Bernese News 30th July 2016



The Bernese entry for Bournemouth Championship Show 2016 has been announced as 
40 exhibits giving 41 entries for breed specialist judge Gaye Strassen (St Fillans)

For comparison the entry at Bournemouth 2015 was 58 entries with 8 absentees for breed 
specialist judge Sandra Gatward (Timberlog).


I should like to thank the committee of National Working and PastoraL Breeds for their kind 
invitation and generous hospitality shown to me at this very well run show.  Thank you to my 
stewards  Trish Barr and Karen Bird for dealing with the paperwork and keeping the ring in  

I really enjoyed my day. I was very impressed with my main winners all showing strength and 
correct breed type. Presentation was excellent in all exhibits as were temperaments. I only  
found two incorrect bites. Thank you to everyone who entered under me.
Puppy Dog  (2 entries,  absentee)
1st Baldwin's Meadowpark First Class For Fortonpark
. 10 months and a lot to like about this 
youngster. Up on his toes and willing to show with a happy out-going temperament.  Head  
developing well, broad and masculine with almond shaped eyes of correct colour, neck of good 
length. Chest development good with correct front angulation. Well boned and balanced rear
angles with a lovely rounded rump. Holds a firm topline both on the stand and when moving with 
excellent reach and drive, coat of good colour and quality. Pleased to award him Best Puppy in 
and shortlisted to final 6 in the Working Puppy Group.
Junior Dog  (4)
1st Mair, Hartley Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark Perfect Record.
 16 months and well up for size
He has the most handsome head developing with broad skull and darkest of eyes of good shape. 
Strong muzzle with some freckles. His tan is so rich (which is lacking in so many Bernese). Super 
length of neck leading to well placed shoulders, has excellent bone and tight, cat-like feet. Needs  
to deepen through his middle piece but this should come with maturity. Excellent rear angulation 
and pleasing rear pasterns. Another with drive and purpose on the move. A little wide going away 
but true coming towards. Presented in first class gleaming coat. Excellent temperament. 
Reserve CC.
2nd Barsby & Bonham's Halesbern Naughty But Nice.
14 months and another well up for size 
and maturing nicely. Liked him a lot and another with an all-male head which is broad with a strong 
stop and good depth of muzzle. Good eye colour and shape. He was shorter in neck to my winner
and longer through the loin. Correct front and rear angulation and a lovely rounded rump with a 
correct tail carriage and firm topline. He moved well in all directions with a happy disposition. 
Handler just needs to watch when placing his back feet not to turn them out.
3rd Bridges' Deerpark Traveling Man V Kernow (imp). 

