Bernese News 20th March 2019


Firstly I would like to thank the Southern Bernese Club for the opportunity to judge, I thoroughly enjoyed the day, many thanks to my two stewards Mick Brind and Mark Avery who both did a sterling job in co-ordinating and organising the ring and dogs, making my job as easy as possible; the atmosphere around the ring was of good spirit as you normally find within the Bernese Breed.

Some key observations, overall I felt the bitches were a lot stronger, of better type and standard to the males, especially in the classes of Post Graduate and below. In the males below approximately 2 years I observed a lot of weak back-ends which was worrying and round eyes as opposed to the standard almond shape; the colouring was OK but the shape was not to standard in my opinion, both the back-ends and eye shape need to be watched in the breed as we go forwards.

Minor Puppy Dog  (2 entries)
1st Cotton's Kernow Billy No Mates At Jukesbern.
8 ½ months, great head coming on this boy and maturing well. Level topline standing and on move, moved at ease and was not phased.
2nd Flippance's Tickbern What About Walter At Nenebern. 6 months, this was his first show, he handled it well, all in his stride. He still has a long way to go but he has good foundations on which to grow and mature. His back end was a little close behind at this stage but this will come in time.

Puppy Dog  (2)
1st Miles' Jaybiem Modus Operandi.
9 ½ months, this puppy caught my eye as soon as he came into the ring. Beautiful shape and well-constructed, masculine head developing. Movement was consistent throughout his time in the ring. Lovely eye shape and colour. Good bone and tight feet.
2nd Kemp's Collansues Crazy Dreams. 9 months - this puppy has good foundations with regards to angulation and bone, he is a little bum high at this stage but this should level with time. He may benefit from a little more ringcraft.

Junior Dog  (4 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Hewitson's Monalou C'est La Vie.
1 year, well balanced and good angulation. A lovely head developing however the eyes were slightly loose at this stage, this may correct with time as his head matures further. Good length of body and sound on the move.
2nd Cross' Kyleburn Night Watfarer At Kilnpond. 15 months old, this dog needs time to develop. Finer bone than rest in the class and was too thin in my opinion. He has some good features developing but they may take time in this dog.
3rd Stephenson's Bernark's Mount Snowdon. 15 months, well bodied and nice head developing, the eyes on this dog were a concern. On the move the front right leg swung outwards and detracted from overall movement.

Special Yearling Dog  (1)
1st Rumble's Harvestbank In Dreams Of Glenbrienz. 
21 months, nice boy with great bone and a lovely head developing with kind facial expression. He is well bodied with great overall structure, on the move his profile looked particularly pleasing with steady movement.

Maiden Dog  No entries

Novice Dog  (1)
1st Arciszewska & Sherratt's Kyleburn Night Voyager.
2 ½ years, nice head and kind expression however the eye-set was not ideal. Overall outline was OK, was too close behind on move in my opinion.

Graduate Dog  (4)
1st Otero Rodriguez & Otero Scutt's Homer De Llobu Astur (Imp Esp).
2 years and 3 months, this boy has good build and angles giving the impression of strength. Lovely head and best eye shape and set in class by far. Tail may be a tad short in length. This boy was shown well on the day and could go on to gain some places at future shows.
2nd Arciszewska & Sherratt's Kyleburn Night Voyager.
3rd Austen's Halesbern the Warriors
. 2 years, nice head, eye set and shape was correct. Nice outline on the move but his back end was weak. This boy was not showing to his full potential on the day, he could do with better standing and placement in the ring, some ringcraft would help here.
Res Stephenson's Kernow Something Perfect

Post Graduate Dog  (3)
1st King & Bramble's Shirdees Leathal Weapon
. 3 years old, well-constructed mature boy who is well-bodied, well-muscled and a topline to die for. His head is mature with a kind expression and perfect eye set, shape and colour. He has great angles and moves with ease around the ring. Shown to perfection today and easily best dog in show by far. Awarded Best Dog.
2nd Connelly's Shirdees Top Gun. 3 years old, maturing well with level topline, good bone and angulation. Lovely mature head with loving expression, he still needs a bit of maturity at the front. He was handled well in the ring.
3rd Wells' Bernfold Bard Benedick. 2 ½ years, level topline, good construction. Maturing well and moved well, not as well angled as other dogs in the class and lacked drive from behind on the move.

Limit Dog  (3)
1st Bridges' Deerpark Traveling Man V Kernow (Imp USA).
3 ½ years, well matured and well bodied as you would expect in these older classes. Bone is perfect for his size with a great head shape, eye and ear sets, best in class by a long way. Good angles and has drive on the move.
2nd Goodyear's Dunmill Summer Sunrise Over Harvestbank. 2 ½ years, good bone and lovely head, eyes a little loose and red, maybe he had a long day. Moved well but is a little too long in the body for my liking. Could do with some ringcraft.
3rd Austen's Collansues Excalibur. Nearly 6 year old, this boy had a stunning head and bone structure with a kind and alert expression, good eye and ear sets. His rear movement is not perfect and lets him down.

Open Dog  (2)
1st Rothery's Ch Glamrock Graffiti Artist ShCM.
4 ½ years old, lovely dog, great bone and tight feet.  Very mature, well-proportioned with an amazing head, lovely kind expression, good eye and ear sets. Good length of body, well angulated and sound on the move. Reserve Best Dog today, the Best Dog just had the edge on this one today.
2nd Vaychkus & Vaickus' Flintas Kalnu Suo At Berneroso ShCM (Imp Lt). 5 years, lovely mature male, well boned. Lovely masculine head with correct eye shape and colour. Perfect topline both standing and on the move, moved with ease around the ring. Was slightly out of coat today.

