Bernese News 26th November 2015



I am informed by Jackie Green that the entry figures for the BMD Club of Great Britain 
Open Show which takes place on 5th December at Wantage, Oxon are 77 exhibits giving 75 
entries (including Not For Competition) for judges Ruth Summerley (Mytezika) who will be 
judging 21 classes and Faye Stannard (Kohbern - who is judging the four Special Members 
Awards classes which have 15 entries).

For comparison the entry at the 2014 show was 61 exhibits giving 72 entries with 16 absentees 
across 21 classes for Neil Heslam (Feorena) and Angela Heslam (Feorena) judged the four  
Special Members Awards classes which has 22 entries with 8 absentees.  

Jackie also tells me that free DM testing will also be available on the day on a first-come- 
first-served basis.  
Further details from Jackie on 02476 541617  or email  
and you'll need to bring your dog's Club Registration Certificate with you.  

Jude Simonds

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