Bernese News 18th December 2018

And so the final Championship show of the year was held at the NEC last Saturday on a day that saw some parts of the country suffering from very severe weather conditions. Thankfully breed specialist judge Kate MacDuff wasn't hindered by the poor conditions and made the long trip south from Scotland to find her entry of 81 with 25 absentees across 16 classes which were scheduled second in the ring.

Winning his 50th CC plus Best of Breed was Carole Hartley-Mair and Gary Dybdall's well known, homebred Ch Meadowpark High Class who then went on to take Group 2 under all-rounder Ann Ingram (Tirkane).

The Reserve Dog CC was awarded to Michele Gurneys 5 year old homebred Monalou Russian Ambassador. He is sired by Multi Ch Sennenhund Rossii Senator x Monalou Mrs Beaton. Michele also bred the Bitch CC and Best Veteran winner, Monalou Artic Queen who collected her third CC at this show and is owned by Esther Ann McCormick.

Julie Baldwin's Fortonpark Lilly's Delight won the Reserve CC and she is a daughter of Ch Guiness Record From Christofland To Fortonpark (Imp Cze) x Ch Fortonpark Dutch Delight.

June Miles' took home the Best Puppy award with her young male Jaybiem Modus Operandi who is an 8 month old son of Shirdees Leathal Weapon x Save Dallas Kiss For Jaybiem. Congratulations.

And so we have another new Bernese Champion, subect to KC confirmation.

Monalou Artic Queen

Born; 2nd February 2011
Owner; Esther Ann McCormick
Breeder; Michele Gurney
Sire; Int Ch Bernerdalens Uno Amigo Bueno
Dam; Ch Monalou Little Miss Swiss.

'Mia's notable achievements include;

Reserve CC from Cathy Connelly at Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland 2015
Reserve CC from Chris Wilson at Midland Counties 2016
Reserve CC from Mark Wakeland at Border Union 2017

CC from Linda Stephenson at Leeds 2018
CC from Jane Keeves at Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland 2018
CC from Kate MacDuff at LKA 2018.



