Bernese News 8th December 2015

Byron ~ Duntiblae Just Be Happy

 25th June 2006 ~ 18th November 2015

Michael Sellers and Lisa Walsh from Glos emailed; 

"We've said a very sad goodbye to our second beautiful Bernese Byron.  From the moment we
collected our special new puppy from the late Diana Cochrane he melted our hearts.

"Byron soon became friends with his half-brother Bruin and always looked up to him, spending
most of his life living in the Forest of Dean and enjoying life to the full despite having hip dysplasia
from a young age. This never stopped him, and he was very well travelled enjoying his regular
holidays at the seaside. He was such a good traveller in fact, you forgot he was even with you in
the car, except when he was hungry! He had weekly hydrotherapy for just abou all his life, to help
his hips, and always enjoyed meeting new friends wherever he went. Everyone that met him
adored him and he never stopped wagging his little tail and his little face lit up the room every
time we walked into it. (He was born with only a very short tail, not that it made the slightest 
difference to him, it just wagged all the faster!)

"Poor Byron developed cancer 4 years ago but he never failed to live up to his name 'Just be
happy.' Thankfully our wonderful vet acted fast and removed the cancer successfully. Six weeks
of healing and despite a couple of setbacks, Byron was fighting fit once more and enjoying
walks with his special brother whom he adored. He went from strength to strength, and it never
returned.  He continued to enjoy his walks and loved his adventures in the forest. On one occasion
he had a little too much adventure when he decided to chase the wild boar and was lucky not to
get injured or worse.

"When The Halifax pulled out of dog insurance and left thousands of owners with no cover, back
in 2012, Byron fronted a campaign in the newspapers to get them reinstated. He got his photo in
the Daily Express and still remains on their website. It was a big success, the bank relented and
the policies got reinstated for many customers.

"The last 7 months have been somewhat of a challenge as Byron developed a spinal problem in
his T4/T5  region and was experiencing loss of Neurology resulting in him being unable to walk
unaided. We were referred to Fitzpatrick Referrals in Godalming, Surrey where an MRI and a
CT scan revealed the extent of the problem. With the expertise, and truly outstanding care of all
staff concerned in Byron’s rehabilitation he began to improve somewhat and adapted to his new
new circumstances and limitations, remaining the happiest dog ever.

"Unfortunately a further sudden and completely unexpected problem occurred this week and we
rushed Byron back to Fitzpatrick’s, he had complete loss of mobility and we feared a further 
problem in his spine. Much to our dismay, the results of another MRI and CT scan and other tests
tests revealed a massive infection had set in, and he was suffering from septic shock. The truly
dedicated team worked tirelessly during the day and into the night to try and stabilise our beautiful
boy but it wasn't to be, too many bad things were happening and he passed away in the early hours.

"He has left a huge hole in our lives, our house is not the same without a cheeky characterful Byron.
We feel truly blessed to have had the pleasure of owning not one but two adorable boys from this
wonderful breed. Byron was a true fighter who never failed to make us smile, he had the most
wonderful life, we visited many places and he has left us with beautiful memories.

"Diana told us when we picked him up not to spoil him. How could we not spoil this cheeky little
chap who looked at us so adoringly. He did and always will have a special place in our hearts.
We are truly devastated.

"Run free now Mr B over Rainbow bridge to be reunited with your beautiful brother Bruin."


The December edition of the Kennel Club Journal
announces that a Separate Interest in the
Kennel Name Harvestbank has been granted to Mr D & Mrs G Richards.


Janet Riseborough emailed;

"As usual we had a great Party/Fun day on November 29th. Superb prizes for the raffle and for
every winner in all classes."

I have written up my critique from the Xmas Party/Fun day November 29th 2015 as follows.
Thank you again for inviting me to judge, it was a brilliant experience and the quality of the dogs
was extremely good. 

So very pleased to be invited to judge the 2015 Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club Christmas
Show. Such a pleasure to go over so many dogs and decision making was extremely difficult.
Special thanks to my Stewards Julie and Suzie.

