Bernese News 20th March 2015

Helen Davenport tells me that the funeral for Benita Gower will be held at 10.30am on
9th April at Medway Crematorium, Robin Hood Lane, Blue Bell Hill, Chatham, Kent, ME5 9QU.

Family flowers only but donations may be made to Cancer Research UK.   
Benita's daughter Jemma has set up a "Just Giving" page;


Jester ~ Tangyachates Teddybear 
19th August 2004 ~ 7th March 2015 
Marmite ~ Tangyachates Yachtsman 
25th August 2007 ~ 14th March 2015)

Helena Turner emailed;

"I  received an email from one of my puppy owners [copied below] and have included this and a
couple of recent pictures for the news.   I have just heard that soon after Jester died their other dog
Marmite stopped eating and also died one week later. I am sure we can all understand the sadness
and grief that the family are feeling at the loss of both. They understood that they had to keep the
younger one busy and involved in everyday life but this obviously did not work.  I have found this
a common occurrence and wonder if anyone else has any suggestions to help in a similar
situation......This is probably why many people think that after once being in this situation the
solution is to have three dogs but of course this is not always possible for everyone."

Email from Beverly Hodcroft to Helena Turner

"I am heartbroken to be sending you this e-mail. Our wonderful, gorgeous, giant bear, Jester died
on Saturday night.

"It was quick and peaceful for him and we managed to get Jess home from Canterbury in time to
say goodbye to him. He h
ad a wonderful happy last day in the sunshine and I am attaching a photo
him and Marmite on their last walk together at 2.15pm that afternoon. It is so hard to believe he
went later that night. 

"It was his heart (and believe me, he had the biggest happiest heart a dog could ever have) - it was
beating 3 times 
faster than it should have been which apparently sent him into shock and also
denied parts of his body of oxygen. 

"The vet sedated him with painkillers whilst I drove to Canterbury to get Jess. Dean stayed with him
at the vets so 
he was never alone. He fell into his final sleep within 15 minutes of Jess getting to him
and was cuddled by all three of us as he drifted away.

"Jester was our first ever dog and what a truly great one to have chosen. We had 10 and a half
wonderful years with 
him. He looked after all of us and gave us so much happiness. He was
comical, l
oving, kind and gentle. Marmite is, like us, at a loss without his big Uncle - they had
never spent a day or night apart since we brought Marmite home 7 and a 
half years ago. The cats
are also looking for him.  Marmite idolised 
Jester and not only did they look so alike , Marmite
developed the same habits 
as Jester.

"The house feels empty without Jester - he was always at my side - a completely loyal friend. The
truly hardest part of 
having a pet is losing them. 

"Thank you for "giving" us Jester. He will never be forgotten and I'm so pleased that we brought both
Jester and Marmite to see you last summer (even though I know you were horrified that Jester was
such a large dirty, scruffy bear - he always had 
hated baths but most importantly, he was happy - he
was, in his younger days, a 
truly handsome bear - see the other picture attached). 

"With a very sad heart, Beverly x"


CRUFTS 6th March 2015

I would like to thank the Kennel Club for inviting me to judge at Crufts and what an honour it was.
A special thank you also to the exhibitors for the wonderful entry and of course  to my  stewards
Peter Baxter and David Caulfield for keeping things running smoothly.

Veteran Dog  (6 entries)
1st Schander's Int Norduch Odysseus.
Lovely overall, excellent bone, balanced throughout, at
8 1/2 he is still in excellent condition. Good breadth and depth of head, eyes dark, neck strong.  Well angulated fore and hindquarters.  Good depth and breadth of chest, topline strong.  Toes in slightly
coming to but moves well behind. Well presented.
2nd Martinsson's Swe Ch Bernerdalens Umax. 9 1/2 years, another quality dog, good bone and
overall size. Head broad, would like a bit better defined stop and length of neck.  Well angulated fore
and hindquarters, strong topline.  Moved out well, toes in slightly coming to.
3rd Aze's Fortonpark Its My Boy At Kernow ShCM.  8 1/2 years, good size overall.  Head broad,
again would like better defined stop, eyes dark.  Neck strong, good depth of chest.  Well angulated,
a little down on his pasterns.

Puppy Dog  (8)
1st Green's Waldershelf Here Comes Erik.
It appears that my first three are all litter mates and
are very similar in type. 11 months. He has the strongest head which is well balanced and should
develop well as he matures. Good breadth and depth of head, dark eyes.  Good length of neck, well
angulated fore and hindquarters, topline strong, good depth of chest. Moved well in all directions.
Has a large frame to develop into, has a tendancy to look long, needs time, well handled.
Best Puppy.
2nd Hughes' Waldershelf Causing Kaos. Good bone and size.  Head need time to develop,
good length and breadth of muzzle, dark eyes.  Neck short.  Would like more length of upper arm,
strong topline, short coupled.  Moderate hind angulation, moved well once settled.
3rd Romanov's Waldershelf Fancy Phoenix. Good size overall, well bodied. Head needs to
broaden and would like more defined stop and broader muzzle. Rises slightly over loin, needs
time to mature.

