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No CCs on offer for Bernese

Puppy Dog  (2 entries)
1st Bird’s Cullumbern Milano.
7 months. Good head with well-set ears and nice dark eyes. Good straight front, ample bone and tight feet. Broad chest with good markings. Adequate bend of stifle. In good coat but still holding on to some of his puppy fur around the ears. Moved steady keeping a level topline with a good tail carriage. Needs to tighten up a little on the front movement. Friendly temperament. Best Puppy.
2nd Flippance’s Tickbern What About Walter At Nenebern.
11 months old but still immature and too interested in things going on around him. Good head with a well defined stop and dark almond shaped eyes. When settled he stands well producing a pleasing shape in profile of good proportions. I would prefer slightly more bend of stifle. In good coat with nice markings. Slightly erratic on the move and carries his tail a little high. Promising if he can concentrate.

Junior Dog  (1)
1st Miles’ Jaybiem Modus Operandi.
15 months old. Lovely masculine head with dark almond shaped eyes and good markings. Strong and well-proportioned with broad chest. Good bend of stifle. Brown tinges in his coat as in process of moulting. Moved steadily with purpose but could have more drive. Good tail carriage. Reserve Best Dog.

Post Graduate Dog  (4 entries, 3 absentees)
1st Otero Rodriguez & Otero Scutt’s Homer De Llobu Astur (Imp Esp).
2 1/2 years old. Masculine head with a well defined stop. Slightly light eye colour. Good bone with straight front. Slightly down on his pasterns. Strong looking boy. Moved OK but I would prefer more drive. In good coat.

Limit Dog  (2, 1)
1st Hasting’s Bernemcourt Liv’n On A Prayer.
5 years old. Well-developed masculine head with a thick white blaze. Slightly loose lower eyelids. Mature looking dog. Good lay of shoulder with a straight front. Excellent bone throughout. I would prefer more bend of stifle. Moved steadily keeping a level topline, good tail carriage. In good coat. Best Dog.

Open Dog  (0)

Veteran Dog  (0)

Special Beginners Dog  (0)

Puppy Bitch  (5, 1)
1st Wright & Kirk’s Objet D Art Du Hameau De Baika Avec Roesilbern (Imp Fra).
9 months old. Typical head with slightly light coloured eyes. Well-formed chest with a straight front. Well-proportioned with good bend of stifle. In good coat with good markings. Moved well keeping a good level topline. Needs to tighten up as she matures which I am sure will happen. A promising youngster.
2nd Head’s Cullumbern Valencia Millermead. 7 months old. Nice feminine head with a flat skull and well defined stop. Dark but slightly round eyes. Nice broad chest. Correct in the stance giving a well-proportioned picture with adequate rear angulation. Good movement with a correct tail set when settled. Slightly on edge when being examined but OK and only young. Still looking around her to see what is happening.
3rd Small’s Malindibeach Boodles Of Fun.

Junior Bitch  (4, 2)
1st Miles’ Jaybiem Alia Iacta Est.
15 months old. Nice feminine head with a well-defined stop. Nice dark almond shaped eyes. Good bone with a straight front. Good bend of stifle. Well set tail. In reasonable coat with correct markings. Movement was erratic due to a change in handler but there were glimpses of good movement. More mature than 2nd
2nd Head’s Cullumbern Valencia Millermead.

Post Graduate Bitch  (6, 2)
1st Bird & Head’s Cullumbern Roman Toga With Millermead JW. 
3 years old. Feminine head with a well-defined stop. Nice dark almond shaped eyes. Good straight front with good bend of stifle. Well-proportioned compact bitch with excellent bone. In good coat with good markings. Moved well with drive but needs to tighten up a little as can lose her level topline at times. Reserve Best Bitch.
2nd Flaxman’s Glanzberg See The Sun.
3 ½ years old. Very nice head with a well-defined stop and flat skull. Dark brown almond shaped eyes. A long neck, straight forelegs and good bend of stifle presenting a nice shape. Coat in good condition and nice white markings. Excellent movement with good drive from the rear keeping a good level topline. Very close decision.
3rd Small’s Malindibeach Faberge Fancy.

Limit Bitch  (2, 2)

Open Bitch  (1)
1st Miles’ Ch Jaybiem Burli Shassi JW. 
3 years old. Lovely feminine head with dark almond shaped eyes. Excellent bone, in good proportions, good straight front with good bend of stifle presenting a lovely shape when standing. In good coat with good markings. Looks in peak condition. Moved OK and steady for her novice handler. Pleased that the owner moved her in the challenge where movement improved to show her off at her best. Best of Breed, Best Bitch. Pleased to see her short listed in the group.

Veteran Bitch  (1, 1)

Special Beginners Bitch  (3)
1st Small’s Malindibeach Faberge Fancy. 
4 years old. 3rd in Post Graduate Bitch. A feminine head with a flat skull. In good proportions with a good straight front and good rear angulation. In good coat. My personal preference would be for a bit more white on her feet. Moved very well at a steady pace keeping a level topline. Would like a little more drive and generally there to be a bit more of her but a nice bitch. Best Special Beginner. Gained Group 4 in the Special Beginners Group.
2nd Costello’s Malindibeach Fab Evie Bear. 
7 months old. Reserve in Puppy. Still a baby and needs to mature. Dark almond shaped eyes. Would prefer more bone and size but in the correct proportions. Nice markings. Moved better in this class as a little more settled and understanding what was required. Will need time.
3rd Flaxman’s Nelstephbern Madamoiselle.
Judge - Mark Avery


Jude Simonds 





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