Bernese News 10th January 2017

After a very busy and hectic Christmas and New Year I'd like to thank all of you who sent the many,
many lovely cards and messages and also the gifts I received over the Christmas holiday period. 

I'd also like to convey my thanks to all those who sent donations to Bernese Welfare UK. As always
all were very much appreciated.  Between 1st January 2016 and 31st December 2016 a total of 29
Bernese were accepted into care and we helped with the rehoming of a further 19 Bernese.  Every
penny that Bernese Welfare UK receives is spent on unfortunate, displaced Bernese who need
refuge, care and help. None of the money that Bernese Welfare UK receives is diverted to gratuities,
Honorariums or administration costs - every penny donated or fund-raised goes towards the expenses
directly associated with the actual day-to-day care, rehabilitation, veterinary treatment and rehoming
of rejected or displaced Bernese. Without the generosity of supporters our team would find it more
difficult to help so many needy Bernese but achieving sufficient financing for the service we have
provided for the past 30 years is an ongoing concern for Bernese Welfare UK. 

Our costs each year vary depending on how many Bernese spays, castrations, vaccinations and micro-
chip implants etc., are required. There are also other diagnostic/surgical/treatments which have to be
done such as running blood panels and other medical investigations and assessments before
undertaking any surgical procedure.  Corrective surgery for Entropion, lump (tumour) biopsy and/or 
removal plus diagnostic x-rays for lame Bernese are very expensive but necessary as we don't expect
anyone to adopt a dog with lameness or other health issues without first establishing a diagnosis and
prognosis. Our remit is to do the very best for the needy Bernese and the families who adopt them.
The generosity of supporters and fundraisers helps us to continue to provide the aid that is needed. 
During the first week of January 2017 Bernese Welfare UK has already taken one Bernese into care
and been instrumental in rehoming two more so the demand for our help continues.


Gerry Deegan (Deeglebern) very sadly passed away on 11th October 2016 and it was his and his
family's wish that donations made in his memory should be shared between the Alzheimers Society
and Bernese Welfare UK.  Last week Bernese Welfare UK received donation cheques amounting to
£440 and I so would like to thank all those who contributed for their generosity in helping the rescue
and rehoming service at a time of personal sadness.  Thank you.


George Wilson, Chairman of the BMD Club of Scotland would like to remind you that entries
close on 14th January (Postmark) for the first of the Club shows for this year.  The Club's 30th
Anniversary Open Show will be held on 12th February 2017 at Alva and the schedule and further
information can be found on the Club website  or contact Club secretary
Agnes Wilson Tel; 01698 860298 who will be happy to receive all enquiries. 


The January 2017 issue of the Kennel Club Journal confirms that Bernese remain in the Stud
Book 2017 Band C (1st and 2nd in Open class and 1st in Limit class.)


The first Championship Show of 2017 was Boston which does not have CCs on offer for Bernese
but attracted 30 entries with 8 absentees across 8 classes for all-rounder Richard Kinsey. Shandy
Bridges' homebred Kernow Something was Best of Breed with Mike and Di Atherton's homebred
Ch Athersbern Peronelle Blush taking Best Bitch and June Miles' homebred Jaybiem Stan Innovation
was declared Best Puppy. Congratulations.

Jude Simonds


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