Bernese News 1st November 2016


Jack Hastings emailed;
"Wonderful day out with Deaglan (Bernemcourt Liv'n On A Prayer) at Hamilton Canine Club 
Open Show. 

Photo courtesy Jack Hastings - Copyright Eileen Sutherland

"He won BOB, Working Group 1 and then BEST IN SHOW. 

Photo courtesy Jack Hastings - Copyright Pamela Martin

"Thank you to judges Andrew Stewart (Breed / Group) and Christine Smith (Best in Show)." 


My thanks to the Midland Counties committee for inviting me to judge at this extremely friendly 
and well organised show. Also great thanks to my ring stewards who kept things flowing well.
On the whole temperaments were very good with just a couple of exceptions in the lower classes. 
Tail carriage, wide fronts, long hocks and length of body does seem to have crept in to our lovely
Minor Puppy Dog  (2 entries)
1st Stephenson's Matera’s Record Breaker.
At just over 6 months very much a baby. His head 
is coming along nicely, has a correct scissor bite and dark eye.  He has enough bone for his age 
with correct body proportions if a little rear high at the moment. His movement was a little loose 
as can be expected at this age.
2nd Watson's Jesterbrock Alpine Glory At Stepdashar. 8 months old and lighter in bone than 
1st. Correct dentition and a dark eye. A little longer in the body than 1st he moved well although he 
was carrying his tail rather high
Puppy Dog  (1)
1st Henry's Jaybiem The Importance Of.
  At just over 9 months he is very raw at the moment. 
Head is slowly coming on, correct dentition and a dark eye.  He has long hocks and lacks hind 
angulation. Movement was erratic which made it a little difficult to assess. Unfortunately when he  
challenged for best puppy dog he was very unsound.
Junior Dog  (3 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Scobie's Monalou Northern Knight.
Broad head, correct dentition and kind, dark eye. Good 
width and depth of chest. Well let down hocks and correct body proportions.  Moved well carrying 
carrying his tail correctly.
2nd Barsby & Bonham's Halesbern Naughty But Nice. Good head with dark eye. Good depth 
of chest, he was a little longer in the body than 1st. Movement was OK keeping his topline on the 
Yearling Dog  (3, 1)
1st Perks' Kernow Festival Buzz.
At just over 18 months he is very raw, however it must be borne 
in mind that this breed is slow to mature and particularly the males. He has the correct dentition, the 
head needs to broaden, he has a good depth of chest but was slightly longer in the body than I 
Post Graduate Dog  (8)
1st Law's Ecalpharas Gold
. A well built dog of correct body proportions. Well boned with good 
depth and width of chest. Hocks well let down. Broad head and dark eye with correct dentition. 
Moved very well around the ring, although does have a tendency to carry his tail a little high. One 
to watch in the future. Reserve CC.
2nd Philips' Monalou Norwegian Star
. At just over 18 months is maturing nicely. Broad head,
correct dentition and dark eye. Slightly shorter in body than 1st but still of correct proportions. 
Good depth of brisket and width of chest. Moved well.
3rd Wakeland's Shirdees Joe Dimaggio At Bramikdel JW.
Limit Dog  (9)
1st Gurney's Monalou Just Call Me Oleg.
At 22 months is of good size and type. Head maturing 
nicely, correct dentition and nice dark eye. Good length of neck with correct body proportions. 
Good depth of brisket and width of chest. Good hind angulation and well let down hocks. Moved 
2nd Bridges' Kernow Something. A lovely looking dog with correct body proportions, well 
angulated with correct hocks. Broad head with a dark eye. A little shorter in neck and width of chest 
compared to 1st. Nevertheless a lovely dog who moved well.
3rd Green's  Alpenspirit Pure Pleasure For Arvella (Imp Can).
Open Dog  (6, 1)
1st Mair, Hartley-Mair & Dybdall's Ch Meadowpark High Class.
 It is no secret that I have long 
admired this dog from the ring side but never had the opportunity to be "hands on".  What can I 
write that has not already been written? He gives a lovely impression and he is so attentive to his 
handler. He moved around the ring with ease. My only adverse comment is that he is slightly longer 
in the body than I would normally prefer but this does not distract from the overall picture of a 
lovely dog. CC. 
2nd Scott's Welshbern One Vision At Scobern ShCM. Broad head with correct dentition and 
dark eye. Good depth and width of chest. Well angulated with correct hocks. Slightly shorter in body 
than 1st. Moved well around the ring. Unfortunate to come up against 1st today but is of a different 
type to the main winners.
3rd Round's Ch Collansues Black Magic.
Minor Puppy Bitch  (7, 2)
1st Pawlyszyn's Matera’s Record Label.
A lovely baby, at just 6 months she was really enjoying 
her debut. Correct shape with short hocks, nice expression with dark eye and correct dentition. 
Moved very well for one so young.
2nd Flippance's Tickbern Upto Jenna At Nenebern.  A different shape to 1st, slightly longer in 
body and a little less bone. Head coming on nicely, correct dentition and dark eye. Moved well
although a little loose at the moment which is what you might expect at this age.
3rd Handley's Jesterbrock Alpine Joy At Enchambray.

