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The Bernese entry for Paignton Championship Show 2019 has been announced as 32 exhibits making 37 entries for all-rounder Meg Purnell-Carpenter.

For comparison the entry at the 2018 show was 41 entries with 9 absentees for all-rounder judge JR Walsh.


This year there is a new collaboration between the Northern BMD Club Open Show which will be held on the same day and at the same venue (Ripon Racecourse HG4 1UG) alongside Darlington Championship Show.
Marian Scott would like to remind you that schedules can be found at
Schedule download
Entry Form download

or schedules can be obtained directly from Marian Tel 0191 410 3093 or 07980 013742.

Postal entries close on 19th August and online entries close on 24th August. The judge is all-rounder John Ritchie (Dyklebar / Holibell).
The August 2019 edition of the Kennel Club Journal is now available and includes a few items of particular interest to Bernese folk.
Mrs PL Goodyear
Harvestbank Fields Of Gold
DOB 03.09.2013
Cruciate ligament repair on right knee.
Mr SJ & Mrs J & Miss EV Green
Waldershelf Much Luv Martha
DOB 11.02.2017
Removal of toe due to trauma.
2020 Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales - Tom H Johnson MPhil
2020 Border Union -Janet Riseborough (Moonbach)
2020 Windsor - Lindsay Worrow (Downland)
2020 National Working & Pastoral Breeds - Mark Avery
2020 Leeds - Sue Flanagan (Collansues)
2020 SKC August - Jeff Horswell
2020 Darlington - Frank Kane
2020 Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland - Lee Reynolds (Etterbern)
2020 LKA - Richard Hallam (Oldberne(
2021 Manchester - Mr JT Smith
2021 SKC May - Roni Doedjins
2021 Blackpool - Knut Sigurd Wilberg
2021 National Working & Pastoral Breeds - Anne Gerrard (Torralbaz)
2021 Bournemouth - Allyson King
Following the article I included in Bernese News issue 15th July 2019
plus the expanded version I published elsewhere I received an email from Sherry Round.

Sherry wrote;

"I would like to wholeheartedly endorse your efforts to stop breeding sub standard BMDs. However, I would like to add the following thoughts. There is more to breeding than having a lovely looking BMD with excellent hip and elbow scores. The issue of endemic diseases needs to be addressed as well. I only really became aware of these problems when I started showing seriously and made up my first champion.

"Consequently I health checked all my dogs for histio and DM. My next champion show dog was in demand as a stud dog but he was a carrier for one strain of DM and histio. Although I always made sure enquirers were aware of this it proved impossible to do responsible matings in the majority of cases as so few people had health tested their dogs. My current young potential show dog has also been health tested and he too is a carrier for both. He is lovely to look at and has zero scores for both hips and elbows but he will not be used at stud in spite of already having enquiries.

"If all breeders tested their dogs, it would be easier to make informed decisions regarding an appropriate mating. In this way gradually the incidence of these diseases could be diminished. Are breeders so divorced from the reality of what they are doing? I spoke to a couple of people at the last Garden Party who were so traumatised by the early death of their young dog that they could hardly bear to speak about it. It is so sad to see the distress of people who have given their hearts to this lovely breed only to have them shattered two years later. They are not alone in their grief. It needs someone like yourself who has influence, who is respected and who is not afraid to be outspoken to campaign for more responsible breeding by taking note of the inner dog not solely being guided by his/her conformity to the breed standard, physical beauty and excellent temperament and scores. Then, perhaps, one day, our beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs will live longer, healthier lives."
After a week of rising temperatures across the UK the searing heat had fallen slightly for Leeds Championship Show on Friday. Breed specialist judge Marian Scott (Scobern) found 57 entries with 12 absentees across the 13 classes.

For comparison the entry at the 2018 show was 40 entries with 4 absentees for breed specialist judge Linda Stephenson (Durrbach).

The Dog CC winner, his first was Monalou Just Call Me Oleg. 4 1/2 years old and owned and bred by Michele Gurney, he is a son of Monalou Russian Ambassador x Tollot Beaut Van't Rijkenspark (Imp Nld). Michele also collected the Best Veteran Award with her Ch Monalou Fanny Craddock JW, now rising 8 years old and sired by Ch Bernerdalens Uno Amigo Bueno x Ch Monalou Perfect Recipe.
The Reserve Dog CC was won by Carole Hartley-Mair's homebred Meadowpark Talk About Class. 15 months old, he is a son of Ch Meadowpark High Class x Ch Meadowpark Just A Dream.
In Bitches it was a 2nd CC plus Best of Breed for Julie Baldwin's 22 month old Fortonpark Sez I'm Classy who is sired by the recently crowned (subject to KC confirmation) Meadowpark First Class For Fortonpark JW x Ch Fortonpark Dutch Delight.
June Miles' homebred Ch Jaybiem Burly Shassi JW won the Reserve Bitch CC. A daughter of Jaybiem Y'euben Chozen JW ShCM x Ch Meadowpark Sweetest Thing At Jaybiem, she is 3 1/2 years old.
Best Puppy was awarded to Karen Bird's 8month old Cullumbern Milano who is homebred and by Kernow Troubadour JW x Cullumbern Roman Toga With Millermead JW.

