Bernese News 18th January 2019


The Bernese entry for Manchester Championship Show 2019 (Bernese day is this Sunday) has been announced as 47 exhibits giving 51 entries across 14 classes for all-rounder judge Dave Killilea.

For comparison the entry at Manchester 2018 (Saturday) was 95 entries with 28 absentees across 14 classes for breed specialist judge Joanne Sutton (Bernsteph).



Online entries for the Southern BMD Club Open Show have been extended to Sunday 20th January 2019.
Schedule and online entry information;




The Northern BMD Club Championship Show 2019 Schedule and online entry information can be found here;


A couple of news story featuring Bernese appeared online this week.

In the first, entitled "10 popular dog breeds prone to serious health issues", Bernese were included in the listing.

The relevant paragraphs stated; "Most significant genetic disorders: Meningitis, elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, histiocytosis. The good-natured Bernese mountain dog began its story as a farm dog around Bern, Switzerland. It was a multipurpose canine — driving cattle, hauling loads, guarding farms and serving as an affectionate companion, according to the AKC. Sadly, these sweet dogs only live about seven to 10 years and can face several medical disorders. According to the disorders database, Berners are susceptible to a particular type of meningitis (inflammation of the brain and spinal cord) that is believed to have an inherited component. They’re also prone to histiocytosis, an accumulation of cells (histiocytes) that can be malignant. Plus, subaortic stenosis (a heart defect) and entropion (abnormal, irritating eyelid rolling) are frequent in the breed."

Of all the issues, some extremely common, which have been reported to occur in our breed I thought it interesting to see the author's choice of what issues to include.

The original story can be found here;

The second news story featured Bernese owner George Brabender and his Bernese Bailey, this time a pictorial article in the Renfrewshire News on 11th January.

The story relayed how this pair have volunteered to visit residents at The Erskine Home and the Erskine Park Home at Bishopton, so bring joy to those who miss having a pet or are just dog lovers.

The original story can be found here;



The Kennel Club has published the Code of Best Practice
and also a copy of the evaluation form for the Judges Competency Framework (JFC) as well as the current list of JCF Mentors for which there are as yet none listed for Bernese. 

The JCF is described as "a new system has been developed for the education, approval and listing of every level of judge, from those who aspire to judge, right through to open show judges and those who go on to award Challenge Certificates and judge championship show groups, and Best in Show. The system has been designed taking into account the feedback received from exhibitors, show societies and judges".

If you'd like to know about it or get involved the Bernese Mountain Dog Education Co-ordinators are Trish Goodyear (Harvestbank) Email and Gary Dybdall (Meadowpark & Rodiveco) Email

Kennel Club JCF Mentors announcement;

Working Group Breeds list of mentors


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