Bernese News 10th May 2015

Sue Roberts, daughter of Hywel Roberts (Dolpena) has informed me that the funeral for Hywel
will be held at 2pm on Wednesday 20th May 2015 at St Catherine's Church, Holyhead Road,
Maerdy, Corwen.  LL21 9NY.

Family flowers only please but donations made me made towards purchasing an ice machine
for the hospital.

Sue added; "After the service Dad will be laid to rest at home in our front field, somewhere he
will be happy."


Breed specialist judge Janet Riseborough (Moonbach) drew 85 entries with 24 absentees 
at Birmingham National Championship Show 2015 which took place on Thursday.
Photo courtesy Gary Dybdall
Bernice Mair, Carole Hartley-Mair & Gary Dybdall's Ch Meadowpark Vertigo JW won his 5th
CC and Best of Breed at successive shows this year bringing his tally to 6 tickets.  Still only
19 months old, he is homebred and sired by Ch Jaybiem Utwo JW ShCM x Meadowpark Sugar's
Diva. "George" then went on to take Working Group 2 under all-rounder judge Sue Pollock-Yule. 
Both Reserve CCs went to the winners of the Junior classes. 
In Dogs it was Liz Martin & June Miles' Kernow Claptons Greatest For Jaybiem,  Bred by
Shandy Bridges  he is 15 months old and a son of Ch Kernow Rock Star x Polish import Layla
Puchate Kreple At Kernow.

Photo courtesy Leena Pawlyszyn
It was a 5th CC for Leena Pawlyszyn's Ch Materabern Disco Diva who was bred by her Mum
Kathy.  She is by Ch Chyburne Classy Luka x Materabern Cha Cha Cha and is 5 years old.
The Reserve Bitch CC was awarded to Lorraine Grayling's  homebred Lujento L'Wren Bacall. 
12 months old she is sired by Ch Lujento Heyhobart With Welshbern x Lujento Genoa Name.
Philippa Green's Russian import Bernsego Jack Vorobey at Pasturegreen won Best Puppy.  11
months old he was bred by Svetlana Avseenko and sired by Rus Ch Alpine Joy La Krua De Marcel
x Rus Ch Kamasutra La'Bern. 
Julie Fairclough's  7 year old Ch Monalou What's It All About ShCM took Best Veteran.  He is a
son of Monalou It's Fletcher x Monalou Dutch Baroness and was bred by Michele Gurney.   
Elsewhere on the first day of this show Dave and Karen Jefferson's Meadowpark Boysown was
placed reserve in the Higham Press Special Beginners Dog or Bitch Stakes in an entry of 30 with
12 absentees under all-rounder judge John Carter.  Steve, Jeannette & Emily Green's Waldershelf
Happy Hattie won the Petcetera Veteran Stakes out of an entry of 22 under Stella Clark,  the
same owners' Waldershelf  Here Comes Erik won the Young Kennel Club Members Open Dog or
Bitch Stakes in an entry of 11 with 6 absentees under all-rounder judge
Dave Killilea and Dave Killilea also judged the Young Kennel Club Junior Handling where Chloe
Green was placed 4th out of 4 in the 6 11 years category and Emily Green was placed 1st out of 3 
in the 17 - 24 years old class. Congratulations.  


What a shame that social media seems to be the preferred arena for personal arguments
and unpleasantness which would be better kept private between those who have a grievance
with each other. Very sad too that some who seem to have no personal filter and/or have
been involved in other unnecessarily provocative issues and spats (some even resulting in
threat of legal action) seem not have learned the error of their ways and appear to enjoy
posting distasteful comments about people and/or fan the flames of discord.  Most of us
find the broadcasting of private rows extremely uncomfortable and it makes most decent folk
feel very awkward.  I know I speak for many of us in suggesting that those engaged in a
personal squabble could do the rest of us (and yourselves too, if only you realised it!) a very
big favour by keeping your personal arguments and the tedious tit-for-tat fallout behind closed
doors.  Such behaviour does our breed no good at all. With that in mind I have been asked to
reproduce, below, the Kennel Club statement on such matters.

