Bernese News 20th October 2018


The Bernese entry for Midland Counties Championship Show 2018 has been announced as 67 exhibits giving 80 entries for breed specialist Lee Reynolds (Etterbern).

For comparison the entry at the 2017 show was 94 entries with 22 absentees for breed speiclaist Helen Davenport-Willis (Nellsbern)

The Bernese entry for Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland Championship Show 2018 has been announced as 45 exhibits giving 53 entries for breed specialist Jane Keeves (Seveek).

For comparison the entry at the 2017 show was 50 entries with 7 absentees for breed specialist judge Anne Wells (Bernfold)



The "theory" of attempting to breed quality, typy, authentic purebred dogs
is very different from the actual reality as there are no perfect dogs and therefore compromise in breeding choices cannot be avoided. It is generally accepted that those breeding challenges are at least equalled by a different set of challenges when attempting to rear large, fast growing breeds (including Bernese) to sound adulthood and by sound I am referring to soundness in physical function, good health, mellow, biddable temperament and sensible activity level.

Experienced breeders know that Bernese may not be the largest of the dog breeds but most substantially-built Bernese puppies grow in a very rapid, uneven and uncoordinated fashion. This means that great care needs to be employed during a puppy's first year to ensure that the pup, if by inheritance is predisposed for good functionality, has the very best chance of growing and developing in optimum conditions and will mature into a sound, healthy, well-adjusted adult.

I believe that a Bernese puppy entrusted to novice hands should not be automatically reared in the same way those owners may have reared any previous puppies of different breeds and therefore sensible, Bernese-specific guidance should be impressed upon the new doting owners who may not fully realise the implications of making mistakes which may put their puppy at increased risk of developing problems. Well-meaning advice regarding feeding, exercise or training from their friends or even veterinary practitioners, who have never owned or reared a Bernese is quite likely to be inappropriate and may even lead to serious problems for the dog.

We have witnessed how very obviously even different families/bloodlines of Bernese can grow and develop in very different ways, and what may be normal or advisable for one 'type' of Bernese may quite feasibly be quite incorrect for another. For a Bernese puppy to grow up as sound in temperament and health as his or her carefully bred and reared forebears may require the breeder to repeatedly guide and advise novice owners to follow the experienced breeder's recommended diet regime and rearing routine for the puppies crucial first twelve months of growth and development.

Conscientious and dedicated breeders of Bernese try to select, very carefully, for manageable temperament, good health and soundness, large size and all the other desired breed points but the responsibility of ensuring correct growth patterns and soundness lies with a suitable regime routine being adopted during the rapid development period. Many believe that inheritance plays the minor role in soundness and development of the large, heavy set breeds and that the greatest influences coming from growth rate, feeding, exercise, activity levels, avoidance of accidents and many other factors. Whether you agree with that or not it cannot be emphasised enough to new owners that their commitment to adopt and follow a careful, sensible, appropriately controlled exercise and management routine during your puppy's formative months are absolutely essential.

Nowadays it is depressingly common for us to witness vast numbers of novice owners of Bernese throwing out random questions to social media groups, seemingly keen to act on any responses they may receive regardless of how little knowledge their new "advisor" may have or how little relevance the "advice" may have to their specific situation.

Dedicated breeders clearly need to repeatedly emphasise to their puppy owners to be sure to take all precautions in order to try to protect a Bernese puppy from injury. Boisterous, unsupervised games with children or other dogs, running up and down stairs or jumping on and off of furniture, jumping out of the car, standing up on hind legs at gates, fences or even jumping up at people will inevitably increase the risk of lameness problems which may not present obvious symptoms immediately - often it may be sometime after the damage was done that the impact becomes apparent. Common sense should dictate a lot of things - but it would seem that good sense may not be as common as it was once thought to be!

The first introduction between a newly-acquired Bernese puppy and other established pets in the household or members of the family and friends should always be carefully "stage managed" to prevent the puppy from being overwhelmed or 'mobbed. Bernese puppies take most things in their stride and often look calm, if a little bemused, in strange situations but those not familiar may not be aware that the outward appearance may not accurately reflect the level of stress felt by the puppy.