Bernese Championship Show judges/entries for 2015 to 2018







90 entries, 17 abs

Steve Hall

96 entries, 18 abs

Meg Purnell-Carpenter

122 entries, 31 abs

Karl Jarvinen

95 entries 28 abs

Joanne Sutton


233 entries, 41 abs

Mandy Hearne

246 entries, 40 abs

Jane Lamb

242 entries, 46 abs

Helen McAulay

223 entries, 52 abs

Angela Haden


112 entries, 28 abs

Svante Frisk

99 entries, 17 abs

Tom Kelly

126 entries, 27 abs

Trish Barr

103 entries, 10 abs 1 wd

Del Richards


82 entries 14 abs

Jeff Luscott

57 entries 12 abs

Britt-Marie Young

57 entries 8 abs

Allyson King

52 entries, 6 abs

Paul Lawless


70 entries 21 abs

Lorraine Grayling

64 entries 20 abs

Anne Wells

88 entries 9 abs

Amanda Hearne

94 entries, 23 abs

Janet Riseborough


85 entries 24 abs

Janet Riseborough

56 entries 16 abs

Jeff  Horswell

62 entries 11 abs

Stuart Mallard

59 entries, 11 abs

Richard Hallam


48 entries 4 abs

Robin Newhouse

30 entries 9 abs

Dave Killilea

46 entries 10 abs

Helen Lamb

42 entries, 2 abs

Alan Rawson


74 entries 12 abs

Jeannette Green

64 entries 15 abs

Julie Vaughan

69 entries 11 abs

Jeff Horswell

56 entries, 5 abs

Julie Baldwin


67 entries 18 abs

Andrew Brace

64 entries 11 abs

Rodney Oldham

68 entries 13 abs

Keith Baldwin

53 entries, 16 abs

Frank Kane


130 entries 15 abs

Terry Munro

127 entries 27 abs

Jane Keeves

100 entries 17 abs

Kevin Young

86 entries, 22 abs

Di Atherton


57 entries 3 abs

Sue Pollock-Yule

43 entries 6 abs

George Wilson

60 entries 15 abs

Mark Wakeland

58 entries, 7 abs

Irene McManus


73 entries 18 abs

Trish Goodyear

55 entries 11 abs

Jane Lilley

82 entries 13 abs

Elina Harpeniemi

52 entries, 18 abs

Britt-Marie Young


95 entries 29 abs

Angela Haden

68 entries 22 abs

Gill Sharman

81 entries 19 abs

Dr Ron James

69 entries, 22 abs

Tom Kelly


74 entries 13 abs

Tony Granger

60 entries 15 abs

Joanne Sutton

69 entries 14 abs

Agnes Wilson

48 entries, 12 abs

Willy Dobbin


73 entries 11 abs

Tom Johnson

60 entries 12 abs

Keith Creasey

72 entries 23 abs

Gary Lewthwaite

40 entries, 4 abs

Linda Stephenson


144 entries  ?abs

Kate MacDuff (D)

Richard Hallam (B)

132 entries  ?abs

June Miles (D)

Sue Flanagan (B)

142 entries 23 abs

Sarah Peacocke

129 entries, 35 abs, 1wd

Julie Wakeland (D)

Anne Gerrard (B)


57 entries 14 abs

Ron James

28 entries 7 abs

Steve Green

68 entries 18 abs

Marian Scott

41 entries, 9 abs

JR Walsh Jnr


58 entries 8 abs

Sandra Gatward

41 entries 10 abs

Gaye Strassen

43 entries 12 abs

Trish Goodyear

58 entries, 8 abs

Lindsey Worrow


64 entries 16 abs

Willie Dobbin

46 entries 19 abs

Robin Searle

49 entries 10 abs

Robin Newhouse

48 entries, 17 abs

Steve Hall


95 entries 30 abs

Trish Barr

57 entries 23 abs

Irene McManus

74 entries 20 abs

Ben Reynolds-Frost

 36 entries 9 abs

Tom Johnston


90 entries 22 abs

Michael Forte

60 entries 20 abs

Albert Wight

61 entries 11 abs

Harry Nelson

 49 entries 15 abs

Joe Smith


81 entries 20 abs

Liz Cartledge

53 entries  11 abs

Peter Jolley

40 entries 9 abs

Barrie Croft

 34 entries 9 abs

Rodney Oldham


147 entries 30 abs

Frank Kane (D)

Linda Stephenson (B)

153 entries 35 abs

Irene Malpass (D)

Hedd Richards (B)

148 entries 45 abs

Carole Hartley-Mair (D)

Heather Head (B)

 147 entries  34 abs

Jackie Green (D)

John Jakobsen (B)


26 entries 5 abs

Di Atherton

27 entries 3 abs

Liz Dunhill

34 entries 6 abs

Peter Jolley

 31 entries, 4 abs

June Miles


68 entries 23 abs

Espen Engh

57 entries 22 abs

Sue Hewart-Chambers

59 entries 19 abs

Margaret Wildman

 68 entries 18 abs

Lynn Barker


84 entries 19 abs

Sonja Gorbould

71 entries 18 abs

Chris Wilson

94 entries 22 abs

Helen Davenport-Willis

 74 entries 16 abs

Lee Reynolds


57 entries 12 abs

Cathy Connelly

52 entries 10 abs

Steve Hall

50 entries 7abs

Anne Wells

 46 entries 12 abs

Jane Keeves


65 entries 26 abs

Frank Wildman

92 entries 11 abs

Russell Jones

90 entries 33 abs

Jeff Luscott

 81 entries 25 abs

Kate MacDuff




I would like to thank the committee of the Bernese mountain club of Great Britain for their invitation to judge the club open show. Everybody made me feel so welcome, it was an honour to judge my lovely breed, I had some lovely quality dogs.Thank you all for giving me a lovely entry.

Minor Puppy Dog  (2 entries)
1st Miles' Jaybiem Modus Operandi.
7 ½ month male. As soon as he walked in the ring I fell in love with this puppy, when I went over him I was not disappointed. Strong head, kind eyes, good teeth' Level top line, nice rump, low set tail. Moved well and well presented, looking forward to seeing him grow.
2nd Round's Collansues Wildest Dream. 8 month tall male looking raw at the moment, needs to build into his frame. Needs a lot of training, rather naughty in the ring in everything he did but was a happy dog.

