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PLEASE NOTE: The judge had arranged for photographs of the winners to be taken at this show but a technical problem prevented them being of usable quality. Janet Riseborough has supplied and/or arranged for archive photographs of the main winners to be included in her critique to accompany the two photographs of the Bitch CC winner and Veteran Dog winner which WERE taken at this show.  



Many thanks to the WELKS Society for inviting me to judge at this show. They also provided two wonderful stewards, Brenda Piears and Preston who was very funny but extremely professional. They kept me on my toes and the ring running smoothly. We had a large ring but it was bitterly cold.

Thank you to all exhibitors for the amazing amount of 88 dogs making an entry of 105 (only 22 absentees). I sincerely enjoyed every moment of my day. The new puppies are a delight and I was thrilled with the quality, condition, temperament and presentation of all of my main winners. Very disappointed with some of the lower classes, some of the exhibits lacking in body, bone and structure. Also, these could not move with power or hind thrust that is needed; our breed should eventually be able to carry out a day’s work and a few today will never materialise into the strong beautiful dogs that we are used to seeing. Do not buy a precious Bernese puppy and then do IT and the breeder an injustice by neglecting to give the correct nutrition that a large breed like ours need. Nevertheless, in the later classes there are some outstanding juvenile’s, adults and veteran’s as you will see from my placings which were gracefully accepted. The atmosphere around the ring was superb and so was the applause for the winners.


Best of Breed winner Ch Meadowpark High Class - archive photograph



Reserve Dog CC winner Glamrock Graffiti Artist ShCM - archive photograph



Bitch CC winner Ch Atherbern Peronelle Blush



Reserve Bitch CC winner Ch Monalou Fanny Craddock JW - archive photograph



Best Puppy winner Meadowpark Touch Of Class - archive photograph


Veteran Dog winner Materabern Good Friday

Veteran Dog  (1 entry)
1st Wright & Kirk's Materabern Good Friday.
Stood alone and has just gone into Veteran. Coming along nicely, a medium sized boy with good bone for his height. I would wish for slightly better angulation all round but held his top line on the move,which is okay at this time coming and going. Slightly light in eye but has a nice gentle expression. Making a very nice sensible young man, he’s very slow to mature.

Minor Puppy Dog  (1)
1st Stephenson's Bernark’s Mount Snowdon.
6 month old baby with a super head, dark eyes with good expression. Nice proportions for age. Typical structure for this size with a sturdy chest and a babyish rump. He made the best of the ring and did very well.

Puppy Dog  (1)
1st Miles' Littlehidden Jyme Spicez At Jaybiem.
Another young male alone; he is a very tall and rangy lad at this stage and has loads of filling out to do. Reasonable bone and feeling strong-ish in body, has a nice head developing but I would like a tighter eye. Rather erratic on the move and when in for the Puppy challenge had a different handler so would not pay attention.

Junior Dog  (3 entries, 2 absentees)
1st Wakeland's Collansues Secret Potion At Bramikdel.
Lovely upstanding junior with excellent bone with reasonable angles for height, striding out on the move, good thrust from sturdy hocks and coming back into a square show stand. Strong head with dark markings. Good texture coat, well presented, very attentive to owner and trying to please. Still has a long way to go before reaching his true potential.

Yearling Dog  (5)
1st Stephenson's Kernow Something Perfect.
A very handsome 2 year.old male with lovely gleaming eyes full of expression. Broad head and correct muzzle, strong neck leading to adequate shoulder placement. Straight front and hocks well let down showing strength on the move. Needs to drop into his body but overall a very nice upcoming dog. Very alert with good animation.
2nd King & Green's Joseph Vom Durrbachler Wald At Arvella JW. (Imp Nld). A very compact 20 month youngster with much darker colouring. Head strong but eyes slightly round. Good width and depth to chest and nicely tucked in elbows. Good coupling and a firm rounded croup. Medium bone which is in line with size. Movement firm and true today. So much to like about this boy with correct temperament.
3rd Marshall's Matthew Puchate Perly Of Bernannan (Imp.Pol).