Despite their size and robust appearance Bernese are a very sensitive breed and careless treatment and unfortunate 'accidents' or 'incidents' can cause long term fears and anxieties for a puppy. Once introduced, the established, resident pets and the new puppy should only be allowed together when carefully supervised until owners are confident that they are 100% compatible. Puppies can pester older dogs relentlessly if allowed to do so and could suffer injury, either meant or accidental, from a long-suffering 'victim'.

A fast-growing Bernese puppy should not be over exercised and explaining how this can be implemented is something that seems to bypass too many novice owners who appear to be in too much of a hurry to treat their puppy as an adult. Short, controlled walks on a lead (no galloping or leaping about) and compensation of extra enforced rest after occasional periods of increased activity are well advised. Bernese are fast to grow but slow to mature and should not be expected to embark on an 'adult' lifestyle before reaching at least 12 months old for bitches and 15- 18 months old for males. Until that time they need carefully controlled feeding, exercise and training.

I am aware that the above is nothing new to experienced, knowledgeable breeders but what some breeders may not fully comprehend is just how easy it is for new owners to be led astray - and sometimes with devastating results to the unfortunate puppy who has been mismanaged. We cannot dictate what any owners does with their own puppy or dog - but clearly there is room for some breeders to be more pro-active with appropriate advice which is, after all, to everyone's benefit, not least the Bernese who has little choice in any of it!



Junior Dog or Bitch
1st Flaxman’s Nelstephbern Madamoiselle. Pleasing head, very pretty. Good bone and croup. Distracted and being a little naughty. Glimpses of good reach in profile. Best Puppy.

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch
1st Flaxman’s Glanzberg See The Sun.
Covered ground well in profile. Pleasing head and expression. Really well muscled, good croup and nice feet.

Open Dog or Bitch
1st Flaxman’s Glanzberg See The Sun.
Previous class, could be handled to better advantage. Best of Breed.
2nd Connelly’s Shirdees Top Gun. Would prefer a touch more leg as a little short in proportion to body. Moved well. Excellent bone but lacked the muscle and condition of 1st.
Judge - Pauline Luxmoore-Ball



Veteran Dog  (1 entry)
1st Hogg & Newton's KumoVan't Maroyke.
  7 1/2 years old, solidly built and masculine in outlook. Broad skull, clean dark eyes well placed. Reasonable front assembly, well boned, powerful neck, firm topline with gentle slope to croup. Definition to hindquarters, steady mover.

Minor Puppy Dog  No entries

Puppy Dog  No entries

Junior Dog  (2)
1st Green's Matthias Vom Durrbachler Wald At Waldershelf (Imp Nld).
Well grown and balanced presenting a good outline and firm in topline. Masculine head without excess, defined stop, medium sized dark eye. Decent chest and front, well off for substance with strong neck, just enough turn to stifle. Free mover shown in hard condition and quality coat.
2nd Dickson's Monalou Raffael At Geruth.  Slightly smaller than 1st but still well balanced. Defined stop and good dark eyes. Not quite the front of 1st, rather out of coat today. Just enough bend to stifles, quiet steady mover.

Post Graduate Dog  (3)
1st Griffiths, Orme & Miles' Jaybiem With N'Without Y'zeus. 
  Found this lad to be most useful and very typical with the kind of attitude I have come to expect of the breed. Powerful conformation without a hint of coarseness. Head attributes well distributed, appropriate width and depth all through. Turn to stifle and a workmanlike gait. Reserve CC.
2nd Miles & Ishmaque's Jaybiem Stan Innovation.  My notes start off "very similar" and now I note from the catalogue that they are litter brothers. Not quite the definition to stop but almond shaped dark eyes also giving gentle expression. Could firm up a touch behind.
3rd Jefferson's Shirdees Fast And Furious.

Limit Dog  (3 entries, 1 absentee)
1st Hughes'' Waldershelf Causing Kaos. 
it would be fair to say that this lad grew on me as the class progressed. In profile he still appears quite tall and one would hope that he might still drop into his frame a little more but having said this he is not in full coat just now which does him no favours. I found his head to be well appointed and carried on a good neck without a hint of stuffiness which was a problem with many today. He has a decent front assembly, sufficient substance to allow free movement without lumber and comes into his own when gaiting at a steady pace. I felt he deserved the CC which I later learnt was his 2nd and hope his 3rd soon follows.
2nd Ratcliffe's Welshbern Seven Seas Of Rhye At Tribern.  Masculine in outlook, defined stop with dark eye. A touch slack in pastern and topline, well sprung ribcage. Fair mover.

