Bernese News 5th October 2016


The Bernese entry for South Wales Championship Show 2016 has been announced as
54 exhibits giving 62 entries for all-rounder Sue Hewart-Chambers.

For comparison, at the 2015 show there were 68 entries with 23 absentees for all-rounder
Espen Engh (Norway). 


The October 2016 edition of the Kennel Club Journal
is to hand and contains a few items
of particular interest to Bernese folk.

Field Officer visit

BMD Club of Wales Open Show on 27th August - graded excellent.

Permission to show

Elnside Going The Distance, d.o.b 13.03.2011
Spinal surgery for disc protrusion.
Owner Mrs Susan King

Tickbern Oklahoma In Tinland d.o.b 05.04.2011
Tibial tuberosity avulsion caused by trauma. 
Owners Mr Graham and Mrs Brenda Williams.

Championship Show appointments confirmed

2017 Southern Counties - Jeff Horswell
2017 Border Union - Mark Wakeland (Bramikdel)
2017 National Working & Pastoral Breeds - Agnes Wilson
2018 Birmingham National - Richard Hallam (Oldberne)


I have an important update regarding the Bernese Angel Pins. 
I am reliably informed that the basic, actual cost of gifting a pin sent from the USA to a UK
recipient has increased and is, currently,$13.75 US dollars which is approx £10.61 UK Sterling
so you can see why the scheme nees funds to continue and donations can be made via 
cheque made out in sterling and should be mailed to;
Joye Neff , (Angel Pin Fund), 108 Minnock Drive, Mars, PA 16046, USA.


Marian Scott emailed;

"The entries for our Northern BMD Club Open Show to be held on 22nd October 2016 is
49 exhibits making 62 entries + 6 NFC.

"I have now started to send out the invitations to the Superleague 2016 finals so if anyone has
qualified and does not receive their invite in the next 2 weeks to get in touch with me."  


My grateful thanks to Club secretary Trish Goodyear for sending me a marked catalogue
for the Southern BMD Club Open Show which took place on Sunday.
There were 58 entries with  22 absentees + 1 wthdrawn plus 10 entered Not For Competition for
for all-rounder judge Mr Chris Quantrill.

Best Bitch and Best in Show was awarded to Olga Vaychkus & Arunas Vaickus Blue Aria
Bernenskie Ranczo JW (Imp Pol). 2 1/2 years old, she was bred in Poland by Jacek Janiszewski
and is sired by Mountain Crystal Diamond Extra River x ZZ Top Bernenskie Laki.

Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show went to Shandy Bridges' homebred Kernow Something, a
2 year old homebred dog sired by Ch Shirdees Love Me Do At Cullumbern x Kernow Uptou.

June Miles' 8 month old homebred Jaybiem Burli Shassi won Best Puppy. She is a daughter of
Ch Jaybiem Yeuben Chozen JW ShCM x Meadowpark Sweetest Thing At Jaybiem.

Ch Bernfold Woodiedoit won Best Veteran.  Homebred by Anne Wells, he is 9 1/2 years old and
a son of Ch Dynamite Van't Beertjeshof Of Glanzberg (Imp Bel) x Ch Bernfold Miss Molly.

The judge's critique for this show can be found further down this column.



Junior (2 entries)
1st McCormick's Monalou Star Princess. 
Medium sized bitch, well marked with dark tan. Nice
outline with excellent topline. good tail carriage.
2nd Scobie & Gerrard's Monalou Northern Light. Strong male head with substantial body and 
lots of substance.

Post Graduate  (3 entries, 1 absentee)
1st  Hastings' Bernemcourt Liv'n On Prayer.
  Strong masculine head with good bone and well
constructed. Well presented and shown in lovely condition.  Moved well with energy. Best Dog.
2nd Dickson's Monalou Vine Verde At Geruth.  Mature dog with kind head. Good hind 
angulation,  just lost out on movement.

Open Dog (2)
1st Addison's Torralbaz Lord Of The Manor. 
Well presented mature dog with lovely coat
and dark tan.
2nd Carty's Floskirk Berneray. Well marked dog with rich, dark tan. Short coupled.

Open Bitch  (2, 1)
1st McCormick's Monalou Artic Queen.
  Pretty and strong feminine head, well marked with
rich tan. Lovely substantial bitch with good bone. Sound movement. Best Bitch and Best of
Judge - Jennifer McAulay.



Thank you to the Committee of the Southern Bernese Mountain Dog Club for inviting me to
judge their Open Show. I do not recollect a friendlier atmosphere within the exhibitors or the
dogs. I really must thank everyone on their excellent sportsmanship and their welcome to
both myself and my wife.

