Bernese News 21st December 2015



Between 1st January  and 18th December 2015 Bernese Welfare UK accepted 31 Bernese 
into care and have helped with the rehoming of a further 15 Bernese.

There are many and v aried reasons why a Bernese owner may wish or need to rehome their
Bernese, but by far the most common reason given is their inability to cope with an undesirable
temperament, behaviour or activity level issue in their dog. Poor breeding practices and reckless
purchases does not make for a harmonious and permanent union between Bernese and owner.

Bernese Welfare UK is international!

Online ordering, sight-unseen, of Bernese puppies bred overseas and delivered to the UK is a
growing trend;  sadly many of those buyers were unprepared for, and ill-equipped to cope when
their (typically) unsocialised, untrained, rowdy 4 or 5 month old adolescent of questionable
breeding from dubious sources is couriered to the UK via the Pet Travel Scheme.  

In past years Bernese Welfare UK has accepted into care several Bernese originating from 
abroad and brought into to the UK  - Australia, France, Spain, Holland and Belgium but our
intake of imports has escalated this past two years, and during the past 12 months we have 
accepted into care 7 imports and found homes for another 4 from overseas.  Most of these 
imported Bernese were relinquished from companion homes but also one ex-breeding bitch who
had produced two litters.  This would seem to be a disproportionate number of imports being 
rejected by their owners although it is unknown exactly how many Bernese bred overseas have
entered the UK, and the ones we helped this year alone originated from Hungary, Lithuania,
Poland, Russia and Slovakia.  One example is "Ricky" featured on our Christmas card (above).
He was born in Hungary on 17th December 2014, imported into the UK mid April 2015 and
subsequently handed into our care on 26th May.

Increasingly ware asked to take into care older Bernese with health issues as many owners are
unable to continue to meet expensive insurance premiums and/or vet bills.  4 of the Bernese we                       accepted into care this year were between 7 and 9 years old.

Many Bernese owners are often eagerly encouraged (albeit ill-advised)  that "one Bernese is never
enough" but owning even one large dog is a BIG commitment of time, effort and cost and as a
consequence of owners being unable to cope with more than one Bernese, we accepted four "pairs"
of Bernese, plus a group of 4 (four) Bernese from a single owner, into care during 2015.

As you can see the demands upon our finances have been HUGE this year but the generosity of
our fundraisers and those who have made donations and contributions have enabled us to meet all
our expenses and we shall start 2016 with a few hundred pounds in the bank - for the second year
in succession!

Thank you for supporting Bernese Welfare UK.

None of the income we receive is spent on Honorariums, gratuities or administration costs - every
penny that comes our way goes towards the costs directly associated with the care, rehabilitation
and rehoming of displaced Bernese.  Your generosity has enabled us to continue to provide help
and refuge to unwanted and needy Bernese Mountain Dogs in the UK. 

Jude and Brian and all the needy Bernese who have been helped send our very grateful thanks 
and wish all our wonderful helpers and supporters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and 
Prosperous 2016.

Bernese Welfare UK   Tel; 01787 371940   

Jude Simonds


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