Open Dog  (2, 1)
1st Scott's Welshbern One Vision At Scobern ShCM.
  Solidly put together. Attractive headpiece with attributes well distributed, decent stop, medium sized dark eye, depth and width to muzzle. Broad chest and straight forelimbs, deep ribcage, firm topline, turn to stifle. Fair mover shown in good bloom.

Veteran Bitch (4 ,2)
1st McCormick's Monalou Artic Queen.
  7 1/2 year old shown in full bloom, has much appeal. Admired her head and expression, width to skull, defined stop and dark almond shaped eyes. Definite forechest and straight front, powerful neck, deep well sprung ribcage. Excellent topline and good definition to hindquarters. Free mover. Best Veteran.
2nd Hogg's Ischka Van'tMaroyke to Buganeezee (Imp).  9 yyears old. Head well laid out, not quite the topline of 1st, well sprung ribs and firm loin. Excellent turn to stifle, another free mover.

Minor Puppy Bitch  No entries

Puppy Bitch  (1)
1st Cohen's Fortonpark Top Design For Hutzpah.
  10 months old, well grown and balanced fore and aft. Super level topline, gentle turn to stifle. Needs time to develop her potential from more ring experience and the confidence gained. Best Puppy.

Junior Bitch  (4, 1)
Difficult class.
1st Goodyear's Harvestbank Indian Summer.  One could list this young ladies attributes of which she has many but what she really needs most is time to drop into her frame and generally fill out all round. Very much one for the future.
2nd Gerrard's Monalou Contessa At Torralbaz.  Thought this bitch to be well balanced and good for breed type. Appeals in head and expression with a straight front, she is well ribbed up and firm in loin with good definition to hindquarters. Needs a serious exercise regime to develop muscled tone and could come back and really make her presence felt.
3rd Jeffries' Esslinbern Leia's Bliss.

Post Graduate Bitch  (4, 2)
1st McCormick's Monalou Star Princess.
  Beautifully turned out 3 year old, very good for type, make and shape. Admired her head and expression. Decent front assembly, powerful neck, deep well sprung ribcage. Level topline, sound well modelled hindquarters, free willing mover.
2nd Corrigan's Starhegyaljai Elekktra (Imp). Sorry no notes.

Limit Bitch  (5, 1)
Lovely class.
1st Miles' Jaybiem Burli Shassi JW.  What a lovely representative of this breed, feminine with substance, admired her outline and head properties. Balanced fore and aft, straight front with elbows held firm, clean neck and topline, stifles well bent. Beautifully turned out and stepped out smartly with purpose. Reserve CC.
2nd Abbott-Brown & Abbott's Kingstonska Sun Is Shining.
  This girl was pretty close up here, possesses a proportioned head with super eye and expression and defined stop. Straight front, level topline and meaningful hindquarters. Free tidy mover.
3rd Spencer's Padiky Star Studded Skye.

Open Bitch  (5,  2)
Another lovely class.
1st Atherton's Ch Athersbern Peronelle Blush. Conveys impression of balance and fulfills the standards intention of compact rather than long. Attractive head enhanced by well placed blaze, super eye and expression. Definite forechest, deep well sprung ribs, level topline. Well modelled hindquarters, neat tailset and carriage. Willing showgirl, moves out with good reach. Found her to be a most worthy winner and happy to award her the CC and Best of Breed.
2nd Goodyear's Ch Harvestbank Fields Of Gold.  Well grown and also appeals in balance to outline. Attractive headpiece set on strong neck, dark eye, good finish to muzzle. Sound front assembly, straight topline, rounded rear. Turn to stifle and strides out with purpose.
3rd Abbott-Brown & Abbott's Meadowpark Dream Come True With Kingstonska.
Judge - Rodney Oldham

Jude Simonds


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