Bernese News 21st March 2016 


The Pawscars Awards took place on Wednesday 9th March at Birmingham's Hilton
Metropole at the NEC Campus and when all the votes were counted 9 year old
Lauren Bridges was announced as Junior Handler of the Year.  

Mum Lisa and the accompanying party were absolutely ecstatic and so they should be
as this "small" person has had so much fun doing something she clearly loves to do whilst
also working hard to hone her skills and become an accomplished handler of not only dogs
owned by her family but is also entrusted to handle some top winning dogs owned by others
too - quite something for one so young.  Congratulations.  But there was more success to 
come for this little lady a few days later .....



The excitement and sometimes anxiety (!) for exhibitors in the run up to Crufts every year is
pretty much expected and normal; preparing dogs and trying to maintain peak condition and 
fitness is not always easy but heightened activity in other aspects of the breed occurs too.
The demand for Bernese puppies has been relentless over the past few months and I have
been receiving numerous calls from potential puppy buyers every single day and I make no
apology for mentioning yet again how sad it is that so many of those intent on buying a pup
seem to desire only a tricoloured dog that carries a label "Bernese" and have little or no
interest in even attempting to search for a carefully planned, well bred pup from a knowledge-
able breeder of integrity.  Some of those seeking a pup made the pilgrimage to Crufts to view
the breed in the ring and also to visit Bernese at Discover Dogs and make contact with breeders
so there was no shortage of puppy enquiries at the show too.  

With limited availability of authentic Bernese, conscientious breeders are having to make
considered decisions of where and to whom to place their precious pups but now also need
to be aware that a significant number of those seeking a pup are now voicing their intent to
breed Bernese to "meet the demand" even before they have secured their first Bernese 
purchase!  I strongly advise those who have litters planned to be sure to spend enough time
talking to and meeting enquirers to ensure that enough relevant information is shared between
both parties before making any final decision to sell a pup.

Saturday at Crufts is usually exceptionally busy and this year was no different with visitors
from all corners of the globe as well as the home 'crowd' flocking to the Bernese ringside. 

The catalogue lists 114 entries for dogs with 9 absentees plus 132 bitches with 31 absentees
totalling 246 entries with 40 ansentees although the published Bernese entry on the breed
totals page of the catalogue was 248. This made Bernese the second largest entry of all the
scheduled Working and Pastoral breeds, being beaten only by  an entry of 257 Boxers.
The judge was breed specialist Jane Lamb (Bernalpen)

Taking three of the top awards was well-known Belgian breeder and exhibitor Ivan Delrue-
Vandewalle with homebred stock.

The Dog CC plus Best of Breedwent to 5 year old Lux Ch Just Enjoy Van't Stokerybos who is
a son of Int Ch Emerson Van't Stokerybos (who won Best of Breed at Crufts 2008) x Int CH
Ch Hadise Van't Stokerybos.  

The Reserve Dog CC was awarded to 2 1/2 year old Miel Van't Sokerybos who is a son of
Lux Ch Habibi Van't Stokerybos (who won the Dog CC at Crufts 2012) x Iris Van't Stokerybos.

The Bitch CC was won by 3 year old Molly Van't Stokerybos who is a daughter of Ch 
Kronblommas MacDuff x Georgia Van't Stokerybos.  

Taking home the Reserve Bitch CC was another kennel who is no stranger to winning top 
top awards at Crufts. Bernice Mair, Carole Hartley-Mair and Gary Dybdall's homebred Ch
Meadowpark Breezing On is a 2 year old who is a daughter of Ch Tjofselinas Z Diamuz At
Fortonpark x Ch Meadowpark Whispers Breeze (who won Best of Breed and then went on to
top the Working Group at Crufts 2013).  

The winner of Best Puppy was Joan Sharp's Monalou Maggie May, an 8 month old bred by
Michele Gurney and sired by Monalou Russian Ambassador x Monalou Cassandra.  

Returning to young handlers .....

Lauren Bridges attentively and competently handled the Samoyed to Group 4 and
stole everyone's heart and gained HUGE respect when she immediately strode up
to the Group winner and shook her hand in congratulations before returning to
stand at her award board - what an absolute star and what an example to some
adults who could learn something from this youngster.  

