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Postal entries close on 23rd January for the BMD Club of Scotland Open Show held on 23rd February at Alva - visit the Club website

Online entries close at midnight 26th January 2020 for the Southern BMD Club Open Show taking place on 9th February at Bletchingley - visit the Club werbsite




With the start of a new "show" year exhibitors plan out which judges and which shows they intend to support and it isn't just the hope of gaining high awards that fuel enthusiasm, it is the expectation of the judges rewarding the best dogs with highest merit when judged against the Breed Standard and those winners receiving complimentary critiques from the judges.

Unfortunately a few judges fail miserably by not providing a critique at all despite their mandatory contract with the Kennel Club and the show society to do so when accepting a judging appointment.

Providing a critique can indeed be a daunting task for some novice and even some of the experienced judges and it takes a while for judges to decide what comments they feel confident about including and/or leaving out and to develop their own style of reporting. But what SHOULD be included in a critique to make it relevant and meaningful?

There are guidelines to writing a critique which can be found online but most would agree that a critique should at least contain enough of a description of the exhibit's positive attributes to explain why that dog was placed above those further down the line.

Some recent conversations have highlighted some of the particular disappointments of critique content to both exhibitors and interested enthusiasts alike such as;

* Failing to include the owner/exhibitors name alongside the name of the exhibit,

* Being unfamiliar with the Breed Standard by stating that a fault is in fact a virtue such as regarding diminutive size as an attribute in a large breed,

*Comments such as "a and b are so similar - just preferred whatever of a" so not providing a proper, individual critique for one or both of those exhibits,

* Predictions such as "I'm sure it will come in time" - whatever attribute IT IS that might "come in time" may well develop or improve but judges are there to judge what they can see on the day and not what may occur in future ahead, and ...

*the critique which is both most commonplace and also most disappointing is .... "nice head, good topline, well presented, moved well!"


Boston, the first Championship Show of 2020 doesn't offer CCs for Bernese but nevertheless attracted 16 entries with 1 absentee across the 10 classes. Held at the East of England Showground, Peterborough the judge was all-rounder John Purnell.

Photos courtesy Julie Ann Wright - many thanks Julie!

PHOTO ABOVE - Best Dog and Best of Breed was awarded to Karen Bird's homebred Cullumbern Milano JW with June Miles' homebred Jaybiem Modus Operandi Reserve Best Dog.
PHOTO ABOVE - Best Bitch went to Jackie Green & Rebecca King's Netherlands import Olivia Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella with Sharon Watson's Stepdashar Winters Wish Reserve Best Bitch.
PHOTO ABOVE - Best Puppy went to June Miles' homebred Jaybiem Colin The Shots. Congratulations.

No CCs on offer for Bernese

Puppy Dog (1 entry)

1st Miles' Jaybiem Colin The Shots

Junior Dog (3)
1st Bird's Cullumbern Milano JW
2nd Flippance's Tickbern What About Walter At Nenebern
3rd King, Green & Dedman's Parwizz Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella (Imp Nld)

Post Graduate Dog (No entries)

Open Dog (2)

1st Miles' Jaybiem Modus Operandi JW
2nd King & Green's Joseph Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella JW (Imp Nld)

Puppy Bitch (1)
1st Peacocke's Jaybiem Love Ann Kisses

Junior Bitch (1)
1st Wright & Kirk's Objet D Art Du Hameau De Baika Avec Roesilbern JW (Imp Fra)

Post Graduate Bitch (6 entries, 1 absentee)
1st King & Green's Olivia Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella (Imp Nld)
2nd Flippance's Tickbern Upto Jenna At Nenebern
3rd Worrall's Jesterbrock Dragonstone At Oakbern
Res Harris' Meadowpark Dancin' On My Own
VHC Watson' Staubach Quianna At Stepdashar

Open Bitch (2)
1st Watson's Stepdashar Winters Wish


Manchester Championship show held at Stafford on Thursday offered the first set of 2020 CCs for our breed and judging took place indoors with all-rounder Irene McManus attracting 63 entries with 12 absentees across the 14 classes.

For comparison the entry at Manchester 2019 was 44 entries with 8 absentees for all-rounder Dave Killlilea.

Photograph courtesy Julie Ann Wright - Thank you Julie!

ABOVE - Best of Breed, Best Opposite Sex and Best Puppy winners

The Dog CC, his fourth I believe was Julie Baldwin's Swedish import Ch Tjofselinas Z Diamuz At Fortonpark JW. Bred by Lotta Schander, he is a 7 year old son of Maroussia Zante Zhivago x Kronblommas Jolanta.