Junior Dog  (11 entries, 2 absentees)
1st Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark Dream On.
Lovely class overall. 15 months.
Strong flat skull, dark eyes in well fitting rims, good breadth and depth.  Neck strong, shoulders
well angulated, good depth of chest, well ribbed.  Well angulated hindquarters, moved well with
reach in front and good drive from behind. Promising youngster.
2nd Baldwin's Guiness Record From Christofland To Fortonpark (Imp Cze). Another youngster,
17 months.  Of good type, balanced overall. Lovely head, eyes dark.  Good length of neck, would
like bit more length of upper arm. Good length of body and depth of chest.
3rd Richards' Marrack Van't Pachthof Von Richenbern (Imp Bel). 17 months.  Lovely head and
expression, muzzle broad, eyes dark.  Good bone, would like more length of neck.  Well angulated
fore and hindquarters.

Yearling Dog  (12, 2)
1st Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark Vertigo JW.
Stunning dog at just 18 months,
he is a delight. Balanced throughout. Lovely head and expression, dark eyes, muzzle broad.  Good
length of neck, shoulders long and sloping, good length of upper arm.  Chest broad, well ribbed,
topline strong.  Well muscled  hindquarters, good hind angulation.  Moved with good reach in
front, lovely side gait following through behind. Well presented.  Very happy to award him Dog CC
and Best of Breed
 and to see him in the final eight in the Group.
2nd De Wolde's Maxima's Kingdom Majestic Dream NLYCH. Slightly smaller than 1st 
overall.  Nice head and expression, skull flat, eyes dark.  Good breadth and depth of chest.  Would
like more length and return of upper arm.  Good bone and well bodied.  Moderate hind angulation,
moves wide in front and toeing in.
3rd Gurney's Monalou Russian Ambassador. 17 months and not the maturity of 1st and 2nd. 
Needs time to develop. Nice head and expression, needs to broaden in skull. Good bone and body,
chest needs to broaden.  Topline needs to strengthen.  A lot to like about him but needs to mature.

Post Graduate Dog  (14)
1st Hyland's Charmsway Adventurer.
Good size male, plenty of body and substance. Well
presented. Head broad, dark eyes, would like a bit more stop.  Good length of neck, shoulders well
laid, good depth of brisket.  Well ribbed, strong topline, rump rounded, good hind angulation.  Moved
out well, balanced.
2nd McMullan's Bernemcourt Just A Dream At Glenhunt. Balanced  head, well defined stop,
dark eyes.  Medium length of neck, good front angulation.  Topline rising slightly over loin, good hind angulation.
3rd Round's Collansues Black Magic. Lovely head, would like darker eyes, skull broad.  Good
length of neck, good breadth and depth of chest, well ribbed.  Stifles well bent, moved well side
and rear but down on his pasterns when coming to.

Mid Limit Dog  (14)
1st Wright & Kirk's Materabern Good Friday.
Mixed class for size and type. Good overall shape.
Head well proportioned.  Good length of neck, would like a bit more length of upper arm.  Good depth
of chest.  Strong topline, rounded croup.  Well bent stifles, moved well.
2nd Cooke & Stevens' Tickbern Ridin' High. Overall smaller than 1st but balanced throughout.
Lovely head and expression, dark eyes.  Good length of neck, well angulated fore and hindquaters.
Medium bone, moves well.
3rd De Wolde's Maxima's Kingdom Majestic Dream Nlych.

Limit Dog  (13, 3)
1st Baldwin's Tjofselinas Z Daimuz At Fortonpark JW (Imp Swe).
 A strong class, close decision
between 1st and 2nd.  Lovely head and expression, skull broad and flat. Good length of neck,
shoulders well laid back.  Well ribbed, good depth of brisket. Stifles well bent, moved out well
with good reach, balanced. Well presented, pulled out all the stops in the challenge to win the
Reserve CC.
2nd King & Bramble's Shirdees Continental JW. 
Another of good quality, lovely head and
expression.  Good length of neck, shoulders well laid.  Good depth of chest, well ribbed, rising
slightly over loin, short coupled.  Stifles well bent, moved well.
3rd Giffney's Doremis Lolvo Kid (Imp Swe). Head balanced, would like darker eyes, good
length and depth of muzzle.  Neck strong, good fore and hind angulation, croup slopes away.
Good bone.

