In memory of Bernese lost during 2012 who are greatly missed



Danny ~ Sitzendorf Sir`s Apprentice at Tickbern
8th August 2004 ~ 18th October 2012.

 Penny Cooke and Jim Stevens emailed:
"After a short illness, we have had to say goodbye to
Sitzendorf  Sir`s Apprentice, “Danny to all his friends.
He was such a gentle dog, never stopped giving of himself
and has left a legacy to his breed that is up there with the greats.
Danny was a true Bernese, honest, masculine and so easy on the eye,
he would command respect where ever he went and hearts would melt
as arms were draped round his neck.

"He struck an eye catching pose in the show ring, winning three Reserve CC`s,
 four Reserve Green Stars and at his last day out, Best in Show.
He has sired Champions both in the UK America and India and also
has youngsters currently enjoying very successful show careers.

"Each and every Berner is special in their own unique way and Danny was no exception,
his favourite was to flop himself over the back of the sofa
in the mornings talking and smiling, waiting for that first big hug of the day.

"He was the consummate gentleman with the girls that came to visit;
just the best stud dog ever and always took his bath afterwards in the fish pond!
Danny inherited the soft side of his father Tickbern Craftsman aka “Phil”
which made him just the perfect companion.
He learnt very early in life that Donkey stallions need to be avoided!!
Chickens leave tasty treats wherever they go and all bones handed out
were his until he said otherwise!!

"He would pick up make believe scent trails on our daily walks round the farm,
creating utter confusion with the rest of the gang, then flopping down
beside us with his wicked grin to watch them try and untangle themselves.
He loved the back of the pick-up and took great delight
in turning his head into the wind, making his ears flap and his flews would vibrate
as he grabbed mouthfuls of air and then he would grin as only Danny could.

"We were very privileged to share his life and are blessed as he lives on
through his offspring and the Bernese breed is the richer for that.
We miss him terribly, go run free and find those new scent trails you big goof!!!!"


Ruby ~ Ch Bernarks Precious Ruby with Bernsteph ShCM
30th September 2000 ~ 28th July 2012

Joanne Sutton wrote;
"It is with a heavy heart that we have had to say a very sad goodbye to our ‘Precious Ruby’ after a very short illness.

"There is so much we could write about Ruby and all of her wonderful achievements, she is the dam of three Champions and other CC and Reserve CC winners. We are so proud to have been able to share our lives for nearly 12 years with this very special girl who we owe so much of our success to here at Bernsteph.

Ruby enjoying a walk recently

"Ruby was a great ambassador for our breed, she not only leaves a huge hole in our hearts
but we are sure in many who knew and loved her as we did.

"Thank You Ruby. Joanne, Trevor and Stephanie Sutton." 


Tilly ~ Tremywyddfa Chantilly Lace
14th April 2003 ~ 16th July 2012

 Angela and Chris Spooner wrote;
"Tilly was our first Bernese Mountain Dog after having x breed pups from rescue centres
from the mid 70's.
On the 1st of June 2003 we brought our precious girl home from North Wales
to South Wales. Her first Mum had named her and it fitted perfectly.
We never wanted to show, all our dogs have been family members.
Although we wanted to see if Tilly was suitable to be a P.A.T dog.
We tried Tilly in a cart but it was not for her.
At 2 years Tilly passed her test to be a P.A.T dog, she loved her job
working at our local Nursing Home.
As soon as she saw her P.A.T coat she knew where she was going, she loved her job.
The look on the residents faces when she first started visiting it was a picture.
They soon got used to her and vice versa; we would visit the lounges first,
this was the easy part.  We would give the residents some treats to feed Tilly
as they would want to feed her. They soon started to talk about
their own dogs they had, it would then in turn start them talking to each other and us. 
"Have you seen that big dog " or " wake up look who is over there."
Next we visited the residents that liked to be in their bedrooms. 
This is when the fun started as Tilly loved bears. 
She would have to have a look at them before going over to see the resident for cwtch (cuddle).
They tried to feed her biscuits but that would not work as she was not food oriented
which was good as we did not have to worry about her picking anything up that was not good for her.

At Puppy School the trainer could not believe that she was not food oriented,
she would take her up to her table of smelly cheese and meats
but Tilly would refuse to eat them. Tilly was her first Berner to train,
she soon found out that Tilly knew all her sits, downs and stays
but would do it in her own time.