It was great to see her interviewed during the TV coverage and I and a great many others
are very proud of her.  Congratulations.   I also heard that three other Bernese junior
handlers -  Shauna O'Callaghan, Paige Spencer and Bryony Smith also put on professional
performances with their respective charges.  How lucky we are to have several capable
youngsters coming up through the Bernese ranks.  Well done to you all.

Some of the Crufts Bernese statistics for the past 5 years are copied below and also the full
Bernese class results can be found further down this column.

Crufts 2012 - Judge Heather Head (Millermead)
122 exhibitors;  182 exhibits; 209 entries;
Including 9 exhibitors from overseas with 16 exhibits from;
Belgium (2) + 5 exhibits
Germany (1) + 2 exhibits
Norway (2) + 3 exhibits
Russia (1) +1 exhibit
Russian Federation (2) + 3 exhibits
Sweden (1) + 2 exhibits
Largest classes;  Dogs Open 16 entries = Bitches Mid Limit 21 entries
Dog CC Delrue-Vandewalle's Lux Ch Habibi Van't Stokerybos (Belgium)
Reserve Dog CC Embleton's Ch, Ir Ch Bernemcourt Fascination JW
Bitch CC and Best of Breed Mair & Hartley-Mair's Meadowpark Whispers Breeze
Reserve Bitch CC De Decker-Van De Velde's Jazira Van't Pachthof (Belgium)
Best Puppy Mair & Hartley-Mair's Meadowpark Living The Dream

Crufts 2013 - Judge Jack Bispham (allrounder)
125 exhibitors;  197 exhibits;  215 entries;
including 15 exhibitors from overseas with 27 exhibits from;
Belgium (3) + 7 exhibits
Czech Republic (2) + 3 exhibits
Germany (1) + 1 exhibit
Netherlands (3) + 5 exhibits
Norway (4) + 6 exhibits
Russia (1) + 3 exhibits
Spain (1) + 2 exhibits
Largest classes; Dogs Open 22 entries + Bitches Post Graduate & Limit 19 entries each
Dog CC Benson's Ch, Ir Ch Patrick De La Galea At Bernervalley
Reserve Dog CC Miles' Ch Jaybiem Utwo JW ShCM
Bitch CC and Best of Breed Mair's Ch Meadowpark Whispers Breeze + Working Group winner
Reserve Bitch CC Miles' Jaybiem I Kea JW ShCM
Best Puppy Griffiths, Orme and Miles' Jaybiem Yeuben Chozen

Crufts 2014 - Judge Jackie Green (Arvella)
137 exhibitors;  211 exhibits; 237 entries;
including 21 exhibitors from overseas with 31 exhibits from;
Belgium (2) +7 exhibits
Czech Republic (1) + 1 exhibit
Denmark (1) + 1 exhibit
France (1) + 1 exhibit
Germany (2) + 2 exhibits
Italy (1) + 1 exhibit
Netherlands (3) + 4 exhibits
Russian Federation (4) + 6 exhibits
Spain (3) + 4 exhibits
Sweden (2) + 3 exhibits
Switzerland (1) + 1 exhibit
Largest classes; Dogs Open 28 entries + Bitches Open 19 entries
Dog CC & Best of Breed  Gutierrez's PT,E,Ch,I Ch Southcourt Quebranto (Spain)
Reserve Dog CC Dickson's Monalou Dutch Connexion To Geruth
Bitch CC Cooke & Stevens' Ch Tickbern Miss Chief
Reserve Bitch CC Gurney's Monalou Fanny Craddock JW
Best Puppy Sutton's Bernsteph Dior Remember Me
Crufts 2015 - Judge Amanda Hearne (Snoanda)
126 exhibitors, 206 exhibits, 233 entries;
including 17 exhibitors from overseas with 29 exhibits from;
Belgium (2) + 7 exhibits
Denmark (1) + 2 exhibits
France (2) + 2 exhibits
Italy (3) + 5 exhibits
Netherlands (3) + 5 exhibits
Spain (1) + 3 exhibits
Sweden (3) + 3 exhibits
Switzerland (2) + 2 exhibits
Largest classes; Dogs Open 27 entries + Bitches Junior & Post Graduate 17 entries each
Dog CC & Best of Breed Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark Vertigo JW
Reserve Dog CC Baldwin's Tjofselinas Z Diamuz At Fortonpark JW
Bitch CC Cooke & Stevens' Ch Tickbern Miss Chief
Reserve Bitch CC Baldwin's Meadowpark Living My Dream At Fortonpark
Best Puppy Green's Waldershelf Here Comes Erik
Crufts 2016 - Judge Jane Lamb (Bernalpen)
140 exhibitors, 221 exhibits, 248 entries: 
including 20 exhibitors from overseas with 37 exhibits from;
Belgium (2) + 10 exhibits
Denmark (1) + 1 exhibit
France (3) + 3 exhibits
Germany (2) + 3 exhibits
Italy (2) + 2 exhibits
Netherlands (2) + 6 exhibits
poland (3) + 4 exhibits
Russian Federation (1) + 2 exhibits
Spain (1) + 3 exhibits
Sweden (2) + 2 exhibits
Switzerland (1) + 1 exhibit
Largest classes; Dogs Open 20 entries + Bitches Open 26 entries
Dog CC & Best of Breed Delrue-Vandewalle's Lux Ch Just Enjoy Van't Stokerybos (Belgium) 
Reserve Dog CC Delrue-Vandewwalle's Miel Van't Stokerybos (Belgium) 
Bitch CC Delrue-Vandewalle's Molly Van't Stokerybos (Belgium) 
Reserve Bitch CC Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Ch Meadowpark Breezing On 
Best Puppy Sharp's Monalou Maggie May