Novice Dog  (2)
1st Akehurst's Jesterbrook Alpine Storm.
Another tall rangy youngster that needs his body to catch up with his growth but I’m sure this will come. Superb attractive head, good reach of neck. I would like better angles fore and aft but what he has he uses to advantage, as strides away in a positive manner. When he matures he has good bone and substantial frame so has the structure to carry a little more weight.
2nd Knight's Cullumbern Roman Road At Kernow. When this boy entered the ring I thought this was the winner of this class. He has a lovely head with nice eyes and good expression. Good shape and outline with enough bone and reasonable angles. Top line could be better but nicely built withers and strong neck. Unfortunately on the move he turned his left foot in and although I gave him time when moving he could not rectify this. Maybe would benefit from road work or hydrotherapy.??

Post Graduate Dog  (6, 1)
1st Fairclough's Monalou Spirit Of Discovery.
A worthy winner of this class; Very well constructed male of superb qualities. A wealth of bone and good angles all round. A tad long in the loin but still tends to look compact. Good top line leading to rounded croup, strong stifle and well let down hocks. Round cat like feet and he stands over the ground well. On the move he excels. With his handsome headpiece and coat well groomed he makes a great picture.
2nd Griffiths, Orme & Miles' Jaybiem With N ‘Without Y’zeus JW. Another young male who could change places with the above. All round strong boy of medium good proportions.  Tad long in the loin but held top line well on the move but he is not as sound on the move as my previous winner. Very handsome and wonderful temperament, well handled.
3rd Gurney's Monalou Just Call Me Oleg.

Limit Dog  (9, 2)
1st Rothery's Glamrock Graffiti Artist ShCM.
  A handsome male demanding attention on entering the ring; he has a stunning broad head with rich markings, bright beautiful correct shaped eyes. Lovely reach of neck, angulation is good in shoulders and hind quarters. Excellent bone for his stature, strong chest and rib cage. Tight cat feet with good flex ability to pastern. Moved with drive and panache. Pleased to award him the Res CC. Unlucky to come up against my CC Winner,
2nd Baldwin's Meadowpark First Class For Fortonpark. Not yet 3 years but has everything he requires to make a very attractive, well put together male. Slightly long cast but with good bone and sound in conformation. On the move holds his top line but when coming to a halt this tends to dip a little but it may be because he flies his tail. Still a very nice boy.
3rd Reynolds & Atkinson's Meadowpark Secret Blend.

Open Dog  (7, 3)
1st Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Ch Meadowpark High Class
. Wow. I think that most things have been said about this amazing dog, most judges say that he fills their eye. Yes, he does!  But he also fills my heart. As he enters the ring with such presence and in control at all times there is almost a hush that fills the air. He has a masculine, handsome correct head with rich colouring, good ear placement, beautiful eyes with a glint of excitement about him. Strength of bone with angulation in front and rear quarters sound. Tight feet and showing good flex ability to pasterns, pushing the ground away and following through, coming to a halt in a four-square stand. The expression he has when looking to his owner for instruction is pure joy. This owner knows how to get the best out of him even at this tender age and his condition and presentation is first class. CC and Best of Breed.  I also stayed to see him short listed in the Working Group. Congratulations
2nd Granger's Orlando Bloom At Jaybiem. Young upstanding male coming into his own, not quite the build or stature of my winner. Nevertheless an honest dog with lots to like. Beautiful headpiece with expressive dark eyes, good mouth. Nice reach of neck leading to well-proportioned shoulders, chest and gentle length of loin, nice angles to stifle. Moved with elegance and gentleness, his handler showing him to perfection. Great presentation of coat and a very happy and animated male. Well done
3rd Hughes' Waldershelf Causing Kaos.