Open Dog (27, 9)
1st Alverez Guttierrez's Ch Pt E Ch Southcourt Quebranto.
Well presented quality male.
Balanced head, skull broad and flat dark eyes, just a little loose which spoilt expression for me.
Good length of neck, shoulders well laid back with good length of upper arm, chest broad and
deep.  Strong topline, short coupled, well bent stifles.  Excellent bone and substance, moved
out well.  Lovely dog.
2nd Bridges' Ch Kernow Rock Star. Close decision with 1st.  Skull broad and flat, good length
and breadth of muzzle.  Strong neck.  Well angulated forequarters, good breadth and depth of
chest.  Good hind angulation, rising slightly over loin.  Moved well with good reach.
3rd Nillsson's CIB Norduch Bernerdalens Jackpot Nord JV-11 Nord V-11 Se V-13
HEW-13 Nord V-13.  
Good size overall, lovely head and expression, dark eyes, well defined stop.
Good breadth and depth of chest,well ribbed. Good hind angulation, rising slightly over rump,
moved well, reaching out in front.

Good Citizen Dog  (9)
1st Bird's Ch Shirdees Love Me Do At Cullumbern JW ShCh.
Strong balanced head with well
defined stop.  Strong neck, shoulders well laid, good depth of chest and length of rib.  Well
angulated hindquarters, moves out well in front, a little close behind.
2nd Miles' Ch Jaybiem Utwo JW ShCh. Top size male, head balanced, eyes dark but rather small.
Neck short, well laid shoulders. Strong topline, good depth of brisket, topline rising slightly.  Well
bent stifles.  Presentation could have been better.
3rd Plested's Chippis Nights Image. Would like more masculine head.  Neck short, good bone.
Good depth of chest and well ribbed, short coupled. Moderate hind angulation.

Veteran Bitch  (11, 4)
1st King & Bramble's Ch Shirdees Bobbie Dazzler.
Lovely to see such a good class of veterans.
9 years, in excellent condition, solid bitch.  Strong muzzle, dark eyes, head well proportioned, would
like more feminine expression.  Good length of neck, shoulders well laid, good length of upper arm.
Broad chest, well ribbed.  Moved well in front and behind.  Good depth of chest, topline strong.
Moves well.
2nd Harris' Vellbern Geisha Girl.  9 years. Not the bone of 1st nevertheless a nice bitch overall.
Balanced head, dark eyes, feminine expression.  Good length of neck, shoulders well laid.  Good
depth of chest.  Carrying a bit too much weight over ribs, short coupled.  Good hind angulation.
3rd Green's Waldershelf Happy Hattie.  8 years. Similar in size and shape to 2nd but not the
strength of head, would like better defined stop and more breadth and depth of skull.  Strong
neck, topline straight, well angulated hindquarters.

Puppy Bitch  (8, 1)
1st Marsden & Robertson's Trudaleaze Majic Potion.
Quite a mixed class overall.  At almost
1 year old, this bitch is well grown.  Feminine expression, head needs to broaden, would like more
definition of stop.  Good length of neck and well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm, well
ribbed.  Strong level topline, good hind angulation, moves well in all gaits.
2nd Robinson's Chipps Diamond Dream. Preferred her head and expression to 1st, good
breadth and depth of skull, dark eyes.  Neck short, good depth of brisket,short coupled, strong
topline.  Moderate turn of stifle.
3rd Green's Waldershelf All About Edna. Top size bitch, made her handler work hard.  She is
a big girl and will need time to develop. Head strong, straight muzzle, dark eyes.  Good depth
of brisket and overall length of body.  Good bone. Pasterns upright and needs to watch her tail
on the move.

Junior Bitch  (17, 6)
1st Baldwin's Meadowpark Living My Dream At Meadowpark.
Very good class overall, first 3
all quality bitches. My winner, still young but I am sure she will have a bright future ahead. Head
broad, flat skull, dark eyes. Neck strong, medium in length. Shoulders long, sloping, good length
and return of upper arm. Chest broad, good depth of brisket and overall length of body.  Stifles
well bent, moved well reaching out in front and following well through behind. Reserve CC. 
2nd Place's Monalou Russian Doll. Another quality bitch, not quite the maturity yet of 1st.
Head broad and deep, dark eyes.  Neck strong, good depth and breadth of chest. Rising just a
bit over loin.  Moderate turn of stifle, good bone. Moves well.
3rd Bridges' Kernow Hello Old Friend. Head balanced, dark eyes, feminine expression.  
Medium length of neck, good breadth of chest and depth of brisket, rather upright in pasterns.
Well bodied, moderate turn of stifle. Topline strong.

