Bernese News 4th November 2016


Thank you to the Committee who invited me to judge this lovely friendly show. For those that have
never been, the venue is light, spacious and airy, the committee hard working and friendly and the
catering superb.  All the dogs today were presented in good clean coats and temperaments were 
as one would expect from our breed, fabulous!  I like my boys to be boys and my girls to be girls
and they certainly were – thank you for bringing them and giving me the pleasure of going over

Best In Show and Best Dog was June Miles' Jaybiem Mi Lord with Reserve Best In Show and Best
Bitch being awarded to Joanne Sutton’s Ch Bernsteph Dior Remember Me JW ShCM.   
In the challenge for Best In Show both dogs moved so fluidly and seemingly without effort but I
just preferred the male's overall shape and his command of the ring.

Reserve Dog was Donna Hughes' Waldershelf Causing Koas and Reserve Bitch Julie Baldwin's
Fortonpark Designer Record. Best Puppy was Chris Handley’s Jesterbrock Alpine Joy At
Enchambray.  Best Veteran was Mark and Julie Wakeland's Ch Collansues Buildin Bridges At

Veteran Dog  (3 entries)
1st Wakeland's Ch Collansues Buildin Bridges At Bramkidel.
 7½ year old male of upper size.
Very impressive well marked boy.   Massive bone with a lovely head, tight eye, kind expression. 
Good ear placement.  Deep chest and straight, strong front, stood four square. Solid topline which
he kept on the move.  Happy boy with wagging tail throughout. Moved out easily and well in the 
class but had a little cramp perhaps in the challenge?
2nd Jefferon’s Meadowpark Boysown.  7 year old boy who was not a happy chap today.  Lovely
full coat, classically marked, super teeth for age.  Tight catlike feet, correct tailset and carriage.
Topline slightly dipped and he appeared to go down ever so slightly on his front right when coming
to. Shame as have always liked him.
3rd Scott’s Welshbern Trafys Of Scobern ShCM.

Minor Puppy Dog  No entries

Puppy Dog  No entries

Junior Dog  (2 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Baldwin’s Meadowpark First Class For Fortonpark.
  13 months old boy developing well with
lovely head and gentle expression with strong dark eye.  Well marked.  Tight feet and up on his
pasterns, standing four square. Solid muscle with which he moved with ease although a little proud
of his tail. Lovely boy, liked him a lot.

Yearling Dog  (2)
1st Baldwin’s Meadowpark First Class For Fortonpark.
2nd Fairclough’s Monalou Spirit Of Discovery.
  19 month old who was very light on his feet. Head
coming along slowly with good eye and he has ample bone. Straight front.  Very attentive to handler.
Good depth of chest but not as together in himself as 1st.  Moved well, keeping his topline well. 

Maiden Dog  No entries

Novice Dog  (2)
1st Baldwin’s Meadowpark First Class For Fortonpark.
2nd Walton’s Enchambray Waterloo.
3 year old boy with a pleasing head. Slight loose flews and 
his eye is a tad on the lighter side.  Well boned and nicely marked, in full luscious coat. Good strong
neck of correct length.  Bit tucked up at present.  Seemed weak and straight behind when moving
away but that could be the floor.  Happy boy.

Graduate Dog  (3)
1st Wakeland’s Shirdees Joe Dimaggio At Bramkidel.
22 months old and another lovely sized
boy who kept your eye throughout.  Well marked, he was full of himself and told the world he was
here! Head maturing nicely with lovely kind eye and expression, good dentition and correct ear
placement. He needs to drop into his chest but that will come. Strong, straight front with tight, cat-like
feet. Super rear angulation, he moved easily round the ring. 
2nd  Fairclough’s Monalou Spirit Of Discovery. 
3rd Brown’s Esslinbern Benrus Sky Chief

Post Graduate Dog  (3, 1)
1st Martin’s Kernow Claptons Greatest For Jaybiem.
 2½ year old well marked boy.  Nice head
with lovely stop.  Ear carriage and position correct and kind eye.  Long in body, well up on pasterns 
Won the class on movement as he moved with decent drive in all directions.
2nd Grimes' Stormberne Let It Snow.  Large boy who lost the class as he just wasn't interested
which is such a shame as he is a lovely boy. Massive head and good proportions all round. His
expression is melting and you can get lost in his eyes!  Temperament fabulous.  His movement, 
when he moved, was poor as he just doesn’t want to know.