I feel I must express concern in a number of aspects that could affect the overall health and
well-being of the breed. Many were grossly overweight and this not only showed in their
movement but also in their laboured breathing.  I am not a vet but I did feel perhaps some
thought bulk was muscle, regrettably it isn't and as such the movement of many was very poor
with lack of muscle to the hind quarters and soft pasterns making the movement of some look
as if they were in discomfort. 

Coats and temperament were wonderful and certainly some younger dogs are really nice
especially my Best of Breed, a bitch in excellent coat with strong bone and excellent muscle and
no excess weight. She still has to mature but will eventually build the body and the strength
needed for the job the breed was originally meant to do.

Minor Puppy Dog  No entries

Puppy Dog  No entries

Junior Dog  (4 entries, 1 absentee, 1 withdrawn)
1st Barsby & Bonham's Halesbern Naughty But Nice.
 At 16 months this young male is
maturing very well. Very nice shaped head with flat skull and well set ears, very nice clear dark
eyes, very clean jaw line and nice scissor bite, nice large nose with clean open nostrils. Strong
neck into well placed shoulders, good bone to forelegs and nice pasterns, good tight feet. Good
width and depth of chest and nicely shaped rib cage, very good top line to well rounded rump.
Well set  tail carried correctly on the move.  Very nice, well angulated hind quarters but lacked
muscle. Moved well and had a lovely well looked after coat.
2nd Lack’s Jo-Ben Vom Roennbaum. This 15 month old needs a little more training for the ring,
a very well tempered young dog who has a lot of maturing to do.  Nice, well balanced head and
body and in very good coat. Would suggest needs more exercise to tighten muscles and bring on
his movement which was a little soft in my opinion.  Excellent temperament, a little work would
produce huge dividends.

Special Yearling Dog  (1, 1)

Maiden Dog  No entries

Novice Dog  No entries

Graduate Dog  (4, 2)
1st Romanov’s Waldershelf Fancy Phoenix.
 2.5 year old who whilst not the biggest is very
nicely balanced, Correct shaped head with good flat skull, very nice stop and correctly shaped
eyes, nice and dark brown. Good length and shape of muzzle, good dentition with nice bite. Nice
strong neck into good long shoulders and very nice rounded bone on the forelegs, feet tight but a
little east west which when stacked distracted from his overall shape.  Good depth of chest and
nice rib cage, very good level top line and lovely round hind quarters with well set tail held nicely
on the move. Very good rear angulation with acceptable muscle but a little more would strengthen
his drive. Good overall movement but could be improved, excellent coat in beautiful condition.
2nd Austen’s Collansues Excalibur. 3.5 year old slightly bigger overall than 1st but quite similar
in being nicely balanced and in exceptional coat.  I felt that this male could be improved 
substantially if he had more exercise.  He has a lovely head and good frame but he lacked muscle
to his hind quarters and was very down on his pasterns which made his overall movement very
poor. A great shame because he has a lot of potential and has a superb temperament, very
masculine head with good well set ears, nice dark brown eyes and very good dentition.

Post Graduate Dog  (2, 1)
1st Vaychkus & Vaickus' Flintas Kalnu Suo (Imp Lt).
3 year old nicely shaped and well 
balanced young dog. Good head with correct stop and good dark brown eyes, well shaped ears,
nice straight muzzle with good dentition.  Good strong neck into nice long shoulders, good round
bone to forelegs but a little soft in pastern hence his feet just turn out a bit more than he should, 
some hard ground road work could improve these. Nice depth of chest and good ribs, very nice top
line held well on the move, nice round hind quarters with good, well angulated legs, these could do
with a lot more muscle; this would improve his drive. He did however move cleanly around the ring
and kept a very good top line, Excellent coat.

Limit Dog  (6, 3)
1st Bridges' Kernow Something.
 2 year old male of excellent substance and in top quality coat
and muscular condition. Very correct shaped head with lovely ear set and nice dark eyes. Good stop
and correct dentition. Good strong neck into long shoulders and excellent well boned forelegs, good
pasterns and nice tight tidy feet. Very good depth and width of chest, nice strong rib cage, good 
strong loins and nice firm level back. Well rounded rump and good well angulated and well muscled
hind quarters, moved very well and maintained a good level top line.  Would like to see him reach
more on the foreleg but as the surface of the floor was a little slippery I made allowance for all dogs
not reaching as far out as they may well do on grass. A very nice strong dog with excellent
temperament and very nice outline. Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show.
2nd Rothery’s Glamrock Graffiti Artist. Another very nice well balanced 2 year old presented in
very good coat and overall condition. Nice strong masculine head with well set ears and nice dark
eyes, good stop and nice length of muzzle.  Good strong neck into very nice and correct shoulders,
good bone to forelegs and nice pasterns with good tight feet. Correct depth of chest, nice well shaped
rib cage and good loin, very nice top line and good strong hind quarters. Good rear angulation and
nice tail set. Moved very well, pushed hard for 1st place.
3rd Avery’s Lujento Morse.

