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Janet Riseborough emailed;

"I'd like to remind everyone that it is our Central Club's Xmas Party/Fun Day on the 29th Nov.
Below is a short version of our main flier."



A very variable entry for just about any trait you might look for and with almost all the best dogs
bred by the same clever breeder.

Minor Puppy Dog  (4 entries)
1st Mair & Hartley-Mair's Meadowpark Perfect Record.
Very attractive puppy, well balanced
well developed and well developed for his young age.  Head under development, masculine,
marked stop, pleasing head proportions from the side. Beautiful eyes, attractive expression.
Strong, well set neck. Excellent forechest and return of upper arm. Attractive topline. Very
compact body, needs to stretch himself out a little with maturity. Well angulated behind. Beautiful
coat and colour. An easy winner in movement with very good extension both ends.
2nd Ellis' Kernow Azir At Fitzford. A well proportioned puppy of very pleasing type and overall
appearance. Another with a head under development and needs to widen in skull but masculine
and with pleasing head proportions from the side. Moderate neck and front angulation. Firm
topline, well-rounded croup. Moderately angulated behind. Moved with balance from the side but
not with the drive of the winner nor as parallel as seen from behind. Pleasing coat and colour.
3rd Wheeler's Meadowpark High Tri.

Puppy Dog  (3 entries,1 absentee)
1st Mair & Hartley-Mair's Meadowpark High Class.
Impressive, very well developed, powerful,
masculine young dog of excellent type and quality.  Excellent strong bone. Very pleasing width
of skull, well set ears, somewhat deep stop. Beautiful dark eyes. Strong and long neck, well set
into shoulders. Excellent forechest. Firm topline. Body on the longer side. Well angulated behind.
Excellent well rounded feet both ends. Beautiful colours. Moved with soundness from all 
directions and with plenty or energy. Surely a champion in the making. Reserve CC and Best
2nd Ellis' Kernow Azir At Fitzford.

Post Graduate Dog  (4, 1)

Not the best of classes.
1st Wort's Bernfawr In Demand At Glorybern. Quite a well proportioned dog but just strong
enough for a grown-up male. A bit fine in head, I wouldhave preferred the eyes better spaced,
correct stop. Moderate neck. Moderate but balanced angulation both ends. From a distance it
looked like he roached his back, but on closer inspection his topline is quite OK. Still needs to
develop in his body. Quite pleasing coat but would prefer s richer tan colour.  the best mover in
the class coming and going and with an adequate balance from the side even if not always as
synchronized as I would have liked.
2nd Cotton's Collansues Krusty The Clown. Big, strong, masculine dog with plenty of
substance. Very powerful head, I would not like any more than this. Strong, neck.moderate
angulation in front Needs to strengthen in pasterns. Firm topline. Lovely deep tan colour but on
the day shedding his coat.  Moved very narrow behind, reasonable from the side but proud of 
his tail.
3rd Lindenau's Nathesbern Apollo.

Limit Dog  (7, 5)

Two attractive dogs in their own ways, but rather dissimilar.
1st Round's Collansues Black Magic. Well proportioned dog, very typical in his masculinity,
substance, power and compactness. Pleasing skull, rather deep stop. Strong neck.  Would prefer
stronger pasterns. Excellent depth and width of body. Strong topline. Balanced angulation behind
Very good coat and colour. Came into his own in movement; very good from behind and from the
side, keeping his compact outline and silhouette. All over an attractive dog.
2nd Avery's  Lujento Morse. Very eye-catching, quality dog but more rangy than the winner, 
could be somewhat more accessible in his temperament.  Enough width of skull, typical stop.
Would prefer a stronger nose pigment.  Balanced angulation in front and behind. Excellent topline.
Pleasing coat and colour. Moved narrow behind, but effortless and balanced from the side.

Open Dog  (6, 2)
1st Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Ch Meadowpark Vertigo JW.  
Instantly attractive, highly
typical, young, masculine dog with plenty oquality, a lovely outline and wonderful soundness. His
head is not yet fully developed but he has adequate width of skull and a beautiful expression
coming from well placed and shaped eyes and correct stop. Correct length and strength of neck,
well set, very good forechest. Well angulated both ends. Lovely silhouette, compact enough.  Great
feet. Excellent coat and colour. Excelled in movement from all angles, at all times totally in sync
with his handler. This dog certainly has the wow factor and there were no other males to come
even close to him today. CC and Best of Breed.
2nd King & Bramble's Shirdees Continental JW ShCM. Another very attractive dog of very
pleasing type and quality, even if tending to be a little low stationed.  Typical, masculine head, 
attractive expression. Lovely coat with very rich tan colour. Would have preferred stronger
pasterns. Firm topline, well rounded croup and well set tail. Well angulated behind, somewhat
bow legged. Moved very well from the side, still not up to the winner in movement.
3rd Cotton's Ch Collansues Snow Patrol.

