Bernese News 23rd October 2015

There were 49 exhibits (+ 1 entered Not For Competition) giving 62 entries with 20 absentees
at the Northern BMD Club 23 class Open show. The judge was breed specialist Karen Bird

Thanks very much to Shelagh Corrigan for very kindly sending me a marked catalogue - it's very
much appreciated.

Best Veteran, Best Dog and Best in Show was awarded to June Miles' homebred 7 year old
Ch Jaybiem Utwo JW ShCM.  His 10 month old son (bred by Shirley King & Julie Bramble) Mark
and Julie Wakeland's Shirdees Joe Dimaggio At Bramikdel was Best Puppy.  

Dave Robertson and Lianne Marsden's homebred, 19 month old Trudaleaze Majik Potion (sired
by Ch Jaybiem Innu Endo JW ShCM) was Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show. Congratulations.

The next event organised by the Northern Club is the Superleague which takes place on Saturday
14th November 2015 at The Ribston Room, Bridge Hotel, Walshford Bridge, Nr Wetherby, West
Yorkshire LS22 5HS.  The two judges will be announced on the day. 

Marian Scott emailed;
"Anyone who has had an nvitation to the SuperLeague 2015 and intends to come but has not let
me know to do so asap as I only have a few places left (6).
email   " 

The Club website can be found at


Schedules are now available for the BMD Club of Great Britain 21 class Open Show which will
be held on Saturday 5th December at Old Mill Hall, School Lane, Wantage, Oxon OX12 7LB.  

The judge will be breed specialist Ruth Summerley (Mytezika).

Entries close on Friday 13th November (postmark).  

Further information from show secretary Jackie Green who can be contacted via;
email  or  Tel; 0247654 1617.  

The club website can be found at


Wendy Murray emailed;

"WALLACE - A Happy Bernese is a Working Bernese -Top Working Cart Dog 2015

"Only a day over 6 months old Wallace entered the 2011 Ruby Jubilee GB Championship Show
in Minor Puppy Dog. The judge’s critique said “Beautiful male of 6 months, very promising head
for age,  good angulation front and rear, good bone. Good balanced movement."

"In his short  show career, he went on to achieve:
1st Minor Puppy – BMDC of GB Open Show 2011
1st Minor Puppy & BPIS GB Open Show 2011
1st Puppy Dog SBMDC Open Show
1st Puppy Dog  / Best AVNSC PUPPY in Group Barking DCS
1st Junior / Best AVNSC Puppy SWECS
1st Puppy / Best AVNSC Puppy Chelmsford DCS
2nd Junior Dog SBMDC Champshow 2012

"On the morning of 22nd of January 2011 at 8 months Wallace had his first `Epileptic fit`. 
We knew the symptoms straight away as we already had a Bernese, Duggie, with fits; we couldn't
believe what was happening right in front of our eyes again!  To this day Wallace has gone on to
have eleven further fits in his life. Anyone who has a Bernese with fits will know what a frightening
experience this can be and you think to yourself "this can't really be happening" but you have to
remember you are not alone and talking to dog owners who have been through this are a great
source of information and help if you need advice.

"Despite his condition, Wallace had already shown a keen interest in wanting to cart so gradually
went through all the different stages of learning to pull a cart till he was old enough to start carting.
Tom was carting him initially and Wallace soon became ‘Best Beginner 2013 at the  Bernese
Working Cart Group of GB ‘End of Season Awards’  but then Tom lost interest in carting altogether
when we lost Duggie who was such a good working dog so I then took over the reins and went on
to work Wallace.

"I don’t think there has ever been a carting competition where Wallace has failed any of the levels.
So he soon came up the ranks and it wasn’t until this year he did his final advanced course which
then enabled him to be in the points for the overall ‘ Top Working Cart Dog’. I never have a high
expectation of my dogs in anything they do so when they do well, its just so humbling; people 
have criticised me in the past for not putting any faith in my dogs abilities.

"In 2015 Wallace achieved on the Bernese Working Cart Course:
1st In Advance Spring Garden Party
1st in Advanced at the Southern Working Day
1st in Advanced at Kelso at the Scottish Working & Fun Day
1st in Advanced at the Autumn Garden Party

"Wallace was awarded Top Working Cart Dog 2015 at the GB Autumn Garden Party which is
based on the dog who has attained the most points over 3 events on the carting course throughout
2015. What an emotional day it was for me and so proud of this amazing dog.

"But….this was not the end of Wallace’s achievements in 2015. What more you may think?

"I train my dogs for 5 minutes every morning after their walk. "Why?" you may ask; because they
enjoy it and even Porage (St Bernard)  now gets her one-to-one training.  Every week I take
Ramsay to dog obedience and he loves it, so what I learn with Ramsay, I then do with Wallace at

"This year I decided I would enter a couple of obedience classes with both dogs, thinking that
Ramsay would do so much better than Wallace but once again to my amazement firstly at the
Southern Fun Weekend Wallace achieved;
Bronze Good Citizen – Pass
1st in ‘Have a go Obedience’  and overall ‘Top Working Dog, on the Day.
Please find the critique below, made me well up!
‘Wendy and Wallace, what a team! Heelwork was, no matter what the ever critical Wendy thinks,
surprisingly advanced for this stage and most importantly, although Wallace was maintaining his
own space, he was pretty consistent so good work there. Occasional loss of focus on turns but
really, for this level, it was jolly good. A clear Down Stay and a clear Sit Stay.  Really, the heel 
work won it in terms of points. Which is good I think, as it’s a great foundation from which to work
on everything else. Wendy’s corrections and encouragement were really well timed too I thought.
Wallace anticipated on the Recall somewhat and also Wendy re-positioned herself at the present
but that’s what you tend to do in the early days of training, eh. Both are easy to sort out back in
training. Well done you two!"

3rd in Obedience at the Autumn Garden Party and runner up Best Working Dog.

"So have I come back down to earth yet? The answer is no.

"I wanted to share with everyone what we have done and what our `Wonderful Wallace` has
achieved despite his condition; just because you may have a dog with a disability doesn't mean
to say you still can’t do the things that we have done with your Bernese.  We try to keep on as
normal with his daily routine even after Wallace  has had a fit . You have to understand that when
a dog comes out of a fit they are completely disorientated and have no direction of what's
happening to them so you have to get them back to a normal routine as quickly as possible.

"A happy Bernese is a working Bernese, whether its carting, obedience or agility and I hope I 
have quantified that statement with Wallace’s achievements.  The working side of this breed,
particularly carting, is a passion with Tom and myself, and we have had the pleasure of seeing
some brilliant carting dogs who are no longer with us and we shouldn’t undervalue the enjoyment
the dog gets from a good day's work. I am a great believer that you only get out of your dog what
you put into them, and with Wallace he just thrives on it and wants to please.

"Carting is a discipline that is so overshadowed but is part of a Bernese’s hereditary.  How many
times do we hear "dogs should be fit for purpose" and how many times is "draft dog" mentioned 
in critiques now and how many of us can say "we have a true working dog."  Well, I can put my
hands up to that one and proudly say that all my Bernese have been working dogs.

"If you want to experience a one-to-one enjoyment which is very rewarding and build up a trust
with your dog, it’s something you have to experience.  So, my message is "don't knock it until you
have tried it!" 

"Wallace  a true working dog and an ambassador to the breed."

Jude Simonds

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