Best Special Beginner went to Chris and Colleen Jeffries' homebred Esslinbern Leia's Bliss. Sired by Meadowpark First Class For Fortonpark JW x Esslinbern Boxx Jewel, she is 2 years old. Congratulations.


Puppy Dog (4 entries, 1 absentee)

1st Bird's Cullumbern Milano
2nd King, Green & Dedman's Parwizz Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella (Imp Nld)
3rd Wilson's Blumental Cadfael

Junior Dog (4)
1st Hartley-Mair's Meadowpark Talk About Class
2nd Fairclough's Monalou Galloping Gourmet
3rd Copeland's Szarhegyaljai Fifty-fifty
Res Watkins' Monalou Paul Hollywood

Post Graduate Dog (4, 1)

1st Gurney's Monalou Just Call Me Oleg
2nd Cockburn's Kernow Rock Legend
3rd Roberts & seaman's Esslinbern Saruman

Limit Dog (7)

1st Hartley-Mair's Carraigbern Lasting Impression For Meadowpark
2nd Law's Ecalpharas Gold
3rd King 7 Green's Joseph Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella JW (Imp Nld)
Res Hastings' Bernemcourt Liv'n On Prayer
VHC Miles & Ishaque's Jaybiem Stan Innovation JW

Open Dog (5, 1)
1st Vaychkus & Vaickus' Flintas Kalnu Suo At Bernaroso ShCM (Imp Lit)
2nd Gurney's Monalou Russian Ambassador
3rd Baldwin's Meadowpark First Class For Fortonpark JW
Res Hughes' Ch Waldershelf Causing Kaos ShCM

Veteran Dog No entries

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch (2)

1st Jeffries' Esslinbern Leia's Bliss
2nd Watkins' Monalou Paul Hollywood  

Puppy Bitch (3)

1st Gerrard's Monalou Truly Scrumptious At Torralbaz
2nd Copeland's Matera's Summerlin South
3rd Head's Cullumbern Valencia Millermead

Junior Bitch (5, 2)
1st Miles' Jaybiem Alia Iacta Est
2nd Bridges' Liskarn A Million Dreams
3rd Head's Cullumbern Valencia Millermead

Post Graduate Bitch (6, 2)
1st Gurney's Monalou Cara Mia
2nd Watson's Stepdashar Winters Wish
3rd Gerrard's Monalou Contessa At Toralbaz
Res Cohen's Fortonpark Top Design For Hutzpah

Limit Bitch (8, 2)
1st Baldwin's Fortonpark Sez I'm Classy
2nd Abbott-Brown & Brown's Meadowpark Dream Come True With Kingstonska ShCM
3rd Bird & head's Cullumbern Roman Toga With Millermead JW
Res Jeffries' Esslinbern Eternal Joy
VHC Worrall's Jesterbrock Dragonstone At Oakbern

Open Bitch (7, 2)

1st Miles' Ch Jaybiem Burli Shassi JW
2nd Baldwin's Fortonpark Lilly's Delight
3rdMarsden & Robertson's Trudaleaze Majik Potion
Res Vaychkus & Vaickus' Blue Aira Bernenskie Ranczo JW ShCM (Imp Pol)
VHC Watson's Stepdashar Sommer Girl

Veteran Bitch (2, 1)
1st Gurney's Ch Monalou Fanny Craddock JW


Veteran Dog or Bitch (3 entries, 1 absentee)
1st and Best Veteran. Wright & Kirk’s Materabern Good Friday.
Good head proportions with correctly shaped eye although I would have liked it a little darker in colour. Could have been stronger on the front. Good sound rear.
2nd Barratt’s Chippis Diamond Geezer. Good bone and good depth of brisket. Preferred head and eye shape of 1st.

Minor Puppy Dog (2)
1st Bird’s Cullumbern Milano.
Super head proportions with correct eye shape and colour. Good balance all round for age. Good on the move.
2nd King, Green & Dedman's Parwizz Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella (Imp Nld). So much more mature than the 1st. Good, well developed body for age. Preferred head properties of the 1st. Needs to settle on the front.

Puppy Dog (2)
1st Bridges' Kernow Easy Rider.
Lovely head with good eye shape and colour. Very well balanced body for age with correct bone. Just needs to settle on the move.
2nd King, Green & Dedman's Parwizz Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella (Imp Nld).

Junior Dog (2, 1)
1st Hewitson's Monalou C’est La Vie.
Good outline with correct chest and rib. Good bone, correct feet. Just not happy in the ring today.