Veteran Dog  (2, 1)
1st Fairclough's Ch Monalou Whats It All About ShCM.
Seven and a half year old dog, well
proportioned and masculine. Very pleasing skull, ears could be higher set, I would like a longer
muzzle. Typical expression. Strong neck. Moderate, balanced angulation both ends. Excellent
body silhouette. Today not in optimal coat condition with ample undercoat. In excellent muscular
condition for his age, he moved very well from the side if a little careless in front.

Good Citizen Dog  (1)
1st Lindenau's Nathesbern Apollo.
Elegant young dog, I would prefer a bigger and stronger
head for balance. Pleasing neck. Tending to turn his feet out in front and needs to develop in
body, currently giving a rather long-cast impression. Firm topline. Well angulated behind. Should
be sounder in movement as viewed from both ends but moved with pleasing balance, energy and
enthusiasm from the side.

Minor Puppy Bitch  (2)
Two attractive bitch puppies.
1st Mair & Hartley-Mair's Meadowpark Picture Perfect. Beautiful, top class puppy with
especially impressive forechest and feet. Head under development but the structural head frame
is present. Moderate neck which she can stretch out a bit with maturity. Deep and capacious
body. Balanced angulation behind. Beautiful coat and excellent colour, including deep tan.
Unusually sound coming and going, even if still naturally puppyish from the side.  definitely a star
in the making, pushing the older male puppy all the way. Best Bitch Puppy.
2nd Pingel's Lintock Memphis Belle. Another attractive, well proportioned bitch puppy with an
attractive silhouette but not quite the angulation of the winner, Feminine head, medium dark eyes.
Pleasing neck. Typical rounded feet. Excellent topline standing, but at this stage tending to be a
little high behind in movement. Very athletic and enthusiastic in movement, but can improve as
seen from behind. Excellent coat and colour. Lovely, typical temperament.

Puppy Bitch  (3)
1st Bateman's Santala Aspects Of Love.
Compact bitch with an attractive body silhouette.
Head under development, would prefer some more space between her eyes and her narrow
white blaze does not help to get full value for her head properties. Strong neck. Moderate,
balanced angulation both ends. Well developed, deep and capacious body with well set and
carried tail. Moved medium well from all angles, keeping a pleasing balance.
2nd Smith's Esslinbern Bulgari Astrale At Camlais. Powerful bitch of very pleasing type. I 
preferred her head to the winner. Good front, attractive neck. Needs to develop in body and 
would profit from more weight.  At this age higher behind than in front both standing and moving.
Very good coat and colour. Moved medium well from the side and as seen from the front, could
be more parallel behind.
3rd Granger's Shirdees Harlow Jean Of Shadybower.

Junior Bitch  (5,3)

Not an impressive class.
1st Spencer's Waldershelf Ethel's Way At Padiky. Seventeen months old bitch with reasonable
proportions. Good width of skull, but too much lips and dewlap does not enhance her expression.
Long neck. Moderate angulation both ends. Deep chest. Quite pleasing topline. Not in optimal coat
condition. Moderate mover from allangles, I would have appreciated some more animation and pride.
2nd Bird's Kernow Let It Be At Cullumbern. Substantial, rather long-cast bitch.  She has a very
pleasing width of skull but is rather plain in head, in part contributed by her minimal blaze. Deep
chest. Reasonably firm in her topline. Not in coat condition and brownish in her black, deep tan.
Needs to improve in movement coming and going but quite good from the side.

Post Graduate Bitch  (7. 2)
1st Weston's Bernfawr In Vogue.
An absolute top drawer bitch, highly typical both in her
overall appearance and in her breed specific detail. Typical, feminine, well shaped and
proportioned head with dark eyes and excellent expression.  Strong neck. Pleasing forechest.
Deep and capacious body, typically compact. Balanced angulation both ends. Excelled in topline
and bone. Beautiful coat and colour. Excellent, well rounded feet. A very attractive mover with
excellent balance and drive from the side, well handled. Pushed very hard in the final line-up but
had to be content with the Reserve CC.
2nd Shopland-Reed's Fleur De Neboa De Meigas. Instantly attractive bitch but a bit more racy
than the winner, very much a show girl. Pleasing skull but rather round in eyes which did not help
her expression. Very attractive neck, excellent front construction, she stood very firmly on her 
legs and feet. Firm topline. Quite pleasing coat with just dark enough tan. Quite a firework in
movement, very athletic and well synchronised from the side but just acceptable coming and going.
3rd Coombes' Halesbem Calendar Girl.