CRUFTS 2016 class results - Judge Jane Lamb (Bernalpen)

Veteran Dog  (4 entries) 
1st  Miles' Ch Jaybiem Utwo JW ShCM
2nd  Turner's Ch Tangyachates Beachcomber  
3rd  Fairclough's Ch Monalou Whats It All About ShCM 
Res De Wolde's NLY/NL/NLV/Lux Ch Famous Benn Van De Buut Vrij Hoeve
       CW'15 BDVS'15  

Minor Puppy Dog  (1)   
1st  Westlake's Apriori Uill Smith For Jesterbrock (Imp Rus)

Puppy Dog  (6 entries, 1 absentee)  
1st  Benson's Mapleridge The Dark Knight At Bernervalley  
2nd  Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark Perfect Record
3rd  Webster's Esslinbern The Charmed One At Tootega
Res Barsby & Bonham's Halesbern Naughty But Nice
VHC Bridges' Deerpark Traveling Man V Kernow (Imp USA)

Junior Dog  (13)   
1st  Brown's Esslinbern Benrus Sky Chief
2nd De Wolde's NLY/VDH Ch Devael Loud 'n Proud VDW SSV Y CH  
3rd  Gurney's Monalou Just Call Me Oleg
Res Becker-Blonigen's Ridon Hennet Red Hot Chili Pepper  
VHC Philipps' Monalou Norwegian Star  

Yearling Dog  (17)  
1st  Bridges' Kernow Something
2nd  Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark High Class
3rd  Miles' Orlando Bloom At Jaybiem JW
Res Kropidlowska's  Aspen Melle Dulcior
VHC De Wolde's NLY/VDH Ch Devael Loud 'n Proud VDW SSV Y CH

Post Graduate Dog  (19)
1st  McMullen's Bernemcourt Just A Dream At Glenhunt  
2nd  Page's Tulipanos Berni Mr McEnroe (Imp Hun)
3rd  Vaychkus Flintas Kalnu Suo (Imp Lith)
Res Leek's Harvestbank Fernando
VHC Crawford's Clanquaich Rudi Two Tone  

Mid Limit Dog  (12, 1)  
1st  Delrue-Vandewalle's Miel Van 't Stokerybos  Reserve CC
2nd  Scott's Welshbern One Vision At Acobern ShCM
3rd  Round's Collansues Black Magic
Res Wright & Kirk's Materabern Good Friday
VHC Richards' Marrack Ban't Pachthof Von Richenbern (Imp Bel)  

Limit Dog  (14, 1)  
1st  Baldwin's Guiness Record From Christofland To Fortonpark (Imp Cze)  
2nd  Delrue-Vandewalle's Milan Van 't Stokerybos  
3rd  Green's Alpenspirit Pure Pleasure For Arvella (Imp Can)
Res Hyland's Charmsway Adventurer
VHC MacDonald's Torralbaz Clan Chieftan

