Bernese News 1st May 2015


The May 2015 edition of the KC Journal is to hand and it includes two items of particular interest to Bernese folk.

Duntiblae, the affix of the late Diana Cochrane, is now held in care by the BMD Club of Great Britain. 

Many of you will have seen the reports in the national press of the conviction and jail sentence handed 

to Bernese breeder Lisa Walsh last year.

At its meeting on 26 March 2015, the Kennel Club Disciplinary Sub-Committee considered the  

convictions of Mrs Lisa Walsh of Easton, Norwich from the Norwich Crown Court for offences 

involving fraudulent business practices* involving the abuse and manipulation of the Kennel 

Club Registration system. 

The Committee imposed the following penalties:

1 To disqualify her from exhibiting at, taking part in, attending and/or having any connection with 

any event licensed by the Club. If any person disqualified under this sub-paragraph shall attend 

any canine event whilst disqualified the General Committee shall have the power to increase the 

period of disqualification [A11 j (4)].

2 To disqualify her from being or becoming a member of any canine club or society registered with 

or affiliated to the Kennel Club [A11 j (5)].

3 To disqualify her from acting as an Officer or serving on the committee of any canine society[A11 j (6)]. 

4 To disqualify her from taking part in the management of any event licensed by the club.[A11 j (7)].

5 To disqualify her from judging at any event licensed by the Club [A11 j (8)].

6 To disqualify her from effecting registrations of any or all dogs and/or progeny of such dogs which 

are owned and/or registered by her (whether or not jointly owned and/or whether or not owned and/or 

registered in the name of a nominee). [A11 j (9)].

The above listed disqualifications are to be for Life from 26 March 2015.

The Committee, following the imposition of these penalties, would draw the attention of the 

Respondent to the effect of Rule A11 sub-section n. The Committee noted that the fraud was 

systematic and was clearly designed for profit. 

The Committee has seen no remorse for the manipulation of the registration system, the impact 

on the purchasers of the dogs and the defrauding of the dog owning public out of hundreds of 

thousands of pounds.

Fraudulent Business Practices Period 1 September 2009 to 14 October 2012.

Mrs Walsh carried on a dog breeding business for a fraudulent purpose outside the scope of 

Companies Act 2006; 

* Advertised puppies sold as Kennel Club registered when they were not. 

* Advertising parents of puppies offered for sale as available for inspection when they were not. 

*Falsely registering new litters with the Kennel Club. 

*Falsely providing names of dams to the Kennel Club for new litters. 

*Falsely representing to purchasers that the dams of puppies had died in order to disguise the 

absence of breeding by her.


Margaret Bailey would like to remind you all
that a very warm welcome is awaiting all who attend 

either or both days of the Bernese and all-breeds Whistley Woofers weekend on 9th & 10th May in 

aid of Bernese Welfare UK rescue and rehomning.  Margaret wrote; 

"The venue is Pimlico, near Syresham NN13 5TN and there is something going on to entertain

every dog lover.  The venue backs on to the extensive Whistley Woods so there are lots of lovely 

walks for dogs and their owners to enjoy.  Camping is available but please book first, and there will 

be refreshments available too.  On Saturday there will be a calamity carting course, lots

of fun classes such as Prettiest Bitch, Most Handsome Dog etc and also knockout games including 

Musical Sits and Biscuit Catching, Apple Bobbing and a Scurry amongst other events.  

On Sunday the general fun and games continue including a fun Obstacle Course and carting 

opportunities.  Look forward to seeing you there!"   

Call Margaret on 01280 814550 or 07957 185813



Thank you to the Bernese Mountain Dog  Club of GB  for the kind invitation to Judge. I had an 

enjoyable day judging my favourite breed, finding a variety of dogs in both type and size. 

In some cases more ringcraft would be helpful for both dog and handlers. Presentation on the 

whole was very good with clean and well behaved dogs. Thank you to the Stewards for keeping 

the ring running smoothly and to the committee for their hospitality.

Minor Puppy Dog  (3 entries)
1st Brown’s  Esslinbern Benrus Sky Chief.
Just 6 months compact baby.  Good bone and 

substance, good hindquarters and angulation. Pleasing head with dark eye. Presented in

excellent condition. Moved well .

2nd Weatherer’s  Graburlynn Snap Dragon With Itsuitsuz.  8 month taller dog and not the bone 

of 1st.  Good head with dark eye and excellent mouth. Moved well behind but loose front

movement. Looks like this dog is going through a growth spurt at the moment.

3rd Walton’s Enchambray Waterloo.
  Beautifully marked, smaller, lighter dog with pleasing head 

and good front;  a very raw baby at the moment. Presented in super condition.

Puppy Dog  (4)
1st Green’s  Waldershelf Here Comes Erik. 
Super pup with a lovely strong head and

expression. Well-proportioned body. Presented and handled with perfection. Excellent movement. 

Look forward to watching this pup mature. Best Puppy.

