In memory of Bernese lost during 2014 who are greatly missed


Ollie ~ Ch Manisla Ebony Dusk
1st March 2007 ~ 4th December 2014

"This is with our greatest sadness that we have to tell you that Ollie, 
Manisla Ebony Dusk, passed away this last Thursday 4th December.
He had not been well recently and  we hoped and prayed it was a minor problem but
all the recent tests indicated otherwise and an x ray confirmed  cancer.

"We did have three wonderful  last days with Ollie where he seemed happy
and we took some lovely photos  although  we knew it would not last.
On Thursday we took  the heartbreaking decision to put him to sleep .
We all know that such moments come but it is always too soon.

"We feel very privileged to have had such a  beautiful dog and  a wonderful "person".
We have always been so grateful to  both Lin and Stewart Main for breeding this exceptional
dog and letting us have him. We take solace from the knowledge that he had a
great life as he was loved, cherished, admired, groomed to perfection,
trained and exercised, spoiled in every imaginable way, adored, treasured
and obviously shown with outstanding success.  What a lucky boy!!

"We now feel a huge empty space but equally we see him everywhere.
The enjoyment of his final show where he won BIS at the BMD Club of Great
Britain Show in September will always be a precious and treasured lasting memory.

"We still cannot quite believe he has gone as it is very difficult to deal with
almost eight years of wonderful memories but we draw comfort that his line
continues both in Poland with  great success and also in this country.

"The photo reflects happy times with Ollie as one of our family,
the way we want to remember him."

o ~ O ~ o

Haggis ~ Emberfay Voyager at Athollbern
10th May 2008 ~ 19th August 2014

Tom and Wendy Murray emailed;

"A week ago we lost a special boy, “Haggis,” he was just over 6 years old.
Over the last couple of years he had coped with the disability of DM
(Degenerative Myleopathy) but over the last few days we noticed a
decline in his general well being.

"He loved his carting, and loved carrying things, hence we trained him to carry
flags, baskets etc in carting displays we performed in front of the public and
became the trickster in the family.

"His soul mate was Duggie Monster who protected him and looked after him and
they were quite often braced together and when we lost Duggie and Flora he
became pack leader to Wallace and recently Ramsay.

"How our lives have changed over the past year losing three great dogs. Haggis
passed away in his sleep with Ramsay cuddled up to him and Wallace, we couldn’t
think of a better way for him to go.

"We all miss him so take care Big Boy you are now with your mates.


Merlin ~ Pasturegreen Trick Or Treat
1st November 2009 ~ 17th June 2014

Philippa Green emailed;

"Our beloved Merlin (Pasturegreen Trick or Treat) died of a heart attack a short
while after undergoing emergency surgery for a blockage whilst we were away on holiday. 
He was a much loved family pet and a super example of the breed and
just coming into his prime.  He died tragically young at 4½ years old. 

"Merlin gave us such joy in the show ring, he got Best Puppy in Breed at Bath
Championship Show, won his class at Crufts, got his Stud Book Number
and Reserve CC at the SBMDC Championship Show and 
helped Chloe qualify for the JHA Semi Finals.  He was a pleasure to
show and we had this bond when we were together that made us become one. 
We feel as a family that we have had our hearts ripped out;
he was a bear of a Bernese, so loyal and loving with an amazing temperament. 
Rest in Peace Merlin you were simply adored and treasured and to lose you so
suddenly and so young is more than we can bear."


Boris - Nightstar van St Niklas At Manisla
9th November 2012 ~ 28th May 2014

Teresa and Stephen Nightingale emailed;
"This is to let you know the terribly sad news that we lost Boris,
Nightstar van St-Niklas at Manisla, 
Ollie's son, this last Wednesday
after a two weeks fight to save his life. 

"He became unwell after eating some unspecific wildlife on a walk and eventually
ended up in a hospital but in spite of every effort did not respond to treatment.

"The vets decided to operate and found massive problems and part of his
gut was removed.  However he continued to deteriorate so they opened
him up again and found catastrophic 
damage to all major organs
due to peritonitis. The only kind thing to do was not 
to wake him up.

"We are both devastated. He was such a genuine, kind and affectionate
dog.  He was only 18 months old and it does not seem fair."