The Kennel Club has issued advice to people using Facebook and other social media platforms
to discuss issues concerning Kennel Club-based activities such as breeding, competing with
and judging dogs.
The Kennel Club is made aware on a regular basis of conversations held on public internet forums
which sometimes include disparaging comments on dogs bred, one-sided accounts of private
disputes, criticism of judging from exhibitors and other judges, and in extreme cases threats made
against individuals.
The Kennel Club is unable to directly intervene in the majority of such cases and has issued the
following guidance which is intended to provide advice to people who have been the subject of 
such allegations and criticism, those who have been involved in such discussions, and also to give 
direction on when the Kennel Club caand cannot intervene.
To those conversing on social media
This is addressed to those who think that careless, uninhibited and ill-considered comment and
criticism aimed at judges, dogs and exhibitors on Facebook and other forums is acceptable and
that its impact will not offend, hurt or deeply distress, alongside damaging people’s reputations.
Freedom of expression and opinion is, of course a right of all – but that should be in the context
of normal and civil behaviour. In other words if you have something worthwhile to say, then it should
be said in a spirit of constructive criticism and not in an offensive manner.
Judges should take great care in joining in such conversations since it is not acceptable for judges
to criticise fellow judges’ decisions in a disparaging way. Judges should keep a distance from
contentious issues and maintain an independent and private view. This is a matter of perception,
public confidence and general respect for those involved in any breed at a senior level. Judges
should certainly not give indications about preferences and intentions on placing for a forthcoming appointment.
Anyone judging at Kennel Club licensed events is warned that in certain circumstances the Kennel
Club will refer inappropriate content to the Judges Sub-Committee for a review of status and future appointments.
To those reading social media content
Anyone who finds him or herself targeted, or the subject of such conversations, is advised to ignore
such material and not to read, respond or engage in the conversation. The law is intended to offer
protection from the more extreme material.
Try to put the matter into perspective; everyone’s reality is subjective and most of the material is a
matter of opinion, on occasions an expression of anger, and is often not based on verified fact.
Rude, spiteful and ill-informed comments say more about those writing them than about those who
they seek to criticise.
In extreme cases of direct threat or harassment, then the police should be contacted.
The Crown Prosecution Service recently issued guidelines on prosecuting cases involving
communications sent by social media and these can be found at
These guidelines take the approach that there must be something more than ‘the expression of
unpopular opinion about serious or trivial matters, banter or humour even if distasteful to some or
painful to those subjected to it’ before intervention is possible.
The Kennel Club has to apply a similar approach and policy and is therefore unable to intervene in
the majority of cases.
It remains our advice that it is better not to read, engage or respond to this sort of material.
Sometimes it is better to allow those who choose to air views on these channels the freedom to do
so, even if they do not do so in an adult and mature fashion. Those who wish to read such postings
should treat such content, particularly if critical, with caution and not make any judgment or assume
the truth or foundation on the basis of what is being written. Social media content should generally
be treated as gossip and not a validated and reliable source of information.
Ultimately if you feel you have to join in, be informed and be polite; if you have to read the content,
do not assume what is said is true; and if you are the subject of gossip or rumour then treat it for
what it is. And remember that the most effective and practical way to deal with offending material is
not to join in or respond.
A few general guidelines that all social media users should follow are included below:
You are responsible for what you post since it is a public medium.
Maintain privacy: Do not post confidential information. Do not discuss a situation involving named
or pictured individuals without their permission.
Does it pass the publicity test: If the content of your message would not be acceptable for face to
face conversation, over the phone or in any other medium, then it is not acceptable for a social
networking site.
Think before you post: If you feel angry or passionate about a subject, it is wise to delay posting
until you are calm and clear headed. There is no such thing as a ‘private' social media site, even
if you delete a post.
Be aware of liability: You are responsible for what you post on your own site and on the sites of
others. Individual bloggers could be held liable for commentary deemed to be libellous, obscene
or which infringes copyright.
What the Kennel Club can and cannot do
The Kennel Club’s jurisdiction lies primarily with the enforcement of its Regulations and issues
arising out of registrations and incidents at licensed events. It does not have any remit or authority
to censor material on the internet, or to censure those involved, and is therefore unable to intervene
directly in the majority of cases.
However, there are ways to deal with the extreme versions of offending material online, including
complaints for defamation or harassment or sending malicious correspondence. These are criminal
or civil offences and forum moderators are usually (or should be) quick to respond and remove
content that has no place being published.
Extreme cases of threat or bullying should be reported to the legal authorities and to the Kennel
Club for consideration and advice.


