The Bernese Angel Pin

It has become a longstanding tradition in the USA for Karen Connors and Renee Jacquier
 to send out, when requested to do so,
 a Bernese Angel Pin, hand-painted in Bernese colours
accompanied by a card
to those who have lost a beloved Bernese.
Many recipients have found comfort in receiving this keepsake gift during their time of grief.

As time has passed, requests from other countries were received by the "Angel Pin" ladies
and they responded by sending a Bernese Angel Pin to whoever they were requested for
at ANY location across the globe.
Bernese Angel Pins are now sent Worldwide by those ladies.
A truly generous and thoughtful gesture.

On 3rd November 2010 Jack Hastings (Scotland) received an Angel Pin from the USA and was so touched
that he asked me if I would act as the UK go-between contact making it easier for others in the UK
to request a Bernese Angel Pin for UK Bernese owners who had suffered a loss. I agreed.
I was subsequently contacted by USA "Angel Pin lady" Renee Jacquier and I agreed to be the UK contact.

If you know someone or hear of someone who has lost a beloved Bernese
and you are SURE that person would appreciate receiving a Bernese Angel Pin
then please contact me,
Jude Simonds
by telephone 01787 371940 or via e.mail

and provide ALL of the following information;

 * The Kennel Club Registered name (if the dog has one!) and call (pet) name of the Bernese.
* The date of birth and date of loss of the Bernese.
* The cause (Illness? Accident? Old age? etc) of the loss of that Bernese.
* The christian name, surname and full postal address of the owner.
(The information supplied will remain confidential and will not be used for any other purpose)

Donations to help offset the cost of providing Bernese Angel Pins are always welcome. 
The basic cost of a Bernese Angel Pin plus postage from the USA to a UK recipient  
(as at September 2016) is $13.75 which is approximately £10.61 sterling.
The accompanying cards are made and donated by Carol Ganz.
Anyone wishing to make a donation to the Angel Pin Fund
should make cheques (£ sterling is acceptable) payable to Joye Neff and post to;
Joye Neff                                            
(Angel Pin Fund)
108 Minnock Drive,
PA 16046

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