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I received a telephone call from Jackie Green (Arvella) today.  Some of you will be aware that Jackie had been very unwell and in hospital for a few weeks but she has been discharged and is now safely at home and recovering well.  Jackie and her husband Paul would like to thank everyone who sent good wishes and messages of support and Jackie will be in touch with her friends as soon as she can.



My heartfelt thanks go to the committee for giving me the opportunity to judge here in the Emerald Isle. A lovely part of the world with very friendly people.

I had taken over Espen Engh's entry as he unfortunately had drawn too many dogs (other breeds).

I was new to this show although I had shown on the circuit previously therefore most of the exhibits and their handlers were new to me.  I wish to thank them all for their sporting acceptance of my placings.

I am so sorry that you all had a long wait to get into the ring. I'm sure that the cold wind that came through the door affected some of the Berns movement.

Puppy Dog (2 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Maguire's Ridgewater Evergreen Rueben.
A very raw 8 month puppy who was loose all through (as to be expected at this age). Head is pleasant to handle and he had a good bite with nice dark flews. Eyes were a trifle round in shape but it could have been he was straining on the lead. Tall and rangy . He was of good temperament. Movement was a little erratic . Very happy boy.

Junior Dog (2)
1st Benson's Bernervalley Yogi Bear.
15 months. A very nice young dog. Well grown with a good balance . He exhibited excellent timber with nice tight feet, level topline on the move which was powerful with a long stride. Shoulders strong and muscular (for one so young). Flews a little bit loose but not so much to distract from his head properties. Good length of tail carried well. Shows promise. Reserve CC.

Post Graduate Dog (3)
1st Garland-Thompson's Waldershelf Remylebeau.
19 months. A good headed dog with nice eye and mouth. Shoulder placement good leading to strong boned legs. He appears to be upright in front pasterns which reflected in his movement. Level topline leading to nice rounded rump and constantly wagging tail. Would like to see in another year when he has sprung his ribs. At the present time he feels a little slab sided.

Limit Dog (2)
1st Murphy's Kinelarty Arduino Maurizio At Berndrews.
6 year old with good head and neck although a tad upright in shoulder. Out of coat so was hiding nothing!! Markings were acceptable and within the standard. Moved OK.

Open Dog (5)
1st Benson's Ir Ch Mapleridge The Dark Knight At Bernervalley.
3 1/2 year all male. Very well handled to bring out the best in him. Lovely head with correct markings. Flews a little loose. Correct in shoulder and stifle giving him a kinetic balance held well on the move. Rounded rump with tail of good length. Coat presented well. Moved round the ring as though he owned it. CC and Best of Breed. Well done.
2nd Giffney's Sennen Cruise Control Jun Ch (Aust). 18 month dog . Well put together . Handsome headed youngster with the best eye shape and colour. Quite a strong dog who was very well presented. Moved with purpose. Looked like he could do the job he was bred for. Still young so has it all in front of him. Another I would like to see in a year or so.

Puppy Bitch (2)
1st O'Callaghan's Bernsego Ku-U-I-Po.
My notes just said "Wow"! I was blown away with this pup. Everything you would want in a baby pup. Temperament was superb. Construction was spot on. Head is strong and displays soft expression with those dark almond shaped eyes. Beautiful teeth with no sign of lippyness in the flews. Well muscled shoulders leading into straight legs and good knuckled feet. Compact body with correct depth of brisket. Constantly wagging tail carried correctly. Moved round the ring as though she owned it (and she did). If I could fault her I would (she would not fit into my overnight bag to bring her home"). I very nearly gave her the CC but I would have been letting heart rule head so contented myself with awarding her the Reserve CC and Best Puppy in Breed to much applause. Well done.
2nd Hughes' Carraigbern Leading Lady. 9 months and from a different stamp to 1st placed bitch. At present is a tad narrow in head. No problems here at this age. Well schooled and presented. Doesn't need to grow up any more but has time on her side to fill out and another I would like to see in a year when she could well fulfill her potential. Again another whose temperament was very good.

Junior Bitch (2, 1)
1st Willis' Bernervalley Summer Girl.
A 15 month old very nice lady. Good all through with well laid shoulders enabling her to be one of the best movers here today. A bit short of coat but hiding nothing. Time is on her side .

Post Graduate Bitch (4)
1st Jeffries' Lara At Esslinbern. (Imp Nld).
This 5 year old would do much more if she lost a bit of weight. Although good in shoulder /front, the extra weight tends to affect her coming towards. OK in profile. Gentle expression and handled sympathetically.
2nd Joyce & Hughes' Utwo Wild Irish Rose Del Molinasco. 2 years, dark marked. Quite a nice bitch who is a tad long in loin compared to height ratios. Spoilt by wide front movement. Good head properties. Strong neck. Temperament good.

Limit Bitch (1)
1st Jeffries' Esslinbern Binda Hip Hop.
Stood alone here. 4 years and like her kennel mate in Post Graduate Bitch could do with losing a few pounds as once again this tends to affect movement. Lovely dark eye. Good coat. Well let down rear pasterns. Front feet OK but rear feet a trifle long.

Open Bitch (6, 2)
1st Butler's Ir Ch Siansela Louisas Alpine Sky Jun Ch.
4 year lovely bitch. Just my type of girl, strong but feminine, could definitely do a day's work. Shoulders built for cart pulling. Strong straight front legs with well knuckled feet. Body of correct proportions. Well turned stifles and short rear pasterns. Moved a little close going away but good otherwise. Maybe move her a bit slower? Another well presented girl who was well handled. Perfect temperament. CC.
2nd Benson's Ir Ch Tickbern Still On Top At Bernervalley. 5 year bitch and a lot of the above comments apply. Another carrying a bit of weight which was the deciding factor in this class. (On checking my catalogue after the show I was pleasantly surprised to note that this bitch is the dam of the Reserve CC dog and the dam is also a long time favourite of mine here in the UK).
Judge - June Miles (Jaybiem)

Jude Simonds


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