Bernese News EXTRA 14th August 2018


Apologies for the weather. Fortunately I had two very efficient stewards, Anne and Kim who had a good sense of humour as did the two ladies who slipped and fell in the very wet indoor part of the ring.

I was impressed with the two Veteran winners who showed the audience what they were capable of doing. The two CC winners were wonderful to see together in the final run off.

Puppy Dog  (2)
1st Hartley-Mair & Dybdall’s Carraigbern Lasting Impression For Meadowpark (IKC)
(7 months). A good sized puppy with excellent bone, rich tan, pleasing head for his age, balanced in outline. Promising. Best Puppy
2nd Withheld.

Junior Dog  (2 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Dickson’s Monalou Raffael At Geruth. 
(15 months). A good sized male with excellent bone and muscled hindquarters. Lovely temperament, coat and markings.

Yearling Dog  (1)
1st Knight’s Cullumbern Roman Road At Kernow
.  (23 months). Good head, depth of body, bone for size, Weak front and rear pasterns affected his movement.

Post Graduate Dog  (5)
1st Gurney’s Monalou Just Call Me Oleg.
  (3 years). Calm, strong and well muscled medium sized dog. Well marked and pleasing in outline. Kind dark eye, bone for size. Movement OK.
2nd Jefferson’s Shirdees Fast And Furious.  (2 years). Far too interested in everything around him today. Straight front limbs, level topline, good ear placement and usage. Will do better if settled.
3rd Grimes’ Stormebern Let It Snow.  (4 years).

Limit Dog  (4, 1)
All 3 dogs carried their tails a little high today.
1st Law’s Escalpharas Gold.  (3 years). Upper medium sized, balanced in outline with good depth, muscle, bone and feet. Masculine head with dark almond shaped eyes. Moved with drive, I thought he was a little overweight today but his qualities were not hidden by it.
2nd Hastings’ Bernemcourt Liv’n On Prayer.  (4 years). Longer caste than 1st but just as pleasing to the eye. Good head and expression, eyes and ear placement. Good bone for size. Well handled as he moved with drive around the ring.
3rd Hughes’ Waldershelf Causing Kaos. (4 years).

Open Dog
1st Hartley-Mair & Dybdall’s Ch Meadowpark High Class.
  (3 years).  Another great ambassador of the breed from this kennel. Upper medium size with the best of heads from whichever angle it was viewed. Balanced in profile with good front and rear angles, depth of chest, super bone for his size, well muscled front and rear which allowed him to move with drive around the ring. CC and Best of Breed.
2nd Bird & Bridges' Ch Kernow Something ShCM.  (3 years). Another worthy dog with a good head, eye and expression. Good bone for size, level topline, depth of chest. Doesn’t have the reach of neck of 1st but was well handled, moving effortlessly over the wet ground. Reserve CC.
3rd Gurney’s Monalou Russian Ambassador.  (4 years).

Veteran Dog  (2)
1st Hogg & Newton’s Kumo Van’t Maroyke (Imp).
  (7 years).  A medium sized, strong, lively, well muscled dog who did not show his age today. Good bone for size,rich tan, strong hindquarters which would easily enable him to pull a cart even at this age.
2nd Brennand’s Malindi Beach Of Bonningate. (8 years). Slightly longer caste than 1st and not the width or strength of hindquarters. Moved well.

Puppy Bitch  (1)
1st Cohen’s Fortonpark Top Design For Hutzpah. 
(9 mtonhs). Very immature and a little unsettled on her first outing. Pretty, with good ear placement. Needs more bone and substance, but moved well for her age.

Junior Bitch  (5, 4)
1st Gurney’s Monalou Cara Mia.
  (15 months).  Balanced overall, feminine, good pigmentation, sweet expression and dark eye. Well handled as she moved.
2nd Gerrard’s Monalou Contessa At Torralbaz.  (15 months).  Half sister to 1st and they shared many qualities. Sweet expression, good coat and muscle and bone for size, level topline. Just preferred the reach of neck in 1st.
3rd Corrigan’s Szarhegyaljai Electra (Imp).

Yearling Bitch  (2, 1) 
1st BIrd & Head's Cullumbern Roman Toga With Millermead
JW.  (23 months). Feminine head with a lovely expression Deep in body with correct bone for size.Tail set a little high, handled and moved well.

Post Graduate Bitch  (3)
1st McCormick’s Monalou Star Princess. 
(3 years).  Balanced and well proportioned with good bone. Lovely expression, good front, well muscled with good depth to body. Moved well.
2nd Grimes’ Fortonpark Future Dreams.  (2 years).  Another lovely girl with level topline, good depth of body, gentle expression,more bone than 1st. Moved OK but it was at her pace!
3rd Knight’s Kernow Something Fancy.  (2 years).

Limit Bitch  (2) 
1st Miles’ Jaybiem Burli Shassi JW
.  (2 years).  Balanced in outline, level topline, well muscled hindquarters. Dark pigmentation, benign expression with dark eyes. Showed well for handler, moving effortlessly over the ground
2nd Abbott- Brown & Abbott’s Kingstonska Sun Is Shining.  (2 years). Taller and longer caste than 1st.. Adequate bone for size, alert and happy whilst showing.

Open Bitch  (4)
1st Atherton’s Ch Athersbern Peronelle Blush.
  (6 years).  Lovely to see this mature, balanced and feminine bitch. Good head and expression with almond shaped eyes, Good hind angles and level topline. Stood and moved well with her owner. Reserve Bitch CC.
2nd Abbott-Brown & Abbott’s Meadowpark Dream Come True With Kingstonka ShCM. (4 years). Deep in body with level topline, nice in outline, rich tan and bone for size
3rd Miles’ Jaybiem My My My JW.

Veteran Bitch  (1)
1st McCormick’s Monalou Artic Queen.
(7 years). Although standing alone today she was eye catching from the start. Balanced, medium sized, good pigmentation, feminine head with dark eye. Deep in body with a level topline held on the move.Good bone for size, tight feet. It was her day today, earning her the Bitch CC and Best Veteran.
Judge - Linda Stephenson (Durrbach)

Jude Simonds



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