Class 1. No Baby Puppy Walk:

Class 2.  Any Variety Puppy (6-12 months) 

1st Number 72 - Bernese Mountain Dog. Headed up a very strong class of puppies.  Strong head,
muscular neck overall nicely proportioned, moved out well and in good coat.
2nd Number 78 - Another BMD very similar to above but just preferred 1st on movement.

Class 3.  Any Variety Adult
1st Number 85 –Mrs Julie Fajardo’s Cocker Spaniel.  Lovely shaped head, good ear set. Very nice
proportioned, in good coat, moved well both ways. Very well handled.
2nd Number 84 - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Nice keen eye, good ear set, in excellent
condition, good coat and moved extremely well.

Class 4.  Any Variety Veteran (over 7 years)
1st Cocker Spaniel.  Only just in veteran, in good condition, nice shape head, well placed ears, 
lovely well balanced overall.  Moved well both away and back. Handled well.
2nd Cocker Spaniel. 11 years. Loved this dog (Alfie), had real character and not looking his age
at all. In good condition and moved soundly. Handled well.

Class 5.  Dog with Waggiest Tail
1st Lovely Patterdale/Alsation Cross Terrier.  Didn’t stop wagging his tail, a real credit to the two
boys who handled him.

Class 6.  Best Biscuit Catcher
1st Mrs Marriot’s Shibu Inu - Well done and up against some brilliant biscuit catchers.

Class 7.  Prettiest Bitch

1st Mrs Sarah Smith's NSD Tolling Retriever. Headed up a huge class of great bitches. My winner
was a lovely bitch with nice bright eyes and in good condition.

Class 8.  Most Handsome Male Dog
1st  Mrs Marriot Shibu Inu.  Headed up another huge class this time male dogs.  My winner was a
lovely handsome dog, in excellent condition.

Class 9.  Dog or Bitch most like its owner
1st Mrs Lee’s Standard Poodle - Dressed exactly as the owner, perfect partnership.

Class 10.  Dog or Bitch the Judge would most like to take home
A lovely class to judge and could easily have taken all of them home.
1st was awarded to a Bernese that the moment I looked at her she stole my heart. A lovely bitch
that is a real credit to her owner.

Judge with winners of Best Child Fancy Dress (photo courtesy Janet Riseborough)

Class 11.  Fancy Dress
Well what can I say, a brilliant class and the choice was so very difficult, thank you all for making
this class such a pleasure to judge.
1st Prize for Best Child went to Jake & Stuart’s Patterdale/Alsatian Cross Terrier.  Well done boys,
a great job.
1st Prize for Best Adult went to Mrs Caroline Lee’s  Standard Poodle. Handler dressed as a 
Ringmaster and Poodle was dressed as a horse, with plume on head and front legs standing on a
box, just brilliant. 

Winner of Best Adult Fancy Dress (photo courtesy Janet Riseborough)

Class 7 winner was my overall Best winner Any Variety. Mrs Sarah Smith's Nova Scotia Duck
Tolling Retriever. 

Judge with winners of Best Adult and Best Puppy Bernese (photo courtesy Janet Riseborough)

Class 12.  Best Bernese Adult of the Day & Best Bernese Puppy
Best Adult Bernese was awarded to No. 74  Mr. T Draper. Well presented, in good coat and
moved well.  Good strong head, and overall well balanced.
Best Puppy Bernese  was awarded to No. 90 Mr Tony Granger. Lovely youngster which I am
confident will have a successful future.  Good strong head, well balanced individual,moved well
both away and back. In good coat and very well handled.