Special Beginners Dog  (3)
1st Akehurst's Jesterbrook Alpine Storm.
  In this new class my winner won first in Novice and my comments are the same: Another tall, rangy youngster that needs his body to catch up with his growth but I’m sure this will come. Superb attractive head, good reach of neck, I would like better angles fore and aft but what he has he uses to advantage as he strides away in a positive manner. When he matures he has good bone and substantial frame so has the structure to carry a little more weight.
2nd Marshall's Matthew Puchate Perly Of Bernannan (Imp Pol).  He was 3rd in Yearling and is a reasonably sound young man, not 2 years as yet.  Bone and body coming on but has a long way to go before he matures. Lovely head and expression, just a little unsure of what is expected of him at this moment. I’m sure he will get there.

Special Beginners Bitch  (3)
1st Clough's Bernarks Now Or Never.
Nice enough bitch just over 2 years with a lovely head and gentle neck reaching into fairly strong shoulders at this age and good angulation. Slightly finer bone but with a neat little body. Standing on nice round cat like feet but before moving she needs to settle. Could eventually show promise but needs to tighten up all round. She did enough to beat the winning Special Beginners Dog. Therefore was sent forward into the Special Beginners Group ring. These were pre-judged and unfortunately she did not make the cut but well done anyway and I hope you enjoyed you experience.
2nd Flippance's Tickbern Upto Jenna At Nenebern.  Another 2 year old little lady with loads of potential but just needs time. Well proportioned with reasonable bone for build. Lovely gentle head with sweet expression and animation when bringing ears forward. Stands square but just needs to move correctly coming and going. May need more ring craft.? This bitch was eventually 2nd in Novice Bitch.



Veteran Bitch winner Ch Jaybiem Vou Doo At Potterspride JW - archive photograph

Veteran Bitch  (4, 2)
1st Griffiths, Orme & Slade's Ch Jaybiem Vou Doo At Potterspride JW. 
Just over 7 years not showing any sign of being this age at the moment and a credit to her owners. Her bone and outline still to be admired, top line held on the move, only slightly dipping in repose. Gentle mature head with sweet expression and a glint in her eyes as if to say, “I’m enjoying my day”. Turned out with coat in pristine condition. (It’s a pity there was no Best Veteran today).
2nd Toms' Emberfay Moonglow.

Minor Puppy Bitch  (1, 1)

Puppy Bitch  (3)
1st Hartley-Mair's Meadowpark Touch Of Class.
What a trio of fantastic puppy bitches these are and they were a delight to assess. My winner just had the edge, having the most beautiful of heads and expressive dark eyes, although slightly round. The animation in this puppy is tremendous when she brings her ears forward and never stops wagging her tail. Lovely strong bone with nice angles for age and superb little body developing. On the move she excelled and could show the older ones a thing or two. Coat and markings are very rich and presented to perfection. Wonderful temperament and thoroughly enjoying her day. Best Puppy in Breed.
2nd Baldwin's Fortonpark Sez I’m Classy
. These lovely puppies could change places at any time. Another beautiful sweet head with a smiling look especially when looking towards her owner. Bone and substance just right for age, very well balanced all round. Good feet and pasterns which she used to advantage while moving out well. Very nice.
3rd Gorbould's Glanzberg Only The Best.

Junior Bitch  (11, 4)
Although numerically large this was a very disappointing class, some with very poor movement but the worst was a few having no bone, body or structure. Fortunately my main winners had everything I was looking for.
1st Watson's Stepdashar Winters Wish. This was undoubtedly as much of a surprise to the owner as it was to me. I have never seen this medium sized classy bitch before. She has reasonable bone with good angles fore and aft. Standing she is in full control, four square and well balanced with good angulations especially in rear quarters. Neat hocks and tight feet, these being slightly under marked but has great flexability in pasterns. This bitch excels in striding out well and keeping a good top line. So alert and definitely the best movement in this class.
2nd Goodyear's Harvestbank Indian Summer. Very similar to my first, medium in size and body, ample bone with good angles. Shapely, sweet head and well placed ears she uses to perfection when paying attention. Enough width of chest but needs to deepen as yet. Good outline when standing, not quite as good on the move as my first placing.
3rd Gerrard's Monalou Contessa At Torralbaz. (Three of the best bitches in this class)..