Post Graduate Dog  (5)
1st Bridges' Kernow Something.
22 months, medium size. Strong in head with a narrow blaze. 
Beautiful dark, almond shaped eyes and correct ear set.  Strong muzzle.  Sufficient neck but can 
look rather stuffy with his profuse coat. Broad chest with well-boned, straight front and cat-like feet. 
Holds a good topline when standing and on the move. Well ribbed and well let down behind but 
tends to stand at times rather close in front. Another active mover with an excellent side profile 
once he gets into his stride. Just wished he would show himself off better.
2nd Hastings' Bernemcourt Liv'n On Prayer.  2 years, another with lots to like. Not quite as mature 
as my 1st in body and slightly longer cast. Very strong headpiece with the most beautiful Bernese 
expression, dark eyes of correct shape and colour. Ample neck which he uses well on the stand. 
Well laid shoulders and nice front and ample bone for size. Holds a firm topline but I would prefer 
more rear angulation but this did not detract from his positive movement once his handler stopped 
him pacing. Excellent presentation.
3rd Martin's  Kernow Claptons Greatest For Jaybiem.
Limit Dog  (7)
1st Round's Collansues Black Magic.
 4 ½ years, top size who oozes size, substance and type; 
very workmanlike in appearance. Strong head with defined stop, eyes could be better in colour and 
shape. Correct front angulation but down on his pasterns. Lovely body proportions. Good spring of
rib and length of loin. Excellent topline and rear angulation, tail carriage good.  Carrying correct 
amount of weight. I have seen him move better and more positive and this cost him top honours today.
2nd Baldwin's  Guiness Record From Christofland To Fortonpark (imp). 2 1/2 years and another 
quality male and a real favourite of mine. Masculine head  with flat skull and with the darkest of eyes 
and correct shape, correct depth of muzzle with some freckles and good ear set.  Rich tan markings. 
Excellent neck length leading to well laid shoulders and well boned front legs with sooty, tight, cat-like 
feet.  Well ribbed and firm topline, needs to deepen all through the body which will come with 
maturity. Another with excellent rear angulation. Pinned in on the move today and unfortunately 
looked out of condition and coat which cost him the class.
3rd Gopal's  Collansues Secret Bridges.
Open Dog  (4, 2)
1st Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdalls Ch Meadowpark High Class.
 18 months and what a super young 
male he is. One of the nicest Bernese I have had the pleasure of judging, "High Class" in name and 
make! Well up for size, masculine head with the desired flat skull, eyes dark and of good shape,
defined stop and broad muzzle. Neat well set ears which he uses to his advantage, well muscled 
neck of correct length. Excellent forehand and depth of chest. Heavy boned legs, excellent feet. Firm 
in body, a touch long through the loin but well ribbed, rounded rump and correct tail set and carriage.
Well muscled rear with correct angulation leading to  well boned short rear pasterns which he uses to 
produce great drive from the rear and very tidy coming too. Carrying correct amount of weight and 
coat. Presented in tip top condition and could not be denied the CC and Best of Breed and later took 
Group 3. Congratulations!
2nd Richards' Marrack Van't Pachthof Von Richenbern (imp). 3 years, typey male who was placed 
3rd in the previous class, unfortunately he did not want to move in the previous class; with a different 
handler moving him he was a different dog! Masculine head with dark eye, defined stop and strong
muzzle. Darker facial markings. Shorter in neck than 1st, correct front angles, ample bone for size 
with good breadth of chest. Level topline and well sprung ribs.  Rounded croup and correct tail set and 
excellent hocks. He came into his own on the move with his new handler, great reach and drive with a 
lovely steady profile movement. Excellent temperament.
Veteran Dog or Bitch  (1, 1)
Puppy Bitch  (4, 2)
1st Baldwin's Fortonpark Chasing Dreams.
7 months and so much to like about her at this age. 
Feminine, so shapely, lovely head developing with dark eye of correct shape. Classic markings but 
would prefer richer tan. Good length of neck which she uses well, chest developing, straight, well 
boned legs, level topline and rounded rump and good tail carriage. On the move she is steady with 
good reach and drive just a little wide coming to.  Excellent coat and presentation. Best Puppy Bitch 
2nd Bridges' Liskarn Love In The Dark. 8 months and very similar to my winner in shape and size
but preferred the head of the 1st. Head developing but longer in muzzle at the moment, eyes of good 
colour, her a tan is rich. Excellent neck, she uses it well, correct front with sufficient bone for size. 
Topline good as are her angles leading to a rounded rump.  Moved well in all directions, well schooled 
