Bernese News 17th October 2017


Puppy Dog  (3 entries)
1st Green’s Matthia Vom Durrbachler Wald At Waldershelp (Imp Ndl).
 6 months old but 
very together in himself and very confident.  Classically marked boy. Strong head developing  
well with a good stop and correct bite.  Lovely reach of neck and has a lovely overall profile. 
Nicely rounded rump with a well set tail. His hindquarters are beautifully angulated and strong.
He moved around the muddy ring with drive and ease, keeping his topline level and pure. He 
has lovely bone and is just what you would wish for in a baby of this age, adored him. Best 
Puppy Dog and Best Puppy In Breed.
2nd Wakeland’s Collanues Secret Potion At Bramikdel. 
 10 month old darker marked and 
correctly much bigger boy.  Not as co-ordinated in himself as 1st today - maybe the mud! Head 
developing nicely, good dark eye with the kindest expression. Deep broad chest. Lovely chunky 
bone.  Tight feet and up on his pasterns. Pleasing shape. Kept his topline on the move, his tail 
never stopped wagging , such a happy confident boy.
3rd Abbott-Brown & Abbott’s Kingstonska Jammin

Junior Dog  (1)
1st Jefferson’s Shirdees Fast And Furious.
16 months and full of himself today! Solid, well
marked with good bone.  Super head, good stop and tight eyes with a soft expression. Lovely 
reach of neck. Deep depth and broadness of chest and good chunky bone. Strong, level back 
and nicely rounded rump.  Happy boy who was rather proud of his tail on the move.  

Post Graduate Dog  (4 entries, 1 absentee) 
1st Phillips' Monalou Norwegian Star.
2 ½ year old medium sized boy. Very well developed 
with a lovely head.  Good stop, almond melting eyes and correct ear placement. Perhaps a tad 
long in body but he has a lovely deep chest and good spring of ribs. Well rounded rump with a 
correct tail set. Strong legs with tight cat like feet, he moved strongly around the ring keeping
his solid topline on the move. Pushed for top honours – I liked him a lot.
2nd Wakeland’s Shirdees Joe Dimaggio At Bramikdel.  2½ year old happy boy - his tail 
never stopped!  Flashy markings.  Well developed head, good stop and kind expression. Deep 
broad chest and super bone. Tight feet, up on his pasterns. Not as strong in movement as 1st 
but covered the ground easily.
3rd Martin’s Moondance Fascination

Open Dog  (6, 1)
Wow - what a treat this class was!
1 Hartley-Mair & Dybdall’s Ch. Meadowpark High Class.  2 3/4 year old boy who is everything 
that a Bernese Mountain Dog should be. He demands your full attention, has such presence and 
he owns the place.  Beautifully put together with the most gorgeous of heads, his eyes are almond 
and kind, yet all male.  Lovely reach of neck, deep broad chest with strong bone to match. Solid 
topline which he easily keeps on his impressive movement.Excellent rear angulation, lovely correct 
tail set, tightest of feet, free standing 4 square.  He moves with such ease for a heavily built boy but 
he powers so lightly around the ring.  Best Dog without hesitation and delighted to award him Best 
of Breed.  Later in the day what a thrill to see him win a very impressive Working Group and 
beyond delighted that on the final day of the show he went Best in Show - Huge congratulations - 
so well deserved – he is a credit to his owners.
2nd Bird & Bridges' Kernow Something ShCM.  3 year old boy who is totally different to 1st but 
so much to like and admire.  All male, workmanlike dog who has a lovely deep chest, strong legs 
with tight cat like feet. His head is broad and flat, tight eyes with a soft expression, ear placement
good and has a strong stop.  Slightly long straight back with excellent tail carriage. Profuse, 
gorgeous coat. Super temperament.  Moved with a true purpose. Reserve Best Dog.
3rd Hughes’ Waldershelf Causing Kaos
Res Granger’s Orlando Bloom At Jaybiem JW ShCM
VHC Martin’s Kernow Claptons Greatest For Jaybiem

Good Citizen Dog  (1)
1st Brennand’s Malindi Beach Of Bonningate.
 7½ year old boy who left his coat at home. 
Slighter in build but he has a lovely head with kind expression, good length of neck and pleasing 
shoulder placement. Super temperament, moved well, easily kept his topline on the move, happy

