Bernese News 24th October 2016


The Bernese entry for Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland Championship Show 2016
has been announced as 47 exhibits 54 entries for all-rounder Steve Hall.

For comparison the entry at the 2015 show was 57 entries with 12 absentees for breed
specialist Cathy Connelly (Kossberne) 


Schedules for the BMD Club of GB Open Show to be held on 3rd December 2016 at old Mill, 
School Lane, Grove, Wantage, Oxon and judged by Julie Wakeland (Bramikdel) have been
circulated to Club members and are also available from Fosse Data

Postal entries close on 4th November, online entries close 13th November. 
Enquiries to show secretary Jackie Green Tel; 024 7654 1617.




Many thanks to the BMD Club of GB for the honour of judging this show alongside well 
respected breed specialist Irene Malpas. My stewards were excellent and kept things 
ticking over nicely. 

I love judging this breed due partly to the overall friendliness and laid back attitude of 
exhibitors and due also to the make-up of the breed itself – who could fail to be won 
over by them!

Minor Puppy Bitch  (11 entries,  4 absentees)
1st Miles' Jaybiem Burli Shassi.
8 months with the advantage of age over her classmates. 
Very nicely put together with pleasing head and eye. Very good bone, correct topline with ideal 
croup and good strength of loin keeping it all together. Attractive markings were a bonus. Best
Minor Puppy in Show.
2nd Cooke & Stevens' Tickbern Up To Mischief.
6 months old and slightly more raw but with 
huge promise and moving with excellent gait. Feminine head with good eye giving lovely 
expression. Well shaped croup but a hint of a slightly higher rump on the move - as can be 
expected in such a baby. Only lost out in stage of development.
3rd Claridge's La Califfa Astrum Felix. 6 months with such good movement. Pleasing eye but
a tad lighter than 1st and 2nd. Very well developed in chest for her age. Just a touch more hind 
angulation to come to give a little more balance to her outline.

Puppy Bitch  (11,  2)
Super class with some future stars here.
1st Baldwin's Fortonpark Chasing Dreams. Such a lovely puppy with everything I would want 
at this stage – beautiful head and eye, correct earset, maturing slowly but with such promise.
Correct angles and doesn’t it show in her scopey movement!  A class act in the making. Best 
Puppy in Show.
2nd Edge's Chesterbrook Solitaire. Very close and equally put together. Not quite as forward
as 1st but so well shaped with good bone, the very best of feet and well shaped ribs. Angulation
was just right. A credit to her owner.
3rd Sutton & Davenport-Willis' Perfectproposal From Orsina’s Land (Imp Slov). 9 months 
and not got her showing head on today. So many good qualities to admire but not quite the 
confidence of 1st and 2nd and tended to disguise her topline as a result.

Special Junior Bitch  (6)
1st Baldwin's Fortonpark Lilly's Delight.
 Such a nice outline with no exaggerations. Balance 
was just right and still gave her the correct development for her age. Attractive head with healthy 
eye. Ideal shape of croup. Moved beautifully with good tail carriage. A tad less weight would have 
been my preference.
2nd Flaxman's Glanzberg See The Sun.  1 month who moved so much better in this class. 
Very impressive construction and hints at a good future. Well held topline with well shaped croup 
and good tail set. Had settled here and a better performance this time.
3rd Watson's Staubach Quiana At Stepdashar. Medium sized and with balanced extent of 
bone. A very good mover with well held topline and well shaped croup. Good eyes but the 
unpigmented third eyelid can detract for a second. Just going through that young dog moult so 
it will be good see her when she is more developed.

Junior Bitch  (6,  1)
1st Small's Malinidibeach Faberge Fancy.
Such an honest girl with what you see is what you 
get. Moved positively with good topline and unexaggerated gait.  Good bone with correct pastern. 
Good depth of brisket. Lovely head and eye, good dentition. Earset could be a little higher. Didn't 
put a foot wrong.
2nd Jones' Lujento Gloria Swan Song. 17 month medium sized and with good strength of 
forechest, perfect weight, very good bone and well shaped feet. Really not giving her best and  
seemed a little unsettled. Otherwise a very impressive youngster.
3rd Watson's Staubach Quiana At Stepdashar.