In loving memory - Our Yogibear
Kaye Wilks emailed;

"On the 2nd May 2014 we had to say our final goodbyes to our gorgeous Yogibear 
after neurological problems. For 8 years you gave us the most incredible memories 
and forever showed your love, losing you has been unbearable 
and the heartache will always stay, for you could never be replaced.

"We love and we miss you;

"They say memories are golden, well maybe that is true:
We never wanted memories, we only wanted you.
A million times we needed you, a million times we cried;
If a love alone could have saved you, you never would have died.
In life we loved you dearly, in death we love you still:
In our hearts you hold a place no one could ever fill.

"RIP our darling Yogi, until we meet again..We hope you & our lovely Gunner
are taking care of each other. xxx "


Endo ~ Ch Jaybiem Innu Endo  
2nd October 2008 ~ 19th March 2014

June Miles emailed;

"It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of the passing of Endo. 

"Known to all as Little End (being smaller than his mate Utwo), he was not his
usual bouncy self at Crufts. I put this down to the fact that a bitch at home was in season .

"After the show I myself was admitted to hospital with a minor heart problem. My dogs
were all looked after by a very good friend. On my return home Endo started to go off his
food. Very unusual for one of mine.  He was wobbly on his back legs. 
He had no temperature at this stage. I took him to the vet where it became
apparent that we had a very sick dog. Temperature had rocketed to 40°. Bloods were taken
whilst we waited and the results were not looking favourable. It was agreed to x-ray
him. He had a mass by his heart and other problems within his abdomen.
The prognosis was extremely grave. I had to take the decision to 
give him sleep.  A little gentleman to the end. 

"This beautiful picture (above) was taken by Anne Longbottom of Endo when
he went Best in Show at 2013 Northern BMD Club Championship Show."


  Ivy - Ch Harvestbank Chantilly Lace JW ShCM
 21st February 2010 ~ 23rd February 2014

Trish Goodyear emailed;

"It is with very heavy heart that I write to inform everyone that my beautiful girl Ivy,
Ch. Harvestbank 
Chantilly Lace JW ShCM passed away on Sunday after having
surgery for a pyometra on 3rd February.  Unfortunately, the toxins had
damaged her kidneys too 
much for her to make a reasonable recovery.
We both battled for three weeks to try and get her 
better but she just made 
her fourth birthday.

"I am devastated as she was my pride and joy having been a loyal and devoted
companion and a 
special girl not only at home but in the show ring too. I hope she will
enjoy rainbow bridge with hee father and grandma and grandad,
all champions in my heart still and missing 
them always as I will miss my lovely girl.

"During her show career Ivy won;
3 Bitch CCs
3 Best Puppy in Show
1 Best in Show
Heat of the Pup Of The Year
6 Puppy Working Groups at Open Show level
3 Adult Working Groups at Open Show level together with many Working Group
placings in the adult and Puppy Groups

"RIP my wonderful girl."



Murphy ~ Dreambern Jammy Jester
22nd August 2006 ~ 5tt August 2013

Luan Morgan emailed;

"Our lovely boy Murphy, sadly missed constantly in our hearts and thoughts.

"We miss you every hour of every day, you brought joy to every hour of
every day that you were with us. Forever loved."


Livvie ~ Ch Meadowpark Living The Dream
29th January 2011 ~ 30th December 2013

Gary Dybdall emailed;

"It is with great sadness and devastation that we are writing regarding the loss of
Livvie, Ch Meadowpark Living The Dream. In the early hours of Monday morning she
gave birth to 15 puppies but 2 hours after an emergency Caesarean she sadly passed away.
We were told that she was doing fine but when we went to pick her up she had crashed.
Livvie was revived twice and although unconscious she was still aware that
we were there; unfortunately this was all just too much for her. We are
all devastated.

"The dogs are all grieving her loss too. Thankfully, her best friend, Breeze whelped a litter
on New Year's Day and is now helping to look after Livvie's 14 healthy babies
that are currently still with us - although still early days yet. 

"We will miss her greatly - our most loving, calm and beautiful girl.

"Bernice, John, Carole and Gary"


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