Limit Dog  (3)
1st Miles & Sampson's Jaybiem Mi Lord. 
4 year old boy who is all male.  Massive head but I
don’t find him  coarse.  More than ample bone.  Good tight eye and he uses his ears well. Lovely
overall shape. Appears slightly stuffy in neck but it’s his profuse coat that disguises his long, strong
neck. Strong straight front, tight feet with strong pasterns, and hocks well let down. Deep chested
boy who stood four square.  He just commands your attention.  Moved effortlessly and could go on
all day, a true workman but a happy boy. To be critical he is a tad proud of his tail, but I had to be
honest with myself and could not deny him Best Dog and Best In Show.
2nd Granger’s Orlando Bloom At Jaybiem
.  2½ year old boy who has it all to come. Needs to drop 
into his chest but he has ample time.  Head coming along nicely with good dark eye and correct ear
placement.  Good bone and lovely angulation, tight cat feet with a strong, clean front. Was a tad
scatty and unsettled today but his movement was still pleasing
3rd Martin’s Moondance Fascination.
Open Dog  (4, 2)
1st Hughes Waldershelf Causing Kaos.
 2½ year old boy who like the Limit class 2nd has it all to
come. He is a taller boy who is just starting to drop into himself.  His head needs to come on a bit but 
his eye is good and he uses his well placed ears.   Good angles all round. He has a strong topline
which he easily kept on the move.  On the move he comes alive and he worked himself hard and
grabbed my attention.  Happy to award him Reserve Best Dog.
2nd Scott’s Welshbern One Vision At Scobern ShCM.
4 year old boy, obviously more mature
than winner. Shorter in leg than winner but good angles throughout.  Lovely presented coat, mature
head with tight eye and good expression. Moved out well.  Bit naughty today for his handler!

Veteran Bitch  (3, 1)
1st Rossall’s Fortonpark Molly Malone.
 Just over 7 years young, lovely girl with lovely teeth. Full
coat and a pleasing head, soft expression with good tight eyes and nice ear placement. Good strong
topline and correct tail placement. Good deep and strong forechest. Slightly down on her pasterns
but moved happily with drive and balance.
2nd Jeffries' Windlenell Quita At Esslinbern. 7 year old happy lady. Narrower in head than 1st but
good tight eye and ear placement. Well angulated rear.  Long in body but she moved with ease and
could keep going all day, very fit girl.  Bit proud of her tail.

Minor Puppy Bitch  (2, 1)
1st Handley’s Jesterbrock Alpine Joy At Enchambray.
 8½ month old tall girl. Stood alone in this
class.  Lovely feminine overall shape.  Darkly marked head which empathises her dark tight eyes. 
Nice ear placement.  Happy, confident temperament.  Up on her pasterns. Good strong gait, covered
the ground well.  Lovely rear angles.  Forechest slightly narrow.  Needs a bit more schooling but
should have a good future.  Happy to award her Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy In Show.

Puppy Bitch  (6, 2)
1st Baldwin’s Fortonpark Chasing Dreams.
10 month well schooled girl. Strong and solidly built.
Beautifully presented in gorgeous coat, she is a well marked very feminine girl. Good strength of neck.
Head coming along as it should, she has a good stop and tight eyes.  She moved well but seemed a
little unsettled in the ring today.
2nd Sutton & Davenport-Willis’ Perfect Proposal From Orsina’s Land (Imp Slov). 10 months who
left her coat at home.  She is a well marked girl with good, tight eyes, correct ear placement and good
pigmentation. Slightly loose in jowls.  Good reach of neck. Lovely overall shape.   Good movement, 
strong movement keeping her topline and carrying her tail lovely.
3rd Miles' Jaybiem Burli Shassi.
Res Riley’s Alyngarn Iseult At Yarmesor.

Junior Bitch  (3, 2)
1st Riley’s Alyngarn Iseult At Yarmesor.
11 month old very raw girl who was difficult to assess as
she was rather shy.  Good full coat and a nice head with defined stop. Well marked but movement 
was very erratic.

Yearling Bitch  (2)
These two were complete opposites of each other.
1st Baldwin’s Fortonpark Designer Record.  Nearly 2 years old, very feminine, well marked girl.
Head maturing nicely, tightest of eyes with such a melting expression. Good ear placement and she
uses her ears well.  Well schooled and very attentive to handler.  Solid in muscle, she has a lovely
reach of neck and has good bone overall.  Tabletop topline which she easily kept on the move. 
Lovely tail carriage. Fluid in movement from all angles, she is fit, strong and could easily keep going
all day. Pushed hard for the top honour but her time will surely come. However, more than happy to 
award her Reserve Best Bitch.
2nd Grangers Shirdees Harlow Jean Of Shadybower.
22 month old girl. Taller, longer cast girl 
with classic markings. Head narrower than 1st and much more tucked up in general appearance.
Kind expression with tight eyes and good ear placement and a long neck. Slightly narrow in 
Well up on strong pasterns.  Well muscled and moved with ease, although didn't stride out well.

