Bernese News 11th January 2015


Filling in another of the previously unannounced judges for 2015, the judge for the BMD
Club of Great Britain Open Show on 5th December 2015 will be breed specialist Ruth 
Summerley (Mytezika).



I would like to thank Buckinghamshire Canine Society for inviting me to judge Bernese at this
show. I would like to thank the exhibitors who braved the wet, windy conditions outside. It was,
I felt, better to continue with a breed who are built to withstand the severest of weathers in a ring
outside with room to move and display the breed qualities than to go indoors and be squashed
in a small space. The wind tried to disrupt proceedings but my steward, who's name I am
sorry to have missed, did a sterling job of racing about collecting rosettes and cards from the far
reaches of the venue !! Thank you !

I enjoyed my day and was pleased to see a veteran of such obvious good health amongst my

Breed type can sometimes be missing with dogs who have not got the bone substance and
proportions needed in a breed built for hard work, drafting ability and long days spent at the feet
of the Swiss farmers. Size is often discussed but size without substantial bone or correct
construction is not right. In a breed with a great diversity in height accepted in the standard we
should always have the substance to match the height. It is disappointing to see that many dogs
presented in the rings these days have lost the type we are looking for. Much is said about
breeding for type and not taking health into consideration but each is as important as the other.
People fall in love with a specific type and in Bernese this is the well boned, substantial dog that
gives the impression of a cuddly friendly bear. The comment I most often get while out walking my
dogs is "Big Friendly Cuddly Bears".  Lets try not to loose the type we need and lets make sure
we take health and longevity into consideration as well as one is of no use without the other.
Heads need to reflect the breed and have to have the correct proportions, neither too overbuilt nor
snipey. I am pleased to say my main winners excelled in these qualities.

Junior  (2 entries)
1st Romanov's Waldershelf Fancy Phoenix.
  8 months. Above middle size male of nice
breed type. Well grown with ample bone for size. Dark eye, broad head slight stop. Very clean
outline, a little upright in upper arm placement, this may improve with better training as he was
dancing on his toes ! Stands with front feet turned out a little but has a good depth and width of
chest. Firm topline, nicely rounded croup and good hindquarters.  Needs lots more ring training
as it was difficult to asses him properly.  He is still very much a puppy. He is prone to amble but
once he did move he showed a nice collected gait with plenty of hind reach and propulsion. He
could do well if his handler gets his attention and he knuckles down to his job. Best Puppy.  
Pleased to see him go on to Working Puppy Group 3 under breed specialist Trish Barr.
2nd Games' Chippis Magic Diamond. Another 8 month old male. This lad is a smaller, finer
type. He did not have the bone or substance of 1st. Good head with nice eye and pleasing
expression. I would have liked to see more masculinity in his head. Well placed upper arm and
well set shoulder. Firm top-line with well moulded croup and good tail-set.  He moved with a
good steady gait reaching out well in front.

Post Graduate  (2 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Avery's Lujento Morse.
Nearly 3 years old male of good breed type. Well boned and with
strong head and good expression. Stands nice and true in front with good shoulder but a little
upright in stifle. Nice firm top-line and well set tail. Correct hind construction with well let down
hocks and showed plenty of powerful drive from behind. He moves well and has a free flowing
gait. He could use a little more confidence in the ring but he settled for me to assess him.

Open  (3)
1st Sutton's Ch Bernsteph Dior Remember Me JW.
Celebrating her 2nd birthday today this
bitch is a pleasure to go over. Medium sized, she shows excellent breed type. Lovely feminine 
head and expression, dark eye and has the correct length of muzzle and breadth of head.  Firm
top-line and lovely moulded croup. Well placed shoulder with good return of upper arm, good
depth of chest. Stands straight and true front and back. Correct hind assembly with nice let down
of hocks and good strong second thigh. She moves easily and uses her good construction to cover
the ground with power and grace. She left most of her coat at home today but what she had was
gleaming. I was pleased to award her Best of Breed and am delighted she went on to take
Working Group 2.
2nd Avery's Kyleburn Night Quintillion. What a pleasure to see this 8 1/2 year old boy enjoying
his day out and what a splendid performance he put on with his free flowing easy movement; he
could show up some younger dogs with his sound, easy gait. He is a credit to his owners. Nice
breed type. Lovely head with pleasing expression. Moderate stop good eye colour and carries his
ears well.  Nicely angled both front and rear with a firm top-line for his age. He is in good fit condition
and shows a good sound frame. Plenty of coat with deep true colours. It is so nice to see a veteran
of this quality enjoying himself. We should be celebrating our veterans more in our breed and
recognising the part they have to play in a breed with a reputation for short lives.
3rd Hardwick's Sanmarwell Harvey Moon Of Brookbern
Judge - Aileen Trevett (Vellbern)


Jude Simonds


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