In memory of Bernese lost during 2011 who are greatly missed




Greybern Occasional Dream ~ Norman
22nd February 2007 ~ 17th December 2011

Owned by Paul and Jackie Philips

by Jackie Phillips

A star shone bright this Christmas time
(But not for baby Jesus)
It shone bright for our dear Norman
Who sadly had to leave us.

Now Norman was an Essex boy
He had a certain style
Each day he’d take me for a ‘drag’
We’d always go that extra mile.

He had a love for wildlife
And came home one day quite proud
He’d caught a dead, stiff squirrel!
He stood out from that crowd.

But sadly illness took its’ toll
Those deep brown eyes just needed sleep
So homeward bound, up to a star
Only borrowed, not ours to keep.

And yes, you were only ‘just a dog’
But to us you were the best
Norman we love and miss you
Sleep easy, you’re now at rest.


Sophia ~ Ch Carraigbern Alpine Princess
17th June 2008 ~ 27th November 2011
(Monalou its Fletcher x Carraigbern Rambling Rose)

Valerie Hughes wrote;
"It was with a heavy heart I had to let my beautiful Sophia go on Sunday the 27th of November.

At only three years of age she was way too young to die and it will take me a long time to come to terms
with her loss. Every so often a truly special dog comes along and she was definitely that dog.
Everyone who met her loved her, she had the most wonderful temperament,
exactly what I would strive for in a Bernese; confident and friendly, kind and gentle, a dog that loved everyone
and assumed that everyone loved her. I still smile at the image of her arriving at a friends house.
In the door she went, straight into the conservatory where my friend's husband was stretched out watching TV
and she promptly landed on his lap and gave him a welcome like only she could!!!
Needless to say he was smitten with her after that!

"I discovered a swelling on her lymph node at the end of October and she went in for a biopsy
on the 2nd of November. The agonising wait commenced and on the 14th of November
my worst fears were realised when the results came back confirming Sophia had an aggressive T-cell Lymphoma Cancer.
In the interim I had read as much as I could and spoken to as many people with knowledge of the disease
before deciding that I was willing to try chemotherapy.
We started Sophia on the Wisconsin Protocal on Thursday the 17th of November.
The Wisconsin Protocal has a 90% success in achieving remission. Her second session was on the 24th of November
but it was soon evident that the cancer was becoming more aggressive and the chemo was not having the desired results.
By Saturday the 26th I knew that she was struggling and I decided the kindest thing to do was to let her go.

"For the first time since I got involved in this breed I have to admit I have lost heart.
I am grateful that I have my other Berns to get me through this and I hope with time
I will be able to smile at the memory of my beautiful girl again."


Monalou Dream Come True For Barinkar - Mollie
23rd July 2002 ~ 22nd October 2011

Liz and Kevin Spooner wrote;
It is with great sadness that after a short, severe illness
we have had to have Mollie put to sleep on Saturday 22nd October. 
She was our foundation Bernese bitch and a much loved member of the family.
Mollie will be greatly missed and always remembered at Barinkar."


Mike and B Sargent wrote;
"Monday 13th June was a very black day for us at
Sargbilko. We had to say “Goodbye” to our beloved Percy in the morning, only to
return in the afternoon after a brief trip out to find Alfred dead.
Two Bernese within three hours is more than we can take."

Percy - Osemans Percyverance at Sargbilko ~ 18th September 2004 - 13th June 2011

"Percy, our lovely show boy, had developed walking problems that stemmed from
an old neck injury. On Sunday, he went off his front legs, and, the following day, the vet told us the
situation was irreversible. It has been so sudden. Only a few weeks ago he was
in the ring, full of life and winning his classes. Now he has gone."

 Alfred ~ Seveek Dark Alfred at Sargbilko ~ 20th March 2004 - 13th June 2011

"Alfred had been ailing for a little while with a liver condition and we knew
he did not have long, but he was still bright-eyed when we left him. It was such
a shock to find he had gone in such a short time. We never showed Alfie, but he
was a key member of our family, a gentle loving dog, whose favourite way of
greeting you was with as many toys as he could get in his mouth at once."


Dreambern Hole Some ~ Ollie 
20th June 2006 ~ 16th February 2011

Lynn Pope wrote;
"Never far from my side.  
 You introduced me to the wonderful world of the Bernese. 
You only had a short time with us but every memory remembered and treasured.
"You were such a brave boy at the end. 
You touched so many peoples hearts."


 11th July 2003 ~12th April 2011

Karen Hall wrote;
"The Bobby Monster was always going to be unique, right from the moment we laid eyes on him
we knew he was "full of it".
He was born from Coliburn Jax and Coliburn Bustle and Jude described him as
"jeans half-mast with a catapult hanging out of  his back pocket"
and he remained that way till his very last days.
Bobby was always demanding, cheeky, awkward and funny, he was also
unconditionally loving and completely irresistable.

We spent the last 5 months battling lymphomasarcoma which he handled much better than we did
and most days were very good ones until the last day
when although he was still very bright his body was giving up.
Having to put him to sleep was the hardest decision to make but the right one.
We were all completely besotted by him and very proud of our Bobster, and although we miss him dreadfully
we are thankful for so many wonderful memories".

"Death leaves a heartache no-one can heal, Love leaves us memories that no-one can steal"


Tinland Rainbow Chaser ~ Taro
19th August 2010 ~ 24th March 2011

Graham Williams wrote;
"On 24th March Taro was sadly put to sleep aged just 7 months and 5 days.
A little man who touched so many peoples hearts with his "outgoing" personality.
He was tragically suffering from Juvenile Renal Disease.

