always perfectly organised, the weather complimented all the committee's hard work. The 
puppy classes were a delight to judge, there were so many promising puppies to choose from. I
was spoilt for choice. My co-judge,June Miles, and I were in complete agreement on our choice 
for the overall winners.

Veteran Bitch  (5, 3)
1st Rossall's Fortonpark Molly Malone.
 Oozed type and substance, strong yet feminine head, 
kind eye giving soft expression. Good reach of neck, deep broad chest, correct shoulder 
placement, deep rib. Level back finishing into nicely rounded quarters. Correct tail set and carriage.
In excellent coat. Best Veteran.
2nd Sawyers' Floskirk Fantoosh
. Not the shape or substance of 1st but head of good shape and
proportion. Kind, well shaped eyes. Deep rib, low set tail, straight in stifle which reflected in

Minor Puppy Bitch  (9) 
A delight to see and go over so many promising puppies.
1st Baldwin's Fortonpark Chasing Dreams. Shapely and well boned. Pretty and feminine head
of good proportion developing, dark correct shaped eyes, lovely expression.  Good reach of neck,
well placed shoulders and deep rib developing. Level back going into a nicely rounded croup. Well
set tail and carriage, movement very together for age.
2nd Johnson's Esslinbern Decapo In A Dream. Feminine, well shaped head developing, correct
shaped eyes. Broad chest with good depth, well bent stifles, correct tail set and carriage.  In lovely
coat and condition.
3rd Handley's Jesterbrock Joy At Enchambray. Well off for bone, good shaped head developing. 
Well laid shoulders, good hind angulation, low set tail. More of her frame to fill so not as mature
looking as 1st and 2nd.
Res Green's Bernerdalens Quest For Fame At Waldershelf (imp Swe).
VHC Davidson's Liskarn River Lea.

Puppy Bitch  (3) 
1st Baldwin's Fortonpark Lilly's Delight.
Sturdily built and beautifully balanced for one so young. 
Feminine, broad head of good depth, decent stop, lovely dark eyes giving kind expression. Good
reach of neck, broad deep forechest, good depth of rib. Level back, well bent stifles, strong rounded
croup, correct tail set and carriage. Moved true in all directions, just carrying a bit too much weight 
giving her a roll on the move. Will be watching this one with interest in the future. Best Puppy Bitch   
and Reserve Best Puppy in Show.
2nd Davidson's Liskarn When We Were Young
. Nice shaped head developing, dark eyes. Good 
reach of neck, well angled shoulders, level back. Well set tail, overall shape developing nicely but
movement was erratic and hard to assess. Owner and dog need to work together.
3rd Davidson's Liskarn River Lea. Little sister, not so mature in body yet but moved well.

Junior Bitch (3, 2)
1st Watson's Staubach Quianna At Stepdashar.
Feminine, good shaped head developing, dark, 
well shaped eyes. Medium boned, good depth of rib, well set tail. Medium hind angulation, not in
her full jacket today. Moved OK.

Yearling Bitch (7)
1st Jeffries' Esslinbern Binda Hip Hop.
Pretty head of good shape developing, dark eyes, correct 
bite. Good length of neck, well angled shoulders, decent bend of stifle, moved well keeping level
2nd King's Ecalpharus Moonshine Over Leapingwell. Feminine head of good shape, deep stop,
dark, kind eyes. Well for hind angulation, low set tail, moved well.
3rd McCormick's Monalou Star Princess. Broad, flat skull of good depth, a little light in eye. 
Strong, well shaped body, deep rib finishing to nicely rounded rump. Good tail set. Just lacks
confidence which spoilt her movement.
Res Granger's Shirdees Harlow Jean Of Shadybower.
VHC Carson's Esslinbern Box Jewel.

Maiden Bitch (1)
1st Carson's Esslinbern Box Jewel.
Good shape head, dark, well shaped eyes.  Longer cast, 
needs time to mature into body. Handler needs to work with his dog. Movement erratic and

Novice Bitch  (4, 1)
1st Baldwin's Fortonpark Designer Record.
Lovely type and shape, feminine broad head with
good stop, kind eyes. Broad deep chest, deep ribs, well bent stifles, nicely rounded rump. Low set
tail. A little worried on the move which spoilt her movement.
2nd Carson's Esslinbern Box Jewel.
3rd Soame's Jaybiem Bornfree.
Upper sized bitch, broad skull with decent stop. Deep chest and 
rib, level back. Movement a little unbalanced.