2nd Green’s Bernsego Jack Vorobey At Pasturegreen(Imp Rus). Another lovely happy pup. 

Good body proportions, adequate bone for size.  Good head with kind expression. Moved well.

3rd Brown’s Esslinbern Benrus Sky Chief.

Junior Dog  (6 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Miles' Orlando Bloom At Jaybiem.
  A very well constructed young dog with plenty of bone 

and substance. Super head with a soft kind expression. Excellent rear and angulation giving this 

dog plenty of drive on the move, holding his topline beautifully. Reserve Best Dog.

2nd Hughes' Waldershelf Causing Kaos.
  A large youngster with adequate bone for size.  Good 

head and eye, correct ear set.  Looking very immature for size at present. Moved well in front but a 

little close behind. Presented in excellent condition.

3rd Brook’s Clanquaich Eckles At Limehurst.  A well-proportioned smaller dog with good bone 

and classic markings, well-muscled and in fit condition. Shame this dog was unsettled leading to 

pacing on the move.

Novice Dog  (6, 1)
1st   Miles' Orlando Bloom At Jaybiem.

2nd  Brennard’s   Malindi Beach Of Bonningate.
Medium sized with pleasing head, excellent eye 

and ear carriage.  Lean dog showing all as out of coat. Moved well keeping a good topline.

3rd   James'  Dolpena Secret Star. 
A substantial dog  with super head and expression.  Excellent 

front with broad chest and well ribbed.  Excellent bone. Movement let him down on the day.

Not Bred By Exhibitor Dog  (6, 1)
1st   Scott’s Welshbern One Vision At Scobern. 
A great example of a fit Bernese that seems 

capable of a day’s work.  Strong head with well-defined stop and good skull, kind dark eye and flat 

ear carriage.  Strong neck onto well laid back shoulders, broad chest with good rib cage .  Excellent 

angles front and rear, moved with ease and purpose. Best Dog, Best Opposite Sex and Reserve 

Best in Show.

2nd Green’s Bernsego Jack Vorobey At Pasturegreen(Imp Rus)

3rd Brook’s Clanquaich Eckles At Limehurst

Graduate Dog  (5)
1st Millenium Star Email Of Happiness At Pasturegreen (Imp Rus).
2 years, nicely proportioned.  

Excellent head with kind dark eye and good ear carriage. Super front with chest developing well, well 

angulated front and rear , moving well.  Beautifully marked and superbly presented .Looks to me like 

a slow maturing dog but could be worth the wait.

2nd Green & Atherton’s  Athersbern Impy Dark.
Smaller dog with a profuse coat. Good body 

proportions with excellent rear angulation, well muscled which showed when moving with drive. 

Such a happy dog.

3rd: Marsden & Robertson’s  Trudaleaze Aint I Adorable.
  Nicely marked, good head and eye, 

slightly narrow muzzle. Broad chest, strong loin, good bone. Seemed unsettled,spoiling his profile 

and movement

Post Graduate Dog (1)
1st Green’s Pasturegreen Irish Cream.
  For 3 years still looking a little immature. Good head with 

kind expression. Well boned with lovely tight feet. Good topline . Front a little narrow. Good hind

angulation.  A very happy dog on the move.

Limit Dog  (5, 3)  
1st Scott’s Welshbern One Vision At Scobern.

2nd Brennard’s  Malindi Beach Of Bonningate

Open Dog  (5, 2)
1st  Jefferson’s Meadowpark Boysown.  Well-muscled, fit, substantial dog with good bone. 

Excellent chest and ribs and good topline.  A little more second thigh angulation preferred . Lovely 

compact body proportions. Moved well and shown in excellent condition.

2nd Scott’s  Welshbern Trafys Of Scobern ShCM.  A very lovely dog with a melting expression.

Super head. Good body proportions, not holding topline and  movement a little loose.  All could be 

resolved with a little more muscle. Such a happy boy.

3rd  Meadwell’s  Hypeaks Rio Grande. Tall, lean dog and very much the baby in class.

Veteran Dog or Bitch  (4)
1st Green’s  Waldershelf Happy Hattie.
Well, this mature lady stood out for me. Her movement 

and fitness left the youngsters behind. Typical Bernese head with the kindest expression.  Excellent 

body proportions, without repeating the breed standard, this lady is strong yet feminine. Presented in 

excellent condition she moved with drive and total balance and looked like she could keep going. 

Best Veteran, Best Bitch and Best in Show.

2nd Harris’  Vellbern Geisha Girl.  Lovely bitch in super condition, strong head with dark eye. 

Strong, deep chest, well ribbed and strong loin. Good bone. Lovely mover.

3rd Sargeant’s  Ardenbridge Marshall At Sargbilko.  Substantial boy with plenty of bone. 

Extremely well presented, moved well  and  thoroughly enjoyed himself.  Such a happy boy showing 

off all the characteristic expressions of a Bernese.