Limit Bitch  (8, 4)
1st Wood's Tamarbern Dusky Maiden.
Powerful, compact bitch, feminine enough.  Typical head
with pleasing skull and head proportions, would have preferred darker eyes.  Strong neck. Excellent
body silhouette but would not want her any heavier or more substantial. Excellent feet. Balanced
angulation in front and behind and kept her balance on the move. Toed in a little in front otherwise
sound and won this class with something in hand.
2nd Bateman's Lowcroft Athena At Santala. Strong, powerful bitch. Not the head qualities of the
winner, round eyes. Strong neck. Quite pleasing front.  deep and capacious body.  Somewhat high
behind, connected to her very moderate angulation behind.  Moved with moderate drive. Beautiful
coat and colour.
3rd Beet & Young's Northmeadow Clio Of Wilobazmajic.

Open Bitch  (7, 3)

The first two bitches clearly stood out in this class.
1st Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Ch Meadowpark just A Dream. Very attractive bitch with a really
outstanding outline and just teeming with quality.  Classical femenine head, well proportioned.
Neck with ideal length and strength. Well angulated in front, I would prefer some more flexing of
pastern. Excellent feet. Excellent topline, deep and capacious body giving her a
stunning silhouette. Balanced angulation behind. Excellent mover from all directions, sound, athletic
and with excellent drive, a top bitch from any perspective. CC.
2nd Pawlyszyn's Ch Materabern Disco Diva. Another truly attractive bitch of excellent proportions
and power. Well proportioned and shapely head but not the expression of the winner. Excellent
forechest and front. Highly typical feet. Compact, well developed body with depth and width.
Beautiful body silhouette. An excellent mover from the side with balance, extension and drive, but
could be more parallel as viewed from behind. Beautiful coat and colour.
3rd Goodyear's Harvestbank Fields Of Gold JW ShCM.

Veteran Bitch  (4, 1)
1st Lashbrook's Tidespring Dancing Queen At Forestburn.
Feminine veteran bitch, well 
balanced and with attractive proportions. Very feminine in head.  Very moderate neck. I would
not want her any wider in front. Scored over her competitors in firmness of topline both standing
and moving. Pleasing coat. Kept her pleasing balance on the move, reasonably parallel in
movement coming and going.
2nd Harris' Vellbern Geisha Girl. Big, strong bitch, I would prefer somewhat less of her all over.
Attractive head and expression. Strong neck.  Good front.  Deep and capacious body.  Somewhat
high behind and failing off more over the croup than ideal. Moderately angulated behind. Has kept
up her pleasing drive with age, but moved rather narrow behind. Beautiful coat and colour.
3rd Goodyear's Harvestbank Born To Boogie.

Good Citizen Bitch  (5, 1)
1st Wood's Tamarbern Dusky Maiden.
2nd Harris' Vellbern Geisha Girl.
3rd Williams' Tinland Ore Inspiring.
Judge - Espen Engh



Thank you for asking me to judge the Bernese Mountain Dogs again. It was a pity things did
not go as well as I thought they should. We did not get into the ring until after 2 o'clock. The 
scheduled starting time was 12:15.  I was late for the Groups which was very disappointing.
Minor Puppy Dog  (6 entries).
1st Phillips'  Monalou Norwegian Star.
7 month old puppy, well developed. Lovely head.
good dark eye, good scissor bite. Nice bone, good angulation back and front, moved well.
Good temperament.
2nd Perks'  Kernow Festival Buzz. Very nice puppy. Nice head, dark eye.  Good bone and
coat, straight back. Good teeth. Good angulation, nice temperament.
3rd Perks'  Monalou Spirit Of Discovery.

Puppy Dog  (6 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Mair & Hartley-Mair's Meadowpark High Class
. Lovely dog, good size.Very nice head,
good teeth. Lovely bone and coat. Moved with drive. Good temperament. Best Puppy.
2nd Wakeland's Shirdees Joe Dimaggio At Bramikdel.  Another lovely puppy with a good
head, good teeth. Good front and bone, moved well. Good temperament.
3rd Law's  Ecalpharas Gold.

Junior Dog  (5)
1st Dickson's  Monalou Vino Verde At Geruth.
  A very nice dog. Nice head, good dark eye.
Good bone, straight back. Good coat, good angulation, moved well. Good temperament.
2nd Wood's Cegshe Fagan. Nice dog, good head, dark eyes. Good bone, good temperament,
good teeth. Moved well.
3rd Harrison & Ratcliffe's Monalou Axelmeister Of Alachard.