Graduate Bitch  (6, 2)
1st Rossall's Stormberne Aint No Sunshine.
Very feminine, typy bitch. Correct shaped head, 
almond shaped dark eyes. Good depth of chest, good depth of rib, level back.  Fair hind
angulation, moved OK.
2nd Watson's Staubach Quianna At Stepdashar.
3rd Soame's Jaybiem Bornfree.
Res Dewick's Alisnobern Rainbow Dawn.

Post Graduate Bitch (9, 5)
1st Jeffries' Esslinbern Binda Hip Hop.
2nd Thompson's Trudaleaze Shes Gorjus At Brierbern.
Feminine, typy bitch, head of good 
shape. Decent neck, deep rib and well for hind angulation. Low set tail. Movementnot as true as
3rd Granger's Shirdees Harlow Jean Of Shadybower. Upper sized bitch, head of good shape,
maturing nicely, dark eyes. Good reach of neck, good overall shape, just needs to mature into her
frame. Movement was not at all settled. Handler needs to run on a loose lead as he was pulling her
off balance.
Res Soames' Jaybiem Bornfree.

Mid Limit Bitch  (4, 1)
1st Biggins' Harvestbank Fantastic Day At Greybern.
Medium boned bitch of good all round 
shape. Feminine, typy head, broad flat skull, well shaped eyes giving a lovely soft expression. 
Good lay of shoulders, deep rib, finishing to nicely rounded rump with correct tail set. In super
coat and condition, moved best in this class. Sadly she didn't show herself off as well in the
2nd Marsden & Robertson's Trudaleaze Majik Potion. Feminine head of good proportions. 
Good length of neck, deep broad chest, strong quarters with well bent stifles.  A little worried on
the move which spoilt her movement.
3rd Sawyers' Floskirk Faray. Nice shaped head but eyes a little light.  Good front and good 
depth of rib but rather straight in stifle which reflected on movement.

Limit Bitch  (11)
1st Baldwin's Meadowpark Living My Dream At Fortonpark.
Another lovely shaped, feminine
bitch from this kennel. Broad head with good depth, flat skull, good stop, well shaped eyes, melting 
expression. Well off for bone and body of excellent proportions. Correct lay of shoulders, well bent
stifles, well rounded croup. Correct tail set and carriage. Moved true in all directions keeping level 
topline. Reserve CC.
2nd Jeffries' Esslinbern Fenix Fire Lily. Another well shaped bitch from this kennel. Not quite so 
strong in head yet feminine with dark, well shaped eyes. Deep fore chest, good deep rib cage. Well
off for hind angulation, correct tail set and carriage, moved out well.
3rd Watson's Stepdashar Sommer Girl. Broad head. Broad deep fore chest, good depth of rib.
Well set tail. Needs her jacket, moved out well.
Res Bailey & Williams' Carabaz Rubinas Sky At Timarabai.
VHC Abbott-Brown & Abbott's Meadowpark One Love With Kingstonka.

Open Bitch  (12)
1st Pawlyszyn's Ch Materabern Disco Diva.
  6 1/2 years old now, sturdily built and powerfully 
balanced with her overall size, outline and bone, I couldn't take my eyes off her. Feminine, broad
head of good depth, lovely dark and well shaped eyes giving a kind expression.  Broad, deep chest,
well angled shoulders, deep rib cage. Super hind angulation, strong rounded croup, correct tail set
and carriage. Moved out with drive in all directions keeping level topline. Bitch CC and Best  
Opposite Sex in Show.
2nd Abbott-Brown and Abbott's Meadowpark Dream Come True With Kingstonka.
 Well boned,
feminine head of good shape, eyes a little round. Well angled shoulders, good depth of rib, nicely
rounded rump and low set tail, moved out well in all directions.
3rd Watson's Stepdashar Sommer Girl.
Res McCormick's Monalou Artic Queen.
VHC Thompson's Trudaleaze She's Gorjus At Brierbern. 
Judge - Sue Flanagan (Collansues) 

Jude Simonds


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