Minor Puppy Bitch  (5, 1)

1st  Jeffries' Essinbern Binda Hip Hop.  Super puppy with such a pretty head  and the most 

engaging dark eyes, made good use of her correct ear carriage for expression. Very well proportioned 

with good topline and excellent front. Nicely shaped hindquarters. Moved with ease and style. 

Presented in A1 condition. Best Puppy Bitch and Best Minor Puppy.

2nd Bird’s Kernow Let It Be At Cullumbern.  Nicely proportioned pup with good bone,  good front 

and well angulated hindquarters.  Moved reasonably well despite being unsettled.

3rd Green’s Kibou De Neboa De Meigas At Pasturegreen (Imp Sp).  Looks like this young lady 

is in a leg growing phase. Good head with characteristic expression, correct ear carriage and 

dark eye . Also seemed a little unsettled, moved well in front but close behind. Presented in 

immaculate condition.

Puppy Bitch  (3, 1)
1st Green’s  Waldershelf All About Edna. 
Large substantial  pup with plenty of bone.  Good 

body proportions for size, maturing nicely. Moved reasonably well but a little loose in front.  

Presented and handled extremely well.

2nd Green’s  Millenium Star J’adore Dior At Pasturegreen (Imp Rus).  Very pretty bitch with good 

proportions and a great attitude. A little light in bone and loose in pasterns and moving close behind.  

Still very young and should improve with maturity.

Junior Bitch  (3, 1)
1st Marsden & Robertson’s Trudaleaze Majik Potion.
  Such a pretty but strong head and muzzle. 

Very well proportioned with excellent front and good topline. This girl only had eyes for her handler 

making a great team, just watch on the move as she tends to look up and throw her lovely front 

movement into a high trotting gait.

2nd Miles'  Save Dallas Kiss For Jaybiem. 
Good bone and body proportions with strong and well 

angulated hindquarters.  Moved OK but both movement and profile spoilt by being unsettled.

Novice Bitch  (3 entries, 1 absentee, 1 withdrawn)
1st Edis & Boot’s  Fairy Court Sparkles Of Kaycibern. 
Good head and skull with strong muzzle. 

Well proportioned with strong bone and good angulation front and rear. Broad chest and strong rib. 

Moving a little loose in front but good behind. Maturing nicely

Not Bred by Exhibitor Bitch  (6, 4) 
1st  Edis & Boot’s  Fairy Court Sparkles Of Kaycibern.

2nd Green’s  Millenium Star J’adore Dior At Pasturegreen (Imp Rus).

Graduate Bitch  (4)
1st  Watson’s  Stepdasher Sommer Girl.
  Good head and skull with excellent mouth and muzzle. 

Good length of neck onto well laid shoulder and good front angulation. Broad chest with strong rib. 

Topline dipping slightly in profile but carried well on the move. Her movement is steady, smooth and 

with drive.

2nd Green's  Alpenspirit Que Sera Sera (Imp Can).  Lovely typical Bernese head with good eye 

and ear carriage, beautifully marked.   Body well-proportioned with good bone. Moved well behind 

but loose in front.  

3rd   Marsden & Robertson’s   Trudaleaze Majik Potion.

Post Graduate Bitch  (6, 3)
1st  Watson’s Stepdasher Sommer Girl

2nd Bateman’s  Lowcroft Athena At Santala. 
Good Head, eye and ear carriage. Large bitch with 

adequate bone for size, well- proportioned with hindquarters being stronger than front.  Moved well but

lacked drive today.

3rd Handley’s  Graburlynn Parisienne.
 Good head, well boned.  Could be fitter which would give a 

better topline and movement.

Limit Bitch  (4, 2)
1st Green’s Fortonpark Millie My Love At Pasturegreen.
  If there was a rosette for the dog the 

judge would like to take home this pretty girl would be the one. She oozed Bernese character and the 

happiest dog of the day.  Excellent head, skull and muzzle, using her ear carriage to  full effect for 

expression.  Lovely body shape with good front and well sprung rib, would like to see more drive in her 

movement. Pushed hard for my attention in the final line up.

2nd  Mead’s Monalou Goodday Sunshine.  A lovely shaped girl with good bone, good markings 

and in fit condition. Sadly seemed distracted affecting her movement.

Open Bitch  (2)
1st  Granger’s Monalou Peggy Sue At Shadybower JW. 
Fully mature, very attractive, built for 

style and substance. Feminine head with lovely expression. Good front, broad chest and well ribbed. 

Strong hindquarters with super angulation and well set tail. Another mature bitch showing how to move

with balance and drive. To finish, shown in full gleaming coat, in excellent condition.  Superbly handled. 

Reserve Best Bitch.     

2nd Green & Atherton’s Magic Berners Cast A Magic Spell At Arvella (Imp USA).
  Larger bitch 

than 1st with strong head and muzzle, good eye and ear carriage. Ample bone and beautifully marked, 

not in full coat.  Moved OK but loose in front.
Judge - Sandra Hallam  (Oldberne) 



Jude Simonds


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