Yearling Dog (3)
1st Bridges’ Kernow Troublue.
Lovely head with correct almond eye of good dark colour. Strong neck and front and rear construction. Good chest and overall balance. Correct movement. Should have a good future.
2nd Flanagan's Collansues Magical Spell. Pleasing head. Preferred overall outline of the 1st. Needs to settle on the front.
3rd Stephenson's Bernark’s Mount Snowdon.

Post Graduate Dog (7, 3)
1st and Reserve CC. King & Green's Joseph Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella JW (Imp Nld).
Excellent outline with correct compact body. Super strong head with good dark almond eyes. Strong neck and good shoulders. Correct depth of chest with good rib. Correct bone and feet. Excellent coat. Moved and showed so well.
2nd Stephenson's Kernow Something Perfect. Another quality lad with a superbly balanced outline and body. Just preferred the head and expression of the 1st.
3rd Otero Scutt & Otero Rodriguez's Homer De Llobu Astur (Imp Esp).

Limit Dog (4)
1st Bridges' Kernow Troubadour JW.
Top quality lad of superb outline. Good strong head with correct eye and mouth. Strong neck, correct front and rear angles. Good firm back held well on the move.
2nd Miles & Ishaque’s Jaybiem Stan Innovation JW. Another lad with superb head proportions. I just preferred the topline and general outline of the 1st.
3rd Rumble's Harvestbank In Dreams Of Glenbrienz.

Open Dog (6, 4)
1st, CC and Best Of Breed Vaychkus & Vaickus' Flintas Kalnu Suo At Bernaroso ShCM (Imp Lit).
Super lad with superb head, eye of correct shape and colour. Well set ears. Strong neck, good shoulders and front construction. Correct broad chest with correct depth. Straight back and good turn of stifle giving correct balanced movement. Good type of coat, presented so well.
2nd Bridges' Deerpark Traveling Man V Kernow. (Imp USA). Another good dog all round. I just preferred the overall outline and eye of the 1st.

Good Citizen Dog or Bitch (2)
1st Barratt's Chippis Diamond Geezer.
2nd Austen's Collansues Excalibur.
Very good balance of skull to muzzle with correctly shaped eye. Needs to strengthen on the move.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2, 1)
1st and Best Puppy Head's Cullumbern Valencia Millermead.
Super head and eye. Correct neck and body for age. Everything developing so well. Coat of good quality presented well. Showed and moved well.

Puppy Bitch (2)
1st Head’s Cullumbern Valencia Millermead.
2nd Wright & Kirk’s Objet D’Art Du Hameau De Baika Avec Roesilbern(Imp Fra).
Super sound on the move. Good body for age. Just preferred overall balance of the 1st.

Junior Bitch (6, 3)
1st Flanagan's Collansues Lexis Pot Of Gold.
Pleasing head. Good neck, body and rib. Moved OK.
2nd Vaychkus & Vaickus’ Bernaroso Afina Pallada. Well balanced and made. Just needs more ring confidence and to settle on the move.
3rd Williams’ Tinland Pink Sapphire.

Yearling Bitch (7, 2)
1st and Bitch CC Bridges’ Kernow Rock Legacy.
Loved everything about this youngster. Cracking head properties with correctly shaped dark eye. Good ear placement. Correct neck and super front construction good body and rib, correct firm topline. Presented, moved and showed so well.
2nd Sutton & Davenport-Willis’ Nelstephbern Dior Forever. Another top quality bitch with the loveliest head and expression. Correct height to length with good body and topline. Good bone and feet. Moved so well.
3rd Vaychkus & Vaickus’ Bernaroso Afina Pallada.

Post Graduate Bitch (8, 3)
1st Oakaby's Iscabern Daffadowndilly.
Good outline with depth of chest and correct rib. Correct topline and tail set.
2nd Watson’s Stepdashar Winters Wish. Nice outline and balance, just needs more ring confidence.
3rd Bird & Head's Cullumbern Roman Toga With Millermead JW.

Limit Bitch (6, 2)
1st Oakaby’s Tickbern Teasle At Iscabern.
Best outline and balance in this class. Pleasing head with eye of good shape and colour. Needs to settle on the move.
2nd Watson's Stepdashar Sommer Girl. Pleasing all round. Would like a stronger head and muzzle.
3rd Flanagan's Collansues Secret Whispa.

Open Bitch (7, 3)
1st and Reserve CC Miles’ Ch Jaybiem Burli Shassi JW.
Super girl with excellent body and balance. Correct balance of skull and muzzle. Good neck and front and rear construction. Good tail set, correct bone. Moved soundly.
2nd Thew's Ch Meadowpark Sweetest Thing At Jaybiem. Another top quality girl all round. Such a good head and eye. Sound on the move. Quality coat. I just preferred the overall balance of the 1st.
3rd Vaychkus & Vaickus' Blue Aira Bernenskie Ranczo JW ShCM (Imp Pol).
Judge - Robin Newhouse

Jude Simonds



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