Yearling Bitch  (7,  2 )
1st Granger's Shirdees Harlow Jean Of Shadybower JW.
Well grown and beautifully presented. 
Pleasing head and eye, good strength of neck, well muscled topline. Just right for angulation and 
well shaped feet and correct degree of angle to pastern.  Moved so well but could have been
gaited a little faster as she is a long striding girl (due to her size and correct angulation) and would
have shown off her fluid gait to better advantage.
2nd King's Ecalpharas Moonshine Over Leapingwell.  22 months. Also well made though 
possibly not quite the head properties of 1st. Very well developed in rib, strong topline and loin, 
well shaped croup and moved easily with well placed footfalls. Adequate rear angulation but can 
stand a little straighter than ideal at times.
3rd Deradour's Fortonpark Lilly May. 12 months and had settled by this class. Excelled in
topline and width of thigh, angle of croup and depth of chest. Pleasing head and attractively  
marked. Still giving away a little in maturity – as she should but one who can do much better if 
her promise today is anything to go by.

Novice Bitch  (6,  2)
1st Sutton & Davenport-Willis' Perfectproposal From Orsina’s Land (Imp Slov).
2nd Flaxman's Glanzberg See The Sun.
3rd Baker's Hypeak’s Coast Of Jima.
Had left her coat at home today so looking a little raw 
compared to 1st and 2nd. A super mover with tabletop backline and well set tail. Strong neck and 
good in bone. Just a bit more maturity to come but did not disgrace herself by any means. 

Graduate Bitch  (3,  1)
1st Bridges' Kernow All My Loving.
 2 years.  Very mature for her age with well balanced length 
to height ratio and correct size of head to body ratio. Excellent depth and forechest, good in 
pastern. Moderate rear angulation however she moved very well with good tail carriage creating 
such an attractive picture. Very pleasing head with correct ear set. Lovely for type.
2nd Rossall's Stormberne Aint No Sunshine. Paradoxically - this was the best muscled dog 
today and despite such obvious fitness persisted in pacing on the move. In super condition with 
lovely head and eye, good depth and a very attractive head with correct stop. Well shaped feet 
and correct slope of pastern. Mouth a little untidy but a non-visible fault that would have little 
bearing on her ability to do the job for which she was bred.

Post Graduate Bitch  (7,  3)
1st Hyland's Bernfold Celeb Laila Mo.
Topped this difficult class where it was a case of nit 
picking. Did herself no favours while standing and made her topline look less than ideal. One the 
move she put her good construction to work and looked far more balanced and together. A very 
good mover too. Pleasing head and eye with well placed ears creating an attractive headpiece 
2nd Johnson's Monalou Bay Breeze. Much to like about this one. pleasing outline, strong neck, 
good angles, well shaped croup and super feet and pasterns. Disadvantaged by too much weight 
today and this manifested itself in slightly wide front movement as the elbows were a little 
hampered by too much flesh over ribs and chest. A shame as she looked well and moved well in 
in every other respect.
3rd Baker's Hypeak's Coast of Jima.

Mid Limit Bitch  (10,  2)
1st Jones & Grayling's Lujento L'Wren Bacall With Welshbern.  
Headed this cracking class 
which was no mean feat! Not much between the first 3 but this 2 year old girl is so well put 
together with ideal angulation, great topline, perfectly shaped croup and correct pastern with 
adequate bone. Very good in head and eye with the right amount of stop, strong neck and just
built for the job. Cosmetically would prefer less white on her front but a very minor point. Looked 
very appealing in the challenge.
2nd Miles' Meadowpark Sweetest Thing At Jaybiem. Another beauty of correct size, strength 
and bone/feet to match. Well made in rib with correct chest capacity. Beautiful head with just the
right strength of neck and excellent forequarters. Moved soundly and efficiently. Just preferred 
the hind angulation of 1st today.
3rd Marsden & Robertson's Trudaleaze Majik Potion.  Beautifully marked and impressively 
made with plentiful type. Well made throughout with the best of toplines and nicely rounded 
croup. Head is balanced and with correct stop. A little bothered by the blustery wind today but a 
real eye-catcher despite this.