Tanya Shields emailed;
"Results from the weekend of both Champion and International shows here in a wet and soggy
Ireland!!  Saturday was one heck of a wet day but Sunday tried to show its best side for the
International Show. The results can be found attached and at the link included.
All results are posted in good faith so apologies if any are incorrect and congratulations
to all exhibitors.
"I competed my girl Nellie  (Auseire First Edition CJW14  P.Beg Ex) in Obedience on the
Saturday at South Tipperary All Breeds Championship Show in the Pre Beginners where she
picked up another  2nd place after a run off for placings.  This was her last Pre Beginners and
moves up to Beginners and we shall brave our heel work off lead!!"
SOUTH TIPPERARY ALL BREED CH SHOW 2nd May 2015 class results
Breed Judge: Mr. P. McGee

Junior Dog
1st BLACK PRINCE (Marcin Pustowar)
Intermediate Dog
1st KINELARTY BENVENUTO BJORN JUN.CH (Mrs Sally & Mr Philip Murphy)
Open Dog
Star + Best of Breed
CH.  (Joe O'Callaghan)
3rd DOREMIS LOLVO KID (Mr & Mrs Eamonn & Winnie Giffney)
Champion Dog
ANCH 12 CJW 11 CW15 (Mrs J Embleton) + Reserve Green Star
Junior Bitch
3rd JO-JO PRIDE OF JUSTIN (Mr. Joseph O'Callaghan)
Intermediate Bitch
Reserve Best of Breed
Open Bitch
1st KINELARTY AMO TIZIANA JUN.CH (Mrs Sally & Mr Philip Murphy) + Reserve Green Star
2nd BERDONHEIGHTS ANAM CARA (Dorothy Bermingham)

Breed Judge: Mr. T. Horchner  (Aust) 

Junior Dog
1st BLACK PRINCE (Marcin Pustowar)
Intermediate Dog

Open Dog
Star + CACIB + Best of Breed
2nd DOREMIS LOLVO KID (Mr & Mrs Eamonn & Winnie Giffney)
3rd OTTO JUST FOR YOU AT SANDOWN (Mr M & Mrs R Davis and Kelly)
CH. (Joe O'Callaghan)
Champion Dog
ANCH 12 CJW 11 CW15 (Mrs J Embleton) + Reserve Green Star + Reserve CACIB
Sally & Mr Philip Murphy)
Junior Bitch
1st SIANSELA LOUISA'S ALPINE SKY (Mrs. M Butler) + Green Star + Reserve Best of Breed
4th JO-JO PRIDE OF JUSTIN (Mr. Joseph O'Callaghan)
Intermediate Bitch
Open Bitch
1st KINELARTY AMO TIZIANA JUN.CH (Mrs Sally & Mr Philip Murphy) + Reserve Green Star + CACIB
2nd BERDONHEIGHTS ANAM CARA (Dorothy Bermingham)


I would firstly like to thank the Show Secretary and Committee for inviting me to officiate
at this brilliantly run championship show.  
To the two stewards, Angela and Pat, a thank you for keeping classes on track.
My main thanks must go to every exhibitor who gave me an entry, especially as
championship shows these days cost a huge amount. I certainly appreciate all
who entered but could not be there on the day owing to work commitments. It is
very gratifying to know that you trust me to assess your beautiful dogs.
It’s great to see that some heads are improving and we are getting the correct
width, flat skull, stop and furrow that are required for the breed.  Sorry it’s
not the same in movement; I found a lot of good fronts and poor back movement,
or visa-versa.
I was satisfied with my main winners and to know that my Dog CC & Best of Breed
Mrs B Mair, Mrs C, Hartley Mair & G. Dybdall's  Ch Meadowpark Vertigo JW
won Group 2 in the Working Group. Very well done. 