Best Puppy plus the Reserve CC went to 8 month old Tjofselinas Chirac attending his first show. Jointly owned by Julie and Carole Hartley-Mair, he was also bred by Lotta and is sired by Tjofselinas V Fochtello x Tjofselinas Pandora.

It was an 11th CC, Best Veteran plus Best of Breed for Joanne and Trevor Sutton's 7 year old homebred Ch Bernsteph Dior Remember Me JW ShCM. .She is a daughter of Tickbern Over The Moon x Sennensson Nina Ricci At Bernsteph.

The Reserve Bitch CC was won by Carole Hartley-Mair's homebred Meadowpark Touch Of Class who is rising 2 1/2 years old and sired by Ch Meadowpark High Class x Ch Meadowpark Breezing On. How lovely to see both 7 year old CC winners coming through from the Veteran classes and strutting their stuff to the top awards. Congratulations.


Minor Puppy Dog (3 entries)

1st Hartley-Mair & Baldwin's Tjofselinas Chirac (Imp Swe)
2nd Benson's Semus De Zandvijer At Bernervalley (Imp Bel)
3rd O'Callaghan's Bernsego Muffin (Imp Rus)

Puppy Dog (2)
1st Hartley-Mair & Baldwin's Tjofselinas Chirac (Imp Rus)
2nd Flanagan's Collansues Jen's Son

Junior Dog (6)
1st Dybdall, Lydon & Hughes' Carraigbern Noble Heart Of Rodiveco (IKC)
2nd Flippance's Tickbern What About Walter At Nenebern
3rd Bird's Cullumbern Milano JW
Res King, Green & Dedman's Parwizz Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella (Imp NLD)
VHC Fairclough's Monalou Galloping Gourmet

Post Graduate Dog (4)

1st Stephenson's Bernark's Mount Snowdon
2nd Wood's Cegshe Diploma
3rd Perks' Kernow Festival Buzz Sh.CM
Res Watkins' Monalou Paul Hollywood

Limit Dog (6 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Fairclough's Monalou Spirit of Discovery ShCM
2nd Flanagan's Collansues Magical Spell
3rd Miles & Ishaque's Jaybiem Stan Innovation JW
Res King & Green's Joseph Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella JW (Imp Nld)
VHC Walton's Enchambray Waterloo

Open Dog (5, 2)
1st Benson's Bernervalley Yogi Bear
2nd Murphy's Maroussia Wish You Were Here At Kinelarty
3rd Gopal's Ch Collansues Secret Bridges

Veteran Dog (1)
1st Baldwin's Ch Tjofselinas Z Daimuz At Fortonpark (Imp Swe)  

Minor Puppy Bitch (3)
1st Fletcher's Rodiveco Crazy Daisy At Ralymin
2nd Dybdall & Lydon's Rodiveco Sweet Summer Lovin
3rd Peacocke's Jaybiem Love Ann Kisses

Puppy Bitch (2)
1st Fletcher's Rodiveco Crazy Daisy At Ralymin
2nd Wood's Bern Haus On Oka Zhezebel NAF (Imp Rus)

Junior Bitch (2)
1st Wood's Bern Haus On Oka Zhezebel NAF (Imp Rus)
2nd Wright & Kirk's Objet D'art Du Hameau De Baika Avec Roesilbern JW (Imp Fra)

Post Graduate Bitch (10, 3)
1st King & Green's Olivia Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella (Imp Nld)
2nd Flanagan's Collansues Lexis Pot Of Gold
3rd Baldwin's Fortonpark Classic Design
Res Harris' Meadowpark's Dancin' On My Own
VHC Davenport-Willis & Sutton's Nelstephbern Dior Ella

Limit Bitch (9, 2)
1st Hartley-Mair's Meadowpark Touch Of Class
2nd Sutton & Davenport-Willis' Nelstephbern Dior Foreva
3rd Dybdall & lydon's Meadowpark's Girl On Fire For Rodiveco
Res Clough's Bernarks Now Or Never
VHC Watson's Stepdashar Sommer Girl

Open Bitch (8, 3)
1st Atherton's Ch Athersbern Peronelle Blush
2nd Marsden & Robertson's Trudaleaze Majik Potion
3rd O'Callaghan's Bernsego Ku-u-i-po
Res Abbott-Brown & Abbott's Meadowpark Dream Come True With Kingstonska ShCM
VHC Wood's Bern Haus On Oka Zhezebel NAF (Imp Rus)

Veteran Bitch (2, 1)

1st Sutton's Ch Bernsteph Dior Remember Me JW ShCM

Jude Simonds



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