Bernese News 21st June 2016


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Club for inviting me to judge their Championship
show and for the wonderful hospitality extended to me. I would also like to thank all the exhibitors
who entered under me and gave me the opportunity to judge their lovely dogs.  I have given an
overall view and critiqued 1st to 3rd. There were 42 entries with 4 absentees. 

In the main all the dogs were presented in lovely condition.  Some were in-between coats and
one or two I felt were a little underweight.  I know the Bernese should be fit for purpose but one
or two were bordering on thin and lacked muscle and body.  One the whole movement was OK,
tails varied in carriage and a few light eyes .  Bites were all good and temperaments, first and
foremost, were excellent.  Top lines were very good I am pleased to say.

Overall I was very pleased with my top winners, thank you all for bringing them.

Judge Trish Goodyear with the Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show winners.
Photo courtesy David Benson

Junior Dog
1st Benson's Mapleridge The Dark  Knight At Bernervalley. 
15 months, of lovely size and type. 
Head needs to broaden, good bite and lovely reach of neck going into well laid-back shoulders.
Correct turn of stifle and tail carriage.  Moved with ease and at one with his handler. I shall watch
his progress with interest.
2nd Maguire's Mapleridge Back To The Future.  Litter brother to my winner and a lot to like
about him too.  Good bone and angulation. His tail could be longer, just reaching the hock. 
Another good mover.
3rd Joyce & Hughes' Carraigbern Jewel In The Crown   Sadly not today but I'm sure his time
will come.  Strong head and bone on this baby who is well put together but lacked a little strength
in his hocks  I would suggest controlled roadwork to build these up and am sure they will with this
and maturity.

Open Dog
1st Giffney's Doremis Lolvo Kid.
Rising 6 and fully matured.  He excelled in breed type. Well
put together which showed in his movement.  A strong, masculine head with correct width of
muzzle and breadth of skull.  To be critical I would have preferred a darker eye. However, I
forgave this for his overall balance and type.  I learnt later he gained his title yesterday.
Congratulations. Dog Green Star, Best Opposite Sex and Reserve Best in Show.
2nd Hughes' Give Me Five From Christofland For Carraigbern.  Another super dog who
pressed the winner hard, I was splitting hairs here.  Lovely bone and substance. Well marked
masculine head with kind expression and correct stop.  Moved well, just felt he lacked maturity
but time is on his side and am sure he will gain his title. Reserve Green Star.
3rd McMullen's Bernemcourt Just A Dream At Glenhunt.  Smaller and different type to  my
winner. Lacked body compared with others but moved with enthusiasm and deserved his

Champion Dog
1st Erskine 's Ch Devael Blurred Vision Junior Ch. 
A lovely dog of nearly 3 and quite
understand why he is a champion.  Large dog, good type and presented in beautiful condition.
Slightly longer cast but was well bodied and constructed which showed in his movement. 
Considered him for the Green Star but felt Open Dog more balanced.
2nd Embleton's Ch Bernemcourt Fascination.  6  years old and fully matured. He has a
profuse coat which hides a well angulated body but detracts from his reach of neck as it makes
him a little stuffy in that area .  He moved very well and was at one with his handler.
3rd Embleton's Ch Bernemcourt Wonderwall. Sired by the 2nd and very much like his sire.
Again smaller in type, good bone and well angulated throughout. Moved well.

Veteran Dog
1st Giffneys Glenia Bossy Bear.
At 9 years old he could still strut his stuff.  Old fashioned
breed type and in good order . A credit to his owner/handler. Best Veteran in Show.  
2nd O'Keeffe 's Carraigbern Polar Star. Another lovely dog who moved out well for his owner/
handler. In good order and constructed correctly. Coat on the blow but didn't detract from his
lovely type.

Baby Puppy Bitch
Two lovely babies
1st Shields-Byrne 's Bernewa's Dolce Julyette (Imp).  Just 4 months old and a real sweetie.
Lovely bone, correct angulation throughout and on the stand is overall balanced. Lovely dark eye
and correct bite .  Moved well for one so young .  Best Baby Puppy in Show.
2nd O'Callaghan's High Oaks Roman Empress.  Another lovely puppy, slightly longer in the
muzzle at the moment but once head broadens should not detract from overall look.  Super dark
eye.  Well put together and moved out well .   

Puppy Bitch
1st O'Callaghan's Odessa De Zanvijver.
Lovely 8 month old puppy. Super bone on this young
lady. Pretty feminine head, lovely dark eye and correct dentition. Well angulated throughout
which showed in her movement. A bright future in prospect. Best Puppy in Show. 
2nd Hughes' Werlwinds Celtic Dream For Carraigbern.  Another lovely youngster. Not quite
the bone of the other puppy and not as much rear angulation as I would have liked. However, she
moved well and was thoroughly enjoying her day.  Soft expression and kind dark eyes

Junior Bitch
1st O'Callaghan's Mapleridge Been There Done That.
Litter sister to my Junior winner. So
much to like about this young lady. Well marked feminine head, dark eye and correct dentition.
Well put together which showed in her movement. 
2nd Roche's Rockybear Follow Your Heart. Another lovely girl, different type to other. Just
14 months, carries her tail rather high which spoilt her top line. She gave her handler a hard time
but eventually got her going and moved well . 

Intermediate Bitch
1st O 'Callaghan's Jo Jo Pride Of Austin.
Stood alone but a worthy winner. Lovely bitch of
good breed type. Feminine head, would prefer a darker eye but overall she was well put together
and was at one with her junior handler .

Open Bitch
1st Shields-Byrne's Ausiere First Edition.
 If there was any dog or bitch built to pull a cart this
young lady was .  Very strong bitch who oozed breed type. Strong head, good reach of neck, 
solid all through.  Moved OK for a big girl. Considered her for the Green Star but was out-moved
by the Champion bitch in the challenge.  Owner needs to trim her feet at the back as extra hair
makes her look as if she is moving close behind. 
2nd Reilly 's Siansela Yodelling Liesl.  Another big, strong girl of excellent breed type, probably
more feminine than 1st and as well put together.  Splitting hairs here and they could change
places on another day. 
3rd O'Callaghan's Mapleridge Absolutely Fabulous. Almost lives up to her name but today met
two big, strong girls who were fit for purpose.  Good breed type, well constructed and moved well.
A little light in the eye .

Champion Bitch
1st Benson's Ch Tickbern Still On Top At Bernervalley.
 I couldn't fault this bitch in any way . 
Super breed type, just up to standard. Pretty, feminine head with correct stop and flat skull. Good
ear set. Lovely reach of neck, level top line and the only dog or bitch on the day that carried her
tail correctly.  Enough bone for size, well constructed and moved with reach and drive. Loved her. 
Bitch Green Star & Best in Show. 
2nd Butler's Ch Siansela Louisa's Alpine Sky.
 Another lovely girl, bigger than 1st, full of type
and substance .  Strong but feminine head, lovely expression and well constructed.  Could not
deny her Reserve Green Star
Judge - Trish Goodyear (Harvestbank)


Jude Simonds




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