Minor Puppy Dog  (1 entry)
1st Dickson's Monalou Vino Verdi At Geruth.
 A sturdy attractive puppy,
good bone for this age. Nice dark eyes but slightly more white on face than I
like. Strong angulations to front and in stifle, hocks parallel. Well up on
super rounded feet. Moved well. Lovely texture to coat, excellent presentation and handling.
Puppy Dog  (2)
1st Green’s Bernsego Jack Vorobay At Pasturegreen (Imp).
  11 month youngster 
well up on his legs and angulations are very good for this age, of course needs to 
deepen in chest as he gets older. Has a very handsome head with gorgeous dark eyes
of a correct shape. Nice skull and ear set. Gentle, but strong neck, sloping shoulders and
good top line which he held on the move.  Lovely animated character, really showing
every minute and enjoying his day.  Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Breed, 
2nd Wood’s Cegshe Fagan.  A very substantial puppy with excellent bone. Attractive
headpiece, lovely dark eyes, strong neck leading to good shoulders. Topline is of good
length and nicely round rump. He is overall a very nice youngster but carrying slightly
too much weight and needs more schooling
Junior Dog  (4)
and well deserving Reserve CC Martin & Miles' Kernow Clapton’s Greatest For 
Jaybiem. I have always said that I would never give a Reserve CC to juniors as they
were not mature enough but today was the exception to that rule.  As Wow!  What a super
upstanding young boy this is. He owns a stunning symmetrical head with very dark gleaming
eyes. So much animation in this boy.  Gentle neck leading to well angulated shoulders. 
Nice length of back with good coupling, strong rounded rump and good stifle, well let down
hocks. Excellent bone structure. He certainly excelled on the move with excellent stride and top
line never faltering. Coat is of superb texture and colouring. Beautifully presented and handled,
he certainly aims to please, he did. Well done
2nd Green's Waldershelf Here Comes Erik.  Tall, lighter boned youngster. Strong head but
I would like a better furrow and stop, this could improve slightly with age. Good angulations to
shoulders and stifle, deep chest but needs more width. Holds top line on the move but very
narrow in back movement.  Handled well.
Graduate Dog  (2)
1st Martin’s  Moondance  Fasination. 
19 month lovely male with a gorgeous correct head with
dark well shaped eyes. Very strong bone with shoulder of good angles, chest deep and broad,
good length of rib cage to nice coupling. Stifle well bent and sturdy hocks. Carrying a heavy
coat with good markings. Overall a nice young chap.
2nd Green's Waldershelf Here Comes Erik.
Post Graduate Dog  (7 entries, 2 absentees)
1st  Alpenspirit Pure Pleasure For Arvella.(Imp).
  This handsome boy was the best mover in this
class today. Nothing overdone or exaggerated, carries a nice head with dark eyes. Enough bone
for size, angulations are equally sound front and back. Strength in rump and loins which I would
have liked a little shorter coupling. Nevertheless moved with ease and superbly handled.
2nd Baldwin’s Guiness Record From Christofland To Fortonpark.(Imp). Another 17 month 
old male of excellent qualities, handsome head with dark sparkling eyes. Gentle reach of neck 
to strong withers and level backline. Stifle well bent and strong parallel hocks. Not quite the
movement of my 1st but beautiful textured coat of correct markings, although slightly dark on
front feet. Well handled.
Limit Dog  (9, 2)
1st King & Bramble's Shirdees Continental JW.
Beautiful, handsome and masculine young 
man of super conformation all round. Very balanced and harmonious in structure with good bone,
correct angles, hocks strong and parallel, upstanding on nicely rounded cat like feet. Moved well
but slightly too much weight. Coat is of great texture and excellent presentation. In for the
challenge did not give of his best but still a very sensible working type.
2nd Baldwin'sTiofselinas Z Daimuz At Fortonpark.JW (Imp). At first I thought this was my 
winner in this class. Extremely handsome symmetrical dog. Superb bone structure, strong neck,
excellent angles to shoulders, nice depth of brisket, good top line held on the move. Quality coat,     presentation outstanding as usual from this kennel. Seemingly had it all until coming towards me  
he was throwing his left paw slightly. Handler said that she had taken out a thorn earlier that  
morning. (Still could not deny him this placing.)
Open Dog  (6, 1)
1st Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Meadowpark Vertigo JW.
I have not seen this boy up close
for 12 months, therefore what a surprise this was for me to assess him and see just how good
he is. Not as yet 2 years but owning everything we wish for in a Bernese male. Handsome head,
very symmetrical, correct stop and gentle furrow, dark almond shaped eyes,
very animated especially when bringing his ears forward, good mouth and flews. Strong but
not overdone in neck, and topline. Correctly structured bone, forequarter and hindquarter  
angulations good.  Nicely coupled, upstanding on neat rounded feet and good flexibility in
pasterns. Standing four square and excels in movement, covering the ground with ease, using  
maximum length and reach of stride without faltering. Lustrous coat and groomed to perfection 
as always from this kennel. Pleased to award him Dog CC and Best of Breed.  
Also winning Working Group 2.
2nd Jefferson's  Meadowpark Boysown.  Another gentlemanly male I fell in love with. What an
attractive boy he is with a superb headpiece and  gorgeous, laughing eyes as if he knows how
handsome he is. Substantial bone and structure, adequate slope to shoulders, nice length of 
upper arm. Good width and depth of chest, strong ribcage and neat loins. Beautiful coat well 
groomed and gleaming. Covering the ground well standing, neat side gait on the move but 
coming towards just dropped on left pad slightly. Nevertheless a young man I would love to 
own. (I was at the main ringside when he took 4th place in a 30 strong stakes class.)
Well Done.
I must just add a post note to this class: It’s a pity that the gentleman who owned No.108
evidently did not hear me call him for VHC placing and had left the ring, He had done
reasonably well in the previous classes and VHC is still not to be sneezed at, remember
it does mean Very Highly Commended. So I wish you good luck with your boy for the future.
Veteran Dog  (2)
1st  & Best Veteran Fairclough's Ch Monalou Whats It All About ShCM.
  I have judged this
big boy many times since he was a puppy and he is like a good wine, improves with age.
Very strong in structure without being coarse. Head and eyes have a pure gentleness
about them. Standing, his furnishings nearly touch the ground, he flows around the ring looking
well balanced and not showing his age at all. Lovely boy
2nd Avery's Kyleburn Night Quintillion. Another strong 9 year old boy that I have judged before
and have always liked. Head is broad with a good flat skull but eyes slightly loose so looks a
bit doleful. Very powerful neck and shoulders, strong topline and croup. Substantial bone and
good feet although pasterns are a bit weak now. He still moved OK but was showing his age

