Bernese News 5th June 2019

Trish Goodyear, secretary of the Southern BMD Club emailed;

"The entry for our 2019 Club Championship Show is 65 dogs making 72 entries for our judge Jane Lilley."

For comparison the entry at the 2018 show was 66 entries with 22 absentees for breed specialist judge Di Atherton (Athersbern).

The show takes place this Sunday, 9th June at The Market Hall, Lockmeadow Market, Maidstone, Kent, ME16 8LW.

The Southern Club website can be found at


Sue Small emailed;

"The “Hugabern” Obreedience team of Bernese Mountain Dogs comprises of “Chippis Diamond in the Sky” (Lucy) who is handled by Carol Davis, “Chippis Diamond Lily” handled by Sue Maddox, “Chippis Real Diamond” (Georgie) handled by Dave Maddox and “Malindibeach Faberge Fancy” handled by Sue Small. There are two reserve dogs - “Chippis She’s a Diamond” (Gina) and “Malindibeach Boodles of Fun” who is Faberge’s daughter and was born in October last year. Lucy, Lily and Gina are all litter sisters who were born on 13.3.2012, Georgie is their niece and she was born on 28.4.2014.

"This year the “Hugabern” team decided to once again take on other teams of breeds of dogs to compete in the 2019 Obreedience heats with the aim of qualifying for Crufts 2020.

"The last time the team met was at Crufts 2018 when they competed in the Obreedience Final there. Sadly, Sue Small’s “ Malindibeach Perfect Poseur” (Tiffany) died in 2018 and her team place has been filled by her daughter, “Faberge.” On 6th July they all met at Solihull Riding Club for their first heat of the year which was the venue of the Nova Scotia Duck Tollers’ Rally and Obreedience Show. The “Hugabern” team members all live a long way apart from each other so there is no chance for any practise, neither do the dogs or owners see each other. It is a case of meeting up, studying the pattern required for the heelwork test and then going for it!

"There were twelve teams entered and “Hugabern” came third, being beaten by the teams of Jack Russells and Shetland Sheepdogs. This earned the team 8 points towards qualifying for the Obreedience Final at Crufts 2020. The other teams are all very helpful and supportive and there is always a lot of cheering when teams do well.

"The second heat which they attended was on 27th May at The Kennel Club Building at Stoneleigh. Here “Hugabern” successfully beat fifteen other teams and WON! The team were fourth to go and were leading all the way through after the heelwork exercises. They completed the four set exercises, Retrieve a Dumbbell, Go to Bed, Stop the Dog on Command and Scent Discrimination losing a total of only .75 of a point and are pictured here after receiving their certificates and rosettes. This gave them another 10 points towards qualification for Crufts.

"They are hoping to compete in another three heats this year although all of these dogs have very busy lives as they also compete in the show ring, do agility, carting, Obedience and Rally and really try to fly the flag for the Bernese breed."



Jude Simonds 


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