In memory of Bernese lost during 2015 who are greatly missed


Akira ~ Lintock Quick Step.
3rd June 2005 ~ 10th June 2015

Cheryl Doran emailed; 
"We have just had the hardest day of our life, as we had to say goodbye
to the sweetest, most loving girl we have ever known.
Such a big part of our life is missing.
A big sister to our two human children and our 'First Born'.
10 Years and 1 week old, but its never enough time.
It was a big shock at the time as she never exhibited any signs
of illness other than what could be due to old age.
Our first Bernese Mountain Dog, and she stole our heart.
Run free Akira. Hope you are at peace now.  x"


Trouper ~ Welshbern Super Trouper Of Scobern
9th September 2005 ~ 1st June 2015

Marian Scott emailed;

"We had to say goodbye to Trouper who became ill on Sunday and was diagnosed with a
tumour on his heart on Monday. It never gets any easier no matter how many Bernese we
have and he will be missed tremendously.  He was a very special boy and was the first of
our boys since 1997 to get over the age of 7 and every day was a blessing. 
Run free my big man with your brothers Brennan and Baillie over the rainbow bridge 

"Love and miss you Marian, Margaret & Shelagh"


Hudson ~ Meadowpark Sez I'm Hudson
3rd November 2008 ~ 21st May 2015

Julie Ann Wright emailed;

"It is with a very sad and heavy heart that I write to tell you of our loss of Hudson.
He was given sleep last Thursday after bravely losing his fight with cancer. 

"Hudson was my first Bernese and having him completely changed our lives!
I went from a convertible car to a small van then to a big van and from a tent to  
a caravan to then a motorhome, all to make our hobbies more enjoyable. 

"He was a joy to own even though he had his stubborn streak.
He had the widest range of expressions and was exceptionally intelligent,
using both of these to his advantage. 
I cannot thank Bernice, John and Carole enough for giving us the pleasure
of owning him.

 "Anyone who knew Hudson will know he was always happiest in the
shafts of his cart. He loved carting displays and adored the Working Cart Course.
He achieved the ultimate in 2012 by winning the gold medal as Top Working Cart Dog
and then again in 2013.
We proudly have his gold medals and sashes framed and on display.
His other love was attending Di Atherton's Hydrotherapy Centre every week
for his water treadmill session. 
Hudson also accompanied me to work every day and will be dearly missed
by all my clients. 

"We feel so privileged to of owned the most superb Bernese who was loved
by so many people.
The void he has left in our lives is huge and he will be eternally missed
by both me and Dave and also Redford."


Truffle ~ Meadowpark Sugar’s Special
15th July 2010 ~ 5th May 2015

Susan, Nigel & Maia Williams emailed;

"Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our beautiful girl last week. She was 
a very poorly girl and we had to do what was right by her and let her 
go, far too soon at only 4 years of age. We were told that she had a 
particularly nasty form of cancer. She went from mooching around the 
garden on Sunday afternoon to hardly being able to put one paw in 
front of the other on Monday afternoon when she had to be stretchered 
into the vets. There was no improvement by Tuesday and we had to make 
the awful decision that no-one ever wants to make. We hope that she 
and Heidi are not up to too much mischief over the Rainbow Bridge.

"She leaves a huge void in our lives and her partner in crime, our 
other Bernese, Maia is missing her greatly. It seems like only 
yesterday that we picked her up from Mrs. Mair in Rochdale and from 
that moment we realised what a character she was. She could almost 
talk! She would listen intently turning her head first one way then 
the other and then make a ‘comment’ as if she were joining in the 
conversation. Thank you for having faith in us and for placing Truffle 
in our care. She has wanted for nothing and we loved her to bits.

"We are devastated at the loss of our ‘chunky monkey’ and miss her
so much. Sleep tight baby girl.  xx "

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