Puppy Dog  (3)
1st Bridges' Kernow Troublue.
10 month male, another stunning puppy that walked into the ring, when I went over him I wasn’t disappointed,a handsome large male. Strong head, kind eye, good teeth. Strong chest, excellent bone, level topline, low set tail. Excellent muscle, moves so settled on the lead with drive. Happy pup, well presented, looking forward to watching him grow on. This dog could do a true day's work, pleased to award him Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show.
2nd Miles' Jaybiem Modus Operandi
3rd Hewitson's Monalou C’est La Vie.
10 month nice male, smaller than 1st and 2nd winners, nice shape all round,moved OK.

Junior Dog  No entries

Yearling Dog  (1 entry, 1 absentee)

Novice Dog  (1)
1st Deradour's Meadowpark’s All Eyes On Me. 
2 year male, flashy, nice shaped head, kind eyes, good teeth. Level topline, excellent muscle, moved OK. A little out of coat, very happy lad,

Graduate Dog  (2 )
1st Bridges' Kernow Troubadour JW.
Wow wow wow, as soon as he walked in I couldn’t keep my eyes of him. 2 year old male, excellent size and bone. Stunning, strong head, beautiful kind eyes, perfect teeth. Good neck, level topline, low set tail, lovely rump. Moved so settled with good stride, excellent muscle, a true working dog, nothing disappointed me. Will enjoy watching him more, beautifully handled and well presented, this male could do a full days work, so happy I awarded him Best Dog and Best in Show.
2nd Deradour's Meadowpark’s All Eyes On Me

Post Graduate Dog  (4, 2)
1st Miles & Ishaque's Jaybiem Stan Innovation JW
. 2 ½ yr male, excellent shape all round. Strong head, kind eye, good teeth. Good neck ,level topline, lovely rump, low set tail, moved well. Well presented, another male that’s a pleasure to go over.
2nd King & Green's Joseph Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella JW (Imp Nld). Smaller than 1st prize winner, a longer male, nice shape all round. Kind eye, good teeth. Level topline, low set tail, moved well. Would prefer tighter feet, also for me ears are too trimmed. Well handled and well presented.

Limit Dog  (3, 1)
1st Bridges' Deerpark Travelling Man V Kernow (Imp USA).
3 ½ yr male, a real nice type male to go over. Attractive head, kind eyes, good bite. Lovely neck line, level topline, nice rump, good bone,excellent muscle. Lovely angulation, had good drive, moved well. Well presented and handled.
2nd Akehurst's Jesterbrock Alpine Storm. Nearly 3 year old male, large male, much taller than winner. For me a bit to much on his waistline so on the move he rolled a lot, movement not as good as winner. Tail carried too high.

Open Dog  (2, 1)
1st Rothery's Ch Glamrock Graffiti Artist ShCM.
4 year male. I've enjoyed watching this male mature, was not disappointed when I went over him. When looking at him he had a lovely outline, beautiful head, kind eye, good teeth, good set ears. Good neck, level topline, low set tail, moved OK, have seen him move better,he needs a bigger ring for his drive. Well presented, handled well, pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog.

Veteran Dog  (1)
1st Round's Ch Collansues Black Magic.
7 year male, super size male to go over. Strong head, kind eyes, good teeth. Lovely neck and topline, super bone. Lovely angulation, moved well with good drive, well handled. This boy bought tears to my eyes, loved him. Best Veteran Dog. Really wished he stayed for Best Veteran in Show.

Veteran Bitch  (1)
1st Rothery's Glamrock Future Legend.
10 ½ year female, looking so good for her age. Lovely kind head, kind eyes, good teeth, good set ears. Lovely neckline and level topline, nice bone, low set tail. Moved well, well handled and presented, pleased to award Best Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in Show.