Puppy Bitch  (4, 3)
1st Jaybiem Burli Shassi.
At just over 9 months this puppy is growing on well with correct body 
proportions, good rear angulation and nice hocks. Plenty of bone. Head shape good with correct 
dentition and dark eye.  Moved well around the ring and kept her topline.  Best Puppy in Breed. 
Junior Bitch  (5, 1)
1st Vaychkus & Vaickus' Blus Aira Bernenskie Ranczo JW (Imp Pol).
A lot to like about this
young lady, correct body proportions, good width and depth of chest.  Well angulated rear with 
short hocks. Good head with correct dentition, to be over critical my preference is for a darker eye. 
Moved well and I shall watch her career with interest.
2nd Jones' Lujento Gloria Swan Song.  Slightly shorter in body than 1st. Enough bone for her
size. Good depth of chest, head maturing well, correct dentition and dark eye. Good rear angulation, 
moved a little wide in front.
3rd Watson's Staubach Quiana At Stepdasher
Yearling Bitch  (3)

1st Granger's  Shirdees Harlow Jean Of Shadybower JW. Heavier built than I normally prefer but
nevertheless a lovely bitch. Great temperament and is totally at one with her handler.  Broad head 
with correct dentition and dark eye. Plenty of bone, good depth and width of chest, well angulated 
at the rear, moved well holding her top line.
2nd McCormick's Monalou Star Princess. A different type to 1st being shorter in body and not as
heavily boned, she is not lacking in bone as she has plenty for her size. Lovely head with dark eye, 
good length of neck, well angulated and hocks well let down. Moved well.
3rd King's Ecalpharas Moonshine Over Leapingwell.
Post Graduate Bitch  (4, 2)
1st Johnson's Monalou Bay Breeze.
Well developed head with kind, dark eye, correct  
correct dentition, correct length of body with good depth of brisket.  Good hind angulation and well 
et down hocks. Moved well although a little wide in front.
2nd Perks' Bernfawr Hot Spice. Slightly longer in body than 1st. Good head with dark eye and 
correct dentition. Good angulation on rear and short hocks.  Carrying a bit of weight which could be 
affecting her front movement. I am told by the exhibitors that both of these girls have been on
weight loss diets.
Limit Bitch  (7, 5)
1st Bailey & Williams' Carabaz Rubinas Sky At Timarabai.
 Broad head with dark eye and 
correct dentition, good width of chest and depth of brisket.  Good rear angulation and well let down 
hocks. Moved well.
2nd Flippance's Bernbienaime Bright Button At Nenebern. This bitch is very similar in type as 
the 1st and the same confirmation remarks apply. I see they are both out of the same sire.  
Movement not as good as 1st.
Open Bitch  (11, 3)
1st Gurney's Ch Monalou Fanny Craddock JW.
 My notes just say "absolutely lovely". I just love  
this girl; she has everything you would want in a Bernese bitch.  From temperament to size, shape 
and movement.  CC and Best of Breed.
2nd McCormick's Monalou Artic Queen.
 Very similar in type and I see they both have the same 
sire. Broad head with dark eye, good width of chest and depth of brisket. Level topline, good hind 
angulation and well let down hocks. Moved well when she felt like it, just wish she was more 
animated. Reserve CC.
3rd Atherton's Ch Athersbern Peronelle Blush.

Judge - Chris Wilson (Blumental)

Jude Simonds


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