Bernese News 14th February 2019

Those who seek a Bernese 'fix' this weekend could visit the BMD Club of Scotland Open Show which takes place on Sunday 17th February at Cochrane Hall, Alva FK12 5LJ. Judging begins at 11am and the judge is breed specialist John McNulty (Bernhaven). Further information on the Club website or from Club secretary Agnes Wilson Tel; 01698 860298. 


The increase in daylight and the promise of better weather heralds a rise in puppy enquiries but still so many folk think that posting an appeal for a pup on social media is the way to go! Unfortunately, for the predatory breeders who patrol such groups and websites looking for targets to promote their puppies to we subsequently observe so many new owners acquiring poor examples of the breed who possess few of the attributes we desire but despite advising potential owners to look farther afield, most seem reluctant to invest any time and effort to finding a quality puppy. One thing that appears to REALLY impress gullible puppy purchasers are the breeders who sell puppies accompanied by a "blanket, toy and bag of food" - that really does seem to clinch a sale but for the life of me I cannot see why!


The Bernese entry for Crufts 2019 as been announced as 177 exhibits giving 204 entries for all-rounder judge Hedd Richards (Sheridel).

For comparison the entry at Crufts 2018 was 203 exhibits giving 223 entries with 52 absentees for breed specialist Angela Haden (Cotshill)
and at the 2017 show there were 218 exhibits giving 242 entries with 46 absentees for breed specialist Helen McAulay (Elnside).


As described on their website, the Westminster Kennel Club is "America's oldest organization dedicated to the sport of purebred dogs. Established in 1877, Westminster's influence has been felt for more than a century through its famous all-breed, benched dog show held every year at New York City's Madison Square Garden. Today, America’s dog show has expanded into Westminster Week which includes the Masters Agility Championship at Westminster and the Masters Obedience Championship at Westminster, both held at Piers 94. More than 3,000 dogs entered from around the world."

Results of Bernese classes are here;

Video of the judging of Bernese is here;


Bernese lovers were horrified to read the news story appearing in Todayonline

and in the South China Morning Post

The stories relayed how a four month old Bernese was found sluggish and vomiting and the owner was arrested, suspected of "punching and throwing his dog in his luxury third floor flat in Ho Man Tin" as he had been "annoyed with the dog's barking all night and that it had defecated around the house".

How dreadful for the poor pup but as Bernese are so widely and easily available from so many sources nowadays we are hearing more often of Bernese being purchased by folk who have unsuitable premises and unrealistic expectations of life with a large, hairy, time consuming and energy draining dog. There are many more opportunities for education via the internet etc but still far too many dogs find themselves innocent victims of an owner's ill-conceived whim.


The Southern BMD Club Open Show was held at Leatherhead Leisure Centre on 3rd February with breed specialist Faye Stannard (Kohbern) judging. There were 52 entries across the 25 classes but I don't know how many absentees there were as I've been unable to source full class results to share with you.

For comparison the entry at the 2018 show was 84 entries with 22 absentees for breed specialist judge Leena Pawlyszyn.

Julie Bramble had a great day winning Best Dog and Best Bitch with Shirdees Leathal Weapon and Shirdees Miss Congeniality JW, littermates rising three years old and jointly bred with 'mum' Shirley King. They are sired by Ch Meadowpark High Class x Shirdees Chevrolet and 'Nancy' went on to win Best in Show.
Best Puppy in Show went to June Miles' 10 month old homebred Jaybiem Modus Operandi who is sired by the Best Dog winner x Save Dallas Kiss For Jaybiem.
Sandy Rothery's homebred Glamrock Future Legend (Monalou Touch Of Dutch To Glenbrienz x Glamrock Spirit Of Youth) was Best Veteran. Congratulations.

Jude Simonds

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