Open Dog  (4, 1)
1st Rumble’s Bernfold Donner By Glenbrienz.
3 year old with nicely shaped head, correct stop and
good ear set, nice dark eyes and good dentition.  Good strong neck into well set shoulders and nice
round, well boned forelegs. Nice pasterns and nicely shaped feet. Strong deep and wide chest with
good rib cage and nice top line. Strong hind quarters with nice muscle and good angulation, well set
tail nice and bushy and carried well. Would like to see stronger, more powerful movement on this
young dog although he has the muscle he was not extending as much as I would expect.
2nd Connelly’s Carabaz New Blues. 5 year old well matured dog, handled well. Head well shaped
but would prefer it to be a little flatter, nice dark eyes, good dentition. Strong neck into good shoulders
and well boned forelegs, fair pasterns, good ribs and nice level top line, good hind angulation but
lacked muscles. Nice tail set, moved OK.
3rd Hardwick’s Sanmarwell Harvey Moon at Brookbern.

Breeders Dog  No entries 

Veteran Dog  (2)
1st Wells' Ch Bernfold Woodiedoit.
This young, nearly 10 year old Veteran was what I was
looking for in a Bernese Mountain Dog, I would have loved to have seen him strut his stuff in his
prime. He is so correct and has probably had all his attributes said of him so all I am going to say is
he was and still is a superb specimen of the breed and I am honoured to have been able to have my
hands on him. He still moves exceptionally well for his age and it was a very close decision on
whether to award him the Best Dog title, it really came down to the line. Reserve Best Dog and Best
Veteran in Show.
2nd Turner’s Ch Tangyachates Beachcomber.
 7 plus year old dog in very good coat and body
condition. Again as  a Veteran Champion I think it is incorrect for me to say anything other than to
thank the handler for giving me the opportunity to go over a Champion dog to see and feel what the
breed should be based on. It is an honour and I thank you for this opportunity and I wish more
exhibitors would do this so we can see quality dogs albeit in their later years but we can appreciate
a good dog and one who has what the breed requires.

Veteran Bitch  (3, 3)

Minor Puppy Bitch  (5, 2) 
1st Miles' Jaybiem Burli Shassi.
8 month old beautifully balanced young lady in super coat and
condition, Lovely head full of expression, beautiful dark eyes, nice jaw line with good dentition. 
Correct reach of neck to nice shoulders and good well boned straight forelegs, good deep chest,
nice rib cage and excellent top line. Lovely hind quarters with nice well set tail and good well
angulated hind legs. This youngster stands beautifully four square and as proud as can be, lovely
young Pup. Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show.
2nd Mutter’s Xaria The One And Only
. 6 months and a real baby but everything is growing in good
proportion. Lovely feminine head with still all the fluffy puppy fur, lovely dark eye, good ear set and 
very sharp teeth. Good length of neck nice shoulders and good bone to forelegs, nice top line but
still a little soft,  good hind quarters that will tighten as she matures.  Growing very nicely and steady
with muscle coming and not overweight.
3rd Flippance’s Tickburn Up To Jenna at Nenebern.

Puppy Bitch  (4, 2)
1st Miles' Jaybiem Burli Shassi.
2nd Sutton & Davenport-Willis' Perfectproposal From Orsina's Land (Imp Slov).
Very nicely
balanced young bitch who has a lot going for her but was rather unsettled to begin with.  Very nice
shaped head and good body, excellent bone throughout and very nice coat. Moved well once she
was settled and had time to get used to her surroundings. Look forward to seeing her in 6 months
time once she gets used to the show scene.