Judge - Margaret Hooley (Hoolmark)


Waldershelf Here Comes Erik owned and bred by Steve, Jeannette and Emily Green (sired 
(by Ch Bernerdalens Jackpot x Meadowpark That's Royal At Waldershelf) won the Working 
Puppy (Dog) Stakes class of 14 entries judged by Mr K Andrew at Working and Pastoral Breeds 
of Wales Championship Show earlier this year just two days before his first birthday.  Erik then 
competed against the winners of the Working Puppy Bitch, Pastoral Puppy Dog and Pastoral 
Puppy Bitch at the same show and won, thus qualifying him for the Royal Canin/Our Dogs Puppy
Stakes Final which were held last Saturday at BUBA.  Tom Mather was the judge at the final and 
Erik, handled by Emily achieved Runner Up. Congratulations.


Many UK Bernese breeders take advantage of the option to apply to have the Kennel Club
Endorsement "progeny not for registration" placed on the Registration Certificate of puppies they
sell. The practice has become commonplace as breeders see it as a way of helping to protect the
individual dog, the breed and their own good reputation from exploitation.  Of course it is only
words on a piece of paper but until recent years most sellers and buyers of those Bernese agreed  
to and understood the conditions of sale clearly defined on the sales contract which should have
been fully explained and discussed and signed by both seller and buyer before the puppy left the
breeder, and consequently respected and accepted the presence of the endorsement.

Nowadays we see a great many Bernese advertised for sale as "pedigree but not KC registered"
and that is usually because dogs and bitches with endorsed KC registrations were bred from
regardless.  The same scenario applies to many of the Bernese crossbreeds that we see

I have great sympathy for breeders who try to do the right thing with the best of intentions but it
is ESSENTIAL that the correct procedure is followed when applying an endorsement on a KC
Registration.  I was saddened to hear recently of a breeder who, it subsequently emerged, hadn't
followed the correct procedure which prompted a KC investigation resulting in an endorsement
being removed (by the KC) from a bitch she had bred and sold to a novice owner. The bitch in
question had already been mated and was in an advanced state of pregnancy when the owner
contacted the breeder and requested the endorsement be lifted which the breeder refused to do,
so I hope others might familiarise themselves so as not to suffer the same confusion worry and
frustration. Only the person who made the application to have the endorsement placed on the
registration can apply to have it lifted UNLESS there is a dispute in which case the Kennel Club may,
may, after investigation, lift the endorsement in favour of the second party.  

The Kennel Club has produced a pdf document which sets out the correct procedure, copied below. 

Information Guide
Kennel Club Endorsements

Currently the Kennel Club permits the use of two endorsements on registrations – Progeny Not 
Eligible fro Registration and Export Pedigree Not Allowed. Neither of these endorsements prevents 
the dog from being bred from nor sent abroad, but does prevent any litters being registered with 
the Kennel Club and the dog from being registered by an overseas kennel club.

Why are Kennel Club endorsements placed?

The use of Kennel Club endorsements is undoubtedly beneficial to breeders as a measure to help in         protecting stock which has been carefully and responsibly bred. It is generally assumed that breeders 
endorse their stock to safeguard the dog’s future, the breed and themselves.  As some breeds can be
prone to suffer from particular health problems, the breeder should ensure that any stock bred by them 
is examined under any relevant health schemes prior to being bred from. There may also be concerns 
about sending dogs to certain overseas countries and therefore using the Export endorsement may 
help to prevent the dog falling into the wrong hands.

How can these endorsements be removed from a dog’s registration record?

To remove an endorsement, it is a simple matter for the endorser to write in to the registration office 
and request that this be carried out. An acknowledgement will be sent to confirm that the endorsement 
has been removed and it is then the responsibility of the endorser to advise the owner of the dog that 
this has been carried out.

In cases where an endorsement is placed by joint registered owners, the Kennel Club may accept an
instruction from one of those owners to remove an endorsement in appropriate circumstances 

What should I do if the person(s) placing the endorsement will not remove it?