Maiden Bitch  (2, 1)
1st Baldwin’s Fortonpark Chasing Dreams.

Novice Bitch  (2)
1st Baldwin’s Fortonpark Chasing Dreams.
2nd Sutton & Davenport-Willis’ Perfect Proposal From Orsina’s Land (Imp Slov).

Graduate Bitch  (3, 1)
1st Calder’s Floiskirk Islay.
5 year old girl. Very long cast and tall girl. Slightly narrow head but 
good stop definition.  Well marked.  Slightly down on pasterns and straight back angulation. Good
topline leading to nicely rounded rump. Long in loin. Movement true and a lovely temperament.
2nd Rossall’s Stormeberne Aint No Sunshine. Nearly 3 years old. Lovely dark expression, good
bone and angles although did appear a little bum high.  Moved OK but appeared narrow behind.
Gorgeous coat and beautifully presented.

Post Graduate Bitch  (3, 1)
1st Jeffries' Esslinbern Binda Hip Hop.
2 year old girl who is very feminine. Head needs to come 
on a bit as it [is] rather narrow but she has a kind expression with good eyes and ears. Still in summer
dress but this just empathises her overall pleasing shape.  She is slightly down on her pasterns but
her rear angulation is good and she moves readily with good strong drive and reach. A girl to grab
your attention.
2nd Calder’s Bernjovi Bed Of Roses. 3 year old girl with a lovely head. Good eyes and ear
placement, she is a happy girl with a profuse jacket.  Still needs to drop into herself a bit as she
appears tucked up, good strength in neck. Has a bit of a curly tail. Let herself down on the move 
with her naughtiness as she danced and pranced round the ring!

Limit Bitch  (5, 1))
1st Baldwin’s Fortonpark Dutch Design.
5 year old very attentive girl. In beautiful coat, she has a
lovely shape with a pretty, feminine head.  Good eyes, teeth and ears.  Not quite the bone of 2nd in 
this class but her solid build and hard muscle won her the class on movement.  She has good angles 
fore and aft and keeps her topline on the move.  Movement is effortless and fluid and she has stamina
to match.  Lovely, lovely girl.
2nd Miles' Meadowpark Sweetest Thing At Jaybiem . 3 ½ year old girl with darker markings than 1st.
Profuse coat which hides her ample bone and long neck. Correct tail set.  Tight feet.  Lovely deep chest. 
Stands four square.  Solid topline.  Rear movement not as strong as 1st today
3rd Martin’s Snoanda Moonshine Sally.
Res Jeffries' Lara At Esslinbern.

Open Bitch  (6, 1)
1st Sutton’s Ch Bernsteph Dior Remember Me JW ShCM.
 3½ year old girl who is simply beautiful.
Her head is so feminine and pretty, her neck is strong, long and her overall shape is one of the best.
Her eyes are not her fortune as they are slightly loose but she still has a lovely expression. She has
ample bone for her size.  Her coat, although not full today, is the jettest of black and her markings are
classical.  She uses her ears well.  Tight cat feet, well up on her pasterns with lovely rear angulation.
Deep straight forechest, slightly long in loin. She has a rock-solid topline, well rounded rump and
correct tail carriage.  Her movement is sound, true and effortless and she is at one with her handler -
just couldn’t take my eyes off her in the challenge and delighted to award her Best Bitch.
2nd  Atherton’s Ch Athersbern Peronelle Blush.  4½ year old very happy girl who just wouldn't
stand still nor did she stop wagging her tail! Lovely overall shape with a full, gleaming coat. Lovely 
kind head with a gentle expression.  She is deep chested and has a good reach of neck. Strong bone
and solid muscled, she keeps her topline on the move and her movement is fast, she could keep going
all day
3rd Baldwin’s Ch Fortonpark Dutch Delight.
Res Jeffries Esslinbern Fenix Fire Lilly.
VHC Griffiths, Slade & Orme’s Jaybiem VouDoo At Potterspride.

Brace  (3)
1st Rossall’s Fortonpark Molly Malone & Stormeberne Aint No Sunshine.
Well matched pair - 
mother and daughter, who moved well together with their handler.  Two very similar girls.
2nd Jeffries' Windlenell Quita & Esslinbern Fenix Fire Lily. Again a mother and daughter pairing
and definitely the noisest pair of the day.  Moved well together and again very similar.
3rd Calder’s Floskirk Islay & Bernjovi Bed Of Roses. Another mother and daughter combination
who were having a lovely time as they thought running together was a huge game!
Judge - Lianne Marsden (Trudaleaze)



Jude Simonds


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