Minor Puppy Bitch  (5, 1)
1st Miles' Jaybiem Alia Iacta Est.
As soon as this young pup walked into the ring I fell in love with her, couldn’t keep my eyes of her. 7 ½ month female, beautiful shape all round, flashy girl. Beautiful head, kind eyes, good teeth, well set ears. Good neck, level top line, lovely bone, low set tail. Moved well, beautifully handled and well presented. Pleased to award this pup Best Puppy Bitch.
2nd Kauge's Megan Stroz Zagody. Just 6 months, darker and taller girl to the winner, lovely shaped female. Nice eyes. Nice bone, level topline, for first show she was a happy girl, nothing worried her. Moved well, just remember to loosen the lead, if too tight the eyes pop out and go red, she has lovely eyes.
3rd Hundley's Jesterbrock Apus At Calizley. Just 6 months, another nice girl, lovely shape. Kind eyes, good teeth, level topline. Moved well, would prefer her to be a little happier.

Puppy Bitch  (6, 1)
1st Miles' Jaybiem Alia Iacta Est.
2nd Bridges' Kernow Rock Legacy. 
Another lovely dog from this kennel. 11 month female, beautiful head, strong head, kind dark eyes, good teeth. Level topline, low set tail, when going over her she likes to move but she will settle in time,happy girl. Moved well, good drive, excellent muscle ,it was hard to choose between 1st and 2nd. Well presented.
3rd Sutton & Davenport-Willis' Nelstephbern Dior Foreva. 11 month female, lovely shape all round. Kind head, kind eyes, good teeth. Good neck and level topline, nice angulation. Moved well when settled and had a looser lead, would just like her a little happier, it will come in time. A bitch to watch in the future.

Junior Bitch  (1)
1st Bridges' Kernow Follow This.
14 month female, another lovely dog from this kennel. Strong head, dark eye, good bite. Strong chest, lovely bone, level topline, good angulation, low set tail. Excellent muscle, moved well, shame she left her coat at home.

Yearling Bitch  (2, 2) 

Novice Bitch  (2)
1st Sutton & Davenport-Willis' Nelstephbern Dior Foreva.
2nd McGrory's Chippis Hug A Diamond.
  4 year female, nice female, a bit longer than 1st place. Kind head, good eyes and teeth. Level topline, moved OK, just a little wide in front. Nice to see a happy dog in the ring.

Graduate Bitch  (2)
1st Deradour's Fortonpark Lilly May.
3 year female, tall female. Lovely head, good shape, kind eye. Nice bone, level topline, low set tail. Excellent muscle, moved well.
2nd Baker's Hypeak’s Coast Of Jima.  4 year female, taller and longer to 1st, would have liked this bitch happier. On move a little wide, would have liked tighter feet.

Post Graduate Bitch  (5)
1st King & Bramble's Shirdees Miss Congeniality JW.
2 ½ year female, a pleasure to go over as a adult, loved this girl as a pup, going over her today I was not disappointed again. Beautiful shaped bitch, kind head and eyes, good bite. Nice neckline, good front, topline good, just keep an eye when standing her that she doesn’t dip. Lovely rump, low set tail, lovely angulation, nice bone. Excellent muscle, moved well, excellent drive and flowed with ease. Well presented and handled, pleasure to award Best Bitch, Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex.
2nd Harris' Meadowpark’s Dancin’ On My Own. 2 year female, another lovely bitch to go over. Strong head, kind eyes, lovely bite. Good neck and lovely topline, good front, good bone. Lovely angulation. Lovely rump and low set tail. Good muscle, stands beautiful for her owner, moved well with good drive. Well presented and handled, was hard to choose between 1st and 2nd, might change in the future. A bitch to watch,
3rd Deradour's Fortonpark Lilly May.

Limit Bitch  (1, 1)

Open Bitch  (4, 2) 
1st Sutton ch Bernsteph Dior Remember Me JW ShCM.
5 year female, beautiful mature female. Lovely shaped head, kind dark eyes, good bite. Good neck line, level topline, good angulation, low set set tail. Good muscle, good front and bone, moved well,had good drive. Well presented and handled. A pleasure to award Reserve Best Bitch.
2nd Miles' Jaybiem My My My JW. 2 ½ year female, tad longer to winner, beautiful shape. Strong broad head, kind eyes, good bite. Good front and bone, level topline, low set tail. Moved well and with drive. Well presented and handled, choosing between 1st & 2nd was very hard, a pleasure to go over,

Brace  No entries
Judge - Nicky Cotton (Collansues)

Jude Simonds




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