Puppy Bitch  (3, 1) 
1st Green’s Madell Vom Durrbachler Wald At Waldershelf (Imp Ndl)
. Just 6 months, what a 
sweetie.  Very raw but a happy & confident young lady.  She has a lovely feminine head, tight eyes 
with a melting expression.  Lovely ear placement and she has a strong stop. Lovely length of neck  
and a deep chest. Good classical markings.  She is a  lovely overall shape and she has enough 
bone, good angulation and although she was a tad uncoordinated on the move, she kept her 
topline and thoroughly enjoyed herself – a pleasure to watch.
2nd Spencer’s Padiky Starr Studded Skye. 11 month old young lady with much fner bone than
1st.  Well schooled and very in tune with her handler.  Good head, straight chest, strong hard 
topline.  Moved very close behind today.

Junior Bitch  (2)
1st Bird & Head’s Cullumbern Roman Toga With Millermead.
Just a year old. Not the biggest 
of girls but she is a very feminine, pretty young lady. Beautiful overall shape, she moved with drive 
and purpose.  Very feminine head with the tightest, darkest eyes.  Deep in chest, very compact in 
body. Strong straight front legs, very up on her pasterns, cat like feet.  Lovely tail carriage, she kept 
her topline on the move, tail flowing out she made a lovely picture gliding round the ring. Moved a 
bit close behind in the challenge, but a lovely girl.
2nd Miles’ Jaybiem My My My. 16 months old.  Plainer in head but lovely tight eyes. Nicely 
marked with a good jacket. Deep in chest, good reach of neck, strong bone and in hard condtion. 
Longer cast. Good tail carriage. Moved with drive, kept topline on the move.

Post Graduate Bitch  (3)
1st Abbott-Brown & Abbott’s Kingstonska Sun Is Shining.
Young lady of 19 months. Mature 
for age but still needs to drop into herself.  She has lovely bone and was shown in hard condition. 
Deep and strong in chest, with strong legs, tight feet.  She has a pretty classically marked head,
lovely almond eyes and her ear placement is good.  Longer cast.  Lovely coat and moved well
keeping her topline.  Pushed hard for top girl but just lost out on maturity – her time will no doubt 
come. Reserve Best Bitch.
2nd Small’s Malindibeach Faberge Fancy. 
2 year old, much finer boned girl with a pretty, 
feminine head.  Tight kind eyes and correct ear placement. Shorter in neck than 1st. Nice   
proportions, she moved rather dainty but kept her topline.  Lovely jacket.
3rd Small’s Malindibeach Perfect Poseur.

Open Bitch  (4)
1st Bird’s Kernow Let It Be at Cullumbern JW.
3 year old darker marked mature girl who
delightfully takes your eye.  She has a lovely feminine head, with a well defined stop, the darkest 
almond eyes that the Bernese lover just falls into. She has lovely reach of neck, good shoulder 
placement.  Deep in forechest, strong straight front legs, tight feet.  Well up on strong pasterns.
Very strong rear angulation.  She is a lovely length and her tail carriage is good.  Shown in good 
hard condition with a gorgeous coat.  She moves positively with grace and drive - a lovely girl. 
Best Bitch.
2nd Abbott-Brown & Abbott’s Meadowpark Dream Come True For Kingstonska.
3 1/2 year
old mature girl.  Bigger than 1st. Strong in her well marked  head, with good tight eye. Longer in 
neck and longer cast than 1st. Well presented in super hard condition and lovely coat. Moved 
with good drive and fluidity.
3rd Martin’s Snoanda Moonshine Sally.
Res Granger’s Shirdes Harlow Jean Of Shadybower JW.

Good Citizen Bitch  (2)
1st Small’s Malindibeach Faberge Fancy
 – 2nd in Post Graduate.
2nd Small’s Malindibeach Perfect Poseur. 7 year old finer boned girl who belied her age. Pretty 
head and expression.  Slightly short in neck but good depth. Good coat. Firm topline and she 
moved with ease purposely.
Judge - Lianne Marsden (Trudaleaze)

Jude Simonds



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