Limit Bitch  (8,  2)
1st Watson's Stepdashar Sommer Girl.
3 year old who is a little over marked with white for my 
preference so a great testament to her quality that she headed this good class today. Looking 
past my personal colour preference she has a beautiful head with gorgeous eye and expression, 
excellent topline and croup, super bone and feet with ideal pasterns giving forelegs the right 
degree of support on the move.  Ribbing is very good and she has evident forechest with well 
placed limbs too. In great muscle condition and moved as well as I would have expected from her 
2nd Pawlyszyn's Meadowpark Bright N Breezy At Matera. Hot on the heels of 1st and a very
close decision, a beautifully made and well balanced girl. Just perfect for topline, moved 
purposefully from ideal angulation and in super condition throughout.  Lovely eye and ear set, 
well matched strength of neck added to her balance. Well proportioned skull and beautiful markings 
makes her hard to overlook. In comparing very small differences between her and 1st, I opted for 
the slightly steeper stop of 1st but either of these two are obviously top flight Bernese and headed 
for high honours.
3rd Flippance's Bernbienaime Bright Button At Nenebern.  A real honest girl with great strength 
of chest and well muscled loin. Kind eye with well shaped skull and correct stop though could have
been a tad deeper. Well off for bone and very good angulation – particularly impressive in front  
where the wither lines up directly over the elbow. Loved the strength of bone and well shaped feet 
which were just right for her size. Not concentrating on the move today and I'm sure she can take on 
the best when she has her showing head on.

Open Bitch  (11,  3)
1st Gurney's Ch Monalou Fanny Craddock JW.
5 years old and at her peak having matured 
slowly as the breed should. Full of type with super headpiece, well placed eye and ear, just the right
strength of neck, well held topline despite a wave in the coat suggesting otherwise. Looks fit for her 
job and with so many attractive features giving her a great combination of beauty and functionality 
today. Handler is apt to rush her a little but kept to her ideal and efficient pace she just ticked all the 
boxes for me today. CC and Best of Breed with my co-judge’s agreement.
2nd Goodyear's Harvestbank Fields Of Gold JW ShCM. Not disgraced by any means and a close 
contender today. Slightly longer than 1st but kept her topline whcih is not always the case when the 
loin has a bit more length. Great strength of forechest, well angulated and an attractive outline
moving and standing. One of the better fronts here today and scored for type and quality.
3rd Morgan's Welshbern Sweet Lady At Judabern. Not the size of 1st and 2nd but balanced and 
feminine throughout. Excellent feet and pasterns with very good angulation front and rear.  Really 
came into her own on the move where she strode out easily and efficiently.

Veteran Bitch  (7,  2)
1st Cooke & Stevens' Ch Tickbern Miss Mischief.
Rising 8 years and an old favourite who took 
my breath away as a junior and can still do the same now.  Such a beautifully proportioned girl with 
a super front, topline, croup and so full of type. In the best condition and moved in remarkable 
fashion with no hint of slowing down – she was true coming and going with a beautiful side gait. My 
heart said "yes" in the challenge and it was a difficult decision but the strength of jaw and foreface 
of the CC winner was the deciding factor. Reserve CC and Best Veteran in Show.
2nd Morris' Welsbern Tesni.
Also rising 8. .A little smaller than 1st but super for type and truly 
excellent movement with firm topline and incredible power from hindquarters. Well matched bone 
for size and ideal shape of pastern. Beautifully presented in fit muscular condition and with such an 
attractive headpiece and expression giving her the edge today.
3rd Rossall's Fortonpark Molly Malone. Very active girl with great topline which she held at all 
times. Excellent strength of forechest with correct amount of bone to balance. Rather distracted by 
something outside the ring and did not perform as well as she could.
Judge - Hedd Richards

Jude Simonds











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