Bernese News 29th July 2017

Sad news this week that long-standing owner and breeder of UK Bernese Brenda Griffiths
(Forgeman) is terminally ill at her home at Torrvieja, near Alicante Spain.

Helen Davenport-Willis has been in touch with the family - Brenda's husband Don and sons
Don junior and Alan. 

Helen wrote (yesterday morning);
"Don is living at the hospital and is at her bedside. When I rang he suggested I spoke with her
and I did for a minute - albeit she is so weak. Their sons Don Jr and Alan will keep me updated
with any developments. Since February, Brenda has had pneumonia five times and was being
cared for by Don at home with nurses going in."

Karen Bird, secretary of the BMD Club of Great Britain also emailed (yesterday evening);
"I thought I'd pass on the detail of an email the club received from Alan Griffiths, youngest son of
Don and Brenda, yesterday ..... Today he told me she will be returning home tonight ..... Alan said
he was happy for folk to know across the breed so I thought you'd want to share the news with
those who will remember Don and Brenda or know of them. Alan says any well wishes would be
most welcome to their home address. They are of course members of the club so their address is
in the club handbook. Alan says he'll keep us posted."


The August 2017 issue of the Kennel Club Journal is now available and includes a few items 
of particular interest to Bernese folk
Permission to Show
Mr & Mrs CW & SE Wilson
Deheubarth Rhodri Mawr At Gelbbackler
DOB 31.12.2012
Cruciate Ligament (rupture)
At it's meeting of the 23 May 2017 the Show Executive Committee imposed the following fine: 
Northern Bernese Mountain Dog Club
25 March 2018
Fined £50
Breach of regulation F(1)24.D(1)
Championship Show Appointments confirmed
2018 Northern BMD Club - Mrs Del Richards
2018 Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales - Mr P Lawless
2018 Southern Counties - Julie Baldwin (Fortonpark)
2018 Border Union - Julie Vaughan (Carlacot)
2018 City of Birmingham - Mr Tom H Johnson MPhil
2018 Darlington - Rodney Oldham
2019 BMD Club of Scotland - George Wilson (Ursine)
2020 BMD Club of Great Britain Dogs - Sarah Peacocke (Husheen)
                                                                Bitches - Di Atheron
                                                                Referee -  Mark Wakeland




Puppy  (3 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Abbott-Brown & Abbotts’ Kingstonska Jammin.
Quality 6 month old puppy dog with
attractive colouring and rich tan. Head developing well with a melting expression; kind dark eyes,
strong muzzle and skull broadening. Good length of leg with strong round bone and tight cat-like
feet. Correct front assembly with good neck and shoulder and correct length and angle of upper-
arm. Lovely forechest, firm topline, well-ribbed and deep chest. Compact in body with firm loin,
well-rounded rump and good rear-angulation. Just needs to lengthen a touch in body to allow for
more free co-ordinated movement. Should come with age. Took everything in his stride, well 
handled Pleased to award him Best Puppy and congratulations on Puppy Group 4.
2nd Horn’s Husheen Let Me Love You. 11 month old puppy dog with dark eye and strong muzzle.
Correct markings. Well-ribbed, level topline and deep chest with level topline. Tight cat-like feet.
Good length of leg, but needs time to drop all round as straight in angles both fore and aft. Moved
OK but ever so slightly lame in front.

Leena Pawlyszyn with Best of Breed winner Matera's Record Deal  Photo courtesy Gary Dybdall

Junior  (3, 1)
1st Pawlyszyn’s Matera’s Record Deal.
Quality 14 month old bitch who commanded the breed
ring today. Beautiful balanced outline with such a firm and compact body. Head developing nicely
with strong muzzle and flat skull. Would prefer a stronger under-jaw and darker eye. Rich colouring
and good length of leg. Correct shoulder-placement and return of upper-arm with pronounced
prosternum. Bone in proportion to size and nice tight feet. Good depth of chest, level topline and
well-rounded rump. Well-angulated rear, firm muscle and strong hocks. Could not take my eyes off
her when she powered around the ring moving so effortlessly, driving from her firm hocks and reaching
out well in front. Just had the edge in movement and firmness of body in the challenge to take
Best of Breed. Loved her, would take her home.
2nd Jefferson’s Shirdees Fast N Furious. 14 month old strong male developing along the right
lines. Strong head, with broad flat skull and powerful muzzle. Good neck and shoulder, but tied in
at the elbow which showed on the move. Strong round bone and tight feet. Well-ribbed, broad body
and deep chest. A touch long in body for perfect balance but firm loin. Well angulated rear with strong,
firm hocks which he drived from on the move, carrying a level topline.

Post Graduate  (3)
1st Pawlyszyn’s Matera’s Record Label.
Typey 14 month old bitch. Litter sister to Best of Breed
and another beautiful bitch who moves effortlessly around the ring. The most attractive head and
expression which just oozes quality. Strong bitch with good bone for size, tight feet and rich colouring.
Good neck and shoulder, would prefer a touch more upper-arm. Strong round bone and nice tight
feet. Deep chest and well-sprung rib. Topline just a little slack today. Lovely rounded rump and well-
angulated rear. Another so well-muscled and strong firm hocks.
2nd Abbott-Brown & Abbotts’ Kingstonska Soul Rebel. 17 month old pretty bitch with a lovely
shape and outline. Nice dark tight almond-shaped eye, flat skull and feminine expression. Shoulder
placement OK, just a little steep in upper-arm. Good body and depth to chest, ribbing well-back,
broad back and lovely rounded rump. Well-angulated rear and well-let down hocks. Just needs to
co-ordinate on the move.
3rd Instone & Clegram’s Staubach Odysseus. Quality head and expression with masculine head;
broad skull, strong muzzle and correct dark eye. A touch upright in shoulder for me with sloping
topline today. Strong bone, nice tight feet and lovely colouring. Deep chest, well-ribbed and strong
loin. Well-angulated rear. Unfortunately not sound in front today.

Open  (4, 2)
1st Pawlyszyn’s Meadowpark Bright N’ Breezey At Matera.
3 ½ year old mature bitch in full
bloom. Beautiful shapely bitch with good angulation both fore and aft. Correct proportions, firm
topline underneath coat and well-rounded rump. Feminine head and expression, would prefer a 
touch darker eye, but correct shape with tight lids. Strong neck, leading into well-laid shoulder.
Good bone for size and round tight cat-like feet. Well-ribbed and deep chest. Well angulated rear
leading to firm, well-let down hocks. Moved around the ring effortlessly although a little too much
roll in body on the move compared with Best of Breed. Could be a touch cleaner coming but so
sound in rear and profile. Could do a day’s work with ease. Fit for function.
2nd Abbott-Brown & Abbotts’ Kingstonska Iron Lion Zion. 18 month old strong male developing
along the right lines. Strong head with broad flat skull and strong muzzle. Would prefer a darker eye
but correct eye shape and tight lids. Correct 9:10 proportions with good length of leg and good bone
for size. Nice tight feet. Deep chest and well-ribbed. Falls off the croup slightly but firm loin and
balanced angles fore and aft. Once he gets going he covers the ground with an easy and effortless
Judge - Gary Dybdall BVM&S MRCVS (Rodiveco)


Jude Simonds

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