and presentation excellent.
3rd Miles' Jaybiem Burli Shassi.
Junior Bitch  (3, 1)
1st Jones' Lujento Gloria Swan Song.
15 months, on the lower height scale. Loved her shape and 
make, to be critical would like alittle more leg length. Strong head but still feminine, darkest of eyes, 
excellent muzzle, well set ears. Ample neck, broad chest developing, lovely bone leading to correct 
feet. Shoulders good, correct ribbing and a pleasing outline with well let down rear pasterns and 
another with correct tail set and carriage. Rounded rump. Moved well in all directions. Great
2nd Baldwin's Fortonpark Lilly's Delight. 10 months, another with lots to like. Taller than my 1st 
but I  just preferred the outline of my winner. Head developing well and another with beautiful dark  
eyes, correct ear set, ample neck on good shoulders. Standing slightly high on the rear at the 
moment due to her development, lovely croup and rear angulation.  She moved well for a puppy but 
slightly wide coming towards. Presentation excellent.
Post Graduate Bitch  (14, 5)
1st Marsden & Robertson's  Trudaleaze Majik Potion.
 2 years, medium size. Judged her at 6  
months of age and now think she really has come on.  Has good overall shape with correct body 
ratios. Desired flat skull and dark eyes and correct ear set, would prefer more stop to enhance her 
head shape. Lovely neck which she uses well. Correct front assembly and ample bone, good feet. 
Body correct with ample rear angulation, tail set and coat colours excellent. She comes into her own 
on the move with correct reach and drive in all directions and so true . A real happy showgirl with
excellent presentation.  Reserve CC.
2nd Flanagan's Collansues Mountain Angel.
 3 years, another favourite of mine who I judged a 
couple of years ago and is now reaching maturity. Very typey, head strong with dark facial markings 
but this did not detract from her feminine expression, good eyes and ear set. Another with an
excellent topline and well bodied with ample bone, Good rear angulation and tail set.  So sound on 
the move in all directions and handled sympathetically
3rd King & Bramble's Shirdees Strike A Pose.
Limit Bitch  (8)
1st Weston's Bernfawr In Vogue JW.
2 years, feminine and shapely, below medium size. 
Appealing head and eye, good skull shape and muzzle, ample neck.  Super front angulation with 
well boned legs and cat-like feet. Well ribbed and correct loin.  Possible carrying a little too much 
weight which I detected in her topline. I forgave her this for her excellent type. She has very good 
rear angulation with rounded rump, lovely short rear pasterns and gleaming jacket. She moved well 
enough to win the class, but unfortunately in the challenge she lost her sparkle and I think possibly 
the heat affected her.  
2nd Baldwin's Meadowpark Living My Dream At Fortonpark. 2 ½ years, another who I like but 
felt was not at her best which cost her the class. Judged herr as a puppy and did her well then and 
is maturing nicely. Taller than my winner and lighter in tan and eye colour.  Head proportions good, 
she is feminine with substance. Correct front and well boned legs, Slightly longer through the middle 
piece ,well muscled and let down behind, correct tail set , Excellent side profile movement with 
correct reach and drive but slightly wide coming to. Handled well.
3rd Griffiths, Orme & Slade's  Jaybiem Vou Doo At Potterspride JW.
Open  (8, 4)
1st Morgan's Welshbern Sweet Lady At Judabern.
 4 years,  I judged as a youngster and have 
done well before. She has matured into a beautiful example of the breed with correct body ratios 
and oozes breed type with substance and femininity. Classic head markings with dark eyes and 
melting expression, well set ears, correct length of muzzle and good stop. Broad chest and excellent 
shoulder placement, straight well boned legs on tight cat-like feet. Beautiful rear quarters that are well 
let down and strong rear pasterns. Tail carriage good. On the move she holds a firm topline and is 
light and purposeful with the desired reach and drive. Presented in beautiful coat and condition. 
Excellent temperament. So pleased to award her her 1st CC and Best Opposite Sex. I see her dam 
is a real favourite of mine also.
2nd Richard's Tickbern Naughty But Nice Von Richenbern. 6 years and fully mature. Extremely
feminine with a beautiful broad head, dark kind eyes and strong muzzle.  Super neck which she uses 
well, correct front, sufficient bone and firm in body and topline.  Not the strength in the rear or as well 
let down as my winner but another with great side profile movement but moving a little close going 
away. Excellent temperament and presentation. Loved her dam.
3rd Stannard's Meadowpark Beach Blend At Tangyachates.
Judge - Joanne Sutton (Bernsteph)

Jude Simonds

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