Yearling Dog  (2, 1)
1st Hastings' Bernemcourt Liv'n On A Prayer.
Very nice young dog, nice head and good
teeth, good dark eyes. Good temperament. Moved well.

Post Graduate Dog  (5, 2)
1st Hughes'  Give Me Five From Christofland For Carraigbern.
Lovely dog. Good head, good
teeth, nice dark eyes. Good bone and angulation back and front. Nice coat. Good temperament,
moved well.
2nd Webster's Esslinbern Saliman Tootega. Nice dog, good head and teeth.  Good bone, a bit
light. Good temperament. Moved well.
3rd Merrill's Broels Mr Magic.

Limit Dog  (13)
1st Round's Collansues Black Magic.
Very nice 3 year dog, lovely size. Very nice head, good
teeth. Lovely bone, good angulation, moved well, Good temperament. Dog CC and Best of Breed.
2nd Griffiths, Orme & Miles' Jaybiem Y'euben Chozen JW. Very nice dog,lovely head, nice
dark eye. Lovely bone. Good coat, good temperament. Lovely mover. Reserve CC.
3rd Dickson's Monalou Maserati At Geruth.

Open Dog  (7, 2)
1st Granger's Jaybiem I Tri For Shadybower JW.
Not the biggest but in good proportion, nice
dog. Nice head, good head and back, bone to match size.  Good temperament, good angulation,
moved well.
2nd Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dyball's Ch Meadowpark Vertigo JW.  Different type to 1st, a lovely
dog. Good size, lovely bone, good angularity. Good temperament. Very nice head. Good mover.
3rd King & Bramble's Shirdees Continental JW ShCM.

Minor Puppy Bitch  (1)
1st McCormick's Monalou Star Princess
. A sweet little puppy, lovely head, good teeth, nice
eyes. Nice bone, good angulation, moved well. Good temperament.

Puppy Bitch  (4, 1)
1st King's  Ecalpharas Moonshine Over Leapingwell.
Nearly 1 year old, very nice puppy. 
Lovely head, good teeth, nice dark eyes. Good bone, well angulated back and front, good
movement. Good temperament.
2nd Granger's Shirdees Harlow Jean Of Shadybower. A very nice puppy, sweet head, nice
dark eyes, good teeth. Enough bone, moved well. Good temperament.
3rd Jones & Carr's Greta Garbo From Aberash To Beaucroft.

Junior Bitch  (3, 2)
1st Pawlyszyn's Matera's Diamond Diva.
Nice young bitch, nice head, good teeth. Good coat.
Nice bone, good angulation. Good temperament and moved well.

Yearling Bitch  (8, 2)
1st Weston's Bernfawr In Vogue.
Super little bitch, lovely bone. Nice head, good teeth. Short
coupled. Good coat. Enough bone, moved well, good temperament.
2nd Wells'  Bernfold Celeb Laila Mo. Very nice young bitch, nice head, good teeth.  Good bone,
straight back, good back, good coat. Good dark eye. Moved well, good temperament.
3rd Abbott-Brown & Brown's  Meadowpark Dream Come True With Kingstonska.

Post Graduate Bitch  (6, 2)
1st Green's Alpenspirit Que Sera Sera (Imp Can).
Lovely big girl, very nice head, good teeth.
Lovely bone, good angulation. Nice coat, good temperament. Good mover.
2nd Shopland-Reed's Fleur De Neboa De Meigas (Imp Esp). Very nice young bitch, good head
with a nice dark eye. Good bone, good angulation. Good coat, good temperament, moved well.
3rd Williams' Tinland Ore Inspiring.

Limit Bitch  (10, 3)
1st Edge's Monalou Iced Queen.
Very nice bitch, good size. Good head, good teeth. Good bone,
tnice angulation back and front. Good temperament.
2nd Davenport-Willis'  Rainbow Alpiu Slenis (Imp Ltu).Very nice bitch of different type, very
nice head, good eye, good teeth. Straight back, good bone. Good temperament, moved well.
3rd Green's Waldershelf All About Edna.

Open Bitch  (9, 2)
1st Sutton's Ch Bernsteph Dior Remember Me JW ShCM.
Not the biggest but a lovely
harmonious bitch. Sweet head, good teeth, good eye. Strong neck, good back, good coat, good
bone. Good temperament, moved well. Bitch CC.
2nd Gurney's Ch Monalou Fanny Craddock JW. At her best, very nice bitch, good size. Nice
head, good eyes, good teeth. Good bone. Good temperament, moved well. Reserve CC.
3rd Goodyear's Harvestbank Fields Of Gold JW.
Foot note; it was a pity we all had to hang about, dogs and owners got fed up.
Judge - Sonya Gorbould (Glanzberg)   

Jude Simonds



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