Minor Puppy Bitch  (5, 1)
1st Baldwin's Fortonpark Designer Record. 
A 6 month old proper baby but my word can she
show, walked into the stand as though she had done it for years. Sweet head forming with
tufted ears at the moment, dark eyes with a cute expression. Nice bone for this age, strong
compact little body, I could not believe that she flowed around the ring like a little trouper.
She is a little star.  Handled sympathetically as always by this breeder.  In the challenge for
Best Puppy could not quite match the maturity of the male puppy. But very well done.
2nd King's Ecalpharas Moonshine Over Leapingwell.  Once again a 6 month baby of almost
same proportions of my 1st. More white but still very nice markings.  Slightly lighter in bone
and frame. Lovely coat but will also improve when the next one comes in. An overall pretty
little girl, she will give great pleasure and fun in the show ring I’m sure.
Puppy Bitch  (3)
1st Baldwin' Fortonpark Designer Record.
2nd Wood's Cegshe  Falsetto
. Beautiful 11 month old girlie, so more mature than 1st. Very
attractive head with correct almond dark eyes, full of mischief. Lovely strong colours and
superb markings. Bone adequate for age and very well proportioned. Already showing a lot
of promise and moved nicely. She is carrying a little too much weight and the owner needs
to check what other well known handlers are using for collars as choke chains are too heavy
and spoil the neck outline.
Junior Bitch  (10, 6)
and Reserve CC Grayling's Lujento L’Wren Bacall.  Whoop’s I did it again, a Reserve
CC but today these Juniors made my day.  She entered the ring as though she owned it and
took up a stance that would show the older bitches how to do it. Beautifully proportioned and
with elegant bone structure. Gorgeous head with dark eyes to make anyone melt. 
Harmonious angulations in forequarters and hindquarters with strong parallel hocks. 
Nicely rounded feet. Good spring of rib and short coupling. Covers the ground four square standing
and excels on the move. She should have a brilliant future. Well done.
2nd Miles' Save Dallas Kiss For Jaybiem.  Strong youngster with a nice head but not quite
as attractive as my 1st today and not the same animation. Looking very good standing with
a compact body, medium bone structure with good angles. Well sprung ribcage and good in
loins. She holds top line on the move but rather loose in front at the moment.  
Graduate Bitch  (5. 4 absentees) 

