Bernese News 20th June 2016

At Border Union Championship Show 2016 breed specialist judge George Wilson (Ursine)
had 43 entries with 6 absentees across 16 classes at Border Union. 

Winning his 5th CC plus Best of Breed was Bernice Mair, Carole Hartley-Mair & Gary Dybdall's
homebred Ch Meadowpark High Class (Ch Meadowpark Vertigo JW x Meadowpark Northern
Blend). Still only 17 months old he went on to gain another Group placing - Working Group 4
under Keith Baldwin.

The Reserve CC went to Julie Ann Wright's 5 year old Materabern Good Friday, Bred by Kathy
Pawlyszyn, he is sired by Ch Chyburne Classy Luka x Materabern Cha Cha Cha. 

In Bitches it was a 2nd CC for Julie Baldwin's Meadowpark Living My Dream At Fortonpark.
Bred by Bernice Mair and Carole Hartley-Mair, she is  almost 2 1/2 years old and a daughter
of Julie's own Swedish import Ch Tjofselinas Z Diamuz At Fortonpark JW x Ch Meadowpark
Living The Dream. Julie also took home the Best Puppy award with Meadowpark First Class
For Fortonpark who is not quite 10 months old and also bred by Bernice and Carole and is a
half brother to the Best of Breed winner x Meadowpark One Lover. 

The Reserve Bitch CC was awarded to Steve, Jeanette and Emily Green's homebred, 2 year
old Waldershelf All About Edna (Multi Ch Bernerdalens Jackpot x Meadowpark Thats Royal
At Waldershelf.)   Congratulations.



Many thanks to the society for their invitation to judge and to the exhibitors for their entries. I
enjoyed my day with some nice dogs to go over and I was pleased that all the dogs were shown
in good condition.

A nice entry overall, but there are still a lot of movement problems.

Puppy Dog  (3 entries)
1st Baldwin's Meadowpark First Class For Fortonpark.
  Lovely young dog, good head, dark
eye and kind expression. Balanced body and good angles, moved well. Best Puppy.
2nd Scobie's Monalou Northern Knight. Good bone, nice overall shape. Mature head and
dark eye. Lost out on movement.
3rd Wright & Kirk's Arvella Mark Of Respect For Roesilbern.

Junior Dog  (2)
1st Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Ch Meadowpark High Class
. Quality dog, shone out today.
Mature balanced body, good topline which he kept on the move, Deep chest, good angles front
and rear. Excellent head proportions, dark eye and kind expression.  Good bone and tight feet.
Shown in excellent coat and condition. lovely temperament and moved with drive.  CC and Best
of Breed. 
2nd King's Elnside The Grandmaster.
 Nice young dog, balanced body, good angles. Dark
eye, nice head , kind expression. Shown in nice condition and moved well.

Post Graduate Dog  (3)
1st Hastings' Bernemcourt Liv'n On A Prayer
. Masculine dog, good depth of chest, good bone.
Dark eye and balanced body, moved with drive.
2nd Dickson's Monalou Vino Verde At Geruth. Mature dog with good head proportions, kind
expression. Deep chest,  balanced body and in good coat, just lost out on movement today.
3rd Hughes' Waldershelf Causing Kaos.

Limit Dog  (6)
1st Wright & Kirk's Materabern Good Friday. 
Masculine, well  constructed male. Mature head.
Good shoulders, and balanced body. Deep chest and good bone, moved with ease. Reserve CC.
2nd Baldwin's Guiness Record From Christofland To Fortonpark (Imp Cze).  Another well
balanced dog, good angles front and rear. Nice topline which he kept on the move. Shown in
lovely condition. Lost out on movement today.
3rd Scott's Welshbern One Vision At Scobern ShCM.

Open Dog  (3)
1st Jefferson's Meadowpark Boysown. 
Strong head, dark eye. Broad chest, good topline and
moved well.
2nd Scott's Welshbern Trafys Of Scobern ShCM. Not moving as well as 1st today. Mature
dog with good head and excellent  bone. Good angles, shown in good condition.
3rd Carty's Floskirk Berneray.

Veteran Dog  (1)
1st Dickson's Ch Monalou Dutch Connexion To Geruth.
Mature head with kind expression.
Deep chest, well balanced body. In lovely condition, moved well.

Puppy Bitch  (3 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Bridges' Liskarn Love In The Dark. 
Feminine head, sweet expression, dark eyes. Nice
overall body shape, strong in rear moved with drive. In lovely condition.
2nd MacDuff's Torridonian Fifty Shades.  Just a baby, sweet head and nice dark eye. Good
shoulder placement, nice angles. Not moving well today, needs time to mature.

Junior Bitch  (4)
1st Baldwin's Fortonpark Lilly's Delight.. 
Lovely young bitch, compact body. Nice feminine
head, dark eye, gentle expression. Good angles front and rear, shown in lovely condition,
moved with drive.
2nd Granger's Shirdees Harlow Jean Of Shadybower. Feminine  bitch, good all-round
proportions. Pleasing head and dark eye. Good shoulders and moved well.
3rd McCormick's Monalou Star Princess.

Novice Bitch  (3)
1st Granger's Shirdees Harlow Jean Of Shadybower. 
2nd Jeffries' Esslinbern Binda Hip Hop. 
Nice bitch, not as mature as 1st. Well balanced
body, good head and sweet expression. In good coat and condition, moved well.
3rd Prentice's Monalou Skyes The Limit.

Graduate Bitch  (4, 1)
1st Granger's Shirdees Harlow Jean At Shadybower.
2nd Jeffries' Esslinbern Binda Hip Hop.
3rd Spencer's Waldershelf Ethel's Way At Padiky JW.

Post Graduate Bitch  (2, 1)
1st Rossall's Stormberne Aint No Sunshine.
 Nice breed type feminine head, sweet
expression. Good body proportions and nice rear angles. Moved well when settled. 

Limit Bitch  (5, 2)
1st Baldwin's Meadowpark Living My Dream At Fortonpark.
 Beautiful bitch, lovely
feminine head, kind expression. Good reach of neck, good depth of chest. Nice bone. Well
balanced body with good angles front and rear, nice topline which she kept on the move.
Moved with drive, in lovely coat and condition. Bitch CC.
2nd Boot's Fairy Court Sparkles Of Kaycibern.
 Nice bitch, good head, kind expression.
Balanced body, good topline, moved well.
3rd Abbott-Brown & Abbott's Meadowpark Dream Come True With Kingstonka.

Open Bitch  (4, 1)
1st Green's Waldershelf All About Edna JW.
 Well proportioned bitch, nice head, dark eye.
Good bone, well angled front and rear, level topline which she kept on the move.  Moved with
drive, shown in good condition. Reserve CC.
2nd McCormick's Monalou Artic Queen.
 Well balanced bitch, feminine head, kind
expression. Good body proportions, deep chest, good rear angulations. In lovely condition.
3rd Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Ch Meadowpark Breezing On.
Judge - George Wilson (Ursine)



Jude Simonds 


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