Yearling Bitch  (6, 1)
Superb quality class.
1st Miles' Jaybiem My My My JW.
  No denying the first place for this quality bitch. She has strength of body as well as a beautiful broad but very feminine head. Good bone structure with good angles fore and aft. Nice bend to stifle, well let down hock and good strong round feet. Nice reach of neck flowing into gentle shoulder placement. Slightly erratic on the move but still a very nice bitch. (not quite ready for the challenge as yet, but this is only my opinion).
2nd King & Bramble's Shirdees Miss Congeniality JW.   A young but mature looking bitch, has the strength of my first with similar proportions in bone and conformation. Nice head although eyes slightly loose. Ear carriage good and when used to advantage gives a nice animated picture. Depth of brisket adequate and reasonable coupling. A very sensible young lady with still a way to go. Did not move as soundly as my first.
3rd Harris's Meadowpark’s Dancin' On My Own.

Novice Bitch  (3, 1)
1st Flanagan's Collansues Precious Rock.
18 months. Attractive, feminine, medium sized girl with so much to like. Good reach of neck, width and depth of chest adequate, angles OK at this age. Rump well rounded and strong leading to parallel hocks. Holds her back line on the move and looks a picture when reaching the correct gait. Very Nice.
2nd Flippance's Tickbern Upto Jenna At Nenebern.

Post Graduate Bitch  (9, 5)
1st Miles' Jaybiem Burli Shassi JW.
Quality mature but feminine bitch, a picture of strength in substance and stature. Looks a tad heavy but its all coat. Good in upper arm and shoulders, strong neck into neat withers giving an impression of a good draft dog. Holds her top line on the move and coming back into a brilliant stance, would just like her ears to come forward at the precision halt. This would give her more animation.
2nd Small's Malindibeach Faberge Fancy. Another quality bitch but more refined and not the strength of previous. Very sweet in head with gentle expressive eyes. Lighter in bone but very nice angulation throughout. Slightly long caste but well-rounded croup and medium to sturdy hocks. She has a well presented longer coat than first but when holding the stand and attentive to her handler she looks a picture.
3rd Clough's Bernarks Now Or Never.

Limit Bitch  (10, 2)
1st Baldwin's Fortonpark Chasing Dreams.
A taller, beautifully put together bitch. Nice bone and substance with good angulations fore and aft. Very pleasing attractive head with a superb gentle demeaner and good mouth. Excellent chest and forequarters, strong straight limbs, neat cat like feet and firm hocks. Moved with drive and presentation was superb as always from this kennel. Very Nice.
2nd Granger's Shirdees Harlow Jean Of Shadybower JW. Not the build or stature of my first but this bitch is gorgeous and full of quality. She has all round medium bone with secure angles and standing four square and well up on tight feet. A feminine head developing at this age giving her a charm not to be denied. Beautifully groomed and handled with a gentleness that flows down the lead from her handler. Very well done.
3rd Hill & Nunn's Halesbern Totally Bindi Of Chyburne. 

Open Bitch. (7)
1st Atherton's Ch Athersbern Peronelle Blush. 
Almost 6 years but belying her age and looking a beautiful mature, elegant lady full of breed quality. Great type with a feminine head and expression to die for as she looks full of the joys of spring. Certainly this showed when she strode out on strong, straight legs, great hocks with flexing in the pasterns to push the ground away with plenty of drive. Stood up on round cat-like feet, holding her head aloft to show off her super reach of neck which could look a bit stuffy but it is all coat. A credit to her owner and the way she handles this lovely bitch. Pleased to award her the Bitch CC and Best Opposite Sex. Congratulations.
2nd Gurney's Ch Monalou Fanny Craddock JW. Almost 7 years.this is a bitch I have always liked. She has breed type and strength in abundance also a very kind and knowledgeable head with lovely kind eyes. Her bone and structure is sound and looks every bit like a draft dog but with a beguiling nature. On the move, which is true her handler demands the best from her and definitely gets it as this girl pulls out all of the stops. Delighted to award her the Reserve Bitch CC. Very well done.
3rd Sutton's Ch Bernsteph Dior Remember Me JW ShCM
Judge - Janet Riseborough (Moonbach)


Jude Simonds


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