Breeders Dog  (1)
1st Wells' Bernfold Bard Benedick

Veteran Dog  No entries

Veteran Bitch  (2)
1st Rothery's Glamrock Future Legend.
Just shy of 11 years old, this lovely lady wanted to be in the ring, she moved wonderfully for her age. Lovely expression and very happy to be here today. Lovely to have the pleasure to go over her.
2nd Williams' Tickbern Oaklahoma In Tinland ShCM. Nearly 8 years old, this girl again was happy to be in the ring and showed well for her age. She had a lovely facial expression and generally moved with ease although her back left leg looked a little stiff today.

Minor Puppy Bitch  (3)
1st Wells' Bernfold One In A Millyon.
8 months old, it was this little girl’s first time in the show ring today, she took it all in her stride and the owner couldn’t have asked for more, she has lovely bone and angles and a lovely head developing, slightly bum high today- but to be expected at this age. This puppy has great potential.
2nd Vaychkus & Vaickus' Bernaroso Afina Pallada. 8 months old, again first time in the show ring and she wasn’t nervous one bit. She is very mature for her age and maybe a little on the heavy side at the moment for a pup of her age. Her angulations were good and she moved with ease around the ring. She had a lovely expression, again another one to watch.
3rd Beet's Tinland Dreaming Spires Of Wilobazmajic. 7 months old, a lot finer in structure and bone than other two puppies in the class and very leggy at the rear. Moved well around the ring for what is probably only her first or second show.

Puppy Bitch  (5)
1st Flanagan's Collansues Lexi's Pot Of Gold.
9 months old, this girl was very mature and well bodied for her age. Lovely head which is maturing, kind expression and correct eye set. Good angles and moved well with a level topline, good tail length.
2nd Miles' Jaybiem Alia Iacta Est. 9 months old, very mature for her age and similar to 1st in class but the movement of the 1st just tipped it today but on another day could have swung the other way. Lovely maturing head and correct eye and ear sets. Great angles and sound movement all round.
3rd Williams' Tinland Pink Sapphire. 10 months old, not as mature as other in the class but will come with time. Level topline, good proportions and well balanced. Angulation not as good at rear as others in class.
Res Vaychkus & Vaickus' Bernaroso Afina Pallada
VHC Beet's Tinland Dreaming Spires Of Wilobazmajic

Junior Bitch  (3)
1st Sutton's Nelstephbern Dior Forever.
13 months, lovely mature girl with great movement, feminine head with great proportions, good bone and tight feet, level topline on the move and moved with ease around the ring.
2nd Price's Silvretta Alpine Angel. 16 months, pleasing outline. Head maturing well and correct eye and ear set. Well boned and got good potential, 1st just had edge on movement today.
3rd Williams' Tinland Pink Sapphire

Special Yearling Bitch  (1, 1)

Maiden Bitch  (1, 1)

Novice Bitch  (2, 2)

Graduate Bitch  (1)
1st Flanagan's Collansues Precious Rock.
2 years, this girl has great potential with a super head and lovely length of body, level topline both standing and on the move. Great movement in the ring, a lovely all round bitch. One to watch this year.

Post Graduate Bitch  (4)
1st King & Bramble's Shirdees Miss Congeniality JW.
3 years old, this girl did not disappoint from the moment she stepped into the ring, she glided around the ring like a ballerina with a level topline throughout. She is a well-balanced bitch, mature and compact with great angulation. She has a beautiful head and lovely expression. This girl is one to watch, easily Best Bitch and Best in Show today.
2nd Price's Kyleburn Night Umbrette At Silvretta. 3 years old, smaller than others in class but well-proportioned none-the-less. Well angulated, good bone and tight feet. Mature head and kind expression with correct ratios.
3rd Clough's Bernarks Now Or Never. 3 years old, this girl was handled well in the ring. Of good size and proportions, groomed to perfection today and coat in top condition. Moved well but straighter in back end on the move than others in the class.
Res Harris' Meadowpark Dancin' On My Own

Limit Bitch  (3, 1)
1st Flanagan's Collansues Sugar N Spice.
4 years old, a lovely compact bitch who was happy to be in the ring on the day. Good bone with level topline and tight feet. Good head and lovely expression, was handled to perfection in the ring and moved with ease.
2nd Blake's Brenodor The Wonder Of You. 6 years and 11 months, this girl was larger than 1st and well proportioned with good head and kind expression, however she was a little timid in the ring, she was looking for someone outside of the ring which may have thrown off her movement slightly. I think this bitch could do well in veteran in a month’s time.

Open Bitch  (4, 2)
1st Vaychkus & Vaickus' Blue Aira Bernenskie Ranczo JW ShCM (Imp Pl).
3 years old, this was a lovely bitch and was completely together in the ring, she moved well and was handled to perfection in the ring today. Her proportions are wonderful and great angulation and ratios. Surely it won’t be long until this girl is fighting for a champion title.
2nd Miles' Jaybiem My My My. 3 years, more compact than 1st with great bone and proportions, impressive to watch in the ring and has everything of a future champion in the making. Today just lost out on movement to 1st but another day it could have easily gone the other way. Great things to come with this girl I am sure

Breeders Bitch (1)
1st Williams' Tinland Pink Sapphire
Judge - Faye Stannard (Kohbern)     



Jude Simonds

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