Yearling Bitch  (16, 2)
1st Abbott-Brown & Abbott's Meadowpark One Love With Kingstonska.  
Close decision
between 1st and 2nd. Head strong, good breadth and depth of skull.  Neck medium length,
shoulders long, sloping well with good length of upper arm.  Good depth and breadth of chest.
Short coupled, stifles well bent, good bone.  Moved well, striding out in front, balanced throughout.
2nd Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark Breezing On. Loved this bitch's head and
expression.  Good length of neck, shoulders long sloping, good return of upper arm.  Good breadth
of chest and length of back.  Good bone, moved well behind just moving a bit wide in front.
3rd Westlake's Alpine Joy Page Story At Jesterbrock. Another nice bitch.  Good breadth and
depth of skull, dark eyes.  Good length of neck, good breadth of chest, well ribbed, short coupled.
Moderate turn of stifle. Moved well.

Post Graduate Bitch  (17, 3)
1st Morgan's Welshbern Sweet Lady At Judabern.
Good class overall.  2 years and still maturing. Balanced throughout.  Skull broad, flat, muzzle straight, dark eyes.  Neck strong, medium length.
Shoulders well laid, good length of upper arm, good depth of brisket. Short coupled, croup well
rounded. Moved straight and true in all gaits.
2nd Cowell's Tickbern Roumour Has It At Danerysbern. Well proportioned head, feminine
expression, dark eyes.  Neck strong.  Well angulated forequarters, good depth of chest.  Topline
strong, moderate turn of stifle, moved well.
3rd Trevett's Vellbern The Raindancer.  Similar overall to 1st and 2nd, just a little longer in body.
Head balanced, feminine expression, dark eyes.  Strong neck.  Good breadth of chest, well
angulated hindquarters, moved well.

Mid Limit Bitch  (13, 2)
1st Slade's Jaybiem Voo Doo At Potterspride JW.
  4 years, quality bitch who really showed
herself off. Head strong, flat skull, good depth, dark eyes, feminine expression.  Good length of
neck, shoulders long, sloping with good return of upper arm.  Good bone.  Chest broad, well
ribbed, short coupled.  Well bent stifles, moved well, reaching out in front, followed well through
2nd Turner's Meadowpark Beach Blend At Tangyachates. Nice bitch overall, would like
more breadth of head. Eyes dark. Good length of neck, shoulders long, sloping with good length
and return of upper arm. Well ribbed, short coupled. Stifles well bent. Good bone. Moved well.
3rd Declerk's Mona Lisa De Zandvijver BJCH. Excellent bone and size but would
like more feminine expression.  Good breadth and depth of head. well defined stop. Neck strong,
shoulders well laid and good length and return of upper arm. Strong topline. Well bent stifles,
moved well with good reach in front.

Limit Bitch  (10, 2)
1st Edge's Monalou Dutch Affair JW.
Balanced throughout. Lovely head and expression, skull
broad with good depth, dark eyes.  Neck strong, shoulders long, sloping, good length and return
of upper arm. Chest broad. Short coupled, topline strong, stifles well bent, moved well. Nice bitch.
2nd Alverez Gutierrez's Melania-Hamilton Van' Stokerybos SJCh. Quality bitch, good breadth
and depth of skull, strong muzzle. Medium length of neck. Shoulders long, good return of upper
arm. Chest broad, good depth of brisket, would like bit more depth of loin. Stifles well bent. Good
bone. Moved well.
3rd Flanagan's Collansues Rose Bud. Feminine expression, head balanced, good breadth and
depth of skull, dark eyes. Medium length of neck, broad chest. Topline strong, short coupled.
Well bent stifles, moves wide in front.

Open Bitch  (16, 5)
1st Cooke & Stevens' Ch Tickbern Miss Chief.
Quality class, close decision between the first 3.
I gave this girl her first CC and today her 17th, now 6 years. Lovely balanced bitch in every way.
Head broad, skull flat, dark eyes, strong straight muzzle. Medium length neck. Shoulders long
and sloping, good length and return of upper arm. Chest broad, good depth of brisket, short
coupled. Stifles well bent, moved with reach in front followed through behind. Just felt she was
out-moved by the dog in the challenge.
2nd Baldwin's Ch Fortonpark Dutch Delight. Gave her Best Puppy as a youngster and she
pushed hard for the class. Quality bitch, so much to like about her. Good breadth and depth of
skull, well defined stop, dark eyes. Neck strong, medium length. Shoulders long, sloping, good
length and return of upper arm. Chest broad, well ribbed, short coupled. Well bent stifles.
Good bone. Moved out well in front, following through behind.

Good Citizen Bitch  (8)
1st Harris' Vellbern Geisha Girl.
2nd Marsdon & Robertson's Trudaleaze Majik Potion

3rd Blenkinsopp's Northmeadow Porche At Thiesbern.  2 years.  Well grown, balanced
head, dark eyes, well defined stop.  Medium length of neck, shoulders sloping, would like more
return of upper arm.  Good depth of brisket. Topline strong, short coupled, well muscled
hindquarters.  Good bone.
Judge - Amanda Hearne (Snoanda) 


Jude Simonds


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