"So greatly missed by all who knew him, especially Brenda, Graham and Shelley
Williams & The Tinland Crew."


Colnbrook Crackerjack ~ Jack
10th October 2001 ~ 11th March 2011

Sally Reeve wrote;
"The only way I can describe Jack is that he was “The Perfect Gentleman.” 
We likened his  character to Leslie Phillips, from the Carry on Films. 
Whenever Jack met anyone he aimed for their feet, plonked himself onto them, looked up and said “Hello." 
He was a great ambassador for the breed. He was bred by my sister from a lovely little bitch called Jess,
she is still very much alive at 12 years, by Kernow Beau Son.  
I had pick of the litter as I was there at his birth to help with the messy stuff,
I held him from the minute he took his first breath,
within days I decided that he was the one for me. 
When I brought him home he spent much of the time with me,
sleeping at my side, as I was unwell for a time so was sleeping downstairs in the lounge;
he was a fantastic hot water bottle. 
He was clean from 8 weeks old, followed me everywhere, loved everyone and enjoyed everything he did.
He was the biggest and cuddliest teddy my girls had every had. 

"He was my first Bernese that I took to the show ring.
He did well during his show career but much preferred the attention outside the ring.
As all Bernese owners know when out in public you cannot get very far
without having to stop for people to talk and touch your dogs.
Jack thrived on this, any indication of attention he would assume the position  awaiting fuss. 
He spent most of his time out in the garden
laying in the most coolest, shadiest place, normally under my large cherry tree.
He was a fantastic baby sitter, all new arrivals were put in Jack's paws,
he guided, cared for and ‘mothered’ all new members of the family. 

"During his 8 ½ years he only visited the vets for his booster.
It has been a huge shock to loose him so suddenly following being diagnosed with Leukaemia .
Jack was only with us for a further 3 days.
I feel very privileged to have shared my life with  such a awesome dog,
he will be greatly missed by all that knew him. 
R.I.P. Big Boy and I am sure we will meet up again."


Ir & GB Ch Tickbern Fliperty Gibbit from Harvestbank ~ Cleo
17th May 2002 ~ 25th January 2011
Trish Goodyear wrote;
"It is with heavy heart I write to inform you my darling Cleo passed away on 25th January 2011.   
Not only was she a dual champion in the show ring but a dual champion at home. 
My foundation bitch who has left a legacy for me to be proud of.

"Cleo was a great character she loved life and lived it to the full. 
She always kept the others in line and me included and I miss her terribly.  
During her show career she won 5 CCs 8 Green Stars (the last one winning at Swords 2010 from Veteran
under a Swedish Breed Specialist) and 3 CACIBS and a Heat of the Pedigree Champion Stakes
and was runner up on the day to the eventual winner.

"Rest in Peace my beautiful girl."


Halesbern All That Jazz At Paddybern ~ Jazzmin
19th November 1998 ~ 15th January 2011

Joanne Coombes wrote;
"It's with great sadness that Jazzmin died in the early hours of Saturday. On Thursday evening she came in
from the garden acting strange and I quickly realised she was showing signs of the dreaded bloat. 
I rushed her straight to the vets and within 20 minutes the vet confirmed my worst fears.
I decided Jazzmin deserved every chance of survival so agreed with the vet to operate. 
4 ½ hours later the vet called to say she had finished the operation but there had been some complications
so Jazzmin was now in a critical state and  the next few days were going to be tough. 
I went up to see her on Friday and she was very dopey but perked up when she saw me.
I fed her a small piece of chicken, stayed with her a while and
told her I loved her and that I'd be back to see her tomorrow.
I called that evening and  Jazzmin's breathing was slightly erratic but they were keeping
a close eye on her and would call should anything change. 
At 2.30am I woke to the phone ringing, the vet explained that Jazzmin's breathing had drastically deteriorated
and she was now on oxygen. 
I slung on my clothes and drove like a lunatic.
I arrived at the vet's at 2.50am to be told that sadly Jazzmin had passed away 10 minutes before!!

"As you can imagine I am totally devastated and feel so very sad that I never got to say goodbye to my beautiful girl.  Jazzmin was 12 years and  2 months old and had never really had a day's illness all her life.  Jazzmin was lightly shown as a puppy but hated it, she was simply content being in familiar surroundings and doing her thing.  Jazzmin still walked twice a day and was very much the boss of the house.

"Life just isn't the same without you Jazz and everywhere I look I expect to see your face. I just hope that your
husband 'Paddington' and son 'Euston' were there to meet you when you left this world.
Thank you to Lynn for entrusting me with Jazzmin, the last 12 years have been full of memories
and ones that I'll treasure forever. Thank you Jazzmin for making the last 12 years of my life so full of happiness. 
I'm sorry we never got to say goodbye but know that I love and  miss you everyday.
Until we meet again sleep tight Jazz xxxxx "



Ch Collansues Mexican Dream ~ Chucky 
26th October 2001 -  14th January 2011
Nicki Cotton wrote;
"After a short illness which he was unable to overcome I had to say a heartbroken "Goodbye" to my beloved Chucky . 
Chucky was my first male Bernese and my Dog-In-A-Million. 
Chucky came into my life just after I returned from my honeymoon so has been with me all my married life. 
He was everything I could ever hope for or want in a Bernese and the house is empty without him. 
During his show career he won 8 CCs and 8 Reserve CCs and he was retired from the show ring at Crufts 2009. 
I would like to thank my mother Sue for breeding my lovely boy, I can never thank her enough for my special boy."

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