Bernese News 6th November 2018



Puppy Dog  (2 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Flanagan's Collansues Magical Spell. 
11 months old, medium upper size with mature body. Head needs to broaden but nice and masculine, nice almond shaped eye, correct ear set, dark marking but does not detract. Mature body with good depth of chest, short coupled and correct angles both front and rear. Moved with purpose. Best Puppy in Breed.

Junior Dog  (2, 1)
1st Flanagan's Collansues Magical Spell.

Post Graduate Dog  (7, 2)
1st Gurney's Monalou Just Call Me Oleg.
3 years old. Excellent masculine head, broad flat skull, dark eyes, short muzzle and deep stop. Good depth of chest, correct proportions height to length ratio, excellent bone. Good angles front and rear. Level topline and moved with drive and purpose. Well presented.
2nd Wheeler's Bernark’s Big Hunk of Love.  2 ½ years old, another good dog. Broad flat skull, correct stop, eye and ear set. Excellent bone, correct width of chest, and spring of rib. Good topline, nice steady movement. Good presentation.
3rd Perks' Kernow Festival Buzz.

Limit Dog  (5)
1st Baldwin's Meadowpark First Class for Fortonpark.
3 years old, medium size. Good head, eye and ear set. Nice markings. Good reach of neck, correct shoulder placement, spring of rib and depth of chest. Good bone. Nicely balanced dog with strong movement. Well presented.
2nd Wort's Bernfawr In Demand At Glorybern.  4 ½ years old. Good size dog, beautiful masculine head. Lovely mature body, short coupled and correct angles. Excellent bone. Held his topline on the move which was nice and steady but with drive.
3rd Law's Ecalpharas Gold.

Open Dog  (8, 1)
1st Hartley-Mair & Dyball's Ch Meadowpark High Class.
3 ½ years old. What can you say about this dog except stunning. It was an absolute pleasure to judge this dog. Beautiful masculine head, broad flat skull, short muzzle all finished off with beautiful dark almond shape eyes and correct markings. Correct reach of neck, shoulder and angles fore and aft. Lovely deep chest and spring of rib, correct proportions height to length. Level topline, with powerful yet effortless movement and correct tail set. All finished off with excellent presentation. This dog deserves it’s achievements. Dog CC and Best of Breed.
2nd Gurney's Monalou Russian Ambassador. Nearly 5 years old and another classical Bernese, slightly smaller than 1st but again all the right attributes. Excellent head and eyes, correct proportions. Good mature body and shape finished off with excellent bone. Made this boy move twice as first time he was a little sluggish however second time moved with drive and purpose. Well presented. Please to award him Reserve Dog CC.
3rd Fairclough's Monalou Spirit Of Discovery.

Minor Puppy Bitch  (3)
1st Phillips' Rhosyn Van’t Pachthof At Goetre (Imp Bel. 
10 month old, sweet baby. Lovely feminine head, eye, and ear set and sweet expression. Good body shape and maturing nice and steady. Lovely movement, with level topline and correct tail carriage. Correct markings and sweet temperament, her tail never stopped wagging. One to looking forward to in the future.
2nd Phillips' Rhiain Van’t Pachthof At Goetre (Imp Bel).  10 month old, litter sister to 1st. Another nice pup, slightly taller than 1st, head needs to expand and not as mature in body as 1st but has time. Nice dark eye and correct ear set. Good markings, nice shape and good bone. Nice steady movement.
3rd Williams' Tinland Pink Sapphire.

Puppy Bitch  (6, 1)
1st Phillips' Rhosyn Van’t Pachthof At Goetre (Imp Bel).
2nd Phillips' Rhiain Van’t Pachthof at Goetre (Imp Bel).
3rd Sutton & Davenport-Willis' Nelstephbern Dior Foreva.

Junior Bitch  (4, 3)
1st Gurney's Monalou Cara Mia.
17 months old, maturing nicely, good feminine head, almond shaped eyes and good markings. Short coupled with correct angles front and rear, good bone. Nice steady movement keeping a level topline and correct tail carriage. Sweet temperament.

Post Graduate Bitch  (14, 6)
1st Weston's Bernfawr Jonquill. 
nearly 2 years old, very mature for her age. Good feminine head, flat skill, dark eye, short muzzle. Good reach of neck, correct proportions with good depth of chest and spring of rib. Nice bone with good reach and movement. Lovely presentation and temperament.
2nd Bird & Head's Cullumbern Roman Toga With Millermead JW.  Just over two years. Very similar to 1st but preferred the head of 1st. Nice feminine head, but needs to broaden more. Good eye and ear set, nice markings. Good body shape and depth of chest, short coupled. Moved with purpose, well presented.
3rd Flanagan's Collansues Magical Potion.

Limit Bitch  (6, 1)
1st Miles' Jaybiem Burli Shassi JW.
  2 ½ years old. Lovely mature bitch, dark marked but still very feminine, sweet expression. Correct confirmation throughout, good reach of neck, correct shoulder placement, and angles front and rear. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Correct height to length. Excellent bone, strong movement, level topline, well presented. Lovely temperament. Pleased to award her Bitch CC.
2nd Baldwin's Fortonpark Lilly’s Delight.  3 years old, Another good bitch with similar qualities to 1st. Nice head, eye and earset, short broad muzzle finished off with nice markings. Slightly longer in body than 1st but still had good shape and depth of chest with spring of rib. Correct angles and good bone. Moved with purpose. Well presented.
3rd Spencer's Padiky Starr Studded Skye JW.

Open Bitch  (7, 1)
1st Sutton's Ch Bernsteph Dior Remember Me JW. 
5 ½ years old. Another quality bitch. Lovely head with sweet expression. Correct reach of neck and angles front and rear. Nice deep chest, spring of rib, short coupled with good bone. Lovely strong movement and level topline and tail set. Excellent temperament and well presented. Reserve Bitch CC.
2nd Morgan's Welshbern Sweet Lady At Judabern.  6 years old. It was nip and tuck between this girl and first. Good feminine head and same type as 1st. Correct angles and height to length ratio. Mature body, shape and depth. Good clean markings. Moved with purpose but felt movement of 1st had more drive. Nice temperament and good presentation.
3rd Flanagan's Collansues Magical Dream.

Veteran Bitch  (2)
1st Flanagan's Collansues Rosebud.
7 years old. Lovely to see some veterans still going strong. Good head, eye and ear set, sweet expression with nice dark eye. Medium size, short coupled, correct shape and angles, all finished off with good bone and strong movement. Well presented. Best Veteran.
2nd Williams' Tickbern Oaklahoma In Tinland ShCM.  7 ½ years old. Similar to 1st but taller. Nice head, eye and correct markings. Lovely shape and body, short coupled, nice angulation and bone. Moved steady and held her topline. Nicely presented.
Judge - Lynn Barker (Graburlynn) 


Jude Simonds



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