Junior Bitch  (3)
1st Vachkus & Vaickus' Blue Aira Bernenskie Ranczo JW (Imp Pol).
 A rather special 16 month
old quality young bitch, superbly presented in excellent coat and body condition.  This young dog
caught my eye as soon as she came in the ring, so well balanced with nice clear lines excellent
shape with smooth nigh on perfect movement. Elegant correct shaped head with clear dark eyes, 
correct stop, good length of muzzle, correct scissor bite with excellent square lower jaw. Lovely
neck shape to nice shoulders and superb well boned straight legs, nice tight feet and excellent
pasterns. Very good deep chest with just enough width for the legs to stand perfectly upright. Very
nice depth and length of rib cage, good loin, very nice hind quarters with well set bushy tail carried
beautifully on the move. Excellent well angulated and muscled hind quarters that gave her superb
drive going away. Very confident young bitch who I believe will be hard to beat given another 6
months or so to fully mature. Certainly a dog I could love to have in my kennel. Best Bitch and
Best In Show.

2nd Page’s Halesbern Star In The Sky. Another good quality bitch of just over a year old. Very
well presented in excellent coat. Very nice feminine head, well set dark eyes and very good ear
placement, good dentition. Nice shaped strong neck to correct shoulder placement.  Good bone to
forelegs but a little soft in pastern and feet could be tighter. Nice depth of chest, good top line, nice
well angulated hind quarters and good tail set. Moved OK.

Special Yearling  (2, 2)

Maiden Bitch  (3, 1)
1st Randall & Albery’s Prentalu Belassia.
19 month old good sized bitch in excellent coat. Correct
well shaped head with nice stop, good dark eyes and nice ear carriage. Good length of muzzle and
nice dentition. Well shaped strong neck to nice shoulders and well boned forelegs. Good depth of
chest and correct ribs, good top line held on the move. Would like to see more muscle to hind 
quarters and a little more bend of stifle. Moved OK.
2nd Sutton & Davenport-Willis' Perfectproposal From Orsina's Land (Imp Slov).

Novice Bitch  No entries

Graduate Bitch  No entries

Post Graduate Bitch  (3, 2)
1st Coombes' Halesbern Calender Girl.
2.5 year old in very nice coat, handled and moved very
well. Nice feminine head with good dark eyes, well placed ears, good stop, nice length of muzzle 
and good dentition. Well shaped neck to good shoulders, good straight bone to forelegs and fair
pasterns nice tight feet. Good deep chest correct rib cage, fair top line, well angulated hind quarters.
Nice tail set which she held well on the move. Presented in very good coat condition.

Limit Bitch  (7)
1st Miles' Meadowpark Sweetest Thing At Jaybiem.
3 year old in full coat, very well balanced
bitch with lovely feminine head piece and strong neck to very well placed long shoulders. Good
strong well boned forelegs good pasterns and very nice tight feet. Very good depth and width of
chest, good correct shaped ribs and nice length of loin, very good top line held very well on the
move. Excellent hind quarters with just enough angulation, good strong hocks. Very good tail set
which she carried very nicely on the move. All in all a very well balanced young bitch who was well
up for the challenge.
2nd Wells' Bernfold Spring Blossom. Another excellent quality 5 year old bitch of very good size
and substance. Very nice correct feminine shaped head with good stop, lovely dark eyes and
superbly placed ears. Fair dentition. Nice reach and shape of neck to very good shoulders and
forelegs with nice strong bone and excellent pasterns. Nice depth of chest and good rib cage, nice
level top line held well on the move, good strong hind quarters that aided her easy movement around
the ring. Nice tail set carried very well on the move.
3rd Stannard’s Bernbienaime Bright Gem At Kohbern. 

Open Bitch  (3)
1st Stannard’s Meadowpark Beach Blend At Tangyachates.
 Another very well balanced bitch
presented in excellent condition, superb coat and nicely muscled. Lovely correct head shape with
very good dark well set eyes, excellent ear placement, good stop to nice level head, good muzzle
length and very good dentition. Lovely strong well shaped neck to well placed shoulders and strong
forelegs with good pasterns. Nice deep chest and good rib cage, good level top line held well whilst
on the move, strong hind quarters with very nice shape to stifles. Strong hocks and nice tight feet.
Very good tail set carried well. Moved and handled very well. Reserve Best Bitch.
2nd Goodyear’s Harvestbank Field Of Gold JW ShCM.  It is some time since I judged this dog
previously and she still is one of my favourites but not today.  Although she is a quality dog she did
not respond to her handler as well as she did when I last saw her. She has a beautiful head and
body and moves normally without effort but today she laboured and was not in my opinion up for
top placing. I still think she is a cracker and would love to have her at home and on another day will
sweep all before her.
3rd King & Bramble’s Shirdees Chevrolet.