(Surely they cannot all be in season?)
1st Green's Alpenspirit Que Sera Sera (Imp).  Stood alone, quite an attractive girl, would
have liked darker eyes but head proportions are good. Nice reach of neck, gently sloping
shoulders, chest depth and width OK. Good strong back and well muscled buttocks.
Straight sturdy hocks and nicely rounded feet. In general a nice sensible import that should
have a promising career.
Post Graduate Bitch  (8, 2)
1st Morgan's Welshbern Sweet Lady At Judabern.
  She certainly is a sweet little lady
with a beautiful correct head, flat skull and nice stop.  Eyes are of good shape with an
excellent expression. Correct amount of bone and substance. Good depth of brisket, nicely
coupled and very feminine hind quarters. I would have liked a bit longer tail bone, also slightly
more white on feet than I like.Lovely presentation and handling, she deserved this placing today.
2nd Wilson's  Monalou Maid In Russia At Blumental.  Another lovely bitch that I have
judged before and have always liked.  She is a strong maternal like bitch with excellent bone
and conformation. Beautiful head, elegant neck leading to good lay of shoulders and just enough
upper arm length. Coat of lovely texture and presented well. Unfortunately she hated the indoor
ring, especially after the loud speaker went off which unsettled her.
Limit Bitch  (10, 4)
1st McCormick's  Monalou Artic Queen.
My notes say "!!" Amazing, attractive
bitch with a gorgeous head and such a happy expression.  Dark almond shaped eyes and
lovely flat skull with nice stop and furrow. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, good
width to chest.  Correct length to rib and nice coupling. Strong hind quarters, good hocks
and tight feet. Very symmetrical all round, finishing off the picture with a super quality coat. Nicely handled.
2nd King & Bramble's Shirdees Chevrolet.  Another superb beauty from this kennel,
very substantial girl of excellent bone structure.  She is well balanced with everything in
proportion, her angulations are superb without being overdone. Strong but feminine head,
gentle neck, good compact outline and a sound rounded rump.  I realise now that she is
litter sister to my Limit Dog winner, similar properties but very feminine. The same quality
coat texture and colouring as him and superbly groomed as always.
Open Bitch  (6, 1)
1st, Bitch CC
and Reserve Best of Breed Pawlyszyn's Ch Materabern Disco Diva. 
A very well put together bitch. Substantial bone and substance but totally feminine. Lovely
head with strong but soft muzzle, good mouth and flews. I would have preferred slightly
darker eyes. Nice reach of neck, good slope to shoulders, upper arm length OK.
Conformation is sound with forequarter and hindquarter angles good.  Strong rounded
feet, with pasterns flexing slightly. Good movement around the ring, pushing away from
behind but not as strong in front movement today. Beautifully groomed and handled. Well done.
2nd Baldwin's Ch Fortonpark Dutch Delight.  These are two quality bitches and this one is
a pure delight. Slightly taller than 1st.but with a head to die for. Such a good looking girl with
a flat skull, good stop and furrow.  Nice dark eyes which sparkle when looking towards
her owner. Gentle neck and correct shoulders and upper arm. Chest deep and elbows
well tucked into brisket. Medium bone and good feet. Luxurious coat with correct
markings, brilliantly presented.
Veteran Bitch  (5, 1)
1st Harris' Vellbern Geisha Girl.
  A perfect 8.5 year old lady that is not showing her age
as yet. Has a nice head although it’s not very strong but it is feminine. Dark eyes with gentle
expression.  Medium bone, adequate for size and equally good in angulations, front and rear.
All in all she is nicely structured and although slightly heavy is a sound and honest bitch.
Sympathetically handled by her owner to get the best out of her on the day.
2nd McCormick's Torralbaz Diamond Queen. Another lady belying her age of over
8 years. Not quite the outgoing girl as my 1st but a lovely maternal type with a lot going for
her. Reasonable head but with a gentle expression. Much lighter in every way that my 1st
but on the move came into her own and loved the big ring, holding top line well and came
back into a sound and perfect stand.  So very well done.
I enjoyed my day and hope that all of my exhibitors did.  Many thanks.
Judge -  Janet Ann Riseborough (Moonbach)   

Jude Simonds

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