Tilly 's nick names were " Queenie " and "Tanker".
She was very regal  She sat on her bench surveying her garden.
She would never get dirty, it was beneath her until Belle corrupted her.
She certainly left her foot prints when the cement base to our conservatory was laid,
she found a gap in which she got through before it dried.

Thank you for every 'high-five'  and 'cwtch'. 
R.I.P our precious girl."



Ebony ~ Manisla Ebony N Ivory
1st March 2007 ~ 22nd June 2012

Stewart Main emailed;
"Very difficult and sad email to write, but had to give my lovely little girl peace
on Friday 22nd June .
She had been very picky with her food for a few weeks but that is typical of her
when she is due in season . Quite normal otherwise or so I thought .
Things took a turn last week when she seemed very down .
Vet checked her red blood count and found it extremely low,
she was transferred to a Veterinary hospital in Canterbury where she was given a blood transfusion
and scans and tests were carried out .
They found extremely enlarged liver and spleen and fluid in the abdomen and she was very poorly .
Cancer was their diagnosis .
I made the most difficult decision any dog owner ever makes and coming
almost exactly a year after Lin died it is particularly painful for me.
 Ebony was our pride and joy, sweet and loving everybody .
We were so proud to have bred her .
She has never been show since Lin died, she could have done much, more
but she was my treasure and my companion and a real reminder of my wife
and the dedicated hours she spent in the whelping box with her puppies.
I will miss her dreadfully." 



Lunar ~ Windlenell Lucky Lunar
3rd July 2002 ~ 25th February 2012

 Lin Fitch e.mailed;
"Lunar was from my own bred Windlenell Jade x Ch Fortonpark Star Galaxy. 
She was one of thirteen puppies which all survived and which some are still going strong today. 
She produced only one litter which is my Windlenell Miclin.  
Although only lightly shown Lunar did receive a Reserve CC at the Welsh Kennel Club
Championship Show in August 2006 under Anne Wells.  
She was also the oldest shown Veteran at the BMD Club of GB Ruby Jubilee Championship Show
in September 2011 and came a respectable 4th in her class.
She will be sadly missed by all the family." 



Mia ~ Ch Shirdees Star of Wonder
26th June 2003 ~ 24th February 2012
Owned by Shirley King and Julie  and Mick Bramble

Joanne Sutton e.mailed;
"Shirley King and Mick and Julie Bramble have had to say good bye to their beautiful bitch
Ch Shirdees Star of Wonder, after a short illness."


Trinity ~ Sadly lost 1st February 2012

Mike and Kath Moore wrote;
 "A tribute to Trinity - To our beautiful girl with all our love

"You came to us late in your life (7) a shy girl who was frightened of men,
yet you took to your new dad with ease and trust, a proper little daddies girl. 
We had only had 7 short months with you but you made such a big impact on our lives.

"You were our first Bernese and we love you so much, our hearts broken when we lost you,
we will always miss you. Never a day goes by without us thinking of you, your always in our hearts and thoughts.
R.I.P. our sweet girl until we meet again, all our love, Mum and Dad xxxx "


Deeglebern Catch The Dream For Tribern ~ Archie
27th September 2002 ~ 31st January 2012

Jan & Peter Ratcliffe wrote;
"A very special boy who I have known since the day he was born and who chose me
while he was still a tiny puppy in the nest.
He grew into a big dog with a big personality to match, always a gentleman he had the heart
and spirit of a lion and fought so hard to overcome his health problems and stay with us.

"He loved life and was happy to take part in anything we did, he qualified for Cruft’s several times,
latterly as a veteran for 2011, and he enjoyed carting with the rest of his Bernese family.

"One of his greatest loves was riding in the car and he was more than happy to just sit in it
even if it was only parked on the drive and he went nowhere!
A complete Mum’s boy he followed me everywhere and we miss him terribly."

You have a special place, dear Lord that I know you always keep.
A special place reserved for dogs to peacefully fall asleep.
A place with fluffy pillows, and a garden for hiding bones.
With maybe a little babbling brook that rushes over stones.
With wide green fields and flowers for those who never knew,
Of running, playing freely, under a sky of perfect blue.
Lord, I know you keep this special place, and so to you I pray,
For one, oh so special dog who came to you today.
He was full of strength and love, and so very, very wise,
But the puppy look that he once had has long since left his eyes.
He will be dearly missed, oh Lord, this special love of mine.
But now he’ll play and romp in your land that’s so divine.
Speak to my baby softly please, with a hug and a warm hello.
He’s a special gift to you dear Lord, from me – who loved him so.



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