Open Dog  (20, 6)  
1st  Delrue-Vandewalle's Lux Ch Just Enjoy Van 't Stokerybos  CC + Best of Breed
2nd  Matusiak's Pl/Int Ch Fryderyk Swobodne Zycie  
3rd  Mair, Hartkey-Mair & Dybdall's Ch Meadowpark Vertigo JW  
Res De Wolde's NL/VDH/SSV/Lux/Croa/Int Ch  Georgeous Mc-Gregor Vom Rummelsbach 
VHC Embleton's Ch/Ir Ch Bernemcourt Fascination JW ShCM

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog  (8)
1st Griffiths, Orme & Miles' Ch Jaybiem Y'euben Chozen JW ShCM
2nd  Marsden & Robertson's Trudaleaze Aint I Adorable
3rd  Jefferson's Meadowpark Boysown  
Res Austen's Collansues Excalibur  
VHC Gorbould's Baronbern Dino No Two

Veteran Bitch  (9, 2)   
1st  Creasey's Alphanova Moonlight Magic 
2nd  Lashbrook's Tidespring Dancing Queen At Forestburn
3rd  Stelmach & Davis' Chippis Black Diamond
Res Rothery's Glamrock Future Legend
VHC Harris' Vellbern Geisha Girl

Minor Puppy Bitch (1)
1st  Sharp's Monalou Maggie May  Best Puppy

Puppy Bitch  (5)  
1st  Vaychkus' Blue Aira Bernenskie Ranczo (Imp Pol)
2nd  Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark Picture Perfect
3rd  Jones' Lujento Gloria Swan Song
Res Watson's Staubach Quiana At Stepdashar
VHC Roche's Rockybear Follow Your Heart

Junior Bitch  (12)   
1st  Dielentheis' Nyota Van't Stokerybos
2nd  Jeffries' Esslinbern Binda Hip Hop
3rd  DeClerk's Nina De Zandvijver
Res Smith's Esslinbern Bulgari Astrale At Camlais
VHC King's Ecalpharas Moonshine Over Leapingwell

Yearling Bitch  (18, 7)
1st  Marsden & Robertson's Trudaleaze Majik Potion
2nd  DeClerk's Nina De Zandvijver
3rd  Jones & Grayling's Lujento L'Wren Bacall With Welshbern
Res Miles' Save Dallas Kiss For Jaybiem  
VHC Bird's Kernow Let It Be At Cullumbern

Post Graduate Bitch  (21, 6)
1st  O'Callaghan's Mapleridge Absolutely Fabulous
2nd  Jeffries' Lara At Esslinbern (Imp Ned)
3rd  Shopland-Reed's Fleur De Neboa De Meigas (Imp Sp)
Res Wills' Kernow Moon Dust
VHC Stannard's Kohbern Swans Of Samui

Mid Limit Bitch  (16, 5)
1st  Delrue-Vandewalle's Niki Van 't Stokerybos
2nd  Wood's Tamarbern Dusky Maiden
3rd  DeClerk's Nina De Zandvijver
Res  Bateman's Lowcroft Athena At Santala
VHC Boots' Fairy Court Sparkles Of Kaycibern

Limit Bitch  (14, 2)
1st  Randlov Petersen's Prima-Sennen's Duchess Of Kimberly
2nd  Goodyear's Harvestbank Fields Of Gold JW ShCM
3rd  Baldwin's Meadowpark Living My Dream At Fortonpark
Res Flanagan's Collansues Mountain Angel
VHC Allison's Tickbern Quick Step For Alisnobern

Open Bitch  (26, 8)
1st  Delrue-Vandewalle's Bel/Lux Ch Molly Van 't Stokerybos  CC
2nd  Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Ch Meadowpark Breezing On   Reserve CC
3rd Gurney's Ch Monalou Fanny Craddock JW
Res Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Ch Meadowpark Just A Dream
VHC Pawlyszyn's  Ch Materabern Disco Diva

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch  (10, 1)
1st  Wood's Tamarbern Dusky Maiden
2nd  Stelmach & Davis' Chippis Black Diamond
3rd  Thompson's Trudaleaze She's Gorjus
Res  Stelmach & Davis' Chippis Shes A Diamond
VHC  Green's Waldershelf Eethel's Way At Padiky



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