Bernese News 22nd July 2016


I would just like to thank all exhibitors for sticking it out in the blazing heat! I was really
pleased with all of my entries and extremely pleased with quality and how well turned 
out each dog was. I thought the ring was of good size and that the show premises were 
fab! A really well attended and organised show.

Puppy Dog or Bitch  No entries 

Junior Dog or Bitch  No entries

Graduate Dog or Bitch  (4 entries, 1 absentee)  
1st  Abbott-Brown & Abbott’s Meadowpark Dream Come True with Kingstonka.  
feminine bitch of nearly 2 ½ years. Body now starting to mature. Feminine head with correct 
dark eyes that are full of mischief, clean stop, good width of muzzle with typical melting 
expression. Good high ear set and used to full advantage, Excellent straight front with good 
depth to chest, pleasing angles throughout, strong level topline. Super rear with well let down
hocks. Good tail set, at times carried a little high but settled once she got going.  Free flowing 
movement which won her the class and Best of Breed. Pleased to see her gaining Group 4 in 
a good, well turned out group!
2nd Marsden & Robertson's Tridaleaze Majik Potion.  Beautiful shapely bitch of 2 years who 
excels in body. Strong yet feminine head with good even markings, dark eyes and correct ear set. 
Good width to muzzle and correct scissor bite. Deep chest leading to well angled shoulders and 
straight front. Strong level topline leading to well angulated rear. Nice cat-like feet and correct tail 
set. Easy mover with enough power from behind. Tough decision between 1st and 2nd and I just 
felt this girl was a tad overweight today.
Open Dog or Bitch  (9, 1) 
1st  Instone & Clegram’s Staubach Johann Von der Wald.
 Strong, masculine male of 5 years
and of average size. Best headed exhibit in the class with deep,melting dark eyes, classic medium 
markings, short and broad muzzle with correct scissor bite and superb dark tan. Ears set on high 
and used well on the stack. Strong medium neck leading into well held topline. Enough chest
leading to straight front, well angulated rear and correct cat-like feet.  Tail carried at the right height 
on the move. Loved his profile movement and he out-moved all in the class.  To be super critical I 
would like another inch in size overall, however he had enough quality throughout to take the class. 
2nd Scott’s Welshbern One Vision At Scobern. Another strong, masculine male coming up to 4
years old with super typical Bernese outline and desirable markings.  Another excellent head with 
dark almond shaped eyes, scissor bite. Stands on strong front, deep chest, strong level topline,
excellent rear angles, well let down hocks and tight cat-like feet. Tail set correct and carried well on 
the move. A dog that was my original winner, however he seemed more interested in the girls today 
rather than concentrating on the move which unfortunately lost him the win.
Judge - Leena Pawlyszyn (Matera)

Jude Simonds

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