Breeders Bitch  No entries

Judge - Chris Quantrill



Veteran Dog  No entries

Minor Puppy Dog  No entries

Puppy Dog  No entries

Junior Dog  (4 entries, 2 absentees)
1st Fairclough’s Monalou Spirit Of Discovery.
Sweet temperament, nice head and good fore-
face, large teeth. Excellent bone and tight compact feet. Lovely body condition and is so sound;
2nd Mair & Dybdall’s Meadowpark Perfect Record. Nice type, bone and in very nice coat and
body condition. Preferred 1st's hindquarters.

Graduate Dog  (3, 1) 
1st and Reserve CC, Bridges’ Kernow Something.
Sturdy well made sort with a great coat. Very
sound, free moving. Strong teeth. Correct 9-10 ratio, legs and compact feet, nice temperament. 
2nd Ellis’ Kernow Azir At Fitzford. Not so sturdy but is well balanced. Lovely temperament, head
and large teeth. 1st moved with more freedom.

Post Graduate Dog  (2, 1) 
1st Wort’s Bernfawr In Demand At Glorybarn.
Strong, sturdy sort, well boned. Straight front, deep
brisket and short loin. In very good coat, sound.

Limit Dog  (2, 1)
1st Avery’s Lujento Morse
. Balanced, well boned with good tight feet. Moved with ease and

Open Dog  (5, 1) 
1st, CC and Best of Breed, Mair & Dybdall’s Ch Meadowpark High Class.
Strong and sturdy,
well boned, tight feet. Plenty of coat, deep brisket and short loin. Good temperament and sound.
short loin, good temperament & sound, quality; 2 Hughes’ Waldershelf
2nd Hughes' Waldershelf Causing Kaos. Balanced with good temperament, almond eye, needs
more time to mature. Lighter than 1st, moved well;
3rd Ratcliffe’s Welshbern Seven Seas Of Rhye At Tribern.

Veteran Bitch  (3, 1) 
1st and Best Veteran, Shopland-Reed’s Kyleburn Night Prelude.
11 years, excellent health
and condition, heavy bone and type. Lovely temperament and moves so well and easy. 
2nd Lashbrook’s Tidespring Dancing Queen At Forestburn.  10 years old, heavy bone, nice
head and expression. Happy temperament, sound.

Minor Puppy Bitch  (4)
1st Miles’ Jaybiem Burli Shassi.
Promising 7 months old, liked head, almond eye and expression.
Good bone, sturdy with nice tight feet. Lovely temperament and such a sound easy movement;
2nd Green’s Bernerdalens Quest For Fame At Waldershelf. Moved well, heavy bone and good
shape. Heavy ears, head is quite wrong at this moment. Thought construction and movement good,
thought construction & movement good, therefore had this placement;
3rd Weston’s Wendy From Neverland Alpiu Slenis To Bernfawr.

Puppy Bitch  (4, 1)
1st and Best Puppy, Jones’ Tremywyddfa Amazing Grace.
Very happy pup, quite sound and
free moving. Large nostrils and square shaped lower jaw with large teeth. Very nice body for age.
Well boned and balanced. 
2nd Jones’ Tremwyddfa Forget Me Not. Very similar, also happy. Jet black with good markings.
Heavy bone, 9-10 ratio, now needs time to mature;
3rd Green’s Bernerdalens Quest For Fame At Waldershelf.

Junior Bitch  (2, 1)
1st Jones’ Lujento Gloria Swan Song.
Mature body for 16 months, heavy coat. Nice head and
expression. Sturdy, good feet, carried tail well on move.

Graduate Bitch  (2, 2)

Post Graduate Bitch  (2, 1
1st Mutter’s Barinkar Everlasting Love
. Balanced and 9-10 ratio. Moved very well and easy.
Deep brisket, nice angulation fore and aft.

Limit Bitch  (9, 5)
1st and CC, Miles’ Meadowpark Sweetest Thing At Jaybiem.
Balanced overall, quality type
with 9-10 ratio. Coat very well presented, in good body condition. Heavy bone and wagging tail.
Sound easy mover;
2nd Griffith & Slade’s Jaybiem Vou Doo At Potterspride. Another balanced girl with a lovable
temperament. Heavy coat, well presented and sound. Thought 1st had the better head. 
3rd Williams’ Tickbern Oaklahoma In Tinland.

Open Bitch  (4, 2)
1st Goodyear’s Harvestbank Fields Of Gold.
Good size, heavy bone and large, tight feet. Kind
expression. Deep rib and hard loin. Very well presented coat, sound;
2nd Morgan’s Welshbern Sweet Lady At Judabern. Light and easy mover. Nice body condition.
Good temperament and type.
Judge - Robin Searle


Jude Simonds



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