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A breed that is always enjoyable to judge. I thought this was a very high quality entry and think 
the breed is in very good shape. 

Puppy Dog  (6 entries)
1st Bridges' Kernow Troubadour.
Well proportioned dog. He has a super head, flat skull, lovely 
expression. Would prefer more neck. Quite a good front. Well filled chest. Super body. Enough hind 
angulation. Nice feet. He moves very well. Best Puppy.
2nd King & Green's Joseph Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella.  He is just slightly longer cast but
another very good mover, well balanced head. Flat skull and sufficient width. OK neck. Slightly  
forward in shoulder and can firm in pastern. Well sprung ribs. Very good rear.
3rd Game's Chippis Magic Wizard. 

Junior Dog  (6 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Miles' Jaybiem Stan Innovation.
Quite a well-proportioned dog who has a better head and more 
width of chest than 2nd. Masculine head, fairly flat skull. Moderate neck, upright in shoulder and chest 
can still fill. Well sprung ribs. Level topline. Well bent stifle and low hocks. Accurate out and back with 
a decent length stride.
2nd Stephenson's Kernow Something Perfect. Liked the proportions of this dog. Would like a little 
more width of muzzle. Flat skull. Good neck. Fair front, Super body and topline, well bent stifle and 
low hock. Rather narrow coming towards, very good in profile.
3rd Game's Chippis Magic Wizard. 

Post Graduate Dog  (5)
Quite a good class.
1st Reynolds & Atkinson's Meadowpark Secret Blend. He has a very good outline. Masculine 
head, maybe just a little deep in stop. Short in neck but quite a well laid shoulder and good return of 
upper arm. Better width of chest both stood and on move than 2. Well sprung ribs with a short loin
giving a level topline. Super rear, which is strong and well muscled, really pushes away. Slight 
tendency to over-reach.
2nd Bridges' Deerpark Traveling Man V Kernow. He also has a very good outline. Well balanced 
masculine head with a fairly flat skull. Medium length neck. Balanced in his hind angulation. Just needs 
to fill in chest and can turn his pasterns out slightly. Well sprung ribs. Level topline. Well bent stifle  
with low set hocks. Balanced stride.
3rd Vaychkus and Vaickus' Flintas Kalnu Suo At Bernaroso. 

Limit Dog  (6, 1)
Very closely fought class.
1st Granger's Orlando Bloom At Jaybiem. He presents a very good outline. Very well put together 
and is in fit, hard condition. Liked his head with a fairly flat skull and good expression. Enough neck. 
Well made in front. Ribs go well back. Level topline. Quite a good rear. Could be better in front
moving, rear very well.
2nd Avery's Lujento Morse. Liked the outline of this d and his length of leg. Very good head with a 
flat skill. Correct length neck. Fair front. Well sprung ribs, just abit long in loin. Well made rear. Could 
have more fill in front and be tidier coming towards.
3rd Bird & Bridges' Kernow Something. 

Open Dog  (3, 1)
1st Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Ch Meadowpark Vertigo JW
. Well proportioned dog in super hard 
condition and putting all in on the move. He has a super head, kind eye and expression. Correct
length neck, well laid shoulder. Well sprung ribs. Could have just a bit more hind angulation. Very 
typical front action. Nice feet. CC.
2nd Green's Alpenspirit Pure Pleasure For Arvella.
Standing he presents a super outline, could 
just put a bit more effort in on the move. Masculine head with a flat skull. Correct neck. Not the 
shoulder of 1st and is upright in pastern. Super body, level topline.  Well made rear with low hocks. 
Sound mover.

Veteran (2)
1st Rothery's Glamrock Future Legend.
Feminine bitch with a lovely outline and moved well. Very 
good head, flat skull, correct stop. Very good eye and expression. Enough neck, quite a good front. 
Well bodied, well made rear.
2nd Flippance's Bernbienaime Bright Button At Nenebern. Well proportioned bitch who would 
only move at her pace. She has a lovely head. Correct neck. Fairly good front, well bodied, liked her 

Puppy Bitch  (8, 3)
Very good class of promising puppies at different stages.
1st Hellingsworth's Alisnobern Anna At Carabaz. Baby of the class and looks it but for her age is 
just right. Feminine head, correct neck. Well made front and rear. Correct proportions. Moved very 
well. Lovely puppy. 
2nd Bird & Head's Cullumbern Roman Toga With Millermead. Very strong and typy bitch. Correct
proportions. She has a very good head. Would like more neck. Well developed in body.Moderate hind 
3rd Dybdall, Lydon & Hartley-Mair's Meadowpark's Girl On Fire For Rodiveco.

Junior Bitch  (11, 1)

Super class with many potential future champions here.
1st King & Bramble's Shirdees Miss Congeniality. Really lovely bitch who is accurate out and 
back and super in profile. Well developed in head, with flat skull. Enough neck. Good front, well 
ribbed. Short in loin. Super rear. Reserve CC.
2nd Reynold's Matera's Spin That Record For Etterbern.
She too looks super in profile, can just 
firm up out and back. Feminine head which still needs to finish. Lengthy neck, well laid shoulder with 
a long, well laid upper arm. Super body. Holds a level topline. Correct rear.
3rd  Green's Bernerdalens Quest For Fame At Waldershelf. 

Post Graduate Bitch  (6)
1st Vaychkus and Vaickus' Blue Aira Bernenskie Ranczo.
Very nice type. Feminine bitch who
has a really lovely head. Kind eye and expression. Well set ears. Lengthy neck. quite a good front, 
turns one front foot out standing. Super body with a level topline. Moderate turn of stifle, nice even 
2nd Bridges' Kernow All My Loving. Liked her also very much. She too has a very good head, 
just slightly long cast. Medium neck. Quite a good front, could just be firmer in pastern. Well sprung 
ribs. Moderate rear. Moved well.
3rd Flanagan's Collansues Heart Of Gold. 

Limit Bitch  (10, 2)
Really difficult class to sort out.
1st Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark Picture Perfect. She is a very well made bitch who has 
a level topline. She has a lovely head. Lengthy neck, well laid shoulder. Short in upper arm and I 
would prefer just a bit more leg length. Well bent stifle and low hocks. On final circuit pulled herself 
together, shame she carries her tail a bit too high.
2nd Flanagan's Collansues Magical Dream. Strong and feminine typy bitch, she has a well balanced 
head with a flat skull. Lengthy neck. Broad chest but she is rather too wide moving towards. Well  
sprung ribs with a short loin. Holds a level topline. Uses her rear really well.
3rd Bird's Kernow Let It Be At Cullumbern. 

Open Bitch  (6, 2)
1st Stannard's Meadowpark Beach Blend At Tangyachates.
Really lovely bitch. She has a super 
outline which she holds on the move. Feminine in head, would prefer a slightly broader skull. Correct 
neck. Well laid shoulder. Well ribbed with a short loin. Holds a level topline. Well bent stifle and low 
hocks. Most accurate out and back in class. CC and Best of Breed.
2nd Pawlyszyn's Meadowpark Bright N'breezey At Matera.
She is super in profile action, just 
rather disappointing out and back. Would prefer a slightly broader skull. Enough neck, forward in 
shoulder. Super body. Well sprung ribs with a short loin. Level topline. Well bent stifle and low hocks.
3rd  Atherton's Ch Athersbern Peronelle Blush.
Judge - Jeff Horswell

Jude Simonds





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