Problems can arise when the new owner makes a request to the person(s) who placed the
endorsement for this to be done, only to be told that they have no intention of doing so. This is an 
area where disputes can arise particularly with purchasers claiming they were not aware that the 
newly purchased dog would be subject to certain restrictions.  The parties concerned are expected
to try and resolve the matter amicably between themselves. However, if an agreement regarding
the removal cannot be reached, the Kennel Club is often asked to intervene in what can sometimes 
be a very difficult situation, especially when there are conflicting views on whether the breeder
advised the purchaser of an endorsement at the time of sale.

The Kennel Club cannot comment upon the contents of a private contract especially relating to 
whether any terms described therein have been met or not, but can only look at whether the
endorsement has been placed in accordance with our Rules and Regulations.

In order to comply with the Kennel Club rules on placing endorsements, the KC requires that the 
dog be in the physical possession of the endorser and that they obtain a written agreement in the 
form of a private contract, signed by the new owner to acknowledge that they have been informed 
that an endorsement has been placed. If endorsements are being used, it is helpful to both parties 
if the contract mentions why these have been placed and under what conditions they would be 
removed (if at all). This contract must be signed and dated by the purchaser showing that they 
have been informed of the endorsement prior to or at the date of sale. Even if the breeder chooses 
not to draw up a full contract, there must still be a document stating which endorsements have 
been placed, signed by the purchaser.

If the new owner believes that the endorsement(s) has not been placed in accordance with our 
rules and regulations, and they are unable to reach an agreement regarding the removal with the 
person who placed them, the owner of the dog can apply in writing to the Kennel Club to request 
the removal of the endorsement.

Regulation B12 – Endorsements

a) General. The registered owner of a dog may, whilst the dog is still in his physical possession, 
apply to place one or more endorsements in a dog’s records and to have the registration  
certificate annotated accordingly. The endorsements which may be placed as follows:

 1. Progeny Not Eligible for Registration

 2. Not Eligible for the Issue of an Export Pedigree

b) Conditions. The following conditions shall apply to the placing and removal of endorsements. 

  1. When a dog whose registration is endorsed is transferred to new ownership, the endorsement 
will be maintained. However, the person who placed the endorsement(s) must obtain written and 
signed confirmation from the new owner(s), or an agent or authorised representative of a new 
owner(s), at or before the date on which the dog is physically transferred, that the new owner is
aware of the endorsement(s), regardless of whether or not the endorsed registration certificate is 
available. If requested, the person(s) who placed the endorsement must be able to produce a copy 
of such confirmation.

 2. If the endorsement is not drawn to the new registered owner's notice, and an acknowledgement 
in writing of the endorsement, signed at the date of transfer by the new owner is not obtained, then 
any conflict regarding notice of the endorsement will be resolved in favour of the new registered 
owner. The endorsement will remain on the register, unless a successful application is made by the
new owner of the dog under Regulation B12b.(3) on the

 3. If the new registered owner of a dog did not have notice of the endorsement, that person may 
apply to the General Committee of the Kennel Club who will resolve in their discretion whether or 
not the endorsement should lapse. Any endorsement may be lifted only with the permission in
writing of the endorser or of a person with due authority from the endorser (in the event the endorser 
cannot give permission due to death or incapacity) or by resolution of the General Committee.

 4. Regulation B12b 1), 2) and 3) only apply where the registered owner who originally placed an 
endorsement on a dogs record, transfers the dog to a new ownership. if subsequent transfers take
place, the endorsement becomes a matter between the parties involved. In such cases the 
registered owner placing the endorsement shall not be responsible if notification of the endorsement 
is not given to any new owner, and may exercise his right to decide whether the endorsement be
maintained or removed subject to (5) below.

 5. The General Committee reserves the right to impose, remove or maintain any endorsement.  In
particular, the General Committee reserves the right to impose an additional endorsement "not  
eligible for entry in any event held under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations, nor any unlicensed 
event recognised by the Kennel Club”.

 6. The General Committee reserves the right to impose the additional endorsement "not eligible for 
entry at Kennel Club licensed Breed Shows or unlicensed Breed events recognised by the Kennel 

The Information Guide - Kennel Club Endorsements can be downloaded here

Jude Simonds



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